Do you know why it's hard to say goodbye? Because we afraid if our memories might not be able to remember them, rightly. The fact is, goodbye means good. No matter how hard.
~Aurora Esterlia

Warm Hearts of Sisters

Well, it's better to find so many my love casts inside the drama.

1. Kim Ji Won
She's definitely my first choose.
2. Jin Se Yeon
I really like to find her as the villain second lead actress. I found her in that position then she became the first lead actress at the end of drama, it really means she's really very dominant.

3. Kim So Eun
You know what? Let's say we make three of them become sisters.

Kim So Eun as the older sister. So calm and try to be a good for everyone. *I really want her to get this character that gives you great confident person. Like beautiful grown up. 
Their mother ran away when their father got caught by police and be put on jail. From then, Kim So Eun try to be the backbone for her two young sisters. She works as secretary of Josh Group, a fashion magazine. 
Kim So Eun loves sewing and design dress but she flunked from university because the tuition just so expensive. But, she survives and get the secretary major local university. 
In fact, because she's smart, she got the job to become  secretary for Josh Group, and the young chairman, actually really adores her.

Kim Ji Won will be the second sister. She is at first shows up as cool person.
She was two years older than Jin Se Yeon. She realized about what's going on between their parents, and because at that time, she's in elementary school and she flunk from school. But, she really see how work hard her sister Kim So Eun and she wants to keep smiling in her life for both her sisters. 
Kim Ji Won works part time but Kim Ji Won gets to the junior high school the same year with Jin Se Yeon. She loves her sister so much, but turns out Jin Se Yeon was ashamed for her sister attitude that too silly and her late get into the grad makes her look not smart.
Kim Ji Won then decided transfer to other local school but at this time, there's the boy that really likes her, Jin Se Yeon's classmates. 

Jin Se Yeon is the last sister. 
She know she's from the poor family, but because of her ambition, she asked both of her older sisters to put her on this elite high school. She came to this school to chasing the boy, who actually likes Kim Ji Won, her sister.

And, about the boys.

1. Park Yoochun
I would like to put him paring with Kim Ji Won, so bad!
2. Kim Jae Wook
He's really great to be with Jin Se Yeon on the latest drama, I was all amazed he's so handsome and perfection. I wonder if he actually can have same scenes with Park Yoochun!
3. Kang Ha Neul
Definitely the recent young man, I really like to dream about #teehee He'd been work with Kim So Eun, and actually he's great to pair with others, too.

So, in Josh Group, the Young Chairman is Kim Jae Wook
*It fits, right?* He has this glamour looks and so perfect to run a fashion magazine.

Park Yoochun is the teacher, the neighbor of the girls house. He's a funny person and always smile.
He at first likes Kim So Eun and actually Kim So Eun has the attention and love to embrace that love.
But, after she works in Josh Group, Kim So Eun is in struggle to love between Park Yoochun and Kim Jae Wook.
this man?
or this guy?

But, for some reasons, Park Yoochun embrace the results and for *always* several times,

he stucked alone situation along with Kim Ji Won, and that's how things around. *seems like he's enjoying his time with the girls family.*

And by the way, because I found that the girls family didn't have any parents to look after them, I guess that's why Park Yoochun really cares about Kim So Eun and her sisters, and because I made Park Yoochun as so funny person and a very dedicated-teacher, he looks not very macho, instead kind of nerd, right?. So, I would like to put Park Yoochun's parent has being great dedication to take care their neighbor's children.
Well, to make things very *warm* funny, I might thinking this kind of pictures of parents like

Red Foreman and Kitty Foreman are really great fun parents!

Right? They actually always allowing Eric friends hang out on their house, makes me guess how those three daughters also kind of cool to hang out around Park Yoochun's house.
See, how funny if the girls can do things better than their own son to do cool things?
 And, don't forget how the father say harsh but funny words to his own son for not "being a man" like him. I mean, his father is former military soldier. ^^

I think Red hates Eric because he's too nerd! ^^

 *Ahahahaa.... I was just too much wonder if Park Yoochun really have scenes like Eric and Red*

 I mean, surely, Eric looks like Yoochun! He is too adorable to looks serious!

but, dang! It must be so great in drama, to see Eric and Red again!

Kang Ha Neul is Jin Se Yeon's classmate.
He's introvert person and loves to be alone,

 but after he met Kim Ji Won, he turns to be great person.
 photo kick24-00012.jpg
Kang Ha Neul knew that Jin Se Yeon is Kim Ji Won's sister, that's why he really cares about Jin Se Yeon.

Jin Se Yeon also likes music just like Kang Ha Neul. *I think they both meet up in the music class*

But, actually, Kang Ha Neul adores Kim Ji Won who also can sing.

 Jin Se Yeon didn't know that Kang Ha Neul do that for the sake of his love to Kim Ji Won, *so he using Jin Se Yeon so he can get closer to Kim Ji Won*, and that's how she misunderstood of situation.
Kim Ji Won also knew about the attract from Kang Ha Neul, but then, she found about Jin Se Yeon interest on him, and she decided to go transfer and leave both of them for good. 
Turns out, Kang Ha Neul never gives up.

the problems:
1. Because Kim So Eun is so innocent, she surprise for the world of fashion magazine.

 Especially when Kim Jae Wook really close with attractive supermodels. 
Her jealousy and embarrassment became cuteness that Kim Jae Wook at end fell in love to her.
 Though, in Josh Group there will be a connection with the girls family, the mother's ran away, and the reason for their father being put on jail.

2. Kim Ji Won adores Park Yoochun who really work hard to get attention from Kim So Eun,

She just can see him doing so many ridiculous and keeps fail things to get Kim So Eun attention, from far away
  It also makes her heart to Park Yoochun in so many questions.
High Kick 3: Episodes 73-77because he also caring to her. 

and that's why Kim Ji Won came to help him to get Kim So Eun's heart.

The problem is Kim Ji Won decides to not falling to Park Yoochun,
so whenever she with Park Yoochun, though she loves him, she just keep in her head that it's not love, she is supporting him to chase her sister.

And, actually Park Yoochun as the teacher, he's really very good and so funny!
3. Kim Ji Won actually likes Kang Ha Neul from the first time.
That's why she is get closer with Kan Ha Neul, but found out Jin Se Yeon really likes Kang Ha Neul so much, she let him go. 
Kang Ha Neul never gives up because every time he's with her, he realize she also likes him.

High Kick 3: Episodes 73-77
But, time after time, Kim Ji Won decided to rejects him. 
And, at this time, Kang Ha Neul will find that what she doing not entirely a lie,

because he finds how Kim Ji Won get closer to her neighbor, Park Yoochun.

4. Jin Se Yeon is the one who was there when their mother left them. She's the one who knows the secret of everything. 
Jin Se Yeon personality grows into harden. 
She didn't trust anyone, even to Kim So Eun and Kim Ji Won. That's how Kim So Eun and Kim Ji Won really care about her condition. 
Jin Se Yeon still, never guess about it. Until then Kang Ha Neul do kiss Kim Ji Won on purpose, in front of Jin Se Yeon.

Jin Se Yeon found it, so she really hates Kim ji Won.

Well, in case to make things even more complicated, Park Yoochun also see that kiss.
Jin Se Yeon is like mean girls in high school. 
She pretends like if she rich, and that makes Kang Ha Neul didn't like her.

the worst part:
1. Kim So Eun found the truth about Kim Jae Wook and Josh Group,

 then turns out before Kim Jae Wook asked her to truly love her,

Kim So Eun decided to rejects him and comes back to Park Yoochun, in front of Kim Ji Won.

2. Park Yoochun decided to rejects Kim So Eun at that time and run to Kim Ji Won.

3. Kim Ji Won didn't want to say anything, for she even couldn't believe her own heart.

Kim Ji Won who starts to love Park Yoochun, found her sister finally choose Park Yoochun, turns out really in hurt.
She also never want to back to Kang Ha Neul, so she make that clear to Park Yoochun,
"You finally get her, right? You should make her a happy person."

4. Kang Ha Neul the more Kim Ji Won rejects her, the more he rejects Jin Se Yeon. Kang Ha Neul is the only character that very faithful with his heart.
 It makes Jin Se Yeon hurtin so bad.

5. Jin Se Yeon will learn how everything she try to gain, 
everything just torn apart, she was such a weak person , afterall.
6. The girl's mother being revealed as the main antagonist.

She will tell everything about she knows long ago, and that makes things even worse.

Kim Ji Won will feel bad for what she did to Jin Se Yeon.
While, the girl's father really hope his daughters will forgive their mother.

1. Kim So Eun x Kim Jae Wook are like Daniel Meade and Betty La Fea. But, well, there also things like Daniel and Emily from Revenge!
2. Kim Ji Won x Park Yoochun are like Daryl Dixon x Beth Greene, right? right? #kyaaaa
3. Kim Ji Won x Kang Ha Neul are like Katniss Everdeen x Gale, not with Peeta.
4. Jin Se Yeon x Kang Ha Neul are like 13 to 30, Jennifer and Mark Rufallo are really cool! Though Jin Se Yeon more like really a bad girl who think she can get everything she wants with simply leave others circumstances. I almost have a thought about Gone Girl, Rosamund Pike with Ben Affleck, #LOL.

1. Jin Se Yeon will finally make things right.
Jin Se Yeon feel bad for what happened to Kim So Eun and Kim Ji Won.

she is afraid if she might lose her only family.
 She will turn back to save her two older sisters.

2. Kang Ha Neul of course helping Jin Se Yeon for the sake of Kim Ji Won,

But, at this, he found how the truth of Jin Se Yeon actually comforting.

"She is..."

3. Kim Jae Wook fights the circumstances and embrace the fallen of his family company because it was all rolling for the based of fraud money. 
Though, Kim So Eun sees the fallen of Kim Jae Wook, she felt bad. 

Then, found out Park Yoochun helps Kim So Eun to solve the case,

so that Park Yoochun finally realize how Kim Jae Wook really loves Kim So Eun.
While, Park Yoochun actually now really worry about Kim Ji Won *especially*
4. The last one is Kim Ji Won. Finding the truth about what her mother had done to Jin Se Yeon makes her finally want to kill her

*Yupp, it's all about the innocent girl turns into the worst ever*, and Kim Ji Won will being the bad person while her mother with so successful in front of press.

And, turns out, the real culprit from Josh Group wants to kill her mother, and that's the time Kim Ji Won decided to save her mother, just like her father. To save the person he loves, he destructs himself for her. It never meant to be her fault, just the situation. I really like the way Kim Ji Won as the tomboy personality try to make all situations with Jin Se Yeon and Kim So Eun gets better. But, turns out as she starts to lose her faith on people around her, she decides to end it to the real main problem, that she thoughts *which is true* is her mother. Even though, she fails because the Josh Group approaching.

the heroes:
1. Park Yoochun, he took down the culprit.

*Yoochun style, dramatic scenes* I guess he hides his macho side at particular important time.
2. Kim Jae Wook, he faces the doom of his rotten family.
3. Kim So Eun, she became strong to approach her mother.

4. Jin Se Yeon, she loves her sister, Kim Ji Won back, and she was afraid if she will losing her.

5. Kang Ha Neul, decides to his parent, who's the prosecutor and judge, to help the girl's family.

The ending~~~
Kang Ha Neul became like his parents, be a great lawyer.

Jin Se Yeon became a great artist, but at this time, she reveals to be truth. Kang Ha Neul actually, doing it really great with Jin Se Yeon.

Kim So Eun and Kim Jae Wook together gets a deal and make new magazine, and new life.

The last, Park Yoochun is becoming the teacher,

still, with problems with kids and stuff,

and Kim Ji Won also becomes gymnastic teacher.

Still, at first she never really care about Park Yoochun, though she really look at him from far away.

but when she found out Park Yoochun have many girl students that like him and the woman teachers also hit on him, she's really in jealous *FINALLY* and approaching those girls to not screw around.
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