Me: Introduction on a Snap

"Do not be afraid to fail, do not be tired to try, because experience is the best teacher to achieve maturity and success of life." Thus the motto of life Aurora.He enjoys watching movies and music.Not only that, the girl born in Jakarta, July 11, 1992 is also has hobby of reading books and writing novels.
Do you know why it's hard to say goodbye? Because we afraid if our memories might not be able to remember them, rightly. The fact is, goodbye means good. No matter how hard.
~Aurora Esterlia

The Windy Days

A story of a young girl who thinks her fiance has back but it is another doppelganger of her man who accidentally fell in love with her too. It was on a bridge and very windy, the young girl sitting on this seat and that man just jogging and took break on same seat. The young girl was shocked and she's crying then hug him.

That man didn't know what to do because he don't know her and so he was about to leave yet the girl surely think it's her fiance. For that man comes to her life, she is being accused file a false report of her fiance's death. The young girl decided to keep away from that man but every time she recalls her memories with her fiance, she is running to find and reach that man, and the man takes it time to learn how the girl would finally love her unconditionally.

The young girl works as administration support of this law firm while that man works as a musician. Her fiance was a doctor. The young girl believes one day she at least could see the ghost…

Me and Him

The more I think about it, then it must to talk about.

I'm not a smart person. I gave up my real wish of future living and still feeling guilty every time.
The reason I'm writing this because I know my time is running out. It would still be like this. The world wants me to keep feel down, to keep fall and hurt, to put me back to uncertain cliffhanger end.

I want to be a happy person but I think my life would never be that happy. Some people said it's ridiculous to not be happy, it's the easiest way to earn. Well, it is not for me.
Is God make a fool of me?

I want to believe in Him. I want to see His vision in me. I want to keepbelieve in Him. To believe in Him is the only purpose I live now. The reason why I keep alive right now is because of Him. I don't have anyone, I don't have anewhere to go.
But then, why does He keep make me feel like this?

I want to be a diplomat.. I want it to be true. Since I have given up the only one thing I really wish could  happe…

On The Shelf

Dear Lord,

I am here to surround my woe to Your Chamber.
I am stepping to the courtyard, my feet have walked through it.
Now I'm on the porch, stand right front the door.
Wishing for what's inside would out and get me.

Dear Lord,
Lift me up with Your Hands for let me touch Your Grace.
Set me free from the dazed, help me to be precise.
I am willing and I am waiting.
Talk, then I will recover.

Dear Lord,
Save me.

Never Enough

Claim my space in you
Eyes, lips, or hips
Let me know the move
Feet, hands, and head
Funny word of closer
How my hair you mess
It's feeling that you want
Intimate to lust


I feel hungry
But I don't want to eat
I am thirsty
But no drink please

Slowly I turn back
Make sweet posing
Thought you might like
How you'd capture me

Someone like you
Falling to me
Awkward and raw
Troubled and hurt

This is how I want to be
Encourage me please
Tell me I need to be here
and you belong to me

Around Girl: The Red Shoes

Kram was walking to Day. Day was surrounded by people around this garden party. Kram brought a plate of food and helping Day to fix the table. They both were really happy. Being normal couple, that’s what happened between Kram and Day. That’s the way Jow Marlace could help Day out from her misery. Day forgot about Avengers and everything. Again. Day was helping Kram on his open house party. Kram is back to the stage and joining a new ballet show, Red Shoes. It’s a story of how a girl really loves her new red dancing shoes and suddenly the shoes put her to keep dancing until someone decided to chop her feet. Day seemed really happy and she’s continue her passion on cooking and make desserts. This is her catering works. Meanwhile, whenever Day found Jow around her, she actually decided to leave all her doings and start to chat with Jow. Actually, it puts everyone in wonder. Who’s actually Day really love? Kram or Jow? It happened again. Jow came and greetings Kram. Day was still not seein…