The world is so different now. I pretend to sleep so it won’t disturb him. I know he’s been sitting next to my bed from this morning. He hasn’t tried to awake me. I don’t know if I should start now. The room has been so quiet since I have already awake. I haven’t try anything. I am still comfort with all things of nothing and dark. But now, I can sense lights around me. Somehow I could sense shadows pass around my bed. It must be him. Later, he touched my left hand and it is like a pinch bite on my skin. “Uh...” “Olive?” He caught my movement. I guess it is time to finally awake. I haven’t done any move. But, the reaction of pain actually moved my hand and my eyelids. “Alright, are you awake?”a simmering voice came closer to my face, “Are you feeling dizzy?” “A little bit..” I can sense his breathing, and smell his skin. “It is normal, do not worry. Take your time.” I could sense the cold of room now more with my skin and the man’s warm body. It is all because that pinch. I get to wake…
Do you know why it's hard to say goodbye? Because we afraid if our memories might not be able to remember them, rightly. The fact is, goodbye means good. No matter how hard.
~Aurora Esterlia


Who can answer this question?

To whom should I ask?

Where does all this puzzle come from?

Should I look for the answer?

Can I wait for a time to answer?

Would I finally find that answer?

Edward and Me

Last night
We were just friends.


At the one of room 1614 should have two guests but I am alone.
Play a mellow tune to set the mood, my body is weak and hurt on feelings.
If I am not sentimental I would become as devil so here I pour them all.
A gold is not silent but silent is punishment.
The threat of my existance.
I want to jump.
Jump to the cliff and end the whole story all over again.
A whole blackhole and no end.

No more end.
Just more enemies.
What would path of escape can I get?

Where is the comfort?
Where is my promise?

I love for what future?


"Come on. We are going to be late!"
He is about to meet with his friends. But he seems nervous.  I am nervous. He needs to get back to his room. "What else do you look for?"
"I am looking for something. Maybe you should go on first?"
That time I actually walked few steps from him but suddenly it devastated me.  And,  I stop.
"I will wait for you."Then, he keeps busy with his searching,  "Alright. Just wait for me." he said. He then found what he got and shouts, "Let's go! " he put his hand on my hip.  But it does not discomfort me. I lingered my hand on his back. "I know you are going wait for me."
"I won't hesitate." The more I think about this dream he was my soulmate. My mind wants to tell me I might have found him. He was close to me. Yet, I just need to wait.
One last time. Every day.

The Three Coins

D'Claire couldn't sleep because in his dream was all about the death of all his brothers side by side in that war. He wished he could've saved them. Then, he just woke up in the middle of the dawn. The place was warmest than outside the tent but he didn't see the girl inside. The old man was sleeping while he sat on a chair. D'Claire looked outside the tent and made sure skinned-animal thick blanket covered all his glowing skin. He walked pass all the caravan. They were all sleeping. Then somehow, he heard a lone humming chanting up in the air. Like a lullaby. D'Claire kept walking and all the caravan peple had been sleeping like they didn't hear even any sound to disturb them. Not even D'Claire's steps. D'Claire kept trying to find the source of the voice. He then learned the waves of the ocean blew great wind and that girl was standing at the seashore, singing. She's singing such a dread sorrowful chanting. He wished he didn…

The Man with The Star

D'Claire as a stray knight wondered at the gypsy night market. He was just coming back from Rogula War, a dreadful bloodbath war a South Kingdom and Vikings at the Seashore. D'Claire was the knight from whose sent from North Kingdom with three hundreds of men to help South Kingdom. But they didn't see the coming of Vikings with the power of Underworld Kingdom, dark creatures, and sea monsters. South Kingdom was doomed D'Claire was not run away, he was the prisoner of the Vikings. He was taken so they could feed him to the Underworld Kingdom as the offering. Yet, D'Claire as he was jumping to the sea, a star fallen from the sky and it stormly rage the waves around the ship. Sea monsters were scared of the Gods didn't want them to eat D'Claire. D'Claire then rolled by the waves and somehow later he was found by traveler gypsies at the sands of beach. They're taking him because they see the spread of sparkling stars on his skin. When he woke up, he was…