On The Shelf

Dear Lord,

I am here to surround my woe to Your Chamber.
I am stepping to the courtyard, my feet have walked through it.
Now I'm on the porch, stand right front the door.
Wishing for what's inside would out and get me.

Dear Lord,
Lift me up with Your Hands for let me touch Your Grace.
Set me free from the dazed, help me to be precise.
I am willing and I am waiting.
Talk, then I will recover.

Dear Lord,
Save me.
Do you know why it's hard to say goodbye? Because we afraid if our memories might not be able to remember them, rightly. The fact is, goodbye means good. No matter how hard.
~Aurora Esterlia

Enlist Films to Watch: 2017

I always love cheesy romantic comedy drama but in this list I also put some of blockbuster films haven't watch yet. So, please ignore this list if you don't have any interest to explore this kinda mixed features:

The Mechanics of LoveThe Secret ScripturesLady MacbethSong to SongLucid DreamDirty Dancing (2017) Dirty Dancing (2017) was about a girl who couldn't dance literally and in love with a man who dance so beautiful played by Abigail Breslin and Colt Prattes. Basically I just watched this because of Abigail Breslin but the musical was kinda sexy and Colt Prattes at the end was really great. This film is just simply an american tv movie, do not compare it with BBC films. But, both artists were giving their best and I just wish Abigail Breslin will soon get great film project and return to The Academy and Colt Prattes also would like to comeback to film. :D (3/5)
A Bundle of Trouble : Aurora Teagarden MysteryThe Sense of an EndingThe Last WordThis Beautiful FantasticThe L…

Never Enough

Claim my space in you
Eyes, lips, or hips
Let me know the move
Feet, hands, and head
Funny word of closer
How my hair you mess
It's feeling that you want
Intimate to lust


I feel hungry
But I don't want to eat
I am thirsty
But no drink please

Slowly I turn back
Make sweet posing
Thought you might like
How you'd capture me

Someone like you
Falling to me
Awkward and raw
Troubled and hurt

This is how I want to be
Encourage me please
Tell me I need to be here
and you belong to me

Around Girl: The Red Shoes

Kram was walking to Day. Day was surrounded by people around this garden party. Kram brought a plate of food and helping Day to fix the table. They both were really happy. Being normal couple, that’s what happened between Kram and Day. That’s the way Jow Marlace could help Day out from her misery. Day forgot about Avengers and everything. Again. Day was helping Kram on his open house party. Kram is back to the stage and joining a new ballet show, Red Shoes. It’s a story of how a girl really loves her new red dancing shoes and suddenly the shoes put her to keep dancing until someone decided to chop her feet. Day seemed really happy and she’s continue her passion on cooking and make desserts. This is her catering works. Meanwhile, whenever Day found Jow around her, she actually decided to leave all her doings and start to chat with Jow. Actually, it puts everyone in wonder. Who’s actually Day really love? Kram or Jow? It happened again. Jow came and greetings Kram. Day was still not seein…

Rings (2017) is Not Good

Many people whenever they're being asked, "What's your favourite horror movie?" and they would tell many great list of best horror movies on history, while I'm going to simply answer, "The Ring America remake." I know that's lame. I watched the America remake first then the original Japanese version. Well, the Japanese version plot was so absurd and I hard to digest, at that time like I was still young. Well, now, the only Japanese version I like is Ringu 0. The first time I watched Ringu 0, it had same reaction as while I watched the other Japanese versions, but it was the only version I couldn't get it and kept watching it until now I'm totally get it. *Well, that's my thing. I'm curious with my own preference of films. It's like my head could see how good is a film but when I saw it first time I was disappointed. But then my heart told me to keep see it and suddenly I found the why.*
Rings (2017)  was not as same as special f…

July & Greg: Third Season

So, the opening won’t be with dream but with reality. July came and sat across of Greg.  I mean that will be so fresh start. As we thought July showed up in front of Greg was not a dream.  Greg couldn’t handle the truth that he really missed her and that night he really wished he could forgive her. They’re making love that night but in middle of night, Greg woke up and didn’t dream anything. So, he just realized things would gone different. July came back because of Dame’s news. July went to see Dame and she never thought someone actually could put this demon into its place. Dame responded as she was missing her, too. Yet, July said all this time she had researched alone about Dame’s past and she finally gets closer to the key. Dame was triggered but she challenged July if she has bravery to do it. July had decided to get better and took a different path.  She promised to Greg. Somehow Greg gave her a second chance. The moment July back, Sarah was really happy. But we all know, things c…