Live A Lifer: First Date

"You are never have a happy life!" "You're right!" "People always cut you off in the middle of the road." "That's true!" "And you have no friends." "I know..." "See, you are such pathetic and sad person, ever." "Thank you to remind me." "But in this bar, you are very welcome, Miss Feelsgood." "I love this bar. You given people some fake IDs and listen our problems." "As long as you keep throw us your money." "I only have been a day and my money hasn't been waste at all, Sir!" "Then, please be our loyal customer, Miss Feelsgood!"  "I will!!!"
In this bar, all customers get their own fake IDs. They would get personal butler. And here I am, stand in front of the building. Looking at the video review on Youtube. It seems really feel good to be not myself and can be serve like a real human for once. "Ah! I don't think so." &q…
Do you know why it's hard to say goodbye? Because we afraid if our memories might not be able to remember them, rightly. The fact is, goodbye means good. No matter how hard.
~Aurora Esterlia

A Hellgate

A horror story idea.  What if it’s a story about the curse. There’s the path of curse of the hellgate. And the curse starts when you’re seeing someone dragged into the hellgate.I think it’s pretty simple, right? Once you saw one, you got the mark which is getting worse that you can't see but people around you. What you would see is these symptoms  The first symptom would be some nightmares, the pictures of hellgate traumatize your memories and consume your dreams. The second symptom that you would be more religious than before, learning what’s the hellgate all about. You are getting curious and the mistakes start right here because It’s starting to profiling of which kind of person that gets drag into hellgate and you will learn the history of the curse. Third symptom would be trying to figure it out how to stop the hellgate’s dreams. By trying to do good things or asking forgiveness as if you’re about to die. Until it consumed your perspective and personality and people around…

Comes from the Ground

To be raised by the lone King of Nine realms. One is my realm, the Beast Land. The reign on Powerful Wizard and King Geof. Second is the ghost realm, the Nebula. They owned the skies and rule by the Mist. Third is the under water, the Deep Seas. The reign of King Neptiri, beautiful merman ever live. Fourth is the realm of Dwarves. Their stories have becometh the great legend and most sorrow on the mountains. Fifth is the Earth realm. The living of men and forbidden for all realms to cross over. Sixth is the hell realm, the Underworld. They who not fear the eternal fire live there. Seventh is the Heaven. They who known are gods in their lifes live forever there. Eighth is the Emerald City. Green Stone realm, I call it for all stones there worth to create power of nine realms. Ninth is the Eternal Frost Mountains. The realm which can stops the time.  My father, my guardian, my lord. Conquered them all. In the Beast Land, he raised me. I, Beost, the Prince of Dark Magic.  Among all real…

Inception is Real

It was real. I had it last night. I didn't realize I have been on deep third layer and it was so scary. It had me thinking if I didn't know I almost got stucked on my own dream world, this dream world seems dangerous and totally was trying to never let you wake up.

I always thought that the demon had been trying to take my life while I slept. I had this problem, it's just I can not deny my deep consciousness has somekind cool personality as an exorcist expert? It's just like an automatic-mode, when the demon pops on my dream, my consciousness praying Our Father and somekind of The Conjuring bravery act-thing. Well, mostly it didn't work, I ended keep stuck and face the demon, until I figured it's only a dream and I woke up.

Interest thing, just at one time case, I tricked the way and made my own plot of dream as if well like Insidious thing, I started running around on my dream world. The dream world, as what we have seen on Inception, pretty much the world of…

Cloudless Willow

It feels like a glimpse of films. A fantasy genre. It is about two lovers of a Princess and a peasant. They met when the Princess’s carriage was almost fell down of the cliff. The peasant was saving her. She brought him to the palace’s gate but he couldn’t get in. The peasant believed she was his true love and so he would do anything to be finally with the Princess. The peasant pray to the Church and there an Archbishop somehow came to him. It was just like a glimpse of pictures. The Princess was sad at the palace’s garden, a voice asking, “Oh, milady why do you cry to this place all alone?” and the Princess seek that voice and she found the peasant who turned to be the Prince. And they were happily ever after.
“Every night, this dream keeps bugging my head.” “Maybe, it’s your favourite fairy tale your parents read for your childhood lullaby.” “Maybe..” “So, Noir. About Gyles, the man who works at Skyde’s?” “The internet café?” “Your internet café and bar!” "What about him?" &quo…

The Apartment

I had a very horror dream last night.
It was about a family decided to buy one old apartment building. It almost like they spend their whole money to that building.
There was this Chinese restaurant on the front of the lobby. The old man owned the restaurant seemed very angry at the family on the day they're moving-in.
The family started to see each of room and they were all studio room size. One of the child actually really interested with the architecture and interior design so she documented most of the rooms. Oddly, she seemed had sensing people were still living inside those empty apartment rooms, like moving shadows.
On the next morning, the old man, the owner of that Chinese restaurant still opening in front of the lobby of apartment and the Father started on conversation with him but the family just stayed inside without knowing what were they talking.
The youngest child actually started to play with the shadows in the apartment. When the sister caught her, turns out she …


I can live my life thousands times more
Be a different person each world
Hurt and endure
Hating myself at the end
and do it all over again

I will love you with all my life
Be the one for you each world
Caring and patience
Grown old to die at the end
and do it all over again

I stop dreaming about you
For I love to you too much
I don't know how forget you
I don't know if we can live another time

I stop wishing you all well
For I am no longer in your mind
But again even we meet in another life
I will always love you

I can not let you go as I am now letting you
let go of me
I am not that strong as you are strongly
leaving me
I don't know what I want as you know really
what you want

If I am your poison
If this world has killed you because of me
I will do it all over again
That's how much I love you

But I know I can't reach you anymore
This time only one time
I can't wish for another lifetime
For we only live once

And here I am again on blank spaces
Hoping you can co…