The Three Coins

D'Claire couldn't sleep because in his dream was all about the death of all his brothers side by side in that war. He wished he could've saved them. Then, he just woke up in the middle of the dawn. The place was warmest than outside the tent but he didn't see the girl inside. The old man was sleeping while he sat on a chair. D'Claire looked outside the tent and made sure skinned-animal thick blanket covered all his glowing skin. He walked pass all the caravan. They were all sleeping. Then somehow, he heard a lone humming chanting up in the air. Like a lullaby. D'Claire kept walking and all the caravan peple had been sleeping like they didn't hear even any sound to disturb them. Not even D'Claire's steps. D'Claire kept trying to find the source of the voice. He then learned the waves of the ocean blew great wind and that girl was standing at the seashore, singing. She's singing such a dread sorrowful chanting. He wished he didn…
Do you know why it's hard to say goodbye? Because we afraid if our memories might not be able to remember them, rightly. The fact is, goodbye means good. No matter how hard.
~Aurora Esterlia

The Man with The Star

D'Claire as a stray knight wondered at the gypsy night market. He was just coming back from Rogula War, a dreadful bloodbath war a South Kingdom and Vikings at the Seashore. D'Claire was the knight from whose sent from North Kingdom with three hundreds of men to help South Kingdom. But they didn't see the coming of Vikings with the power of Underworld Kingdom, dark creatures, and sea monsters. South Kingdom was doomed D'Claire was not run away, he was the prisoner of the Vikings. He was taken so they could feed him to the Underworld Kingdom as the offering. Yet, D'Claire as he was jumping to the sea, a star fallen from the sky and it stormly rage the waves around the ship. Sea monsters were scared of the Gods didn't want them to eat D'Claire. D'Claire then rolled by the waves and somehow later he was found by traveler gypsies at the sands of beach. They're taking him because they see the spread of sparkling stars on his skin. When he woke up, he was…

Look Away

At the end it was just a one of thinking.
A sorrow blended with white lie.
Feels like an own demon.
Trap with a hollow of mind.
Desperate by own loneliness.

Tragedy of a perfect dream.
Hoping wishing well could make it comes true.
Scatter before it consumes you.
Let it go and never look back.

It is wrong to want you can not have.
So look away even though it is pain.
Just look away. Before it's too late.
Before your heart gets hurt again.


It hurts my feeling.
It consumed the whole me.
A parasite.Give me back my freedom.
Don't chain me.
Let me go.You're hurting me.
Choked me.
Get back!I don't feel safe anymore.
A threat.
Leave me alone!It is my own!
Don't take myself away!
Damn, you!
s t r o n g
What would you do if you can have a daydream and you would see anything you do want to happen?
That's what Renault Swann can do. The guy with ability to make his imagination turns into reality.
Can you imagine no one ever notice of his ability or even tracks what would he do next all the time?
except maybe for Cygne Monet, just like her name, is a painter.
She paints what she is seeing from her dreams while she is on nap.
That is just one thing standing in a way.
Neither of two know each other.
Yet trying be the judge to one another.
Does it go as comedy or tragedy?
Now, your bet.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi (2017) Review

Star Wars: The Last Jedi is beyond my expectation. I would like to start with the synopsis we were presented before we watch it. Which I did, but what I want to say that because it's like the expectation born when we read the synopsis before we watch it, right? Okay, I think you get it. So, it's a story after The Force Awakens following Rey (Daisy Ridley) finally managed to find the legendary Jedi knight, Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill) on an island with a magical aura. The heroes of The Force Awakens include Leia, Finn and Poe joining the legend in an epic adventure, unlocking the shocking ancient mysteries of The Force. Yeah, I'm lazy writer so I copy+paste this Bahasa language of the synopsis and translated to English. But anyway, that's enough.  Another honest word, I didn't read the synopsis before I watched it. Ha. It's exactly fresh piece of mind right after The Force Awakens. 
The only Rian Johnson's film I have watched was The Brothers Bloom. Well, I did…

Around Girl: Days in Gotham

Day went to Gotham as Kram decided to pretend Day was just left him and try to keep up his own career without Day. Day was just going to Gotham and there she went to the zoo, she met The Penguin. Day thought he looked like someone. Penguin was curious but Day looks familiar and so as she asked if there's any recomendation to safe-living in Gotham and Penguin said everything's safe under him. Just in time for one good of sleep night, there's been attack in Gotham by Justice League. But this time, the Falcon didn't wake up. And so, Day became like a weak girl and she passed by Wonder Woman and she almost killed her but she's saved after something coming up.
It seems like Jow has built a new Asgard Hotel but with great protections from new gods from Egypt, since the Falcon also part of The Egypt gods, Isis. Jow joining with Set, who met Hades, it's like Greek Gods seeking refuge to Egypt Gods, and they actually wonder how where Asgard Hotel, under Jow…