Around Girl: Days in Gotham

Day went to Gotham as Kram decided to pretend Day was just left him and try to keep up his own career without Day. Day was just going to Gotham and there she went to the zoo, she met The Penguin. Day thought he looked like someone. Penguin was curious but Day looks familiar and so as she asked if there's any recomendation to safe-living in Gotham and Penguin said everything's safe under him. Just in time for one good of sleep night, there's been attack in Gotham by Justice League. But this time, the Falcon didn't wake up. And so, Day became like a weak girl and she passed by Wonder Woman and she almost killed her but she's saved after something coming up.
It seems like Jow has built a new Asgard Hotel but with great protections from new gods from Egypt, since the Falcon also part of The Egypt gods, Isis. Jow joining with Set, who met Hades, it's like Greek Gods seeking refuge to Egypt Gods, and they actually wonder how where Asgard Hotel, under Jow…
Do you know why it's hard to say goodbye? Because we afraid if our memories might not be able to remember them, rightly. The fact is, goodbye means good. No matter how hard.
~Aurora Esterlia

At the Zoo

A zoo Roman A floor Our eyes Talk Separate Alone Yet connected Together In one dream

Lie with A Ghost

"I have a lot of things in my head." "Yeah?" "Yes and it's bugging me, sometimes...somehow." "How often?" "Well, it is now recently quiet but when they come, they are so destructive." "Are you hurt?" "It hurts and when it hurts I don't know what to do. I can't trust anyone to share this hurt." "So, you're writing this?" "Yeah." "Do you feel safe?" "No. Not recently." "Why?" "I also hurt people." "Do you?" "Yes and I want them to get hurt." "Is that what you want or is that how things in your head tell you to?" "Not come from my head. It comes from my heart. I want them to get hurt, the same hurt they want me to feel." "You said things in your mind are very destructive. Don't you think what you just said also related wit what things in your head?" "I think what comes out or everythin…

Breakdown The Cure (Part I)

"Sweet Carolina, little Carolina, miracles 'round mama, stay by her side."
It kept ringing around her ears but she still not wake up entirely. Her body still not strong to move and she lie down on someone's lap, things keep moving on the sky, and seem lots of people around her.
"Sweet Carolina, little Carolina, miracles 'round mama, by her side." A mother's voice must be singing to her child, around of people but her ears could guess about it. She just back to sleep until she remember to back waking up.

"Abby, are you already awake? Abby?"
It's not like a normal day when she's being awake and one of the maid helps her to prepare the day. Or, she's on the village and have elders awake her to help them cook. Or, when Rover slept next to her.
"Abby?", it's Tom.
Hal terakhir yang terjadi pada Abbigail Edmoure adalah ketika ia berada di tengah medan perang, berapakaian pedalaman dengan wajah penuh cat, berlari mengejar Ro…

Me: Introduction on a Snap

"Do not be afraid to fail, do not be tired to try, because experience is the best teacher to achieve maturity and success of life." Thus the motto of life Aurora.He enjoys watching movies and music.Not only that, the girl born in Jakarta, July 11, 1992 is also has hobby of reading books and writing novels.

On The Shelf

Dear Lord,

I am here to surround my woe to Your Chamber.
I am stepping to the courtyard, my feet have walked through it.
Now I'm on the porch, stand right front the door.
Wishing for what's inside would out and get me.

Dear Lord,
Lift me up with Your Hands for let me touch Your Grace.
Set me free from the dazed, help me to be precise.
I am willing and I am waiting.
Talk, then I will recover.

Dear Lord,
Save me.

Never Enough

Claim my space in you
Eyes, lips, or hips
Let me know the move
Feet, hands, and head
Funny word of closer
How my hair you mess
It's feeling that you want
Intimate to lust