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Do you know why it's hard to say goodbye? Because we afraid if our memories might not be able to remember them, rightly. The fact is, goodbye means good. No matter how hard.
~Aurora Esterlia

The Cost for Falling in Love

A nurse boy, named Brad, a brown head, with 1.8 high in meters. He helps people in hospital. Because he’s a man nurse, that’s a rare thing, everyday is a funny days for him. Sometimes he got a wink from the grandmother who he helps get a bath. Sometimes he has to do things that the man shouldn’t see that except the woman nurse. Well, sometimes he just being miscast as a doctor. Brad was failed to become a doctor, but he still made it to become a nurse, which is for every single time the patients mistaken of his work in the hospital, he will said, “I’m fine.” Brad was always jealous for the stupid young intern doctors around the hospital, that made him feel incompetence for some kind of ways, just because he didn’t get to the medical school. He learns many things and knows about it, knowledgeably, not practical. But, seems he always win some arguments when the interns trying to be a smart-head but he’s actually not. But, just for the first time of his life, from those happy times, norm…

Around Girl: Encounter Dusk, Part 1

It's start with the word of "first love", you know? Day wasn't expect to meet Jow Marlace again. Jow Marlace is now a very mature man, looks really a very six-pack body with sweats around his skin, makes Day like wonder what he's been doing with all his exercise anyway. *That's funny* After the Starbucks encounter, Jow asked Day if she has someplace to go and Day said, "I need to go to hospital." Which is really a right thing to do because Day kind of off about what's happening with her. All she could remember is her days before she met Loki, her normal life, and her suitcase. Jow really love to drive Day there. He drive a Jaguar, Day was jaw-dropped, a black knight Jaguar 2014 Convertible, like it was so weird because Day is never expected for Jow Marlace be like this handsome also rich man, "Get in," said Jow. Day asked can he pulls on the roof of the car and Jow just laughs and put his sun-glasses, "It's a good day." …

Oh My Ghostess (2015): Mid-Season Review

It's already at mid-season and it's marvelous. They have amazing ensemble cast and they put no one left behind. What interesting in this drama is the story plot, I have no idea what's this all about because it's started with very generic drama with generic characters, until later the director and how the writer keep gives you bits by bits of heart-warming scenes and scenarios including the thrill. And, the thrill amazingly presented by Lim Ju-Hwan. He has impeccable acting as the wild card character. Both Park Bo-Young and Kim Seul-Gi are very attractive. I can see how Kim Seul-Gi had less shots on screen than Park Bo-Young, but when her screen came up, we adore her. Park Bo-Young gave us what's the call as A-list celebrity, she is professionally the best. Also, the supporting characters in this drama are really important to build the moods in every episode, and in my opinion, it shows the skills of people behind the curtains, they are so talented. The last is Cho…

Humor Chat from Fangirl 1.0.7 - MCU or DCCU?


First Generation, Red Inheritors, let's say the Eldest of The Warriors. Alex: He's typical the most supportive boyfriend. He used to have an ambition to become the real Warrior that will save the Whaledome. Turns out, he knows his limited power. He's the only one that knows Sharon and how to handle Sharon. Sharon: She's the most fearless in the Warrior. She just very poweful. She hates The Burn, the most. Her past is mostly like Bob. That's how she never like the decision to put Shea as one of the Warriors.  First Generation, Green Inheritors.  Humm: He's the most serious person. But, let say he's the most silent person who doesn't like to express his feeling. That's not like he couldn't speak, but his job encourage his habit, tho. Gliss: He's one of the most beautiful man in The Whaledome. People of The Whaledome known him like a pretty, elegant, like Elves from the story Lord of The Rings. He is also wise and one of the Elder who votes t…