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Do you know why it's hard to say goodbye? Because we afraid if our memories might not be able to remember them, rightly. The fact is, goodbye means good. No matter how hard.
~Aurora Esterlia

Tell The Words

When words around your world
And words just in your eyes
No words and you miss them allThe moments you fall into words
No needs to doubt for words there
And heart full of the wordsWords are perfection
Words challenge you to change
Change for perfectionTake everything but not words
Take them all for words the treasure
It does words make your dreamsDreams come true as words promise
Ordinary to more than words
People asking words how importantTell the words all of them
Words change you and around you
Tell the words not afraidYou are the hand of words
Tell the words

Under Water

This is the memorial for Sewol Sinking Ferry. The incident was very disaster and grieving the whole nation, it must be so tired to even cry. The story is about someone lost someone because of the drowned incident. The person tried to stop thinking but instead that person wondering how it felt to be under water and the last conversation of both of them just very hard to forget because that person decided to be cruel and upsetting."Aku berusaha berubah untuk kamu!"Teriakan seberapa kencang pun dalam ingatanku, tak akan pernah menghilang selama aku masih berada di dalam air. "Aku melepaskan semua yang kamu minta!"Raut wajah yang tak pernah kumengerti namun pilihanku yang membuat raut muka itu ada. Udara dalam dadaku mulai habis."Aku memberikan apapun untuk bertahan dengan mu!"Perkataan nya yang terakhir membuatku gagal bertahan dalam air dan aku segera keluar dari dalam kolam renang."Aku berjuang untuk kamu."Aku melangkah di pinggir kolam renang da…

Around Girl: Monolog

S U P E R H E R O is not instantly came up with miracle, it just made with process and timing.

YES! This is my first time made a superhero story.

"Around Girl" means our superhero is a girl and around means how things around her just so dangerous like 007 and Avengers that made her have to save another SUPERHERO.

#YEAHH!!! Isn't fresh? Superheroes got saved by someone who people see as ordinary person, ordinary girl.

The last words she will always said will be, "I will be around, just see."

Well, as a superhero, like batman or superman or catwoman, every superhero has a dark past. Also Around Girl. But, I mean, it doesn't have to be like Christopher Nolan's movies or KICK ASS.

It's just funny because it's her life just so in faith with saving people. She didn't expecting to saving Superheroes, but she had to. And, lots of superheroes. I mean, of course in critical ways. Those coincidence moments then made all superheroes wondered who's …

The Red Rose, A Fire, and One Tree

Our first met was never being forgotten.
For all of the great moments, you're still in my heart.
I know you are someone else.
Not someone I know before.
Someone else, someone new.

In bad times, you were there.
Saving me, protect me, and waiting for me.
You always found me.
Why I can't be the one who found you, first?

I was exhausted and you were there.
Carried me while I cried on your arms.
You put me under a tree and gave me the red rose.
I looked the fire burnt down the house from far.
Last mysterious man stood from me.

I was unconscious and you simply put me out of the house.
An inspiration and hope just suddenly appear from you.
As the red rose, the last thing we're in touch.
That I should never forget you.

You told me how hard life can be.
You told me how I shouldn't expect you to help.
You told me how I should burnt down all bad behind.
You told me how to keep trying to the last.

You shown me how you always be there.
In goods or bads.
You shown me how though you…

Divergent, Mine

There's no Four in my experience but he was Peter, and only him. He was very something. He's never changed. He always the same. But, I still found our eyes looked to one another. He seems very happy with his friends while I just standing far from him, waiting he came. He didn't want be with me. But, when there's a hunting event, crowds everywhere, I was so scared, he was there, made fun of me and showing off. While I failed, he also knew , "You never change, either." I just didn't know, he always be around me. "If you hates me so much, why you always around me? You know, we know you always win, why just not let me go?" He never answered those questions because he knew I'm the one who need him, for all this time. He hurts me, but still I need to see him. He was something. I couldn't explain."Do you mad at me?" Last thing I asked, "As long as you're still in my memory, you always be with me. No matter how hard you want t…

The Afternoon Table

The setting was exactly like in True Blood, when Sookie had a dream of Bill having breakfast with her on the kitchen. There's a lot of people in the house. I knew it was afternoon, because the sun shone through the windows just not too bright but warm and calm.I didn't know he was there. I was so comfort with sitting in dining chair on the kitchen. I just put rest my head to the table and he was suddenly next to me. I didn't know who's he, but we chat and laughed about many things around this dining table. People around us just enjoy the time and never interrupt us. We're just spend the moments alone. I always had the best dream, great moment when he's there. Great smile, big body but firm, and tall heights. I was thinking he seems like Captain America. Then, there was a moment, I knew he was someone else. I've been with him for other dreams. And I just wanted to tell him how I missed him. We didn't talk. We're just knew we've met before. Then, …

Revolt Project : Art

P R O M O T I O N : A P T I T U D E
as X, Y, and Z as the element numbers  as 0, 1, 2 as the element points as me be the subject

First above all.
Stop see the real numbers and points in front of me.
The reality is the truth.
The truth is the challenge.
Stop see the defiance.
Be dare to live.
Be dare to stride.
Fortunate and Grateful.
A Conqueror.

S T A R T : S T R A T A G E M

Together me with 0 points has 1 start point with X, Y, and Z element numbers. X,Y, and Z numbers me has shall be together to become 2 points. The way with connections. Find another me for subject interest with X element number, then me gain trust even though with 0 points. Find another me for subject interest with Y element number, then me gain trust even though with 0 points. Find another me for subject interest with Z element number, then me gain trust even though with 0 points. Share me as the subject is the main 1 point of all. 2 points for the channel.
S T U D Y : P A R L A N C E
pick the connections from 2…


To be A Conqueror, to be A Madness Person, to be A Loyal Partner, and to be the Racer, I am the Thorn.

The Reason

"Conceal. Don't feel. Don't let them know."

... and for that reason, I can't.

I'm Here

"Sam,  where have you been?" Asked Sadam, "Is this job makes you easy took off several times?" He was so mad and all I could do was just silent. "You can't talk? Speak!" He shouted. He was someone that never talk with me, why now? "Sam, there's no such thing as it means I want you to quit,"Said Sadam after I decided to quit, "There must be one explanation why you want to quit. It's not because of me, right?" He took my hands and held them. "Don't quit." But, all I can do will just hurt him. I let off his hands and walked from him. I leave him behind me. Then, he shouted, "Do, whatever you want to do! I don't care about you anymore! Is it really necessary to not talk whenever people ask you? Sam!" I kept listen, but I still didn't want to turn around. Leaving him was the best. "Do you think I didn't know you?" Asked Sam behind my front door, "Please, open the door." I …