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Do you know why it's hard to say goodbye? Because we afraid if our memories might not be able to remember them, rightly. The fact is, goodbye means good. No matter how hard.
~Aurora Esterlia

Disclosure IV: "Wedding Day"

"Hello, I am Lara's brother, Sam Hadden. This is the moment of my old sister wedding. Look at there, she's coming!"
Sam shoot the camera to the corner and there's a woman with wedding gown and a wheelchair. People escort her and walked to Sam, "Hi, Sam." said Lara.
Sam's voice said, "Hi, Lara. Ready for marry today?" Both of them laughed. Suddenly the door was opened and a father and a little bridesmaid came. Sam shoot the father's face, "Hello, Mr. Gordon."
Mr. Gordon said, "Yes, Sam," He back to Lara, "The door will be open two minutes. Are you ready, my daughter?"
Lara answered, "Thank you for company me, Mr. Gordon."
Mr. Gordon laughed, "Well, you can call me as your father. You're marrying my son."
Lara smiled, "Thank you, father."
Sam's voice said, "Can I call you father, too, Mr. Gordon?" Mr. Gordon just ignored that question and ready to stand behind…

Disclosure III: "The Vow"

Dean was going to leave Berlin. It was his last week to be with Lara. Dean and Lara was dating that last night. They were on the cafe and sitting in the corner, away from the crowds and their hands hold together under the table. They seemed not happy.

Lara said, "Our three months has gone. Do we need to be apart?"
Dean answered, "You are engaged, Lara. Do you love Josh or not?"
Lara looked to Dean, "I do love him. And, I do love you."
Dean resisted Lara looks, he stared another direction, but Lara's hand forbid him. Lara said, "Talk to me, Dean. What's in your mind?"
Dean answered, "I can't, Lara."
Lara replied, "What is that you can't?"
Dean touched Lara's face, "I love you. I can't for not being with you or not to say how much I love you, every day."
Lara smiled, "Then, marry me!"
Dean answered, "You're the one who's getting marry!"
Lara answered, "I want y…

Disclosure: Part II "The Falling in Love"

Dean woke up and he had another accident bad dream again last night. When he opened his eyes, he full of sweats. Dean found himself on his own bed room. It's already morning. Someone was showering in the bathroom. Dean got out from the bed, drank a glass of water and walked out from the room. He found a breakfast already prepared. Dean poured a cup of coffee. He sat on the kitchen chair just waiting, he looked at his own door bedroom. He didn't do anything. Until, someone came out from the door. A woman with his blue blouse and was drying out the wet hair with a towel. She's smiling and saying, "How's the breakfast, piano man?"
Dean said, "Yes, omelets and salads. Juice, you did know my favorite juice." She came to Dean and kissed him. "What are you going to do, today?" She was served a plate for Dean and she said she's going to some label producer meetings. Shea asked what Dean would do today and he said, "Rehearsing." Then…

I Choose The Light

I'm with someone else on the sunny day.
I knew him, well I just forgot about his name. We both were on the way home and talked about his 'girlfriend', something's happened and she need to face trial. I thought I was her or his legal counsel. Then, it felt like it's very a new thing for me. A new life and work. Then, I met many new people, but on that time, I just knew all of them. Well, I'm with my best friend and we're both happy around this place. There's also the time I found some places from my bad dreams, but they looked not scary anymore because they were all so bright and sunny, warm and comfort.
On the way home, that someone else took me back home first. The sun just so warm and I never want to waste this moment of my life, so I asked him to stop a moment at city park. There was this place to sit, in front the big gate of the park, we sat there. And, I fallen a sleep. The sun warmth my skin but not sweating me. I enjoyed this dream, for the firs…

Disclosure: Part I "The Relationship"

Dean and Lara were the couple, in case the title needed. So, basically it's not even "No Strings Attached". They were  just simply a man and a woman who being a couple by accident since first time they were met. People thought they both were couple, Both Dean and Lara have the same common things that made people found they both romantic to be together. But, none of them notice the feeling, even people around them never telling.
So, this story, starts with Dean was attending his high school reunion, while Lara was the Event Organizer of the reunion. Dean was an attractive local known-musician. That night, he was presenting his playing with piano. People are amazed. In that time, the inviting-artist to play right after Dean's performing was cancelled. Lara was got a phone call in front of Dean and she cried. Dean comforted her, while people around them asking if Lara is Dean's girlfriend. That night, Dean helped Lara to be not-payed artist the whole night for the …

The Last Tower

"The town was so dark.  And, if someone have visited, then you're not alone.... find me at the last tower."

My experience might started at the mall of the town.

There's one a mall, lots of labyrinth elevators that makes you want to find a lift for just to go up or down to another level of the mall. But, it turns out, the lift you found was the scariest lift you've ever lifted in. It lifts so fast and makes people and you frightened.

There way out from the mall was the right wing of the mall, but you need to get out from the are of the mall with walk to the front gate, the front mall. All the way you walk to the front gate, you will crossing The Memoirs of Childhood Garden.

Or, if you just so tired to find the right wing because of the labyrinth you should walk through, then you can get the exit door in any level. But, it leads you to the parking lot building. You still need find the way to the basement, because that's the only way out from the building. You w…

Around Girl: Fun

Kram was a ballet professional in royal house, people just adored him. He was 28 years old. Just one night, his partner seduced him while he was drunk,and just a slide vision, it's been long time since Day left from home and never return, Kram decided to let her go, but this one slide vision, Day was standing in front of the bed saying, "Help." And Kram just got sober and he left that place, he returned to the hometown of Day parents place.
Day parents, adoptive ones, just got an invitation from Day used manager. The manager was the person who Day requited and made her to be successful. Day last wish was to always give her adoptive parents chances to enjoy the life in art-business. As Kram visited the town, he also got the invitation.
It was Tony Stark party. Tony was with Hulk. It's just a normal Awesome party. The party was at Tony Stark main-building. Then, Loki's and his Idle Soldiers came to absorb the power of Hulk. They fought and the party was a mess, Kr…