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Do you know why it's hard to say goodbye? Because we afraid if our memories might not be able to remember them, rightly. The fact is, goodbye means good. No matter how hard.
~Aurora Esterlia

Wait For Me

"Sae Byul is not like that to me.. she won't do that to me."
"Neil, Sae Byul is sick. There's nothing you can do."
"No. This time is different. This time she believes in me."

She never came.

"No matter how hard I try to reach her but she won't let me."
"Neil, she did the same to me, too."
"She said she loves me."
"She never loves you."
"She loves me, and she knows I love her, too."
"I loved her. I also loved her! You knew that, too!"
"But she never loved you!"
"And so did you!"
"You're wrong, Yeong Hwan!"

She once was with him.

"Leave her, Neil."
"I won't."
"There's someone out there who really loves you."
"Why were you wasting your life just to wait for her? What about me? Should I waste my life to just to wait for you, or looking at you like this?"
"Stop, Kanede, …

Jules and Greg

Greg loves a routine life. He loves to make decisions of his own life, his daily tasks, and what he wants to be where he want to be. He has high standard about his own career. He has purposes. What Greg really loves is nature. He prefers living in the nature than living in the city with the crowds. That's why he's somehow awkward and loves to be alone. And, that time, he decided to join a hiking to mountain side. This moment changed his whole life.
There has been a news of a lost rising actor named Gregory Neil, in the mountain-side, but two days later, they found his tent with him being alone in it. Today is his press. On the news, he speaks, "Thank you everyone who've been worried and sent many wishes and prayers for me. I thank for the rescue team and especially my brother, Jake, as my beloved manager and best friend, never given up on me. Thank you." It gives you a real tear down to see the interview. People has asked why he went to mountain-side alone and Gre…


Taylor told me about this. About him.
It should be like this. Always.
Same environment. Same thought.

Taylor told me something like this.
"He's sitting always in the corner.
Near the walking out of doorway."
I know. I always see him that, too.
I feel lucky. I feel safe. Every day.

Taylor told me about the windows.
He's asking a lot about them.
It's just one old window.
Over here. Over there. Over here.
The wind cracks and make noises.

Taylor told me to wait for moment.
I can not. My head is trembling.
They all come and by, come and by.
Laugh then mad then back to joke.
Society on the loops.

Taylor told me how the way he look.
Someone like I know.
Of course, I told him.
If not, I wouldn't bother.

Taylor told me he knows.
Of course, because I was obvious.
Staring at him, dragging him.
Wondering, Questioning, Hurting.
Can I trust him?

Taylor told something about me.
I'm stink. Predictable and stink.
No matter how hard I try, it won't go.
It's inside…

What I Feel Today

Seems failure will stay
They even say I ashamed for not ask
Or is it me?
They never want

What I Feel Today

The fire stone cleansed my filthy mouth.
The words will help me to back again.
A promise.
I want to claim it.
A promise so I can brave to speak.
To speak again.
One more time.
I want it.
I deserve it.

#AskBenandAnna "The Accountant"

I never thought Ben Affleck would mentioned July Bones. It's one of my bucket list to be mentioned by Hollywood actor on social media and it just happened. Out from nowhere, plus the tweet contains a video with Ben Affleck and Anna Kendrick, another my favourite Hollywood actress and singer. This is a jackpot. I'm so grateful. Might be another wasted bucket list but I live for a moment. At least.... JULY BONES IS KNOWN. YEAYYYYY! (When I die, at least this name is finally out there).

Say Love

Choi Taek is a young property director. His family is well known all over country. Choi Taek also a playboy, he likes all the pretty girls who come and seduce him. Well, because it's worth it.Choi Taek then one day gets a new assistant of research name Park Mi Na. Mi Na is a very joyful person. She always there to help people. But, somehow she's just always home alone. Mi Na also a very open up person. Mi Na never seduced him but she said frankly Choi Taek is his type. Choi Taek feels so desirable whenever Mi Na around him, its like she truly there to hundred percents support him. And, when there's a second lead man approaching, name Jun So, Mi Na suddenly start make things awkward.Choi Taek found whenever Jun So appeared, Mi Na decided to go with him. But, when Jun So is not there, Choi Taek felt like Mi Na really treat him like her fiance or future husband like she knows how to handle things that he needs. Yet, Jun So recently appeared and drag her away from him.Choi Tae…

Strange Verse

I hate Alien. Everyone knows that. Yet, I just didn't know if my life would turn upside down and became an alien itself.

We're going out to the town. The place where we're going is the old town. But, before we're going, me and my aunt went shopping to the mall first. While at the mall, I met my old friends. They're also going to the old town. What I didn't realize, there's his brother, Moth. Moth came to see me and ask me if I like to go back home with him. I told him I was with my aunt but then my aunt said she had to go to somewhere else. It's pretty awkward but at the end, I went home with Moth and my old friends.

Then, it's obvious, I'm going to the old town with them, too.

The old town was really cold but then they said it's not going to be snowy tonight. Then we're hanging out at it's cinema. Funny thing, we came too early in the morning because that's the first place we saw as a place to hang out in the town. We waited ou…


So I met this guy.
We met at church.
He's not my type.
We talked.
Suddenly he realized I answered all his questions.
Then he changed.
He's my type.
We lived in a great house.
The street seemed really dangerous.
My dad brought me home.
I was afraid my sister would walk across the street.Well, I didn't remember much.
It was comforting dream.
Like I have a great life.

Around Girl, Encounter Dark Part 2 "The Falcon's Cloak"

Loki hugged Fenrir on the underworld, “I miss you, son.” The eyes of his son actually found curious on his own father. “I think it’s time for us to go back to surface, shall we?” “Where do you take him?” asked Nico di Angelo, “He supposed to stay here. He can’t go to human world.” “I’m sorry, my dear son,” said Loki, he looked at Persephone and Persephone came to Nico and whispered him something so Nico believed at what she said. Nico decided to leave them alone. “So, is it time?” asked Persephone. “Your husband forced me to make it sooner.” Persephone sighed, “Loki, you’re just same with Hades. Do not argue that. I suppose to ask you to stop doing this but it won’t work because we’re gods. We achieved our destined.” “Are you sure you don’t want to come with me? Take the child and be free from Hades?” “Well, I like that wondrous offer, Loki, but,” Persephone looked back to where Nico goes, “That kid, he seems know what he wants for this underworld. And,” Persephone back looking at Loki, “T…