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Do you know why it's hard to say goodbye? Because we afraid if our memories might not be able to remember them, rightly. The fact is, goodbye means good. No matter how hard.
~Aurora Esterlia

Like A Superman

He holds my hand and we're going to the grocery store. Lots of couples and the children.
"Why don't we have kids, too?" "Hmm... Convince me until the end of our grocery time so we can have kids." I don't remember what he did but he actually made me believe we need to have kids. But, at the end of grocery time, his face turned sad. He found me still in doubt to have kids. "This night, I do." And, he smiled. While we back home, around the neighborhood, we visit the city park.  "You are beautiful." "You are the most handsome person I won't give up to any men, even if he's king of England." "Well, that too much." "Or even, if you don't love me anymore." "I won't." There comes the woman, she used to be his woman. He chats with her while I keep smiling. I know myself. She really loves him. I mean, she is gorgeous, he is gorgeous, and I might be cute. So, he chose me, afterall. Now, s…

The Power of Giving

Galatia 3:29 Kalau kamu adalah milik Kristus Yesus maka kamu adalah keturunan Abraham yg layak mendapat warisan sesuai janji Tuhan >>>Kej 12:2-3 a. Bangsa yg Besar : GREAT, TERBESAR. b. Diberkati Tuhan c. Nama mu menjadi besar d. Menjadi berkat e. Memberkati mereka yg memberkatimu f. Akan dikutuk mereka yg mengurukimu g. Seluruh keluargamu diberkati.

Kita menjadi berkat buat orang lain karena KITA TELAH TERLEBIH DAHULU DIBERKATI OLEH TUHAN.
mengasihi sesamamu= CHARITY= memberi= sesuatu yg keluar. 1. Memberi ialah dari yang apa yg kita punya! Kalau ga punya jangan jadi PHP! Itu malah jadi JANJI PALSU. Tokoh: Nabi Elia bertemu seorang janda di Sarfat. Seorang janda membuat roti bundar yang ada di dalam rumahnya, hanya yang ada padanya saja, maka minyak yang tertuang tidak pernah habis. 2. Memberi bukan hanya tentang Nilai, Harga, Bentuk, atau Merek! Tokoh: Tuhan Yesus menunjuk orang janda yang miskin yang datang ke Bait Allah dan mempersembahkan dari kekurangannya. Tuhan Yesus melihat KEDAL…

Carry Water

A fresh water.
Not like other waters.
But, to carry it, with your bare hands.
Sounds ridiculous.

Exactly, like Originality.

Socks for My Feet

"Pierre, you really don't know?"
"Do you think someone like me, frankly tell you I know? Of course I knew it all along! I just..."
"Pretend not know it?"
"Yes, why, then?"
"But, if you told me from the beginning, I think it's result better."
"What better?"
"Well, like you already knew it. And, I'll just... no need ask you so many questions."
"So, Ella, you came here just to know if I knew it?"
"It's on a middle of the night, your feet. You just put your bare feet into that sneakers?"
"Well, I came here with my car. I guess, I will go back to my apartment, now."
He kneel down in front of me.
"What are you doing?"
Suddenly he took off both of his socks. Then, he forced my feet out from the shoes.

He put on my feet with his socks. Then, he put back my feet wearing the shoes. He stood up again and smiled. So bright.

Troubles Lovin' Her (Draft) Ep.4

It opens with Choi Tae Jun was in the 6th birthday party of Kim Seul Bi. Remember when Song Han Seul was late with his father? On that time, it differents with the timing for The Choi's. 
Choi Tae Jun comes with Choi Tae Wook, his father, earlier. The relationship between Choi Tae Wook, Song Han Dong, and Kim Seo Jeon actually exactly resembling the relationship between Song Han Seul and Choi Tae Jun in the future, they never try to be on argue about what happened in the past, the story of Kim Seo Jeon's parents or Choi Tae Wook's parents, which is Choi Seung Yeon. 
So, at that time, Choi Tae Wook chats with Kim Seo Jeon and for the first time, Kim Seul Bi was the one for first time noticed Choi Tae Jun. As the growing boy, he's taller than other kids and Kim Seul Bi as 6 years old really wonder who's that taller boy. Choi Tae Jun as a teenager actually didn't care about who has the party, at this time, he *and still remember* came to the party just to follow his…

Troubles Lovin' Her (Draft) Ep.3

Kang Ji Hwan was in doing hack battle with people from America, that's why in the middle of the dawn, he couldn't asleep. And, suddenly he won. "FINALLY!!!" Whenever he won, it's basically because no one could trace his hacking and after that his customer will pay him a lot. "Half 3!" He went to his bed. Then, just 15 minutes later, that disaster alarm tone from Kim Soo Joo's room was on. "NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Kang Ji Hwan went out from his room and found Lee Ga In with her Karate suit but with pillows and tired face already sat down in front of Kim Soo Joo's door. Kang Ji Hwan was afraid, "What's wrong with you?" and Lee Ga In said, "Why her alarm tone awakes me whenever I'm in the middle of romantic dream? Akh.... that handsome young man from the street...." Kang Ji Hwan was even in shock, "Are you Cougar person?" And they're back to knock Kim Soo Joo's room. "How come she didn't…