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Do you know why it's hard to say goodbye? Because we afraid if our memories might not be able to remember them, rightly. The fact is, goodbye means good. No matter how hard.
~Aurora Esterlia

Teaser of Manipulation


People thinking : Gay

“Hey, no judgment, all God’s children, it’s fine! I was gay once for a while, no big deal. We all do it, it’s okay.” – Olive’s Dad from Easy A.
I hate to find people to be gay because it's wrong. People murder also wrong. People do many mistakes. I'm not supporting them, I hate their wrong dos. But, it doesn't mean we should hate the people.
So, Easy A really break down the whole issues and I appreciate it. How Olive's Dad mentioned the issue was really enlightened. So, what should we do? Telling gay is wrong, but no being mean.

why I not a fan of Thor?

1. Because before Thor, I'm a fan of Spiderman. I don't know Thor.
2. Because I'm also a fan of Batman, DC comic.
3. I have no idea of Avengers, all I know is X-Men.
4. Because surely I'm a fan of Captain America than Thor. (And The Hulk)
5. Because I'm a fan of The Lord of The Rings. Thor was a god character that living with middle-earth style, right? So, I don't buy that character at all. "He looks like a greedy king. The Ring shall kill him, right away!" Even Loki looks like Grima Wormtongue, but with handsome ways.
6. Because I'm a fan of One Piece. Where there's a group of awesome Narcissistic persons and can do battle, won all battles, being titled as the most dangerous group of pirate in their world but secretly the heroes for most of worlds. Then, when I watched Thor/Thor 2, I was like, "Bunch of Narcissistic royal kids who wants to show off rather spread peace to their enemies." Thor's leadership is mad and full of warr…

Instead of Money

So, I met this one guy who thinks people makes movie for just money and not award. And, he asked me to mention all directors that I know who makes a movie for award. (I should just answer his question with Chris Evans script in The Loss of A Teardrop Diamond, "I'm poor, you're poor. And that's hard. But you got a moral decision to make!") Yupp, So, here's what I told him:
+alvincyt You should be the one who's grown up (he told me to grown up). It's simply as a performance at night and what the newspaper will say for tomorrow morning. All movies or tv shows, of course they're made to entertain people. To make us laugh, cry, and full of emotions.  So, how we honor their achievements? With awards. How to proof their achievements? by the rating. Who's rating? Critic reviews.
So, if you are a smart audience, you should start to do a smart critic review for each movie you really know that is worth to watch. All of your rating just worthless without you…

Wishful Thinking: Mean

"Why is he mean, Dad?"
"For what you must deserve, kid." "I didn't do anything wrong. He is surely a grumpy person if no reason to be mean." "That something." "Hurts me so bad. Like, I want to hate him!" "Well, maybe that's the answer. Don't you think, kid?" "Or, he wants to make a fight!" "Angry and mean, people gone fight to each other. What is that for?" "To show how much hate they want to show to others?" "Hate is very hard to explain for some reasons. But, it's simply to tell others to leave them alone." "Leave them alone?" "Yes, kid, leave the angry and mean people alone. That's what you must deserve." "What I must deserve?" "Someone better. Someplace good." "How about the embarrassment that I felt because of those people? They will keep as memories and I need to handle that! I can't just walk away! I need to fight!" "…

Revolt Project : Machinery


For Some Reasons, We Met Once

For some reasons, I would like to put my favorite boys into one movie. Like what Steven Spielberg did for War Horse. Even though, no men can compare the war horse acting. That horse was an amazing actor! I was shocked that horse was not be something, I don't know, achieve something. It supposed to be funny. The dog from Air Bud, the gorilla from Mighty Joe Young, the dolphin from Dolphin Tale, or the Whale from Free Willy, and what else? This is frustrating. But anyways, let's jump into something else. Well, I love to dream about movie called, "We Met Once." This is funny, because there are so many great actors and I need to put them together on one story plot. So, the story is about a little woman who has a thick glasses. The little woman goes around the world to find where she really belongs. She is a politician observer, loves to join lots of non-government international organizations, and hard to go to sleep. I think we could see her basic background. Everything…

Upcoming Project

Well, it's going to be October or fresh season from The Walking Dead!
Don't you believe it? It's been a year since the last story of my zombie movie?
And as you see, there's Tom as a cameo on the last paragraph. Tom from The Scientist story.  As you see, I'm kinda a random writer and there's a lot stories that I uploaded and not finish yet. And, to forgive myself, I'm going to crossover the story of The Scientist and Mistaken Infection!
This is going to be so sad and still full of random horrified zombies around. Victims and heroes. 
I love Apple's character and she was amazing. I want her for some reasons meet up with Rover from The Scientist, who's not even have a heart for anything.  I want her to have great conversation with Whale, the real person who loves her, and found that his lover is not the same anymore.  I want her to see Tom and Abby, who've been strangers after the years.
I want to see Paul and Chase together, stick with the memories of t…

My Favorite Girl

Saoirse Ronan "The first time I saw her in Atonement, she was so a beautiful girl and I believe she's going to be a charming woman. Indeed, she's beautiful on every angle. She is beautiful. I wonder who's the lucky man who will be her future?" Rose Byrne "I couldn't stop thinking about her ever since I watched her for the first time in Troy and Wicker Park. She is very special and I know she's going to get so many chances on every blockbuster movies. Until now, I still not find her perfect match. Because, everytime she acted with any actors as couple, they both fit. She is amazing." Mia Wasikowska "Her awkward acts enchanted me. But, whenever she's in her normal life, she's exactly like any other people, she is adorable. Dating Jesse Eisenberg shows me how wonderful they both together. I wish both of them The Doulbe movie together be ever in all fans favors." Emily Browning "I want to meet her. She is like a doll and so pretty. I…

Classic Time 3: Extended (Unfinished)

This is my perfecting the last story of Classic Time 3. While the previous 1 and 2 already being perfect, but not the last one. I never thought it will be that great, as always, yet I’m learning. So, here we go!
               In the forest. A prince, with his brave knights were on hunting event. A prince, with the Blondie hair, short-cut, no beards, and has a strong body, riding his black horse as both of them as one. The speed his running to catch what they’re hunting just so fast. It feels like he’s the charming prince, we ever know. Their riding then stopped. A prince just right away put his arrow to the bow, point it to the hunt target, his strong green eyes knows it and shoot, the lone wolf just died.                The prince and his knights put away the wolf, while the prince listened a sound of water. They spotted a lake. The prince went to the water and cleaned his gloves from the dirt. He then walked a bit far and from the sack of greens, something went to come out. The prin…