Do you know why it's hard to say goodbye? Because we afraid if our memories might not be able to remember them, rightly. The fact is, goodbye means good. No matter how hard.
~Aurora Esterlia

One Last Time

an idea:

you are a bulletproof girl.

Amanda Beth is a common girl, like many common girls. She's being loved by everyone and being hate by some people, too. Amanda is a high school girl with even lower average skills. We have to admit not everyone's smart and not everyone have to be good. So, Amanda gets into a genk, so tho she's stupid, she is saved, not being in bully around the school. She's one of the bully.
But, that's not her. Whenever her bad friends are leaving her alone, she's trying to be friend with the bullied ones. She's helping the victims like in ninja ways. As I told you before, she's being loved by everyone, too, right? Amanda is helping them with spreading good things about them rather than against her own friends when the bullying's around. She's doing that for win-win solution and seriously, no ones really feel bad about it. Everyone needs her, but inside of Amanda, she thinks herself as a coward.

who thinks people around you are sick.

Amanda Beth is trying so hard to keep her scores at school pass, but she's not really passionate with it. Amanda hates the way herself always failed doing everything. And, she blamed on the teachers, the friends, the moments, the opportunities, or anyone else. She thinks she failed because she never really fits on the situation. Like, everything she done to her life is all fake. To make them all happy, but it gets harder when she back to look into the mirror and found this is not what she ever wants.

your boyfriend is cold nation star.

Wayne a.k.a. the youngest member of boyband group KNIGHTS. Wayne's real name is Wallace Clayne. Wayne used to do homeschooling at his training building. Turns out Wayne finally got the debut after one of KNIGHTS member violated the contract with HB entertainment and the senior of KNIGHTS, Sand Doric found Wayne is a perfect dancer. And, turns out Wayne is a great singer too. He's already with KNIGHTS for two years and the third year, Wayne needs to graduate from legal high school so he can get a certificate. From the whole beginning of year, Wayne sees Amanda as one of a bully person that as a public figure, he needs to stay away from people like Amanda.

who thinks you different.

Turns out, their both were meant to be in the same team group. Amanda are just like any girls who likes KNIGHTS group band, even she like the band ever since she became the team group with Wayne. Wayne as the cold personality made Amanda not like other girls who with stubbornness just trying to get Wayne's attention. Amanda was seems afraid of Wayne because he's famous. That actually made Amanda change into different in front of her bully friends. She likes Wayne and she wants to do better in front of him so whenever comes the bully, Amanda starts to fail using her fake mask and turns defensing her friends who got bullied. That makes Wayne getting to know her a little bit more. But, even though Amanda always love to hear Wayne news or his update photos, Amanda always keep a distance relationship with Wayne. Wayne knew Amanda is one of his fan, that makes him even more curious. Whenever they both talks, Amanda ends it very epic and at the end, she ran away. But, she always make funny things around Wayne. Though, Amanda has become all alone without friends. Amanda seems close with Wayne and her team group, but her old friends, she starts to put them all behind. That makes the bully told Amanda is really a betrayer of the school.

you starts to keep failing.

Amanda is trying so hard to follow everyone's scores but she keeps failing. She's really just the average-minded girl. She's easily envious but she knows all she needs is more hard-working.

no one could understand.

Amanda is working hard to got graduate with the right score to apply the public university. Well, she gets it, even thought she never wants it. She just have to. But, no ones really know what Amanda wants. And that makes Amanda doesn't know what she really wants. She just need to have her life in fun. But, Amanda always in thoughts of what exactly she really wants to get. Whenever Amanda met Wayne and Wayne seems really care about her. He supports her study and all her needs. It makes all of school got jealous because of her. Amanda actually curious for what reason Wayne put her as special than others. Then, Wayne told her that he never felt so glad to meet any girl besides Amanda and he asked her if she wants to be his girlfriend, saying she is the only reason for him to keep moving forward. Amanda thought it was like a star fallen from the sky or like dream. Amanda was surprised and she didn't say anything and as usual went left. Amanda was in blushed because she really like Wayne as a fan and suddenly the guy ask her to be his girlfriend, she laughed. On the next day, Wayne came back to see her where Amanda got bullied by her old friends. That makes her felt wrong to meet Wayne. He lost her.

your boyfriend keeps famous.

Wayne back to his life without Amanda, thinking that the girl actually disagree with him. He comes to this one variety show and he sings really well as KNIGHTS member and in that time, he needs to smile in fake, embrace all his fans in fake, also finding that everyone do good things to him for all fake. He hates it. He then made a scene to people that made a fake for him and made a fight. Sand, the leader stop him and asking what does he want. Wayne said he wants Amanda.

he just need you so much and only.

It was the first time Wayne wants nothing but a girl. All the KNIGHTS members came to the high school. All the girls were fainted. While, Amanda hide herself. She even went to the infirmary to get rest, pretend to be sick. The KNIGHTS members, Lambert Brown and TJ were found Amanda. Sand came to Amanda and asking why she didn't answer Wayne's question. Amanda said she really didn't mean that. She told the truth, in the KNIGHTS members, she really likes Wayne the most because she doesn't know anyone else. Because of Wayne, she then listening KNIGHTS songs. So, she asked if she's worthy to be Wayne KNIGHTS's girlfriend. Later on, on the training building, Wayne's curious why no ones there. But, he thought it was fine because Wayne wants to be alone and he skipped the class anyway. Until, suddenly when he in dancing exercise alone, someone comes in to the room and he found it was Amanda. Amanda asked if she's better than any other girl in town to be his girlfriend and Wayne told her about what she good at and what she pretty at. For a moment, Amanda smiled and saying that if he thought so then better not down her heart in the future. So, that's how when them both went out from the room, all KNIGHTS members were happy with this young member.

you hates your job.

Amanda survived as good student from her high school. On the graduation day, to keep Amanda save, Wayne wants to put her seating next to him. But, actually Amanda got the seat in front. And, turns out for the moment, she got closer with her old boyfriend, Caleb Gwen. Caleb actually knows about Amanda's boyfriend is Wayne but truly, Amanda never really move on from Caleb. So, Amanda knows how bad person is Caleb. In the front, they both look so close together and that makes Wayne really jealous. But anyway, when Amanda look behind her and she smiled, it seems like she knows Wayne is better than Caleb. So, for a bit Wayne felt flattered. After the graduation, as anyone else, Amanda applying jobs to many companies. But even all her bullying friends got jobs. Amanda was so in depression. But, every time she was so in hardness, Wayne was there. Amanda seems trying to make Wayne's upset, like saying why he still wants to be with her who never gets a job. Then, Wayne just courage her like no one else really care about them both except themselves. He courage her that he's the only one who cares about her as if she always answer his phone or message, for just one little thing she done to him, it means a lot for him. Then, suddenly tomorrow, there's this job came to her. She was very excited and she told Wayne. That suddenly, she came to the company and turns out it was all one of her friend's help. She was embarrassed like she's not really great at all. But, when she met Wayne, she hide it because she remembered how Wayne also asking if the job is really matter for her that he can ask anyone to give her a job she wants. So, she kept it as the job that she earned by herself. As the intern in her company, she decides to work so hard. And, actually the hard-worker will earns what she gets.

Though everyone needs you stay.

Everyone really loves her. The way they thought Amanda was not really great but she did very well. Because she is very well doing her masks. Turns out, she using her tricks to be on top. And, that makes her feel bad, because she hates the bullying in the office so she made herself just like in high school, no ones are enemy as long as Amanda is around. But, it also means that she will gain many friends and foes. But, no ones really thought that Amanda never want to be around them at all. She was sick about her used to be.

your boyfriend wants to reveal you to nation.

Wayne can see the first person who really very open up and so fragile was Amanda. He never found any girl who really open up about her weaknesses and it makes Wayne wants to keep her save. There's a moment when he found Amanda seems so tired after working and Amanda just saying if only Wayne's there. And, then, next day everyone's thrilling because they found Amanda was Wayne's girlfriend. Amanda also in panic, but it turns really well. Wayne said it's his first experience to work as normal worker. Amanda said if that's alright for revealing himself as her boyfriend. Wayne said it makes everyone's happy. Amanda also said that it feels great whenever she can make Wayne's happy.

Yet, no ones really support it.
But, tomorrow morning, Wayne's manager, Chief Julius Fawn was so mad at Wayne. The chief said Wayne is too selfish. The rumor will put Amanda in danger and Wayne's die-hard fans will really made Amanda in hurt. Wayne felt so wrong about it and he was sorry. He tried to find Amanda and actually nothing's really happen. Amanda meets Wayne after her work, and Amanda said if he wants to break up then break up. That makes Wayne in confused. Amanda asked to not thinking about it too much. Everyday, Wayne's fan always made a rumor if they're a real Wayne's girlfriend. Then, Amanda continue by saying she also can easily act that she pretends to be Wayne's girlfriend to help Wayne get through with it. Amanda also explained it in front of Chief Julius and he agreed. With seeing that attitude, all KNIGHTS members are really doubt with Amanda's intention and they told Wayne if Amanda lied. Wayne thought that his seniors in KNIGHTS not supporting their relationship anymore. But, one of the member, TJ explained, if Amanda really likes him, she won't say words such thing. Wayne defends that she really likes him. TJ feed back that he also knows that but seems like Amanda was in wrong doings. TJ warns him.

you was in depression.
Amanda really hates the way Wayne still waiting her, calling her, and even telling her that he loves her. Amanda starts to avoid her habit that Wayne's knew so when Wayne's looking for her, he found nobody. Wayne's was so frightened, it seems like Amanda avoiding him. But for Amanda, she seems in so much cold looking, she knows how Wayne's looking for her, the moment she found Wayne's waiting in front of her apartment like an idiot and Amanda just staring him with strange, like she doesn't feel anything. And, she just went off, rent a room on near motel. Wayne kept waiting hoping Amanda comes home, but she's not.

you let it out to your boyfriend.

In the morning, Amanda back to her apartment and she found Wayne's still there. She's really mad. She didn't know that Wayne will done such things. Amanda bring him to her apartment without anyone see. She gave Wayne cold medicine and warm drinks, sweaters. Wayne just feeling so great, he did really great. Amanda went mad. She screamed at him and wishing him to disappear from her sight. Wayne replied if that's really what she wants. Amanda yelled at him that she wants it so badly. But, Wayne replied that's all just a lie. Amanda might lie because the pressure from the press, rumors, and the manager. Amanda went laugh and saying if Wayne all this time actually was in one-dimensional person that all this time everything she said to him never even being listened by Wayne. Wayne didn't mean that and he's sorry but Amanda just put it as a clear thoughts, that this relationship is not healthy, is not right at all. Amanda asked him to leave. Wayne didn't want to leave in the middle of the day and with pale look like this, it will make a scene, he said. Amanda didn't say anything, she's just couldn't say anything, so she went silent. She got her day-off on her apartment with take care of Wayne. While Wayne just kept staring at Amanda. Until it's already noon. Wayne woke up from his nap, and Amanda found his phone on the coat, Amanda already charge it and there are lots of missed calls. Amanda didn't say anything and even she never pick them up. She didn't do anything. Yet, Wayne didn't want to take the call. Amanda didn't know what to do. She decides to leave everything. She brought one single bag and put her dresses on it, also some important documents. Wayne asked where she will go. Amanda didn't say anything. Wayne stopped her. But, she pushed him and she back to what she did. Wayne kept against her, and made things inside the bag out from it. Amanda then asked to stop, Wayne won't stop until she said what she's going to do. Amanda then screamed and she slapped him so hard. Wayne was in shock, even Amanda herself. She doesn't mean that. She looked into Wayne's face and it turns blemish also in blood. Wayne went scared. Amanda felt her real truth has come out, she's even shaking then she ran away, so hard. She doesn't want to turning back.

your boyfriend was running to you.

Amanda suddenly arrived in front of the police station. She thought she done nothing wrong but she felt so filthy. Amanda look people around her really curious about her. So many lies she had said and it made her like not even herself. Near the police station, there's the big TV screen with KNIGHTS MV. Amanda looked into Wayne's smile and Wayne's face. Well, he's really handsome. And then, Amanda's head kept showing Wayne's bruises face, because of her. Also lots of of things she knows she just hurting Wayne and it made herself in the pity. One of the policeman found her hand with little blood. The policeman asking if she's being harassed. She look into the policeman with the cold face. She seems talk to herself with telling the policeman if she hit one of KNIGHTS member just because she wants it and cost his face got bruises will she went to a jail or not. The policeman look into the big TV screen and asking if that's KNIGHTS members she's talking about. Amanda look into the screen again, and suddenly Wayne has arrived. People were gone insane because they met Wayne's KNIGHTS. The policeman also knew that the thing is real. Wayne was running to Amanda. Amanda was even in shock. She confused why even Wayne following her. Then, Wayne came to Amanda and policeman by asking if Amanda is alright. The policeman was securing them both. All the press arrived half hours later. While Amanda and Wayne were being asked by the policeman.

he thought you wants to break up.
The policeman let them both chat together. Then, Wayne said that he deserved the hit from her. Amanda asked him to leave right away. She wants to be alone and so on but turns out Wayne didn't really understand what's happening to Amanda. Amanda then told Wayne that if someone wants to break up and no needs an explanation, they just have to breaking up. Suddenly the policeman bring the medicine kit, and the policeman said that the answer of her previous question is what she did will be easily forgiving if she helped to bandage the bruise on Wayne's face. Wayne replied that he won't put any charge to Amanda. But, turns out Amanda just do what the policeman told. She put a bandage to him. Wayne said that whenever someone slaps another person, it means one must be in hurt because of that slap, but it also hurt for hand of the one who slaps. Amanda look into Wayne without saying anything. Wayne smiled to her with grab the hand that Amanda used to slap his face. There's still Wayne's blood on it. Wayne take the clean water to clean that hand. Amanda then starts crying by saying she really doesn't mean that way. She didn't mean it. Wayne said he knew. He really knew. But, Amanda keeps crying. Suddenly, Amanda's crying got wider. Wayne was in surprise and keep telling that it's really nothing. But, Amanda keeps crying, she let everything out. She keeps telling that she doesn't mean it, she never meant it. With just telling those words, it moves Wayne and the policeman's heart. Wayne almost cry out and the policeman came to her. He told her, if there's something she wants to say. Then, she told everything about her lies on the company. All this time, she knew exactly what she did were all wrong but she lied to one another to keep her lies got low down. It seems like the policeman know how hard to lie. The policeman just saying that he's not going to put her on jail just because all those lies. Wayne got moved with Amanda confessions. Amanda still keep crying. The policeman said there's still so many companies beg for gets an employee like Amanda, he asked her to let go the job and gets a new job. The job is a passion, the policeman asked what is her passion. Amanda got crying even more wider. She is so relieved that she finally can say everything.

you starts to giving up.
Chief Julius arrived and found Amanda was crying and Wayne with so sudden stand up in front of Amanda, telling his manager that everyone should not put Amanda on the pressure. If anyone wants to put blame then blame on him. Chief Julius was curious of what's going on, then Wayne kept saying to let him do thing with rightly. Chief Julius then said if that's what Wayne want then he let it be as long as Wayne no need to make a scene like this anymore. Chief Julius also want to come to Amanda but Wayne won't let him. Wayne said Amanda was in very weak states. But, then Chief Julius really need to make things right with the press and for that reason he needs to talk with Amanda. Amanda then look into the policeman, and policeman just telling the truth. Chief Julius was in shock because the bruise was made by Amanda. Chief Julius went mad and asked what Amanda really wants to repay the thoughts of it. Amanda was still crying but Wayne said that Amanda shouldn't worry about anything, let him explain about everything. Wayne was holding Amanda's hand, the hand that she used to slap him. Wayne asked if Amanda will do such thing again, Amanda just still crying but she made a sign that she won't do such thing anymore. Wayne then replied that she gave a wrong answer. He said from now on, do whatever you want as long as she telling the truth and it's right. Wayne also said that he deserved that slap because he went over to her. Amanda then told everyone how sorry she was. Wayne said she was forgiven and that's enough. Wayne asked her to look into his eyes. He never seeing Amanda crying a lot like this much. Then, Wayne hugged her. Wayne just say it how much he loves her so much. How much he wants to support Amanda to do things better as she wishes to be. He wants to understand her. What she really wants. Chief Julius then knows how much Wayne really loves her. So, he look into the policeman. He seems giving up with things inside his head. He went out from the room. Wayne then saying that no one will ever separate them anymore.

you let things everything flowing.
Amanda and Wayne officially make a statement in front of the press that their both are doing great. For what happened with the bruise, Wayne said it was his fault. Wayne was really a superstar and he made a funny things with his bruises and that's how people believe about it. Amanda just keep staring at Wayne, because she knows what she done was wrong to Wayne. Her mother is next to her and asking if she really likes Wayne. Amanda just staring Wayne from far, who laughs and showing how much he really loves Amanda in front of press. Amanda just telling her mother that Wayne loves her better than she can even imagine. She never wish of anything and that's how she let go everything she has. Even, she resigned from her job. Actually because she's now famous, she stand up in front of all her friends who did so wrong things to her. Amanda just smiles.

your boyfriend now is happy.

For Amanda, Wayne is really the best member of KNIGHTS. Because, she is now officially became Wayne's girlfriend, she's extremely allow to be in wherever KNIGHTS members gather. Amanda found how great the life of superstars. So many opportunities to get great sponsors and links. Amanda can meet so many other stars and make press always put her on front magazines. Wayne also always in so many temptations when so many girls trying to seduce him, but because Amanda always come to see him, he felt saved. Amanda got the whole schedules of Wayne. Amanda now is be free. She back applying jobs. Actually, she still doesn't know what she really wants. But, it seems like she can do anything without worries everyday she can see Wayne's face. Though, she keeps looking for her phones if there any jobs recall her back.

everyone knows about your relationship.
Turns out, Amanda got so many jobs offering. In this time, it's because she's Wayne girlfriend. Even, most people truly saying that they're not interested with the real Amanda CV. It breaks Amanda's heart. Everyone knows her relationship with Wayne. Amanda then decided on a day off to see Wayne and goes to this little karaoke place, so random. She sings alone, drunk alone, and trying to put her senses back alone. Does she wants those jobs, again, it was all the same exactly with what happened long ago, when she got the job from her used bullying friend, and too much pressure that makes her done so many lies. Even she turned off her phone and that makes Wayne's worry. He asked Chief Julius and he said today should be a happy day for Amanda because she accepted the jobs. Then Wayne realized Amanda might knows that all those jobs accepted came from the links of Chief Julius. Wayne trying to find Amanda but TJ said even a girl needs a moment to be alone. So, he did. Later tomorrow, Amanda comes to Wayne. Both of them have a brunch and Wayne told about what he knows, and Amanda just smiles saying she also do not take those jobs. She will find the way. Wayne holds her hand on the table and saying he will keep support on her. Amanda knew.

you find yourself attractive with the glamour life.
At the moment, seems like time all are stop. Amanda was in the real situation of doing nothing. Turns out, she's really enjoying to be someone's girlfriend. Not someone, a superstar girlfriend. Amanda should be in every KNIGHTS concerts, events, fan-meeting, even she also get the fan and anti-fan group. Amanda said she's fine. She look into morning news and found how the press really caught and review her looks. For some reasons, this is why all KNIGHTS members really like Amanda than other girls. She's okay to be insulted with her wardrobe or being blushed because she's being said as pretty girl. Amanda even made a fun of everything. It's because she has no burdens of anything so she needs to fill her brain with happy thoughts. Amanda even looks like KNIGHTS little sister. She knows everything about the real each member of KNIGHTS personality and even TJ so open to hear about girl advice. Especially about the fan girls he has. Looks like, Amanda saying to be ourselves. Amanda shared her thoughts so frank about her lackness with society. It is to avoid thing she couldn't do. Turns out everything seems really hard to reach and what she really wants is to reach it. TJ asked if one of that thing is Wayne and Amanda look Wayne from far, the only thing she could say is she even doesn't know why he loves her so much. Amanda said she embraced that love, the whole love she tried to avoid long ago. And, looking the present, she's happy, now. TJ then find why things happened. TJ asked if this what she really wants. Amanda knows how TJ really cares about Wayne. So, Amanda telling the truth about her feeling to Wayne. Amanda used for just be friend with Wayne, so she can get famous in the school, long ago. And, that's not a right reason to gets Wayne's love. Amanda told TJ that all she wants is to be just friend. But, the way Wayne really loves her, Amanda thought at least she must telling him the whole truth about her. And, Amanda showed all the bads and goods about her. TJ said Amanda did the right thing. Amanda is happy to find TJ accepts her. Amanda and Wayne back together. It's just TJ is now, worry with the manager. Chief Julius was embarrassed with Amanda rejections of those jobs. Chief Julius actually didn't care about Amanda. But, in front of Wayne, he try to care about her.

you find you're in the right place.
Wayne is having a birthday party and it is the first time, Amanda looks really amazing pretty. Even, the anti-fan decided to not comment about Amanda's appearance on Wayne's birthday party. Their both dancing together and Wayne told Amanda that she's the best thing of his life. Amanda really blushing. Amanda said she found Wayne's favorite color as green from Sand and he gave her the hair pin. She told Wayne how that hair pin really fit with the gown. Wayne went laugh. Amanda found how Wayne's smile that night unbelievable attractive. Then, Amanda chose to hug Wayne on their dancing. Amanda said thank you behind Wayne's back. All fans were crying for that beautiful scene, but anti-fan also crying because they seem really great to one another that night. Amanda then whispered if she could stop the time and let this time be forever. Wayne whispered he wishes that, too. Amanda then found one of the press or in the crowd are her old friends. She then, pretends to got slip, and Wayne caught her. It makes all the press shot that moment and Wayne caught Amanda so beautiful. Of course, it just to make all Amanda friends in jealous. Turns out, Wayne even gone wild. He lifted Amanda's body and swing her up. It feels amazing surprise for Amanda.

The press caught Amanda really in greatness. Seriously, KNIGHTS members, all of them now consider to find girlfriends for themselves, too. Even for Chief Julius, he praised Amanda that night. And for some reasons, Chief Julius made Amanda drink so many. Amanda was drunk. But, the great thing about Amanda, she's drunk with senses. When she drunk, she went fun and forget about everything. Like, now, she forgets all this glamour life is not hers. She's just being invited, that's all. She met one of her bully friend. She said she's really jealous on her. Amanda said she hopes one day her friend also find the way to reach whatever the dream is for her friend means. Then, her friend went mad because Amanda also used to be one of the bully girls, just kind of passive and full of masks. Amanda just silent with it. She said to her friend that she's already over it. That's the way she needs to be rightly in the middle place, when she's not drowning too deep. Her friend then even gets red. Amanda asked if her friend still be a bully at her work office. Her friend went more angry. Amanda just laughed and get away from her. But before she really get away with it, her friend grabbed her and they both were struggling to each other. Amanda was suffocated and she then said that she deserved it. She realized it's not right, too. Why someone like her deserves something better, exactly like what happened when she gets nothing and all her friends get everything they want. Her friend just saying that's better because Amanda realized her place from the beginning. Amanda told it was all amazing but also painful. Amanda asked her friend if once a while she look the news of their used friends who got bullied. Her friend doesn't care. Amanda said she cares a lot. She did everything she could but they're afraid every time she wants to come to them. Amanda told her friend that her used intention get close to Wayne is to make fun of the girl who used to got attention from Wayne a lot since beginning of the school but turns out all Amanda bullying friends attack her. Amanda couldn't bare it. She helped the girl behind their friends. Amanda asked if her friend still remember that girl. Amanda called the name is Callie. Callie knows Amanda trying her best to keep Callie not in pressure because of her friends and she really trying to make Callie gets closer with Wayne, but turns out, Amanda got caught so, that's the day of team group. The day, Amanda decided to betray Callie and she changed Callie's place with herself and in front of Callie told that all her wants is to make herself get into Wayne. Callie said it's fine if that's the fact but at least Amanda telling the truth if they're still friends. But, Amanda told a lie. And, it turns Amanda got recognized by Wayne and Callie, she got punishment by all Amanda friends that time, and the next day Callie transfers to the other school. Callie's now work as a nurse. Whenever Amanda trying to reach her, Callie was shaking and if other nurses or doctors seeing her like that, she will be in question. That's why Callie asked Amanda to be gone. Amanda told her to stop screwing someone's life. But, her friend is really hate Amanda and she told Amanda the way she bully someone was really excited. Amanda was in shock to hear that and she pushed her out. She ran away to the crowd and found Wayne. Wayne was still smiling to her and Amanda was going to run to him but a mirror found her first. In the mirror, she found her old self, so filthy. She then decided to leave the party. Her drunk made her in worry. She couldn't see if things are real or not.

your boyfriend find you even more.
Amanda was sleeping on her apartment with still wear her green suit. There's someone ringing her bell in the morning and it's Wayne himself. Wayne was surprised that he did find her in her place, he thought Amanda might run away again. But, Amanda said she forgot about everything last night. Surely, Amanda was hangover and Wayne love to make her a breakfast. Wayne asked if there something coming up last night. Then, while Amanda look into Wayne's cooking, she started remember about the suit that Chief Julius lend it to her. Amanda asked Wayne to return it but Wayne said he will pay it for her. Amanda was surprised. But, Wayne said the best for him was Amanda's gift. Amanda actually did give Wayne's gift, it was an MP3 player. Inside of it is all Wayne's favorite songs and sang by Amanda. Wayne said it was the worst gift ever but it made Amanda laughed. But, Amanda told Wayne she's not deserved the suit. Wayne looks around Amanda and it was true, many new stuffs in the apartment comes from the sponsors and Wayne can see the old room of Amanda with her old stuffs. Wayne then asked if Amanda wants the suit. Amanda look into Wayne and she said it was the first time Wayne asked the question. Wayne was startled with the question. Amanda said she couldn't reject all Wayne sponsor gifts so she get used with it. Wayne's laugh and he replay back with showing the last night news and all press pictures, how great Amanda dancing with him. Amanda smiles and they both have the breakfast. Amanda stared into the sun rises comes from the window and Wayne use the chance to hold Amanda's hand on the table.

you find your boyfriend really loves you.
"I love you, Amanda Beth. The first time I saw you, I see you as the normal girl who love-struck with a popular guy. It was so funny. I didn't know you. I never thought I can be on this table, having breakfast with someone like you. I always thought it must be just a dream. The way you live with your normal life, I always thought I could get someone better than you. But, I couldn't. I fell in love with you since you not notice me out from the team group. I thought how can a fan really knows me while we're near but she definitely made me like a normal guy around the crowd. When, we met on the training building and I have to cover myself so I can walk with the fans. Turns out you never like any other girls, because when they were all seeking all the starts, you treat me like I'm also important. I know you didn't know if it was me because you didn't wear your contact less. You are amazing, Amanda Beth. I know you might not love me at the first sight. I know you might one of those girls who love me because the situation or because my voice, my body, good-looking. Even now, you're still like yourself. Like all of these stuffs, you're not enchanted with them. You still love all free stuffs as you used to, like the sunrise. I adore you. Why not you look at me every day the way you look into the sunshine? Seems like the sun is your diamond. I want to be your sun. Every morning, you always want to see first thing to do when you wake up. Amanda Beth, I don't care about your past. Seek your future with me. Tell me the truth if you really love me. Take it, just take it as the sun free comes to you."
"....I love... We're in the middle of break... I mean, free stuffs, the sun, of course. And, well, the free stuff...I love it. I love the green gown. Because it's the first question you ask this day, my answer of course I love, to, for you to...have it. I mean, me, to have, you... to have, me to have it."

while you find his fans are better. Amanda couldn't say anything of those questions. Amanda chose to get her day to find a job. She asked him to leave immediately. Because, Amanda's face really turn red. She even got the goosebumps. While, Wayne knew Amanda really into him. He comes back to his training building with big great smile. Amanda look into all her jewels and suit. She couldn't say anything. Amanda then, started to go out. While's she's out, still the press and her fans. Amanda keeps walking, she still thinking about the words Wayne had said that morning. Then, there come Wayne fans. They found Amanda sits alone while eating waffles. So, they chatted. It's amazing of their knowledge know more than her. Seems like Amanda was wondering where have she been all this time. Amanda made instagram post and Wayne saw it, it's written that Amanda really adores Wayne fans. Wayne were rehearsing with KNIGHTS members. Wayne met the manager and the home production offer him a movie cast. Wayne was star-struck because he got a leading role with his favorite leading actress, Diana Russel. Diana Russel said she wants to work with Wayne because he seems really a nice guy and he can sing. It was a musical movie. Wayne said, yes. He doesn't know it was a musical movie with intimate scene with Diana Russel.

he's trying.
Amanda got a job. It was a simply a bakery store. Amanda found it was Glenn. Glenn, one of the bullied boy, Amanda learned Glenn found how Amanda trying to repay her doings to Callie. And, it ends with Glenn knows Amanda is a good person. Amanda then became Glenn's manager for bakery store. Of course, the bakery store also became famous. For once, Amanda is really happy with her life. And, Glenn also a good lad. Amanda and Wayne were doing great, actually. But, the truth, on the production, Wayne didn't tell Amanda. Amanda actually knows the strange attitudes of Wayne. While, Wayne look Amanda who's working in bakery store and she looks really happy with Glenn. Of course, he's trying to do his best whenever he's with Amanda. And, Amanda seems really open with Wayne, because she thought Wayne might not comfortable with Glenn's around her. So, she starts to introduce Glenn as the boss. Glenn told Wayne that Amanda never likes boy. She used to. Wayne didn't know what that means and Glenn told it was just the past. Glenn said the change of Amanda is really thanks to Wayne. Wayne was wondering what made Amanda really change. Wayne told Glenn nothing's really change about her. Glenn said the society must be things that made people using different attitudes and then, Glenn realize Amanda didn't tell Wayne about Callie. So, then Wayne asking if Amanda has secret. Glenn replied if it there was a secret, then someone must help the other to reveal it. People mostly do the secret because they try to hide their mistakes. For Amanda, she must have some secrets in her life but she's a brave girl Glenn ever know, if Wayne finds it then Amanda won't run away. Wayne said if she will run away again then he won't even try to dig it for any reasons. Glenn then asked if he has secrets from Amanda. Wayne look into Glenn like Glenn was his rival to get Amanda. Glenn just telling he has no interest for Amanda and he's not a steal, in any ways. Wayne replied that's good to know.

your boyfriend pairing with pretty star.
It was a simply a normal day in the bakery store and she found the TV news of Wayne kissing intimately with Diana Russel. Glenn saw it first then from behind Amanda just staring the news. Glenn asked Amanda if she knows and Amanda said of course she knew. Wayne found it was all Chief Julius did. He mad at him because it was not suppose to look like him getting an affair with Diana Russel. So, Wayne went to Glenn's bakery store. Amanda was drowning into her work. Some documents and boiling waters for drink teas. Wayne helped her. Amanda then asked if she should mad to Wayne about the TV news, and Wayne said she should. Amanda then reply with if she even worth girl to tell him what to do. Amanda said she believes on Wayne. Wayne was really glad, tho Amanda made a joke because she might really mad if Wayne not come to the bakery store that day if he didn't explain everything about it. Amanda then sit down and asking if that's the whole secret he had and Wayne said yes. Then, Amanda wants to tell Wayne of something.

you think you're just another failure.
"Wallace Clayne. I'm the one who's really misunderstood about everything in this world. We have good times. But, surely it's the beginning of in relationship we hide things. Then, there must be something wrong with our relationship. I was blind. It's not your fault, Wallace. I'm the one who hide secret, first. The truth, Wallace. We're met was made up, it's not like we meant to be together. Someone was suppose to be on that group team on my place. Someone that really knows you better, someone that really loves you at the first sight. Someone who really wants you more than I deserve. Someone who owns true place for that group team. Her name is Callie, now she's a nurse. Do you know what I did to her to get that place? I bullied her, I made her scared with me. I thought it will make my life in excitement, long ago. But, I was mistake. I try to forgive myself by do nice things to her. And, she forgave me, once. Until, I had done something terrible to her. She adores you so much. And, I never, at once. It was all lies. In the beginning. I know you like me. But, I have done such foolish mean thing but seriously injure a real one person's life. Her name is Callie. I want you to know because I caught your secret and let me give you my secret. My even terrible secret so you don't need to feel terrible about the intimate thing with adorable Diana Russel. I lied to myself. Will you still love me if you find this secret like the way I found your secret accidentally? I don't want it. So, here's I tell you with my own mouth. Here's her address and her workplace. Please, visit her."

you're not as good as your boyfriend's girls
Wayne was in confusing. But, Amanda asked Wayne to not see her before he meets Callie. Everyday Wayne do the tour with KNIGHTS members and no Amanda's there. Wayne felt so sad but he remembering again that it's all start because of his intimate with Diana Russel so possibly it's all his fault. KNIGHTS really miss Amanda and they tried to know what's wrong with Amanda and Wayne. Then, Wayne told about everything. Then, Sand replied what Amanda did was right, how can she lives the relationship with Wayne if she has the past like that. TJ asked if Wayne meets Callie, and Wayne said he's afraid. It was all the past that once he dig it out, it also will make things clear. But, sadly, the truth isn't always nice things. Lambert and Melrose agreed with Wayne. Melrose thought if Wayne love Amanda, he shouldn't doubt her if she ever wicked. Lambert replied that Amanda is now a different woman, Wayne no need to be a digger. But, TJ said there was a reason for Amanda told the thing to Wayne. Then, the last KNIGHT member who's joining the chat, Elloir, he came to Wayne and sit next to him. Elloir said it like just once, that there was a girl who never wants to be loved and there was a man who really fell in love with that girl. He convinced the girl to take the love and the girl at end finally take it. It suppose to be happily ever after, until the man realize he never knew what the reason that long ago the girl never wants to be loved. Used to, the story ends with the girl kept the answer by herself because the secret is really terrible one. But, now, the girl wants him to know that secret, just the same thing when the man wants her to know how much he loves her. Isn't obvious what the man should do if he truly loves her. Wayne never had a deep conversation with the senior Elloir and he thanks for his advice. He decided to meet Callie.

your boyfriend is so busy.
Amanda is waiting in front of the TV, she's doing a reports of documents. Glenn came and they both talking. Glenn asking how's Wayne going. Amanda said that they both not in contact for three weeks and she's guessing they will break up. Glenn asking why and Amanda explained it. Glenn said it was silly, they were all just came from the past. Amanda look into Glenn and she was in desperate facial, she never want to love Wayne, from the beginning. Amanda never thought Wayne really loves her. Glenn also wondering what if Amanda wasn't do any such thing and let Callie took that place, will Wayne see Callie the same like he sees Amanda or not. Amanda asked Glenn, what if Amanda was not a bully to Glenn in the past, will Glenn see Amanda differently or not. Then, Glenn smiled and say, yes. Glenn look into Amanda's eyes and he asked rather than talking about Callie, then let's imagine what if Amanda lives alone until, now, and the past still won't change, but without Wayne, what Amanda might done, now. Amanda said that she might fell in love with Glenn. Glenn was the one that forgive Amanda's fault and that makes her felt relieve. Amanda said if it's not Glenn, she might turn into an insane jobless girl who regrets with her past. Glenn just laughed and feel honored to get the words from Amanda. Amanda then look into outside of the store and she knows it was night, outside must be really cold. Then, Amanda said if she's all alone at this time, she must drown into drinking. Glenn look what Amanda drinks and it's tea. Amanda said Glenn never know if that's tea or scotch. Glenn suddenly smell the cup and they both laughed. Amanda glads she met Glenn. Glenn replied Wayne will understand. Amanda said no one could understand it. Not even herself.

he just forgets you.
It's already 7 weeks without Amanda, and it's already 2 weeks KNIGHTS back to the hometown. Amanda was all alone and she knows the way she's trying to avoid the press will help Wayne to not got speculations from them if her and him are break up or not. Amanda look into TV news and Wayne seems forget about her. Of course there still Amanda on several news, but mostly because Amanda loves to presenting Glenn's bakery store and the bread are actually really good. Glenn knows Amanda won't ever try to look into Wayne. Glenn then comes to the training building. Glenn was waiting, but the security guard won't let him. Glenn then decided to put Amanda's name and bring bread delivery, turns out, Wayne really came to know if it's really Amanda. But, it was Glenn. They both then chatted. Glenn told that he knows Amanda asking Wayne to find Callie. Wayne said he did go, two weeks ago, the day he arrived on hometown. Glenn asked what did she said to Wayne. Wayne answered that the world might has turned upside down. Glenn then said that he also once a victim from Amanda's bullying. Glenn even had a thought to kill her, one day long ago. The worst thing she ever did was really Callie. But, for Glenn, Amanda has change. Wayne then gone curious if for this 7 weeks how's the relationship between Glenn and Amanda. Glenn really back angry to Wayne that he's here because he knows exactly who's Callie. It was true, Amanda had made a personality destruction into Callie's life and for that, Wayne shouldn't put on trust to all Callie's explanation. And, if Wayne already meeting Callie, he should come see Amanda, right away. Wayne didn't know what to do. By Callie's explanation, he can see the whole puzzle, the reason, why seems hard for Wayne gets Amanda's love. That Wayne will feel so filthy if he meets Amanda. Glenn then asked if that's a really word for Amanda, 'filthy' after find the truth. Glenn then decided to leave that then at least Wayne should gives Amanda a statement if he thinks so. Wayne back reply if that's even worth for Amanda gets a statement. Glenn then so wondering what exactly did Callie said to her. Wayne asked Glenn to be gone. And, he gone. Wayne actually couldn't imagine what he must say to Amanda.

and, there's another fight.
Amanda gets back to her apartment exactly the day. She met Glenn and Glenn told that he met Wayne. Amanda didn't ask anything and it's actually stuck in her head all away home. Amanda brought her favorite frost cake to home. Glenn gave it because he never wants Amanda thinking about Wayne too much. When she gets in to the apartment, there's Wayne. Wayne, who's standing near the window. Amanda opened the door widely asking if that's Wayne or not. Wayne turn around and hear his voice asking if Amanda didn't use a contact lens. Amanda said that day she's using a glasses. Amanda then gets in and closed the door. Amanda put her stuffs and comes to Wayne. Wayne look at her and he surprised for the lock password for the Apartment still not be change. Amanda said the password is Wayne's suggestion and Amanda used to forget the password. Wayne turned laugh. Amanda then asking about the tour. Wayne said everyone missed her. Amanda didn't reply it quickly. She got a phone call. Amanda is trying to answer the phone and Wayne asked if that's Glenn. Amanda said it's him. Wayne then asked if both of them were having an affair behind him. Amanda gets mad with it. So, she takes the call, and say it to Glenn that Wayne asking if she and Glenn were having an affair. Glenn replied if he thinks so. Amanda went laugh. Amanda asking back what does he want and Glenn said about he needs for tomorrow. Then, he's hang up. Amanda said if Wayne wants still be here. Wayne didn't say anything because he's still in shock with the phone thing. Amanda then opened the frost cake and said Wayne to eat the frost cake with her. Amanda took a bite with her finger that suddenly Wayne's gone mad. He pushed the cake and it drops to the floor. Amanda was in shock. Wayne then push everything around. They were all got crash to the floor, some of them flying around them, things got wrecked and Amanda was shaking. Wayne's screaming all along, shouting to Amanda for what she did to Callie.

a big fight.
"She started with sit next to me. She asked me my name. She's the one with the one pink highlight on her hair. She's really sweetheart. She said she wants to be friend with me. So, I give her my phone number. She's the only one who gets my number, then she asked me to join this party. I came, I trust her. But, she wasn't there. People mocked me, humiliated me. They poured drinks to my hundred bucks dress. And, they started to think why not play 7 minutes in heaven. I believe it was just 5 minutes, but it felt so long. Amanda came to rescue me. She said she didn't know, but she's not really saving me. She's grab my hair out shouting that it was her boyfriend who I did with. She brought me home, and she never meant to hurt me that way. I cried a lot, and then she gave me the hundred bucks, telling me things are even. I took the money. I lied to my mom telling her that Amanda was a good friend, and she was to my parents. I started to forget what she did on that day. She said she wants to change but she couldn't while she's with them. I told her to be brave. Until, you came. She knew I adored you long before we both met. I like you when you're still a trainee. Amanda kept saying that you're too innocent to be with her and she told me that we're match. When you came to our school, she supported me so much so I can sit around you, gather with you, next to you. She did whatever she can do. I just didn't know, she decided to betray me. She never loves you. She's using you, to protect her from the bully friends. It was suppose to be me, my place. I got the place with your group team by myself. And, then, the very next day, she with her friends came to my table and she said she needs that spot. She asked me to give it to me right away. I didn't want it, and it turns they punched my stomach, my face, and cuts my hair. I kept asking why, Amanda, why, but she just staring me from far, do nothing. I thought she never meant it, she never meant it. She never likes you. She said she did that for fun, the bully and the punch. Until, they dumped me near the dumpster and I thought they're leaving me alone. They used green car. But, they're stop. Amanda got out and came to again, and she said, 'You better not call the police or I will make your lover pay the whole things. Don't come again to school, weepy girl. Unless you still want to get punch. Thanks for the spot.' I screamed to her to leave you alone. Don't hurt him, I said. It was such a hard to tell my parents when I came home. They thought I got raped. It was better than saying if Amanda did this tome. They really like her. I did it for her. I went to another school. And, things gone better, I graduated, went to college, got a degree. Now, I'm a nurse. I help people. Until, I saw you and her were still together. I asked why life is so unfair. What have I done so I deserved things like this. Do you want to know how many times I have to back to my senses, every year. My parents still saying that it was all because of the rape trauma. My trauma is Amanda. I wish her dead, sooner. I wish you break up with her and put her on the dumpster. She deserves that place. She had enough got a second chance from you. I promise to myself, I will suicide to see you both in the happily ever after."

for you really wants to break up.

"Nothing can make any sense anymore!"
"Wallace, stop!"
"How can you make me such difficult choices?"
"This is my house! Stop it, Wallace! Or, I'll call the police!"
"Call the police, then. Someone should put you on a jail!"

And, Amanda realized what Wallace means. She starts crying and Wayne kept scream and push all things around. It was a very sick scene and all Amanda could do is closing her eyes and listening all the wrecked furniture sounds around her. Her heart beating so fast, like if she opened her eyes a little bit, she found a strange person in front of her. Someone that finally Amanda could see. Someone, she made again, into destruction. Amanda then decided to run to her room and locked the door. She's hiding behind the blanket and using earphones, she listening MP3 with highest volume. At once, Wayne was really out of control, but he gets tired after 15 minutes, he realized Amanda was inside of her room. Wayne started to ask her get out from the room. But, Amanda already asleep with tears. Wayne couldn't bear it, he cried. He said, he was sorry.

your boyfriend did crying.
"Amanda... please, open the door. I am sorry. I was so confused. I didn't mean it. I will put everything back together. Will you come out? I'm sorry I yelled at you. What are you doing in there, Amanda? Answer me! I am sorry. I was not suppose to be like this. This wasn't me. Amanda! Amanda, come out, please! Don't do anything stupid in there! Please, I will control my behavior, now, Amanda. Let's talk about it, will you? Amanda! Open the door! Please, I know you pretend not hear me, Amanda. Forgive me. Oh, forgive me. Amanda, I will wait for you outside here. I'll wait. I'll clean these mess up I made. This all my fault. This all was my fault. I'm sorry. You can come out whenever you're ready, my love. We're going to talk about it like we always do in the morning. Talk to me, will you? Oh God, help me, get through this."

you can't let go.
Amanda got shocked because there's a brag to the door, it was Glenn and the security guard. Glenn wrecked the door and he came to Amanda who went to sleep. He asking if she's alright. Amanda face looks really tired and with tears that already dried. Amanda didn't want to wake up, she was in dreaming so long. She wants go back to sleep. Glenn said it's already the morning, Wayne was outside because he's worried about Amanda locked herself in her room. Glenn asked what's going on and Amanda look that her door room was broken. She peek the outside of the door the things already being tidy up. Amanda asked to leave her alone and she wish Glenn will see again, tomorrow. Glenn declined it. It's better to stay with Amanda this day. Amanda said alright. Glenn asked her to clean herself in fresh. While, Amanda in the bathroom, Glenn came out with the guard and explain everything so the guard leaving Glenn with Wayne. Wayne's van came to pick him. Glenn knew Wayne should face the truth. So, Glenn asking Wayne if he at least chat with Amanda. And, he did. He went to Amanda's apartment again and Amanda was sitting with looking to the window. Amanda look to the door where Wayne's standing. And, Wayne said it that he wishes Amanda all the goodness because he wants to leave and it's better to make his mind back to senses. Then, Amanda could only reply, 'In the end you know why the sun will be always my first thing need to see, don't you?'

You just hate the way you unintentionally using him.
Amanda can see from her window, Wayne got in to the van and drove off. Glenn standing the same place where Wayne was standing, he can see Amanda with her wet hair. Glenn gets in and take the towel and comes to Amanda, he started to dry her hair. Amanda asked what is he doing and Glenn said he dries her hair and he knows he's doing a right thing because Wayne won't jealous because of it. Amanda starts to cry again. Glenn hugs her and Amanda hides her face on that hug. Glenn said she doesn't need to say anything. Wayne back to the training building and do the practice with all KNIGHTS members. Well, Chief Julius came on lunch asking where was he last night. Wayne said he's staying out as usual. Chief Julius asked Wayne to not go without inform him. Wayne said he won't from that day on. All KNIGHTS members asking what's going on but Wayne said he's breaking up with Amanda and everyone knows that he loves to hang out with new girl. Everyone except TJ, actually accept Wayne's decision and help him to meet new girl. Just about a week and the news confirmed about Amanda has broke up with Wayne KNIGHTS. Wayne starts to walk together with group girl band member ROUGES, Lorie. Lorie comes to this party and she knew about Wayne's break up. So, on the bar, while Wayne's drinking, she said she's single and if Wayne wants, she would love to be pair with him. So, Wayne agreed because their both from the same manager, Chief Julius. Callie saw it on the news while she's working in hospital. Callie was some reasons, smile by herself. She's trying to be happy. She calms, she knows she'll be alright from now on. Her day life turns changing by people around her, they said Callie 's now having a big smile she ever had. The psychiatrist also reported the same thing that Callie seems start to move on from her past and her trauma. She's really happy. By the end of the month, she's got invited to be on this event, to share the thoughts and encouragement. Callie told the truth about she's not there because of rape. She said she was being raped but she was saving by her best friend, until later her best friend is the whole reason she got the trauma. Callie said when she's ready to move on and it feels better every day. She's relief. Until there's this a little teenager, 16 years old, she asked if Callie has forgive her best friend. Callie's smile turns to confusing and everyone's waiting. So, she said of course. While she down from the stage and gather with others, listening other speech. But, Callie look into that girl, from far. The girl, with long black hair, wearing pale big size sweater while her body's small. Callie then starts to walk to the girl when it's break time. Callie then speaks to the girl, asking what's her trauma. The girl just staring at Callie, and Callie realize she's blind. The girl starts telling about her but by tale, that long ago there was a girl, she has big smile and great eyes every day. The girl then starts to have a dream and she's trying everything if she fits on one specific major. The girl then find a cool nerd guy from chemical's class. He's starting to get know her. The coolest thing is when the girl found the guy really likes her because she's smart. So, they're dating. On a date, the girl found he used to have a girlfriend, the one he really likes. The guy starts to tell the truth about it and then the girl starts to worry. It's just a first date and why the boy starts to ruin by himself. The girl then knew that he used girlfriend was cheating on him. So, it went different on the next day they both meet in the chemical's lab. The girl's start failing. She's losing of reason to stay right next to the boy. She made her own mistakes. The boy keeps encourage her that he loves her. Of course. And, she loves him, too. But, she keeps failing. She's under her own stress. She realized she also lost of her dream. So, she's looking the other dream. She starts to join a stage play. She found a new friend guy, and this new friend guy encourage her to change a major because she's really good at it. The girl did so. Her own choice to leave that boy. The girl actually has no idea about stage play but the new guy keeps helping her. Then, everyone said that the old boy was in jealous. The girl got the words and she's worried. While she worried, things got failed, again. She hates it. So, she starts to skip school. She's being a couch potato. She realized she was fat. So, while she being alone, she starts to do worst things to make her back to her fit. The new guy and the boy are trying to reach her again, but the girl was in depression. Until, she met that old boy's used girlfriend. She's really pretty and a cheerleader. She knows the cheerleader still loves him. But, then she meet with the new guy accidentally. He told her that he loves her just the way she is. On the stage play, they would love to make an effect, like a smoke. That time, her old boy was in that job. The girl met the old boy before the performance, and the girl said good luck. It was a simply day. The girl starts to let go the old boy, she's looking at the audience, it was so beautiful and also the light, and there's the new guy. The line was, 'take me to the neverland' and there's the smoke on the ground. When the new guy start to lift the girl up, the smoke became a fog, like a cloud, they're suppose to flying, but the new guy never find the girl's hand. The smoke is actually a poison gas. The gas made the girl's blind. It was suppose to be a happy ending. Until, the boy made his own mistake. The girl was asking if it's really his fault. Because she's mad for what he did, also she never meant to hurt his feeling. For what everyone knows, it was his fault. For what everyone says, that cheerleader never be with the old boy. He gets nothing, because the girl met the boy at the beginning. Callie asked if she forgive him. Then, the girl said she's forgiving him since she woke up and realized she lost her eyes but the boy never accepted how easy that forgiveness. So, the girl met the cheerleader and told her everything. 'That's how the girl relieve the trauma. Callie asked what trauma she exactly has. The girl answered her weakness to reach her true self. The girl said she never want to be anyone's thorn. And, then, suddenly there's the girl friend came. There are two boys and a girl. Callie knew they're from the tale. When Callie back home, she start to take a different path, she ended to Glenn's bakery store. Callie went in and Glenn serve her a cake. They chatted and Callie realized Amanda is not working in there, anymore. She's moving out of town. Callie said she deserves to have a new life. Glenn didn't say anything. Callie then asked if Amanda really loves Wayne. Glenn went laugh because he never thought if Callie would ask the silly question. But, then he said Amanda never say it. He said Amanda will always put Callie first before anything she did with Wayne. Callie then understands. Callie then asked Glenn one thing. They both met one of the girls who was in that party, Nancy. Nancy is still rich and married with rich executive. She has twins young boys both 5 ages old. Nancy was amazed Callie and Glenn were in front of her house. It was the exact day when there's a gathered Nancy with her friends and they were all from the old school friends. All were the people who bullying Callie. Glenn looks into Callie and not one single thing shaken her. Until, there comes the girl who's being a press, the girl who always interest to talk about Amanda. She met Callie and she brag about Amanda that she deserved to got dumped by Wayne because what she did to Callie. While everyone's happy to talk about Amanda, Glenn really mad about it, until Nancy little boys crossing the house. They came with their father, the one who did 7 minutes in heaven with Callie, long ago. When Callie saw the man, she looks into the twins. The heart-breaking she felt was overwhelmed. Then she stood up and walks to the little boys. Nancy paid attention and made everyone was in silent. Nancy asked what is Callie doing. Callie said to the boys, "Your mother and her friends used to have a friend name Aunt Amanda. Then, they're trying to kill me. Aunt Amanda is different. She rescued me. But, I was blind. I kept blame everything on her. Now, I realize, children. Amanda is not even like you mother and her friends. She's brave enough to accept her fault and she won, while you, poor children, will face the reality for the rest of your life that your mother is still a witch, her friends are ogres, and your father is...rapist. Say it, Glenn!" And, Glenn said yes. The twins start crying. Before Callie was gone with Glenn, she whispered to one of the twin, "Her name is Amanda Beth. She's my savior from your parents." They both were leaving the house while Nancy and her husband begging for mercy. On the road, Callie asked Glenn to right away search for where Wayne is. She felt, "All this time, how can I use Wayne over my grudge. I barely know him."

Your boyfriend became cold to the press.
"My name is Julius Fawn. On behalf of Wallace Clayne's manager, I officially sentence that Mr Clayne and Miss Nanette are not any longer in relationship. They both are remain as good friends and still work together with professional gestures. We also are sorry on behalf Wallace Clayne's behavior. Three days ago, there's an accident of Mr Clayne was attacking one of the press. It is because Mr Clayne defenses for he heard bad words upon Miss Amanda Beth from the journalist. We're still investigate if the words are true or not if Miss Amanda Beth were once involved with bullying activity in long ago. We still search for the evidences. We hope for Miss Amanda Beth to be well. Mr Clayne still hope for this matter won't effect the group of KNIGHTS and ROUGES. He send regards to all his fans and hope for their supports. Mr Clayne, now is working with KNIGHTS members to prepare their new launching single song Pretty Boys from their upcoming third album, Her Beats. Thank you and good day everyone."

He blames them.
The next day, it's a big evening night for music festival. KNIGHTS will perform their new single, Pretty Boys, in from of 3000 audiences. While, then, seems like everything goes well. After the press conference, all the fans give the positive responds. But, mostly because they were all KNIGHTS fans. About Amanda Beth, they definitely waiting for the right evidences. When Wayne heard about it, he tried to convince himself that he's not even care anymore to Amanda. But, finding the newspaper wrote speculations about Amanda Beth, made him really mad. He wrapped the newspaper and throw it to the trash. All KNIGHTS members really knew about their young member. So, Sand talked to him, asking if he's in his own senses. Then, Wayne said, yes. Sand back to ask if to be a group band is all he wants long before he met Amanda, and Wayne said yes. Sand asked if he will do great job for this performance and Wayne said yes. Sand told Wayne one thing about fans, that the artist can not satisfied all of them. All the artists need to do is do the right thing. So, then, when they're performing, they were all doing great. Even the single became a hit. They were all so glad. Even, Wayne finally does a speech to the fans that tomorrow morning, he would like to present meet and greet, closer with fans, and will tell everything to the fans, free treats and live on one of television. All KNIGHTS members also will come to support him. All the fans are so amazed. And by that, Amanda is watching the speech on television. When, KNIGHTS back to the backstage, there were Glenn and Callie. Wayne was in shock. So, he invited them both to talk in private. Wayne is really treating Callie like she's an important person for him. Wayne even smiles so bright in front of Callie. Glenn starts to feel the blue in the room. Callie starts to say it, "I forgive her. I should've forgive her long ago, but I failed. I guess, I just one of your greedy fans. I've become one of those girls who used to treat me like a trash. I'm sorry I tell you late, Wayne. I forgive her. She's not trying to kill me, she's trying to save me. I made to go to another school and now, I've become someone. If she didn't brag me to out from the school, I might become any more worst. I never know how much you love her and I won't judge you if you love her. I believe she really loves you, too. If not, why then she telling you about me?"

you come back to him
Amanda is standing across the training building center, where the fan meeting will be stand. It is the day. She bring Wayne's favorite cake, rice cake. Amanda loves to celebrate KNIGHTS success last night. But, seems like her courage has being drown by the times she arrived in front of the training building. No ones really recognize Amanda, because she already cut her hair and change the color. Amanda even wear not-branded outfits. She keeps staring and hope someone recognize her, but nobody. KNIGHTS fans crosses her and not anyone really recognize her. Amanda laughed by herself. She's looking at her watch and she found it's already in time. She decided to wait until the door closed. No one's there anymore outside the building. So, she started walking. While she walking, she then, stop. She look across the street, a black limousine. She stared at it and someone's out from the car. It is Wayne.

your boyfriend out from car to reach you
"Callie said she forgives you. She said you're different from all your friends. You saved her. And I, also, forgive you."

you both start just staring
Wayne stood in front of Amanda and Amanda cried to hear what Wayne just said. Wayne starts to wipe those tears. It's really the moment when Amanda felt save. She's released from the past. She holds Wayne's hand with her both hands. Wayne then kissed her forehead. Amanda just right away hug Wayne so tight. It's been a long time since Amanda smelling Wayne's body.
He let you go.
One of that bully girl, who's working as journalist saw it. She felt so jealous. In her thought why even Amanda deserves Wayne and Callie forgave her. So, she's in her own car. She's push the gas, make the move. While, Wayne off his hug from Amanda. They both look to each other and smiles so brightly. Wayne asked if he would like to come to the fan meeting. She said she can't.

"I've gotta go." Say you.
"Where are you going?"
"I have to pack things, you know."
"Why? What for?"
"Back to town. I have decided if I see you again, if we back again, then I can back to town."
"And if not?"
"I'll make sure I'm not be around you. I still back to town."
"You should. I'll make sure I will find you and telling you all of it."
"I love you, Wallace."
"What time is it?"
"5.32, Wednesday. Your first real saying word of love to me."
"Why you need time for that?"
"We must be at the end of the day."

you know there's a car.
Both of them were laughed and Wayne said he will come to her place whenever the fan meeting's over. Amanda gave the address and saying that it's actually really near. Wayne even joke that the intention for Amanda gets the new place is to stalking him. Amanda didn't say anything, she really did not want to lie. Wayne was even shock because Amanda's face turns blushing. Wayne saw it, so he back kissed Amanda's forehead. Wayne starts walking backwards. Amanda asked to be careful. Wayne look to left and right, and then he said no ones will ever hit him. He just really want to see Amanda for the longer time.

he's crossing road to his car.
Amanda listens the one particular car, when she looked, it was that green car, Amanda knows it was her. She grows up with that green car. She knows the brake sound, the machine sound, the smoke from the back, and all memories she had with the car for the bullying she did with her friends. She saw the driver, it was her. The driver knew Amanda saw her, so she decided to change her destination, not to hit Amanda, but she's going to hit Wayne. It was a smooth running. Just like, what she always do to hit many kids before. Amanda look back to Wayne who's not even care of anything.

you run catch him back.
She runs hug Wayne. But, because it's so quick, Amanda doesn't have no strength to push Wayne because Wayne catch her body. So, Amanda turned Wayne's around, and at the exact time, Amanda's back is facing the car and Wayne even couldn't prevent the hit when his eyes look through the car, he saw the driver's look. And, the car hit them both.
"This time, I made it."
Their both were thrown to the side of the road. The driver of Wayne's limousine helped Wayne and Amanda. The hit made everyone in the building goes out and even all of them were shock because Wayne got hit. Everyone stopped that green car. The driver told everything that the driver is deliberately hitting Wayne. So, as that girl got caught by everyone, Wayne awakes. Everyone helps them both. Wayne look into Amanda and her head is bleeding, her shoulder dislocated. Everyone said she's still breathing. The ambulance really quick to come. Wayne has to separated from Amanda and he starts saying, "No, no, no, no."

he found you saved his life.
"Here's your drink."
"Thank you. You are really nice to me."
"What are the friend of the fans for?"
"But, you're going to miss the whole tour."
"It's not like we're at the end of the day, right? I see you since the beginning, seems like you're not comfortable."
"Yes, well..."
"So, why you use so lots of cover, in the middle of this day of summer?"
"It was the flu."
"That must be very terrible flu. Do you need any medicines?"
"No, no, no, no."
"Okay. Well, this cold drink, maybe not suits you because you're in flu. I will buy you the warm ones."
"No, no, no, no."
"I have no idea what do you want."
"I'll just need sit, here. Breathe for moments. Those crowd of fans make me hard to breathe."
"I never see KNIGHTS fans are men."
"What? Why not? We're big young idols of the nation. Why can't we?"
"I mean KNIGHTS. I'm actually their big fans."
"How's that so?"
"When I was, I mean first time I saw them first on television, I know I can be like them. I work so hard to be like one of them. The person who I adore so much is Sand Doric. His voice is really amazing. He's the leader but he decided to join the group band. I mean, his voice is so solo!"
"So, he's really amazing?"
"Yes. How about you, who's member do you like?"
"I don't know. I'm actually not KNIGHTS big fans."
"I'm here because my friend ask me to come. Well, I love KNIGHTS songs, they're wonderful and rock n' roll. Full of beats, I really like it. But, I'm not really good with get to know all the members. But, because you mention about the leader, I thought so he's really a great singer."
"You made me feel like I'm the freak."
"Yes. I can see that you're sick but you still want to come. That's pretty sick."
"Not any favorite member?"
"Okay, are you going to upset if I really have no interest of any member?"
"Yes. Seems like you're not interested at all to be with KNIGHTS princesses."
"Well, how about this, will you believe me if I have the same school, same grade with Wallace Clayne?"
"Are you alright?"
"Yes. I just got shocked. How lucky you are!"
"I do't feel lucky. He made my life in suffer."
"I don't know how the boys fans work out, but in girls, the weak fans will got bully by the strong fans. So, better keep our mouth shout and keep the distance from Wallace if we don't want got bullied because of their jealousy."
"Are you got bullied?"
"I'm not proud to talk about it."
"What do you think Wayne must do about it?"
"Oh, I found he's pretending not to see it. Most of people in school always pretend not to see the bullying happen around them."
"It's going to be bad for his reputation if he gets involve!"
"Yes, that's why I try to not get close to him."
"So, you're the bully or being bullied?"
"I'm... I'm the coward. I don't have any courage to against them."
"What do you do?"
"Helping the girls behind the bullies."
"Why not go against them?"
"I'm not that smart. But, I can keep my eyes on them. If they're doing out of limits, I better be on jail."
"I will help you. I won't pretend to look no where, anymore."
"Our next study group. Be on my team group."
"Wait, who are you? Are you one of my classmates?"
"What? Uhukk... Uhukkk... no, no, no, no. I've gotta go."

there's the concert.
The fan meeting has being canceled. Amanda is in comma. All the press then found the truth from the driver, who's one of the bullies. It became a big deal. Wayne got injured and needs gips for his leg. He needs to get stabilize because he wouldn't stop himself to get see Amanda's condition. In the meantime, Amanda's parents come. They were just ordinary people. They knew about Amanda's being famous,but seems like they're not agree with Amanda's path. The father is the juror of one of the state and the mother is the prosecutor. They're the people who keep Amanda out from the bully issue. That's how Amanda got saved from anything. When the parents knew of what's going on, they visit Wayne's room. Wayne actually not very injured. When the mother sees him, she yells at him saying that because Amanda met him, she lost her way to become a lawyer. Amanda's now become jobless or part-time, lost, they were all because of Wayne. Wayne said he's very sorry. The mother never wants to see him with her daughter, anymore. The father then asked everyone to leave. They're talking. The father asked what Wayne's knew about the bully. Then, Wayne tell what he knows. The father then asked Wayne to never come to Amanda, anymore. But, Wayne said no. He wants Amanda.

your boyfriend sings to you.

"And even if she die, I will still want her. I will still come to her funeral and even to the cremation day. Or if she becomes disabled, I still want her. You can't make me leave her. I love her and it is real. I can't forgive myself if I ashamed of this love just because she used to be a bully. I know she's a good person. She deserves me."
That's the moment Amanda's father couldn't say anything except he just went out from the room. All KNIGHTS members come and the news said there's nothing the hospital can do and just have to wait Amanda awakes from her comma. Wayne was so sad because she did that to save him. The bruises soon got healed. Wayne back to the stage a month after the accident, while Amanda is still on comma. Wayne presented his one song for Amanda.

he saw you on the crowd.
As Wayne sings the song, he found there's Amanda standing on the crowd, smiled at him. Wayne starts crying and that moves the fans. Wayne thought it was just a vision or what, but when he looks again, Amanda still there. On the intro, Wayne had a speech, looks kind of he talks to Amanda who's still in hospital, people sees that way but Wayne look into Amanda's who around the crowd,
"Amanda, I know you listen this song. I hope you can hear how much I want you to come back to me. I love you."
He trembled.

As Wayne back to singing again and finally as it ends, he found Amanda was not in the crowd anymore. He looks confuse so he leaving he stage, try back to the changing room and grab his phone. In the room, he was struggling to search his phone. He seems mad because his phone was gone. Until,there's Chief Julius suddenly brag the room. He holds Wayne's phone. He said he just got called, from the hospital. The family wants Wayne to come to the hospital. He thought you're dead.

Wayne got a van ride. He didn't want to call them back. He scared. He just hold that phone in his hand and wait for the calling. No ones call.

He missed you

There is the call, from Glenn. He asked when Wayne will arrived. And, there comes the news, "She's awake."

He runs to your hospital room.

Wayne with still he's not yet have great strength to run, but he runs anyway. He was so scared to see Amanda vision around the crowd, he thought he's the one who's going crazy. He arrived in front of the room. Amanda parents were crying. Wayne was confused. He found Glenn and Callie. Callie also cried. Wayne came to them and asking what's going on. Suddenly there's a harsh sound inside the room. It was Amanda who got held by nurses and doctor. They said Amanda was waking up before anyone knows this morning. She didn't move or try to talk, until one of the nurse caught her eyes open three hours ago. Everyone came but turns out she started struggling. Glenn asked, "It seems like she's going insane."

You wake up with oxygen machine.

Wayne replied, "Insane?"
He get through Amanda parents and went inside the room. He even got shock with the struggling Amanda, so scary with five people around try to make her calm. They said she couldn't inject her sedative because she actually already got lots of pain-killer.
Wayne screamed, "Amanda!"
He joined five people who already struggled her. Wayne came near her face so she could see him. But, it's nothing different. Amanda keeps struggling and moaning. Wayne even went cried a lot because even Amanda looks really insane, now.
Inside Wayne's head, "Am I really losing you?"
You open it to talk, "I see you."
After the struggling, it seems like Amanda went tired. Wayne's body got shaken after the whole struggling. The doctor and nurses asked the relatives to wait outside. They didn't know what's going on. Wayne sitting alone with his head down. 
"Just one last time, one last time so I can talk with her..." 
Amanda's father came to Wayne asking if he's alright. Wayne couldn't stop hiding his face. He even didn't reply.
Amanda's father hand then ring to Wayne's shoulder, "We have to be strong, don't we?"
After long time, the doctor asked both of Amanda parents to talk. Wayne waited with looking at Amanda is sleeping in her room. Wayne came in and they said it's better to not get to close with Amanda. Wayne just didn't listen. Glenn was there and ask the nurses to let this one time go.
Wayne sit next to Amanda's bed and he started to hold Amanda's hand. 
Was all the vision of Amanda in the concert just a dream? It must be her. Then, the doctor open the door, all the nurses gone out, Wayne found Amanda parents cried outside the room.
"What's going on?"
The door closed, there only Wayne, the sleeping Amanda, and the doctor.
Wayne holds Amanda's hand so tight. The doctor looks into Amanda condition.
"Doctor, how is she?"
"She's trying"
"We found internal bleeding in her head. She lost her sight and we don't know if she also lost her hearing. We guess that's why she seems struggle with us. She couldn't see or even hear what we're saying to her."
"Is she?"
"We are very sorry, Mr. Clayne."
"What are you doing here, then?" Wayne gets angry and came to the doctor.
"We would like to do a very risk surgery."
"How risk?"
"It can kill her. Mr and Mrs Beth decided to do the surgery."
"I want you to save her!"
"We're doing our best."
The voices between them made Amanda awakes. But, at this time, Amanda can talk, "Is that you, Wallace?"
Everyone was startled. Wayne just right away hold her hand.
"It is me, Amanda."
"I thought I was just dreaming."
"You're not dreaming. I'm here."
"I see you, you sing me a song, don't you?"

He cried and kissed your forehead, "I see you, too."

The doctor found Amanda still can hear. They asked the nurses to come. Amanda parents came in, also with Glenn and Callie. All the press got the new that Amanda officially has awake. It was true that the bleeding inside her head made her unstable. She's blind. 
"They said the surgery will kill me?" Amanda asked Wayne.
"Will you?"
"What do you mean?"
"You lost your sight. You couldn't control your head. You're so much in pain-killer.... will you giving up?"
"Me, too."
"I know you won't."
"Do you remember the last time you said to me before the accident?"
"Hmm... it must be the end of the day."
"Then, there's an accident. Seems like we're really at the end of the day."
"Don't say that."
"Let's say the surgery success. What are we going to do?"
"You'll get better. I will be there for you."
"And if I don't make it, what are you going to do?"
"Hmmm..." Wayne couldn't say anything. He cried.
"Are you crying? Well, of course you allowed to cry."
"As I said to your father. I will come to your funeral. I will say some romantic speech to you even if you won't be there. I will always be there until you got buried. Then, there's still the supper in you house, I'll be there. I don't want to go anywhere until all those things about your memorial is done."
"Then, after that?"
"I will make a charity, a stand up for all the bullies kids under your name."
"That's very generous. Now, everyone will know my story."

"Do you mind?"
"No. Even if I make it, let's do it."
"Yes, let's do it."
The surgery time is ready. All of them were chatting with Amanda before she gets to the surgery room.
And the last was Wayne. Just the exact time, all KNIGHTS members came. They could see Wayne and Amanda from far, in front of the surgery room's door.
"I bet on you." Wayne said.
"Is that your last said to me? Who do you bet with?"
"Our love. I bet if you really love me, you will live."
"Well... I guess it we must be at the end of the day."
"Must be."
One last time, Wayne kissed Amanda's forehead. After that, Amanda gets in to the surgery room.
There's treatment post-surgery.

you listened your boyfriend singing on radio.

He asked, "How is it?"
You raise your thumb up.

Your boyfriend came to your rehab schedule.
You remember your life.
You starts to walk forward to him.

After he came to your life.


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