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Do you know why it's hard to say goodbye? Because we afraid if our memories might not be able to remember them, rightly. The fact is, goodbye means good. No matter how hard.
~Aurora Esterlia

Classic Time 3

Perebutan kekuasaan memang tidak ada habisnya.

Dalam monarki kerajaan, tentunya terbiasa dengan sifat patrilineal. Suatu kerajaan dalam enam generasi dipimpin oleh seorang Raja. Namun, pada generasi ketujuh, kerajaan tersebut hanya memiliki seorang anak perempuan, yang akhirnya kerajaan itu pun menikahi sang putri dengan kerajaan yang sama kekuatannya demi kepentingan politik. Pada masa itu, sang Raja baru yang berasal dari kerajaan sebelah mengeluarkan wewenang bahwa diperbolehkan seorang Ratu memimpin. Pernyataan menjadikan banyak sekali pertentangan, apalagi dengan anak satu-satunya adalah Putri Luciana.

Dikeluarkan pernyataan itu pun membangkitkan keturunan-keturunan kerajaan yang dahulu diasingkan ataupun diusir akibat perbuatan yang melanggar dan ancaman pengkhianatan.

Pangeran Edward, keturunan asli kerajaan dari Raja pertama kerajaan. Keturunan raja pertama setelah naiknya penerus raja kedua, bukan jatuh pada anaknya namun kepada saudara kandungnya kedua. Anaknya laki-laki di…

Classic Time 2

Hehehe, masih on fire nih gue. Ada satu cerita lagi. Kali ini juga di zaman jadul.
Rain adalah seorang anak perempuan tunggal yang kedua orang tuanya bangsawan kaya dan memiliki taman bunga sangat luas. Satu hari, seorang pengelana lewat dan diterima dengan hangat, namanya Max. Max dan Rain pun saling jatuh cinta. Max selama itu bekerja sebagai seorang yang memiliki banyak hubungan dengan berbagai macam pedagang dan sangat membantu usaha keluarga Rain. Mereka berdua merancangkan pernikahan. Sayangnya, pada hari pernikahan, Max dan Rain harus berpisah karena Max diketahui seorang penipu. Bahkan Max bukan nama aslinya. Hari itu, Max hanya memandang Rain sebelum ia pergi kabur. Rain patah hati dan sejak itu ia menjadi tidak mau mengenal kehidupan di luar sana.
Di bagian dunia lain, ada dua sahabat, keduanya adalah pemain teatrikal dan pandai bernyanyi, bermain musik, artis keliling, Jerome dan Romano. Jerome baru saja patah hati karena wanita Meksiko yang ia suka selingkuh dengan pria l…

Classic Time

Ini pakai bahasa Indonesia karena mungkin lebih nyaman, bahasa Inggris gue lagi ngawur, jadi, mending pakai bahasa ibu saja.
Cerita ini klasik, karena jadul banget.
Veronica adalah Ratu dari Kerajaan di tahun-tahun kerajaan. Veronica sejak awal bukanlah seorang pewaris kerajaan, ia adalah anak dari ayahnya, yang seharusnya menjadi pewaris kerajaan, namun karena ayahnya menikahi ibunya yang dilarang oleh kerajaan, ayahnya pun undur dari kerajaan dan menjadi rakyat jelata. Adik ayahnya, Paman Bastille, ia menjadi pewaris kerajaan selanjutnya. Namun, ternyata Paman Bastille itu menikah hanya tidak mendapat anak. Paman Bastille sakit parah, dan ia tahu sejak awal sudah seharusnya kakaknya yang mendapatkan tahta ini. Ketika Paman Bastille meninggal, ayah Veronica sudah meninggal. Veronica pun naik tahta namun ibunya tetap tidak boleh masuk ke dalam kerajaan. Ibunya melepaskan Veronica yang masih kecil karena mereka hidupnya sangat miskin dan baiknya Veronica hidup menjadi seorang Ratu kar…


People have their own muse. Luckily, my muse is MUSE. The alternative rock band from UK. They're totally awesome. I was young and I'm a girl, pretty sure never do any emo stuffs or worse, yet, I'm in love with MUSE songs. I've been raised by DISNEY PRINCESS, since my name is one of their princess names. Then, I'm pretty sure classic and opera also on my list. Like Bach, Pavarotti, Charlotte, and Bocelli. Well, then I started to listen these alternative rock stuff, good ones, like t.A.T.u., Evanescene, My Chemical Romance, Placebo, Eminem, and Dido. They feels like dark but still with full of soul lyrics. But, none of them like the way I experienced with MUSE.

When I was young, I lived with knowing of VCR, Disk, phonograph record, and cassette. My first listening of MUSE was the 'Absolution' album, and it's a cassette. I was on my summer holiday and we're on this long journey with the car, there's the cassette just playing. I was so young and I …


I always love twilight these days. Not the book, the real twilight. I have one thought, "Well, Aurora, your dream of life will be always as pretty as this view scene. The amazing color of the sun lights starts to go to sleep. It won't be stop to paint the sky for your next 100 years. Don't stop, Aurora."

I consider I used to keep things sparkle, then it's not fun anymore. So, I'm trying to face the true of them. Denying all of their attractions. Denying those weird things, facing what their feelings about the bad things of me. Which is now, I knew the real life world acting of real me.

So, I'm trying. Denying. Until, I gain myself back to trust, at least one day, someone matter.

"Life doesn't stop for anybody. I simply become more myself. I'm not sorry. Anna Frank said it's in our own hands. So, I've done it."
"I'm not blind. I fight for what's inside of me. My life will never make sense if I deny it. I have it even m…

ABC's of Mind

This story starts with the idea of Dementia Alzheimer

Barn was a police forensic team who work in evidence administrator. He used to work on a field but he said things changing after he lost someone, then he started to keep his work life in simple ways.

Agnes, on the full of rain met Barn on the random cafe and fell in love. She actually knew about Barn past and that makes Agnes wants to help him, but instead she's having something incoming. Agnes used to be a cook but no longer can cook. She now needs extra learning of how to remember who she was. She learned that she needs to keep work her moments to remember things. Instead, she keeps forget about Barn. She never told Barn about her condition. Barn always confuse about Agnes while she's at the moment of lose her words, thoughts, or her control of the body. So, there's one night, Barn was totally in love with her, kissed her, and asked her to be his girlfriend, and Agnes said, "Let's just be friends."


Disclosure : Intermezzo

Was the last ending of Part VI a little bit rusty? I agree. But, to make you guys a clear view, the meaning of 'Man and Wife' is like FOREVER. Tie a knot? IT COULD ONLY BEING TIE NOT CUT. So, I want to tell you  an epic one story with two views of marriage.
I put Lara as the side of being married and Dean as the side of being not married. 
As I said before, I'm trying to put marriage as A FOREVER relationship. Which means, both Lara and Dean knew about this point of view. And, they won't or ever want to break the rule. 
And, there's always a 'but' word....But, they knew they've made a wrong decisions.

First, Dean who had a child with a teenage mother. That's absolutely a very not good thing from Dean as a public figure. He wants to be responsible so he did the best for the girl and the child. But still, he decided not to marry the girl. Well, in this point, I put a disguise of his reason that he just didn't love the girl, that it's simply f…

Disclosure VI: Man and Wife

It was three months after the wedding. Dean as a new father, he decided not marry the mother of his child. It's on the news and her name is Nicole Amber. She's 18 years old, the only daughter of the professional music producer. They were met on a private night club. It was one night stand and later Dean got called. The producer called for the abortion. Dean was agreed but Nicola wanted to keep it. And, from there we already knew the story.
Three months of Believe's age, Dean and Nicole brought their baby girl flew to California, took a vacation. Dean has a big beach getaway house. Lots of media caught their pictures. When they're on a beach, or took lunch, and while they're on sailing. Those news also on the television news. One day, Lara was cooking on her house's kitchen, and her assistant, Sussie, accompany her, turned on the TV. Dean and Nicole news just came out. Sussie commented, "Do you know, Mrs. Gordon? They said the reason why Dean Friedrich sti…

Disclosure V: Wedding Night

"Good evening, everyone! Here we're welcoming again, our beloved handsome singer, Dean Friedrich." The evening night of Lara and Josh wedding, Dean had a concert at Governor City Hall. Dean came out from the backstage and his fans applause him. He cherished them and sat front of piano. There's the microphone set to the piano and he spoke,

"For this last song, this is new. I want to give a special present for the special. If there's someone out there, they seemed afraid of what things will in front of them after they've been done something that will change their entire life, this song will help to encourage you or them." Dean laughed a little bit and he said again, "This is for my new baby girl who came to my, well, not perfect-Dad life, and she is, the first time I saw her, she was crying, she looked afraid and weak, yet she's beautiful... and I want to take care of her, feed her, snuggle her for the rest of my life. I was thought this mom…