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Do you know why it's hard to say goodbye? Because we afraid if our memories might not be able to remember them, rightly. The fact is, goodbye means good. No matter how hard.
~Aurora Esterlia

Our Whole Scene

Look, I don't talk much stuff
I don't trust people
But, I trust you
And I want to make this workJust take sometimes
Take your mind off of things
If it's not okay, let's we break
If you then feel missing, I'm hereBegin it with me
Every day, again
Keep the change
Have things to reminds youLook, no matter what
If we ever get down
Who knows when that'll be
Please, see the whole sceneI love you.

If We Had Time

Right at the end of the road
Here we will say goodbye
But you hold my hands when no ones ever try
You stop me to walk, stay, you said
My heart hurts and it makes me cry In front of me just clear and peace
Here we will be apart
But you hold me to turn around when it's impossible for me What if we had more time
To say greetings every day
To run to one another
To miss you very much
The way you look at me will reminds What if we had more time
To say love every day
To kiss to one another
To miss you very much
The way you want me will be always in my heart Turn around and don't leave me
Wasting your whole time with me
Until our old ages be cometh
Just not now, not like this No matter how hard it will be, just stay with me
I will always be next to you
Hold my hands or I will tremble
I will be regrets for the rest of my life
And every day I will say if we had time
goodreads version: Right at the end of the road Here we will say goodbye But you hold my hands when no ones ever try You …

Better Break Up

I think you have no feelings for me.
But, it seems like never enough.
You do what you want anyway.
And, I want to do anything I want.
But, I just can't.
Better we are foes, so we won't smile to each other. Better we just fight like we're once. Better we break up, right?
The last time I asked you, "You shouldn't trust me." To tell you how I felt, was not enough.
I will try to tell you the truth.
I want to take advantages from you.
I was wondering if we could just end up nobody to each other.
Well, let's not just do anything anymore.
I was counting how many times I delete your phone number.
Now, I will do it again.

Another Past: Part I

The Whaledome was never be the place of saved asylum to live in the world on the future. Inside The Whaledome, there still the horrors like the Burns disease, people turns mad and changes into murders. And the sickness, white-skinned, coughs, blindness, hunchback, and die instanly. Also, strange and carnivore animals just hide at the soils around The Whaledome. But, the worst part was the attack from people outside The Whaledome. There were others and they wants to hijacked the ship because nothing could survive longer under the ground like The Whaledome has done.  The secret was the Ancient Maze, the cave that Old Voyages found after the first attack of The Whaledome by people outside the ship. The Whaledome went down deeper after the attack and hit the Ancient Maze. Ancient Maze was actually the cave with dangerous ancient animals and wild strange forest. The Whaledome people are not allowed to went to the cave except Old Voyages, Patrols, and Resource Men. Ancient Maze actually s…

Dengarkan Lagu

The tunes are strange
The hearts hurt
Yet the pride still high
and prejudice still hauntThe honesty not enough
The breath in rushing
Relieve or not relieve
Day by day passesJudge in massive mind
No power to speak
And I heard about JanuaryIs this the song?
Someone is left

Another Past: Monolog


Cinema Paradiso

Jika kamu melihat apa yang kulihat sehari saja
Kau dapat melihat keindahan yang kulihat
Yang ada pada matamu
Entah itu nyata bagiku

Jika kamu mengetahui isi hatiku sehari saja
Kau dapat mengetahui apa yang kurasakan
Saat menggandeng tanganmu kuat
Entah itu nyata bagiku

Jika kamu berada didalam ku sehari saja
Kau akan mendapatkanku
Jatuh cinta padamu
Semenjak pertama kali bersamamu
Apa yang kurasakan
Hanya mencintaimu

Untuk membuatmu merasakan perasaanku
Hanya mencintaimu

Dia dan Kamu

Kalau sampai waktunya tiba, apa yang akan kulakukan adalah melihat mu dari jauh.
Kupikir aku merasakan hal yang sama dengan yang dulu, dengan seseorang yang lain dan denganmu.

Aku harap kau mengerti yang kumaksudkan.
Mungkin kau menyukainya atau malah terasa membosankan.

Sejak awal yang kuinginkan hanya ingin mengubah kesalahan yang telah kuperbuat.
Namun kusadari, dengan nya dan dengan mu, semua terasa terulang kembali.

Aku merasakan kesalahan itu bukan dari pada mu, tapi aku.
Fase-fase yang akan kulakukan adalah sama.

Dan itu mungkin yang menjadikan mu bukan aku yang harus memilih.
Bertahan atau pergi.

Ketika aku memilih untuk mundur lebih dahulu, seseorang itu bahagia.
Aku ingin mundur. Dan Aku takut, kau tahu?

Aku belum pernah memilih untuk bertahan.
Aku tak mau hasilnya  malah tidak menyenangkan.

Jadi, kau tidak perlu khawatir.
Aku akan baik-baik saja.

Aku membiarkan mu untuk memilih. 
Kurasa seimbang.

Andai kamu bertanya.
Karena ketika mataku tertutup, aku tahu jawabannya.

My Favorite Serial TV Drama

Aku jatuh cinta ama serial tv drama semenjak nonton
1. Endless Love, korea drama
2. Full House, korea dramaLalu kemudian aku mulai semakin jatuh cinta dengan drama-drama jepang:
2. Nobuta wa produce
3. Gokusen 2
4. Dragon Sakura
5. Nodame Contabile
6. Buzzer Beat
7. Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon
8. Yukan Club
9. Yamato Nadeshiko Shinchi Henge
10. Ouran High School Host Club
11. 1 Litre of Tears
12. Itazura na KissLalu masuknya drama taiwan, jujur yg kusuka:
13. Twins / 100% Senorita
14. Frog Prince
15. Meteor Garden
16. Snow Angel
17. Mars
18. MVP Lovers
19. Love at Aegean Sea
20. It Started With A Kiss Lalu aku kembali ke serial drama korea:
19. My Girl
20. Sassy Girl, Chun Yang
21. Brilliant Legacy
22. Bad Guy
23. Princess Hours
24. Beethoven Virus
25. You're Beautiful
26. Partner
27. Soulmate
28. Tamra, The Island
29. Operation Proposal
30. Will It Snow for Christmas?
31. Cinderella Stepsister
32. Cheongdamdong Alice
33. Mackerel Run
34. I Am Sam
35. Personal Taste
35. Tree of H…