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Do you know why it's hard to say goodbye? Because we afraid if our memories might not be able to remember them, rightly. The fact is, goodbye means good. No matter how hard.
~Aurora Esterlia

The Scientist: "Tell You I Set You Apart"

“I can’t help myself to cry, to feel the pain, to see the broken heart, and make the enemy on suffer.” I walked to the front barricade. People were ready to fight. I whispered to myself. “I make this thing up. I should’ve laugh. We should’ve eat, drink, and dance. No more fighting.” I arrived at the front line. He was there.              “It’s alright. Take my hand.” He gave me his hand. “We can run away back to home.” I held his hand, “If that is what you want.” He squeezed my hand so tight. He looked at me then he look away to the front. He never loves me. He wants to be here.              “I can wait.” I said. His face looked through all things in front us, I know he just wants at least, try. He didn’t look at me, at all. There, I kissed his cheek. “Don’t forget me.”              “Yes.” He whispered. I wish he look at me, at least.              The war is started as the horn being roared. People around me started scream and run to the battlefield. My nerve was just like ‘I’m going to …

Around Girl : Drown

Day dan X-Men Uncanny
Day walks with Loki. Talks about it's really odd to be a human living as shadow. Loki says Day really good to be enemy friends. Day said she once thought she could be just Loki's partner, so she also could manipulate many things. Day said she didn't mean all of those things. They were all just her bad decisions. Loki replied how odd to see the bad decisions becomes fortunes in the future. Loki then found Day already gone. Loki said if she needs me, she will be around.
Day is ordinary person, no superpowers, but Prof. X caught her in his vision. Day saw Prof. X and because she had this skill to prevent her thoughts being breakthrough from Loki once teach her, Day prisoned Prof. X in his own mind. They talked. Prof. X never found the mutant like Day, the one who can prison him in his own mind. Day asked who is he and Prof. X answered. Day also asked what did he wants, Prof. X said Day could be one of mutant. Day laughed, she then could see Prof. X visi…

Worst Satisfaction

Alexandra Marrow is diagnosed of cancer, the year she met Jim Walter. Keyes found Lexy still come to the company clinic and find the result. She didn’t say anything or to anyone. But, Keyes knew it. So, he decided to take care of her. A month ago, she got the result of how much longer she will live. Keyes knew the day will come and he also broken heart, but he let Lexy chose her own life.
It was real. Lexy loved Keyes, but she knew the relationship is not going to be work out. The night Keyes and Lexy had a fight on the boat, it’s because Keyes didn’t like Lexy fan-girling side to Brandon Lee. It’s also came from Brandon Lee found Lexy is too wild of imaginations and thoughts of be a fangirling. No man loves the woman fangirling.
Until she met Jim Walter, a good friend.
Lexy scared of everything. She even scared to say goodbye to everyone, so she decided to leave from anything. But, knowing Jim Walter came to her place, she felt something. She didn’t know. It’s just this feeling, things …

Terrible Sugar

The movie of Jim Walter and Brandon Lee became hits on box office for a month. And for that, of course Lexy being invited into the big party of the celebrating succesful of the movie. Lexy came with Keyes. Jim Walter broke up with Rayu Tian, again, knowing that Rayu found the movie about gays. Jim Walter alone that night and Brandon Lee with a random bond girl. It means pretty lady. Jim and Brandon found Lexy turns quiet thin. But, she’s really beautiful. Jim asked Keyes if he could borrow his date. So, Brandon and Keyes chatted. “Are you two together?” “No. I just be her escort.” “Why you not together?” “It’s not that simple.” “She loves someone else?” “You also can see it, right?” “Is he different from both of us?”
So, that’s the moment when four of them sat together. Keyes and Brandon have the same odd dislike issues from Lexy’s. It’s the not appropriate conversation about her fan-girling. For some reasons, Lexy said so many gossips she heard of the superstar she just loved so much, that i…