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Do you know why it's hard to say goodbye? Because we afraid if our memories might not be able to remember them, rightly. The fact is, goodbye means good. No matter how hard.
~Aurora Esterlia

Say Love

Choi Taek is a young property director. His family is well known all over country. Choi Taek also a playboy, he likes all the pretty girls who come and seduce him. Well, because it's worth it.Choi Taek then one day gets a new assistant of research name Park Mi Na. Mi Na is a very joyful person. She always there to help people. But, somehow she's just always home alone. Mi Na also a very open up person. Mi Na never seduced him but she said frankly Choi Taek is his type. Choi Taek feels so desirable whenever Mi Na around him, its like she truly there to hundred percents support him. And, when there's a second lead man approaching, name Jun So, Mi Na suddenly start make things awkward.Choi Taek found whenever Jun So appeared, Mi Na decided to go with him. But, when Jun So is not there, Choi Taek felt like Mi Na really treat him like her fiance or future husband like she knows how to handle things that he needs. Yet, Jun So recently appeared and drag her away from him.Choi Tae…

Strange Verse

I hate Alien. Everyone knows that. Yet, I just didn't know if my life would turn upside down and became an alien itself.

We're going out to the town. The place where we're going is the old town. But, before we're going, me and my aunt went shopping to the mall first. While at the mall, I met my old friends. They're also going to the old town. What I didn't realize, there's his brother, Moth. Moth came to see me and ask me if I like to go back home with him. I told him I was with my aunt but then my aunt said she had to go to somewhere else. It's pretty awkward but at the end, I went home with Moth and my old friends.

Then, it's obvious, I'm going to the old town with them, too.

The old town was really cold but then they said it's not going to be snowy tonight. Then we're hanging out at it's cinema. Funny thing, we came too early in the morning because that's the first place we saw as a place to hang out in the town. We waited ou…


So I met this guy.
We met at church.
He's not my type.
We talked.
Suddenly he realized I answered all his questions.
Then he changed.
He's my type.
We lived in a great house.
The street seemed really dangerous.
My dad brought me home.
I was afraid my sister would walk across the street.Well, I didn't remember much.
It was comforting dream.
Like I have a great life.