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Do you know why it's hard to say goodbye? Because we afraid if our memories might not be able to remember them, rightly. The fact is, goodbye means good. No matter how hard.
~Aurora Esterlia

Different Choices

Phoenix Andrea was a nerd girl with long straight yellow hair. People used to call her a shy girl. She supposed to be a smartest girl but the bullying environment killed that thing. So, she never put her expectation to be the girl on top. She never sorry. She chose to let it be. She was 17 years old. Her sweet seventeen birthday party was great. Her family was all there and made the party nailed it. But, she didn't have any friends come by. She never worry. She chose to keep it to herself. She was 21 years old. Every girl deserves one time to get a boyfriend. She met Copper M. Copper was graduated from business school. He once met Phoenix on this night club, a fancy homecoming party. Phoenix was drunk and she's becoming changed crazy and open. Copper saw her beauty and he introduced himself to her. Copper was the only man who really loved her. Things changed. Copper taught her about be a woman with style and the personality of confident. Phoenix started to be a real woman. Co…

Go Away, Darling!

Teyes Hangen seorang ahli elektronik dan membuat tiga A.I. cewek dan dua A.I. cowok seumuran dgn dia.  Tiga A.I. cewek itu: Bibien Elle, Molka Moír, dan Lieke Viet.  Dua A.I. cowok itu: Qugu Jiers dan Pipp Rupert.
Rex Swann saingan Teyes Hangen, suka malu dengan hasil karyanya karena selalu gagal.  Ia juga punya satu A.I. tapi dia tidak tahu cewek atau cowok, ia sangat cantik tapi suara dan badannya sangat maskulin, Maze Tevon. 
Tiga manusia jatuh cinta dengan A.I.-A.I. ini, yaitu, Dame Elson, seorang pemegang saham terbesar, ia melakukan segala cara untuk mendapatkan segalanya, termasuk melegalkan hubungannya dengan Bibien Elle.  Sitar Grains, ia diselingkuhi oleh kekasihnya, Todd Francis dengan A.I. Molka Moír, karena itu ia anti dengan A.I.  Ada juga Marine Dans seorang artis theater cinta lokasi dengan A.I. Qugu Jiers yang merupakan A.I. berprogram aktor. 
Namun ada juga kisah cinta antara dua A.I. yaitu Lieke Viet dengan Maze Tevon. 
Diantara mereka masuk Aaron Abe yang memberik…

Another Past: Part II

"Close you eyes," Gwenda told me and she gave me Shea's last vision.
Her last vision. It was hard to tell. I saw Gwenda from Shea's sight. She was at the top of the cliff. She was crying and shouted, "You can make it, Shea! You can make it!" Shea was climbing the cliff as the rocks around her started fall down. Gwenda was trying so hard to reach Shea's hand.
And, later, they'd made it. Shea grabbed Gwenda's hand.
"I got you," Gwenda said.
"I'm sorry." Shea was spoken. I thought she couldn't speak.
Later, Shea showed her wounds, around the chest, it was her heart.

I can feel her hurted, suddenly. And that vision got blurred when Shea fell into Gwenda arms.

"What was it?" I asked.
"Her last moment with me. We're on the escape from The Whaledome ship. We're about to go up to the surface. But, she's not even look the sun rise. She's just gone." Gwenda mourned.
"Will you gone, too?…

High School Story : MY STORY

I put the school as Raerst School as the Prep Leader named Raerst

Then, I made myself as an artist major student in that school.

I was dating Sherlock/Sam because I thought a jock major student was awesome!

We were hanged out with a group. I called them, "A BAND"

And, we both decided to change a look. Pace came with us, because he has this Prep sense. SO MAKE OVER!!!

Then, we were breakup. I had no idea, but the app gave me the reason.

And, I was dating Tom, a nerd major student.

Lego Movie or How To Train Your Dragon 2 for Golden Globe???


Mockingjay Part. I : Review "Divine Acts from Both Stars"

Most of reviews that I read saying that "This is not a good one", they were all just jumped straight to that conclusion without being noticed what The Hunger Games Trilogy all means.

I was watching the movie with my 24 friends that most of them not a fan of Hunger Games. And they all love to see the upcoming Part II. They enchanted with the materials of the drama side, the great acting from Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson, then the unrequited love side of Gale, and the dramatize of District 13 movement against President Snow, where from two previous movies we got the whole pack of the game-action and not all my friends really done watching those two either.

But, it's really a huge experience, I mean, to see if a movie is great or not, and me as a fan of the movie/book to see "normal-people" were pleased with the movie, well, I know this is it. Well, in my opinion, I was kind-of disappointed. The angle of several shots seem indie-movie. Then, there's …

Favorite Boys: Everyone's Favorite

Well, my review based on their movies.

1. Anton Yelchin

I have no idea why he never got a chance, at least, nominated by Oscar/Golden Globe awards. He's extremely smart and great actor. So talented. I watched his films since Star Trek and I was like, "Is he smart or something? Ah! Charlie Bartlett!" He's so adorable and ever since, I found his all movies kind of really smart,too. And, so easy to watch. Like Fierce People, The Beaver, Like Crazy, Fright Night, Delivering Milo, Terminator Salvation, Only Lovers Left Alive, Odd Thomas, then Memoirs of Teenage Amnesiac. He is like, "He knows how to act. And his tears, that's heart-moved. I always got something about his movies. Like, I learned something." That's true. And, I did some research, it seems he also be favor from actresses. Why? These awesome First Class young stars already have movies with him:

a. Jennifer Lawrence
Her first with Anton was Like Crazy. And, I was like, "Felicity Jones wa…

Prediction is all about what do you really want to win!


Tears of Admirers: Jessica Lee, The Liar Model

Bernard Grant was all alone in the hospital. He heard the news of Bibien Elle's real body had been found. Bernard Grant knew the police will come to get him again, he looked into the big window, the hospital, his room had a view straight to Maire Lake. Bernard Grant suddenly heard someone talking from behind, as if she really there.

"Is she dead, my love?"
"Yes, Jessica. She's dead."
"But, did you do it?"
"I don't know, anymore. Was she dead because of me or someone else?"

Bernard looked back and there's no one there. He's all alone. Suddenly, the door was open and police officers came to him. Bernard started to shock and he opened the window, ready to jump. The nurse screamed. Seconds later, Caleb arrived and beg him to not jump.

"Mr. Grant, please."
"This is my choice. I'm gonna do it."
"What Bibien Elle would see if you do that?"
"I will meet her, there! A place better for both…