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Do you know why it's hard to say goodbye? Because we afraid if our memories might not be able to remember them, rightly. The fact is, goodbye means good. No matter how hard.
~Aurora Esterlia

BATMAN V SUPERMAN: Sense for Being Smart

Some people reacted with how the dumbest thing about BATMAN V SUPERMAN wants to sound smart.

Well, I want to watch a film that makes me giggled for how hacks of cinema arts are all over the place and makes me think how my hobbies like reading old books, watching old movies, remembering favorite old songs, and loving the past artists and characters becomes worth it. 

The most odd thing is people hated when BATMAN V SUPERMAN mostly took out many comic book references to each scene, each line, and each shot. They put it as a movie too lazy to develop, a parody of cleverness and cultivation. Most people go to cinemas are not always a comic book nerds or movie nerds and came from any aspects of department. They not love films like the way we do, the way I do. But for me by that definition, they think as:

Superhero movies can't be a parody of cleverness and cultivation. Well, this is perfectly wrong. 
"A parody" means its fun. "Cleverness" means smart. "Cultivation&qu…

MoS and BvS: Point of View from Movie Nerd

Superman not live around 80s anymore. Superman is now. 
It's very modern drama rather than to put it's just a superhero movie. People seem doesn't agree with their new Superman becoming realist. Maybe they think their Superman as real god. Then, there some things that the film put the issue in it, they blame that idea because the film put too much religious issue on it. Some people think Zack Snyder put his Watchmen point of view to their superhero film. 
But for me, the idea was amazing. It crafted very great modern drama and makes us to learn a movie as a single film. People see their superhero as a new chapter and that was interesting. We learn of his new suit and we earn how Superman raised as Clark Kent from his adopted parents. We learn what he actually do before he becoming Superman. Well, in the storyline, he met Lois Lane as both works together in Daily Planet, Metropolis. But, in here things change. Lois Lane dragged Superman out from his hiding. By that means, its …