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Do you know why it's hard to say goodbye? Because we afraid if our memories might not be able to remember them, rightly. The fact is, goodbye means good. No matter how hard.
~Aurora Esterlia


I feel hungry
But I don't want to eat
I am thirsty
But no drink please

Slowly I turn back
Make sweet posing
Thought you might like
How you'd capture me

Someone like you
Falling to me
Awkward and raw
Troubled and hurt

This is how I want to be
Encourage me please
Tell me I need to be here
and you belong to me

Around Girl: The Red Shoes

Kram was walking to Day. Day was surrounded by people around this garden party. Kram brought a plate of food and helping Day to fix the table. They both were really happy. Being normal couple, that’s what happened between Kram and Day. That’s the way Jow Marlace could help Day out from her misery. Day forgot about Avengers and everything. Again. Day was helping Kram on his open house party. Kram is back to the stage and joining a new ballet show, Red Shoes. It’s a story of how a girl really loves her new red dancing shoes and suddenly the shoes put her to keep dancing until someone decided to chop her feet. Day seemed really happy and she’s continue her passion on cooking and make desserts. This is her catering works. Meanwhile, whenever Day found Jow around her, she actually decided to leave all her doings and start to chat with Jow. Actually, it puts everyone in wonder. Who’s actually Day really love? Kram or Jow? It happened again. Jow came and greetings Kram. Day was still not seein…

Another World: End Monology

Ben asked Shea to reach his hand because she was hanging with only one hand and about to fall to cliff, "Take my hand." 
Shea couldn't. Ben knew her heart and he was begging rebuke her thought,  "I am not going to leave you. I am not giving up. Take my hand,  Shea! Don't you given up on us." "I am scared." "Don't be scared," He cried, "Please." Shea looked up to Ben's facial face. He was struggling to get her holding up with his own weight. "Just go,  Ben!" She shouted, "Stop saving me.. " Shea closed her eyes and she was about losing her grip.  "No,  don't go...! " Ben threw himself and caught Shea's body. Ben luckily didn't fall, it was just half of his body and from waist to feet were all got strength at the surface. He put all the efforts to pull Shea up. He is about to wake her up so then, Ben also came in to their own world.  "Our world is crumbling,  Ben." They were s…