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Do you know why it's hard to say goodbye? Because we afraid if our memories might not be able to remember them, rightly. The fact is, goodbye means good. No matter how hard.
~Aurora Esterlia

The Scientist: "I had to find you"

I could hear the call was on the line, "Abby! Baby, it's me! Darling, I am sorry, I miss..."
"This is on, Tom!" I heard her reply, she seemed surprise, "What should I say?"  "What...?" I didn't know what she's talking about, until I heard my own voice. "Baby, Darling, the supper's ready." I remembered that. Abby never made voice mail before. She asked me for help. She was in the bedroom, I came to her. "What is it?" I asked. "What should I say for the voice mail greeting?" She looked at me and I just giggled, held the laugh, her face kept in wonder. "Is that what you call it, the greeting?" I could hear the voice I was sitting on the bed next to her, "Just tell it like you couldn't answer my call." "Oh, alright," She just right away saying, "I'm sorry, Abby is not here. Please hang up the phone." "That's when you mad at me, Abby. you can't…

If You Listen

People always misunderstand with what I just said. They turned into against me, usually. But, the only person who still want to be with me, was Tessa. I'm having a relationship with Tessa, sweet girl, since we're on high school. But, it was that night, after I finished my whole week busy bussines trip at work, it's been two or three weeks I was in Egypt, struggling with politic problems, I've finally got a ticket to back home. All of the horror things I just experienced in Egypt, the only person I just remember was Tessa, my girl. I believed it supposed to be the right night to purpose her. I guess it's our 10th anniversary.
"I want to tell you something, Tessa." There I said it after I paused the conversation about 10 minutes. I looked into her eyes, she was looking at me since before I did. "I don't like it." She said, "Your bussines trip, I don't like it. I can't bear it if you're going to say something but I don't h…

Wishful Thinking: Fiction

"When you love a fiction, it seems like you wish you could be at least one of the part in that fiction.""Your life means very depressful, I guess?" "Yes, it must be. But it also because you have a great imagination mind." "One of the closer answer." "So you better not reading fiction?" "You will be a very dreamer and addicted. People will see you as a lazy person. You become very delusional that you wish there's a real person like the one in the fiction you read." "You've been in that time. And you're addicted. Suddenly people judging you with what the expression you made because of the fiction you just read." "You can read anything you want." "Also people can say anything they want to say." "Yes! Then, suddenly they will say that you're too much to talk about fiction as a grown-up person." "Really? Who do they think they are? Grown-up people?" "Had a job. Facing a …

The Scientist: "You don't know how lovely you are."

I walked in the crowd, I don't think they're really coming here to celebrate my birthday. Most of them are my parents social partners. Well, if tonight is my birthday, at least I should look very happy about it. My parents never forgot about my birthday. They're actually a happy couple. Rich and happy couple. Rare but I love it. I just stood up besides them to greet all the guests. Not many that I knew, but if they're father best friends, I knew them like they all are my step-uncles. This smiling needed to stop. After two hours of standing, I finally sit. Enjoying the event actually a great thing to me. Just like when I was at the bar, random people come and go, but they're enjoying my trumpet performance. My sidejob. It's more relaxing rather than being inside the laboratory all the time. "Abby, where's your boyfriend?" asked Mother. "I believe he's on the way, Mama. He is so exciting to meet you." Tom was really exciting to meet Mad…

My Favorite Korea Drama #Chart (so far until 2013)

If you are wondering what kind of drama that I would love to calling it as "favorite", well, it seems like the needs of you to watch new box office hollywood movie on cinema or the way you just sit down like so most comfortable of you when you get the most softest of bed and blanket. Or when you just can not miss a single news of your role model idol, and the last, (this is just exactly classified my habbit), whenever the drama being re-running, however busy I will be, I'll sit nicely and watch it without denial, show my #FANDOM face! ;) 
Let's get started 1. Rooftop Prince (watch it and prepare for the awesomeness!) 2. You are Beautiful (I'm Jang Geun Seok fans and FT Island fans. CN BLUE songs also AWESOME!) 3. Tamra, The Island (the idea of this drama is make you want to be the main girl on it!) 4. Operation Proposal (it's 5 more awesome than the japanese had) 5. Bad Guy (I LOVE IT!!!!)

Yeah, so far that's it. Do you guys want to see others down list? 6. Princ…

The Scientist: "Tell you, I'm sorry"

"You not trust me, we should break up." That was the last time I talked to her. Abby was not my girlfriend anymore. But, guess what, she is the partner of my best man, Rover. Rover, he always works at the apartment, our apartment. It means, no matter what, Abby would always be at the apartment.  "Tom, is there no any chance so both of you get back together?" Rover asked, this night, while three of us has dinner at the apartment, Rover asked Abby to join it, "Working with her while she is under pressure thrilling me. She always listens this rock song, and suddenly she knows what to do. I said things and she has done things. Now, I wonder if she no need to get back with you. I'm sorry, Tom." Rover drank the wine. "She is the scientist. She is professional. She doesn't need me to be great at work, Rover." I said. "No, no. Of course, not. That was what I just said, Tom. But, she is becoming like a robot, no feelings." "What d…

The Scientist: "Come up to see you"

Tom and I, Rover William, are the scientists. Or maybe it is just me. I used to help the doctors and the military to solve the mystery of sicknesses. Tom Deans, he was the bodyguard of me, he use to be the combat person at the war field. Later, he just finished his duty and spend the rest of his life with drinking, until he saved me from the shots from the old sniper. We were buddies, so until he just needs another company in his life, a girl. I used to hate the plan. He was my sidekick and usual, the girlfriend thing always ruining the fun of our teamwork. Whether they're trying to be smart or put themselves into troubles and cry begging their lives to be saved. Tom usually saved them, I am just watching. Now, I'm feeling bad.  "Tom, I know you are trying to be good to me because I'm just very special nerd that you always protect me but I did repay you with messing your personal life."  "What do you want, Rover?" "I will take you to this bar and …

Draft: Kuliah Jarak Jauh, Bagus Ga Ya?

FOKAL EDISI AGUSTUS 2013: Keuntungan dan Problematika Kuliah Online | Fokal - Faktual, Objektif dan Kontekstual via @fokaldotinfo
(ini draftnya)
Berhubungan dengan tema bulan Agustus sebagai bulan kemerdekaan rakyat Indonesia, baik kita jangan menutup mata. Pendidikan di Indonesia saat ini cenderung membutuhkan biaya yang sangat mahal dan pemerintah masih belum bisa menyelesaikan permasalahan anak-anak yang putus sekolah. 
Kemerdekaan bagi rakyat Indonesia bukan sekedar terbebas dari penjajahan, tapi juga terpenuhinya hak dan kewajiban sebagai masyakat secara penuh dari negara yang pada akhirnya menaikkan derajat dan martabat manusia. Khususnya dalam pendidikan, kebutuhan terpenting dalam manusia selama hidup ialah belajar, bukan?
Mari kita melihat salah satu solusi dari Pemerintah untuk menyelenggarakan pendidikan yang merata di Indonesia.
Adakah muda-mudi tahu mengenai pendidikan judulnya, “Kuliah Jarak Jauh?”…

Stronger Than Mind

Two faces, I hate this villain from Batman comic series. The Two Faces put me to hate the burning face of a man. Well, I was supposed to be that kind of guy. The surgery made me even forgot that I used to be like Harvey Dent, remarkable. For six months, I was afraid of my own face, later my face is returned. After the surgery and the hospitality, I was awarded by the country. I'm becoming a great public figure on this town. The warrior from the Iraq war and failed to finish the mission completed. The mission is successful. I saved the catalyst, but not my friends. I killed them, one by one. I did not deserve any medals. "What are you thinking about?" Violet asked. "My friends. One by one. Jack Ross, the fisherman. Mary Andrews, the navigator. Braise Moth, the photographer. Little Ben, the soldier. And, the person I've never met before, yet not remember." "You had a head injury, my love. You will remember him, soon." "No. I won't remember…

Chapter IV: The Breaking Up

It is my chapter story about one of my short stories in I do love this chapter because for the whole of my life, I do want to make the breaking up story. It seems like my challenge, because I've never experienced it before. So basically, it was inspired by one of the movie scenes. #teehee.

It is the story about a girl named Rain. She has a relationship for two years with her colleague, Adam. But, one day, Adam met Bonita, his first love and his first broken heart. So he made her pay. He did not want to hurt Rain, so he let her cheating, too, with his beloved friend, Sam. At the time of the edge, Adam lost his mother and he became heartless. He knew his revenge would go no where with Bonita, while he looked at Sam and Rain, they are meant to be together. He was in breakdown, so he hurt Rain's heart by made she found him with Bonita on one night.
2014, December 29th

        "You said you love me." Bonita shouted in the middle of the pouring rain. "You sa…

Breakfast Tea

Last time. I couldn't get asleep. I was walking through the whole streets around the city. I never thought this time, it failed to get me exhausted. This insomnia. I was just buying many snacks while waiting the morning in McD. God blessed 24 hours fast food restaurant. I got out of the place and arrived at my apartment, 6 AM. In the morning. There, I slept.
I woke up again last night, at 6 PM. I tried to clean all things. I got a headache. I just walked out to the pharmacy. This girl asked me if she could be the help for tonight, and I said I was sick. So, she gave me the migraine medicine. I drank it, there I just suddenly fell asleep again. Until, now. I was hungry, at 5 AM, just walked through the street look for something to eat.
"You found me at this cafe." She smiled. "Yes. Well, I believe that's all I can say about me." suddenly the waitress just came with our both plates.  "Three French Toast with bacons, and Chicken Salads." said the wa…