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Do you know why it's hard to say goodbye? Because we afraid if our memories might not be able to remember them, rightly. The fact is, goodbye means good. No matter how hard.
~Aurora Esterlia

Episode 5: Witness

Jake was looking at the house with so many polices and investigators went in and out. He’s holding his phone. He didn’t know who might he had to call. He not know yet who’s Ann’s parents. Or even, when he’s so sad, if he has to call someone? “Sir,what’s happening?” Barn actually brave enough to come forward to Jake. “Wha...” Jake realized Barn was not familiar. “Did something happen to Miss Ann Amber?” Barn asked. “Yes.” Said Jake briefly, “Someone broke her house and all the furnitures were wrecked. Something happened. Ann was not in home.” “I am sorry.” Suddenly an investigator came to them and asking Barn, “Who are you?” “I’m Miss Ann Amber’s neighbor. I saw someone. I didn’t know if that someone could do such a thing.” “You saw someone?” asked the investigator. “Since yesterday. It’s an old VW. The car kept waiting in front of her house. I followed him.” “How he looks?” asked Jake. Barn was there since the first evening Flynn’s car arrived across Ann’s house. Barn was not really aware of i…

Episode 4: Safe and Sound

Ann was walking on the central park on a day. The water falls there, birds flew around and kids, motherhood, people walk by. Ann just wearing jeans, boots, and nice clean white button shirts. Prada glasses and LV hand bag. She’s so natural. With leather bracelets and leather watch. Then pink jeans cap.
“Ann?” there’s Flynn. His best blue collar and a tie. Very formal. “Hi, Flynn.” Ann strangely hugged him because that’s what assistant gesture always do. Flynn brought the pink roses, “For you.” Ann really loved pink roses, “Thank you.” They end up to sit the edge of water falls stones because Ann didn’t want to be personal or private meeting. “I miss you.” Said Flynn. “Really?” Ann kept her black glasses, “How? You’re suppose to hate me.” “No. I never hate you. I never.” “Well, that’s a relieve.” Ann smiled behind that glasses, “So, how’s life?” Flynn didn’t bring his engagement ring, “I work in Government Laboratorium about Earthquake.” “Great.” “I saw you on magazine credits.” “ that’s how…

In Backstage

A great stadium facing a theater stage.
And me was in the backstage.
Behind the curtain waiting for show time.
I turned, look back to find a sit down.
sitting with my team, try to keep calm.
Later, I found someone I've met once.

It's Abbott.
He's here.
I was over-joy.
Abbott didn't recognize as I never want him to.
Then, there's next to me, Tamara.
Abbott knows her.

Maybe she's another cousin?
Of course not. Tamara is Ted Jr.'s cousin.

I'm with Ted Jr.
Ted convinced me to join the show.
Me like: "Heck, I'm not singer or artist. I'm just your all manager."
I'm their manager for this show time.

Well, Suddenly, Abbott came to Tamara.
Hiding myself and drawn to close to Ted.
Ted is rehearsal singing a score.
So, I decided to hymn the notes.
"You're so not good."
Ted ruined my disguise.

Well, Tamara laughed by over-heard it.
Then,me and Abbott caught to one another.

I didn't know what to do.
I just smiled to him.
I couldn't read his reaction.

Episode 3: Anonymous

Ann and Jake became closer and closer as they open up about their attraction to one another. Ann and Jake, that’s such a nice things if it puts on wedding invitation. Ann’s best friend, Dame, she works as freelancer, 23 years old. Dame was from mathematic major and she just got a wrong place to work. That’s what people said but not for Dame herself. Dame has great in graphic design. Dame always got inspiration from Ann’s blog. Dame was the one who put that idea. Marrying Jake Webb.
“You’re 25 years old, Ann. I mean what’s waiting you?” said Dame, “Pardon my brag but it’s logic.” “And how about you?” asked Ann. They both were in Dame’s desk, Dame can do a multi-task as she designed a template for main article of this month issue. Pink and blue pastel. Ann helped Dame with sometimes Dame put too large font size. She’s not even from journalist major. “Right, right. I’m not interest with man,” it shocked Ann, she started to drag her rolling-chair away from Dame, but Dame turned around, “yet.…

Episode 2: Stepping Stone

Ann is waking up, forget everything while Jake took care of her for the whole weekend. On the next Friday, Jake on his desk found Guinevere port folio. He chose her for his project to Ann’s column. Ann also loved Guinevere. Guinevere was so relieved she got big stepping stone from Jake and Ann. Entirely Ann said it’s all about marketing, for later Jake and Ann will publish their fashion blog website. So, the plan is to make a newcomer rising star. Then for the reply, they will gain fame from Hype Fab Magazine and ask them to spread positive vibes for their name. Guinevere said, sure. Things went pretty great for the whole a week and they shooting in Hype Fab office. People saw the beauty of Guinevere and how she representing faces of people behind the work tables of Hype Fab. Even the Fashion Editor greeted her. It was all great. On fourth day, Flynn was making a surprise dating dinner on their place and Guinevere was so glad. It ended on great romantic bedtime. Until suddenly as they s…