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Do you know why it's hard to say goodbye? Because we afraid if our memories might not be able to remember them, rightly. The fact is, goodbye means good. No matter how hard.
~Aurora Esterlia

Black Widow

In my dream, I am working in this building. It's really like a normal building, people trying to make an effort with their own job desk. The walls and the lights were very light and white, but it will always be a shed of shadow, because it's a dream.
Until, suddenly people were asking to throw all the papers we've been working on and destroy all of them, like it's simply because no one should find them.

I was thinking, this company might be a very secret company. Why am I here?
You know when your dream is just  vivid imagination.
Later, I've already in this party. A big long dinner table. I was running from other room where I hold a paper and a pen. I ran to one of person who's sitting with a black evening gown, so glamour and beautiful.
And, when I sat next to her, I asked, "Help me to fix what's wrong?"

It was Black Widow. Scarlett Johansson.
I was like, "What?" but I couldn't talk. I startled in my own dream but, it was like a di…


Wallord walks through the hidden forest, reaching for the end of it. Behind him, there's Carmel.
"I have a feeling, Wallord."
"What feeling?"
"I'm about giving up."
"I'm about, too."
"But, this feeling is different. I don't think I can make it."
Wallord stops. He look back to Carmel.
"What is it?"
"I don't think I can make it. And even I can make it, I don't think I'll stay with you."
"I don't have as much courage as you."
"I will always next to you. You're going to make it, no matter what."
"I don't want it."
"A feeling will rotten you. Get over it."
"It's okay if I have to die, Wallord."
"Stop it!"
"I'm giving up. I won't walk anymore."
"I don&#…

She's Not Over with Him

Sharon got a boyfriend named Patrick.
Merrick got a girlfriend named Lola.
Patrick and Lola suddenly had an affair.
Sharon forgave Patrick but turns out she's really sad.
Merrick met Sharon in the bar.
When they realized, them both are working together in one project tour.
Turns out Merrick is really a bad boy.
He's drunk, home late, losing temper, and a rebel for politics.
Sharon's family is rolling government.
Well, things went rough when Merrick found Sharon always help him out.
Sharon missed Patrick so much so she starts to make Merrick like he's her boyfriend.
Merrick didn't like her so he asked her to stay away from him.
Patrick and Lola even got engaged.
So, when Patrick found Sharon still sad about it, Sharon kind of feel embarrassing.
Merrick saw Sharon turned her life upside down.
Merrick then for some reasons, help Sharon.
Well, Sharon start to embrace that kind of feeling, she likes Merrick.
Merrick didn't know what to do.
Then, Sharon starts to f…

Right Earring

Sarah Donna is going to a masquerade  ball.
She was meeting a sick cold girl named Mariette Poles.
Sarah Donna was introducing Mariette to a new boy name Finn Joyce.
Finn is in love with Sarah Donna for the first time.
Mariette never met an honest guy like Finn.
Every time Mariette wants to see Finn, Sarah Donna arrange for them.
Every time Finn wants to see Sarah, Mariette is his only reason.
Sarah Donna believes if one day she can be like Mariette, love at the first sight.
On Finn's birthday, it's really sweet how Sarah made Finn and Mariette gets the first dance.
But, the more Finn realized how much Sarah wants him to choose Mariette and how Mariette really loves her, Sarah cried how she found there's the man really loves her but now, he has choose someone else.
On the wedding of Finn and Mariette, Sarah Donna decided to leave after the party.
Sarah Donna is going to a piano resital.
She was falling in love with a musician, Conrad Thomson.
Conrad found Sarah just the s…

Jurassic World, My Time

The best thing about Jurassic World (2015) was @NickJnRobinson, the old brother who seems really handsome and very good in act. I felt he acts like Dean Winchester, all his dialog in this movie really meant something. I do believe if there's another sequel (which will not), surely he got to be there. He delivers a really great character. Also his young brother. I know this movie is going to be so great because Bryce Dallas Howard is in it. She is my favorite actress. She is amazing in every single movie she had. I watched all of her movies and they are all memorable. And this time, she's amazing. On the trailer, my most favorite scene about her was when she said, "Run!" And definitely the trailer give us a very different point of thoughts of what's the story of that scene might be. I watched it and it turns out very different than what I thought. The trailer was amazing and I can tell you that  the trailer really not tell any of the real plot at all. The scene …

The Rulers: Big Three

Ferris Trace His adopted parents own technology corporation. Personality: Optimist, Genius, Funny, Forgiving Weakness: Wanda Darlings, hopeless romantic, easily trust
Wanda Darlings Secretary of Trace Corp. Ferris girlfriend since childhood. Personality: Manage, Logic, Revenue Weakness: Be fake Wanda Vladd The real of Wanda Darlings. Personality: evil, vicious, fast Weakness: Killing animals Ruben "Ruby" McPauls Gardenist and Mixologist Personality: down to earth, charisma, quiet, do action rather than talk Weakness: Fire and smoke/fog Roosevelt "Rose" McPauls A kid from Ruby's step-sister. Personality: Confident, always tell the truth Weakness: Still a kid. Jessie Blake CASANOVA in high school life and high society. His adopted parents are Broker and Real Estate Owners. Personality: Cold, party animal, still genius Weakness: His parents and Shante Xu as his girlfriend.
Shante Xu. An Asian girl who follows her grandmother steps as a WITCH. Be accused as the successor of the great witch. …

Avatar for Troubles Lovin' Her Series

Kim Seul Bi A feminime girl, so soft personality and quiet girl Kim Soo Joo She puts some of weights and try to keep things different from she used to as Kim Seul Bi Song Han Seul Full of confident and a charm person Choi Tae Jun Seriously attractive Park Dong Ha Before he enters to KaYu Books Publisher Good boy, totally nerd cool person Park Dong Ha Aftermath. Obsession to get into politics of Printing,Books, and Headlines Moon Na Ra Pretty woman who will do everything for gets her to the top Nal Da Rim A worker in KaYu Books Publisher Gothic girl, loves mystery, and keep guessing about the ghostwriter Lee Sam Gu/Song Han Seul

Interpretation of counterfeiting and pirated goods in TRIPS against ACTA