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Do you know why it's hard to say goodbye? Because we afraid if our memories might not be able to remember them, rightly. The fact is, goodbye means good. No matter how hard.
~Aurora Esterlia

If I Knew Him

It's Not Just A Movie The train and long hours to keep awake. Well, it's not easy. The air conditioner on this train was really cold so I decided to hid all my head to toes with this grey free blanket from the service. I read this book. This kinda book tells about characters who are trying to get inside of the book. It's the second book of trilogy. I read the first book seven years ago and I didn't know how the moment now I read the sequel, these characters felt like I still remember all of them clearly. Which is not true. I forgot almost all the plot of the first book but I just trying to get it whenever I found a new character and it was saying that the character actually already being told on the first book. Kinda naive. But, every page I turned it's still enchanting me the same I was read it's first book seven years ago. I really love the author. She's genius. In every chapter of the book, same exactly like the first book, there's this quote from anot…

Henry and Aurora: Alternate Life

Henry and Aurora: Alternate Life
Every night, Aurora was walking through her terrace of apartment, using her telescope just to search the star she’s looking for. Then, she will be sit and somehow she will end up sleep until she feeling cold,woke up, and gets inside. Aurora loves to sleep on the center of her bed, wall of pillows around her, and thick puffy bed cover. With that, she can sleepby a second. “What’s your problem, Ezra?” asked Henry. “Man! She is beautiful girl with sad daily life ever! She has different girl friend every single week!” “She’s gay prot?” “No, for god sakes!” Ezra eating his cheese snacks, “Actually, I don’t know.” “Why?” “She’s actually never do any further than just invites her girl friend, doing make up, chat, and cooking. Mostly, telling their problems, mad at her, shouting, and made her cried, or she back mad at her, it’s like gay.” “So, she’s gay?” “No. I follow her social media. Facebook, twitter, google+, and instagram. She’s actually having tumblr and path! No…