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Do you know why it's hard to say goodbye? Because we afraid if our memories might not be able to remember them, rightly. The fact is, goodbye means good. No matter how hard.
~Aurora Esterlia

Changing (A Flipping Card)

Every story has antagonist and protagonist characters. In cards, each card can be good or bad card to one another. Every time the card being flip, then just like gambling, we just have to pick. Geya was Gein's identical twin. But when they were young, their parents split and divorced. Geya went with her mother. While Gein with her father. A mother survived and being a famous fashion magazine's editor. But a father, with lots of debts, the father had lots of enemies. Geya lives with prosperity while Gein lives with poverty. But in no matter what, the identical twins will have the strong feeling to one another. For Gein, she will ever find Geya to kill her. While, for long time, Geya ever feel that her soulmate just missing that if she ever find it, she will live with it happy ever after. While their father died because of the murderer, their mother married with the man who killed their father, just in coincidence. And, it hurts Gein herself. For Gein, she will do everything to…


We were at the labyrinth. Many people were in, too. I just afraid if my face being found. So, I put on a helmet. I walked around that labyrinth, things really blurred but, something stopped me and I found that person. That person, from far away just wore black suit, short hair, white-skinned, and had a high body. When I was just wore childish suit. That person seemed looking someone, while I kept hiding behind a wall near him. That person seemed I knew from long ago. Or maybe, I wish if I know that person. Then, that person stopped from looking and waited. In my mind, why was he stopping? Then, I realized, that person found me. I just right away walked away. With this helmet, that person would not recognize me. It's really fine, even though it's just for seconds to look from far away, I'm grateful. But, that person followed me and caught me, instantly, turned my back. That person smiled, "Why you run away with my helmet?"
Now, I remember that helmet is his. He…

Heavy Air

It's my last time, bad dream.

Me and this Old Town. It's like an empty road but a big one, I was standing in the lobby and watched the street. And, behind me, someone's coming. I turned around and someone asked me to come into a lift. He came out, then came in. He came out again, then came in again. He awaits me to come in. Then, I walked finally to the lift and the lift went up levels.

Arrived at the level. He asked me to clean the whole place. The mop, water, and he seemed very good in cleaning room. He's so busy, but I kept staring at him. Until he seemed tired and rest for a while. I came to him right away. I don't know but I just want to talk with him. I didn't remember what were all this about, our conversation. But, he seemed enjoy it. Me, too.

Because I'm so tired, I walked to a rest place. It's actually a white building, with two levels. Then, when I got in, there's this small guest room, and I can see an indoor-fence, at the second level.…

About It

I hate it.
A thing without explanations and tortured me without warnings.
I hate it.
For some reasons I should listen but when I won't, they starts hurting me.
I hate it.
To be care without reasons, but when I ask for help they playing with words.
What is this thing called?To leave them behind made them sad.
Is this because I'm someone for them?Well, now, I know, it just never treat the same sweet word used promise before. A pitiful, like I do.

The Forgotten Card

"Kartu memiliki gambarnya masing-masing. Semua memiliki perannya masing-masing. Dalam satu putaran permainan, pasti tidak semua kartu dibagikan. Ketika kartu itu dibuka maka kartu itu memulai permainannya. Namun, bagi kartu yang telah dibuang, kartu itu tidak lagi berguna meski telah dibuka. Ada kalanya, kartu itu memiliki keuntungan yang besar memenangkan suatu permainan namun juga menjadi kartu yang harus disembunyikan keberadaan karena jika ketahuan, maka pemilik kartu harus menerima kekalahan. Biasanya kartu-kartu seperti itu dikeluarkan di paling akhir.

"Untuk menjadi kartu yang dibuka paling terakhir, kartu itu harus menunggu waktu yang tepat untuk digunakan. Saat yang memang ditunggu untuk dibuka. Namun, jika waktu itu tidak pernah datang maka kartu itu tidak akan pernah dibuka, meski sudah dipegang sekalipun. Ia tidak berada ditumpukan kartu, ia hanya perlu dibuka, namun tidak pernah terbuka.

"Untuk menjadi kartu yang dibuka paling terakhir, terkadang juga sang…