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Do you know why it's hard to say goodbye? Because we afraid if our memories might not be able to remember them, rightly. The fact is, goodbye means good. No matter how hard.
~Aurora Esterlia


"Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock" as the tongues keep sing about.
"All the mads and lost of lies" as the heads start storming out.
"Missing someone who had gone" as the truth was hard to howl.
"Was it hurry for soon to come?" as the question turn back forwards.
"There's no past, only learn from times" as the journey has keep to write.

His name starts with an A, and Y to starts his last.

My Little Essay from Singapore

So, I just finished my internship report in KBRI Singapura. It's pretty amazing and boozed up my mood to feel I'm kinda ready for the work life. Well, people might not know what happened to me from the past six months. Someone kept telling me I should quit. I should quit. It's not like he really meant it, it's something like I just have to do it and I done it. Well, it's not his fault and of course it's my fault. People might not know and perhaps it's never be his suggestion but it's the challenge. I have failed.

Well, one thing I learn and I always will. They know.

So for what happened truly effecting my life. I believe in them and I trusted them as my rock. Kinda my last rock, as the meaning of friends.

Then, it's not last.Again.

Let's not say I couldn't do it. Because my experience of this internship was extraordinary.
I felt something else. Brave. Cool. Cool kids? And to be cool kids not always having many friends.

It's something you d…

Sad Rocket

I am standing around these people on the hall. We all listened the radio. Its all over the news. The mission was succeed but something terrible happened on the orbit to set the rocket back to earth. It should be four months long road, but it turns to be ten months. The radar couldn't scan the route of the rocket. Yet, the passenger has awake by the error and its not actually dangerous to him.
Yes, him. Astronaut Zach.
His smile, first time I saw him on news and how charming he was to people around him. He's my muse. I applied to NASA so I could see him, personally. NASA hired me for mathematic analyst. I was there when Zach spent his last evening on earth. No, I never really want me to be seen. He's really nice and fun person. I saw he brought his girl, I didn't care. All I cared was Zach to be saved for the launch on the next day. I worked myself with the whole preparation for the rocket and all notes, and the machine.
It's all about the machine. The machine is th…

Troubles Lovin' Her Ep. 6

The kiss, yes, the kiss. The kiss went to almost near Kim Soo Joo lips. That Kim Soo Joo actually still has a very great reflects to avoid the incoming. But, it's just Choi Tae Jun already holding her arms so she couldn't go anywhere. Everyone just look from behind Choi Tae Jun side's face, so they still thought of the kissing was done. The most odd thing was Kim Soo Joo didn't even blink and her eyes just look straight to Choi Tae Jun. Choi Tae Jun also freeze with that moment. Moon Na Ra started to reflect. She pushed Choi Tae Jun away and suddenly she slapped Kim Soo Joo. Now, that's really the first time for Kim Soo Joo, being slapped by a woman.
"How dare you!" Suddenly Lee Ga In came in and slap Moon Na Ra's head. It was a chaos, "How dare you slapping my sister, who the hell are you?" Kim Soo Joo was standing there, she's still startled with the kiss and the slap. Park Dong Ha of course helping Moon Na Ra, he grabbed Lee Ga In…