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Do you know why it's hard to say goodbye? Because we afraid if our memories might not be able to remember them, rightly. The fact is, goodbye means good. No matter how hard.
~Aurora Esterlia

Second Time

The way I feel for a second time, I'm not afraid.
I know about it, to feel your body reacts.
The first time I was sitting on this hill, full of greens.
I don't remember but the changing, same moments like the second time.
The second time I was running, someone chasing.
I didn't give up, its just I realize it was the time.
Its quiet different with the first time, though I know but never thought.
A flame is the first thing I see, and I was calm about it.
A soft beaming lights get through my body, and all become white.
The weight so lighter, I fell down and maybe its the fallen.
Yet I'm smiling and not feel any pain, I learn I'm ready.
I don't tremble of anything, I don't know what I left behind either.
My skin went different, I know how it feels funny.
The first time, I sit on the hill alone and enjoy the wind breeze.
The second time, I was flying down and like dancing on the air.
The never ending time dimension,  the peace.
The first time I was alone, now, …


"When you love someone and even though if its just make love, I guess that's love. You start by care and think to create a nice memory for once in your life. Is it easy to forget? No. You will always wish you can taste the love through the end. You wish to stay. You wish to be faithful. To be faithful, that's love."

~based on true story.

Humor Chats from Fangirl 1.0.6

SUBJECT: Oscar 2015 Reaction

I was so happy for Eddie Redmayne :')
And, also I cried like 4 times, to accept Wes Anderson didn't get a call to walk up to grab the Oscar Award of him. I was... so sad.


"Just focus on telling the story, and the technology will follow."

~ Dean DeBlois from How To Train Your Dragon 2

A Trailer: Enid's Trial

Martin cried. He's standing on outdoor and wind breezes on his face.
(It was a long seconds shot, so people seeing it turns empathy with it)
music starts: a swing violin, lonely tunes.
Martin voice (hard): It's just one day, with you.
Enid smiles. She's standing near the cliff.
(It seems like different wide and far shot, mixing so it catches Enid's beauty)
Martin voice (hard): Its worth it.
(A slowly Enid turns face, smile)
music put to the maxim notes and suddenly it gets overtuned and stopped.
A string of violin broken, followed by other strings, one by one.
(It got black background, so when the string broken, the dust spread from the string can be seen. It's also a wide shot, to feel the intense of music notes, too.)
Martin fell to the ground, it's green soil, still crying, but he feels loosing strength.
(It's an angle from down ground, so we can see his face look down)
Martin voice (hard): I miss her, so bad.

Magic Word: Aurora

I knew my name was actually one of Disney Princess, Aurora
That actually on the history, my name relates to Dawn
Dawn represents the hope of every new day
Dawn historically described by Bible
Dawn also being put as one of character in Greek mythology, was a goddess marrying human Tithonus from Troy and made him immortal but still aging that the ending turns into cricket.
Dawn suppose to be the name of Sleeping Beauty and Aurora be the daughter's name

Science: Accurately North Lights Rainbow, Aurora Borealis.

What the most enchanted moment on literatures:
Aurora being put as the last woman that Don Juan's Byron attracted to. Aurora Raby, a friend of Lady Adeline. (Which in my real life, my best friend named Adeline, too.)
Byron didn't end the story of who's Don Juan belong to, but then I found Elizabeth Barrett Browning made the other poem and successful, Aurora Leigh.
I learned both Aurora Raby and Aurora Leigh are great heroine, and I thought with the years publishin…

#Reaction for A New Alien Movie

"I thought they will just end it. Just stop my nightmare. But, it's just won't stop, would they? I will carry these nightmares, searching the safest place to live because of their nightmares. I've been running for the whole of my time life, I'm so scared and I don't know how to handle it. Until, I realize, well it's just an old movie and doesn't real. Oh, yeah? Now, why every single alien movie references from that alien? Why? I can't believe it. This is not making any sense. I'm becoming numb. I'm very cold. I'm cold. I don't know what to do. I want to scream, help! HELP! But, this is just my imagination. Why is this real? Why people love to be scared by this monster! So horrible! Don't make me! It feels like when Sam does Halt and Catch Fire thing, so horrible! I wouldn't try, even if I could. I'll just put it as the bad experiences. Let's forget about it. Let's forget about... you know what? Bring it on. Brin…


"You bet~man!"

~Tom Hanks on David Letterman.

Come Here.

Wade was noticing her with Persia. How Persia looks so idiotic in front of his friends and she started to walk to buffet. Wade didn't know where she might gone after that, but she came back again, sit next to him and Persia. Persia lingered his hand on her shoulder, and she tried her best to get that comfortable. Wade was just smiling to both of them, but then while she did nothing, Wade started it.
"How's the show?" Asked Wade.
"Sounds great." Said Marion.
"Is it?" Asked Wade.
"Maybe." Said Marion.
"Is it bad, Marion?" Asked Wade.
"Hmmm." Marion sighed.
"I don't think the girl up there quiet enjoying what she's singing about." Said Wade.
"Her voice is great, actually." Said Marion.
"Well, but she's not smiling." Said Wade.
"She's singing?" Marion explained.
"Yes, but well, she's singing and trying so hard to get that high pitch." Said Wade.

Are You Ready?

She wondered from far, but she couldn't do anything except looking at Wade and Wade smiled at her. Wade came to her and she didn't know what to do. Wade knew she's looking something else, from far. Their friends.
"So, here we are." Said Wade.
"Yes. I guess we made lots of mistakes." Said Marion.
"You're a good woman, you know. You are better than this." Said Wade.
"But I like them. I care about them." Said Marion.
"How about me?" Asked Wade.
"I care about you, too. But, it's not the same. The first time we met, we never want to go further." said Marion.
"You right. We cool about it then we keep it that way." Said Wade.
"I don't think I can stand about it." Said Marion.
"If you not with them, are we still remain as close?" Asked Wade.
"No. But, ask me another time. Maybe the answer might change." Said Marion.
"You're still funny." Said Wade.


"I though she was gonna pull it out. I never thought she would die, never, and sometimes she would grabbed my hand and look at me, stare right into my soul, and saying, 'Really? Really?', and I say if I could live as long as you're gonna live, I'd sell right now and I meant it. I thought that I would die before she did. I thought she would make it."

~Gene Wilder about Gilda Radner

Let's Cry

The truth, now, I am in ear sick, it's very painful. I want to cry but this is my second time ever since I went to see doctor, so painful. But, I was wondering about songs to represent this pain. I couldn't take it, but I still try to hold on of the pain. So, here's the songs look kind of pretty much represent the sorrow of things in this world.

1. The Hunchback of Notre Dame - Heaven's Light
2. Notre Dame de Paris - God You Made The World All Wrong
3. Phantom of The Opera - The Point of No Return
4. Moulin Rouge - El Tango de Roxanne
5. Cats Don't Dance - Tell Me Lies
6. Thumbelina - Let Me Be Your Wings
7. Peter Pan - Your Mother and Mine
8. Robin Hood - Love
9. Pocahontas - Colors of The Wind
10. Cats - Memory
11. Cinderella - So This is Love
12. Les Paraplouies De Cherbourg - I Will Wait For You
13. De Lovely - Everytime We Say Goodbye
14. Sweeney Todd - Not While I'm Around
15. John Barry - Somewhere in Time
16. Henry Mancini - Love Story
17. If Only - Ta…

Magic Word: Mel Brooks

From Mel Brooks, I found him with Spaceball, my favorite Bill Pullman comedy.
From Mel Brooks, I found how much I miss Rick Moranis.
From Mel Brooks, I found a great comedian died on the stage long ago named Dick Shawn.
From Mel Brooks, I know about Sid Caesar.
From Mel Brooks, I finally realized that these movies are great: Young Frankenstein, The Producers, Hotel Transylvania, Robin Hood: Men in Tights, and well, I don't know exactly.
From Mel Brooks, I'm interested to see Gene Wilder movies and... I found his first impression in Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory , when he greetings those kids, looks like Tom Hiddleston.

Such a red lining.


"But Charlie, don't forget what happened to the man who suddenly got everything he always wanted... He lived happily ever after."

~Willy Wonka, 1971.

1898, A Love Method

In the most warmest land with great green breeze, there's a good place called a dream.
Far far away from the most far in the world that we might found, but we might not see.
Some people said on the night time, it's the most darkest place in the world.
But, on the daylight, you will find some places like we might guess we wish there's no dark ever come.
There was a lady. She's going on an adventure. With her modest brown day gown, not attractive, but love to tell everyone, "I read many books."
She met this particular man. Obviously like a normal lad, with normal pale skin and black suit.
The man was so silent yet he tells things with his eyes. The most favorite eyes.
"Look at you," she said, "The most wonderful thing in the world, now a day."
"Where are we going?" asked the man, "You always know."
"I don't know anymore," said she, "I might lose you if we take another steps on this journey."

Second Sugar

Playlist for my favorite day when everyone should appreciate love of one another because of long ago someone head gone being chopped on this day, I guess.

Well, Second Sugar means love that unnecessary yet needed. One sugar might less, so the second sugar might not much. It covers the first sugar so it's not bitter. It's also means Next Sugar. There's always good thing.

1. Alexander - Homesick
2. Tom Odell - Video Game
3. Sy Ferreira - Obsession
4. Placebo - Protege Moi
5. Nat King Cole - Almost Like Being in Love
6. Priscilla Ahn - Dream
7. Plastic Plates - Stay In Love (feat. Sam Sparro)
8. Joe Bonamassa - Stones in My Passway
9. Jesse Mount - Thunder
10. Jason Mraz - If It Kills Me

and, bonus track: this will kill you, if you had an experience about this song.
11. A Fine Frenzy - Almost Lover you want some more sugar, Madam?

A Draft: Malig ne de chance

Peter Aaron was a mess. He tried to do great job on that magazine, without July. He's gone mad. He even went back to his psychiatrist. Name Michael. Michael was a professor of pcychology, and Peter used to be his really best experience he ever had. Peter always telling truth to Michael, which means Michael knew about Peter dirty habits.

Michael asked one thing: "Is he the one, Peter? Why?"

And, Peter answered, "She's different. She seems like me. But, she's not me. I mean, when I see her, she is me. She is me. She has everything that I have. But, she's different. She's different. And, I think, she knows me but she said she didn't know me. The whole me. She's not realize that she knows me. Because, she is me. And, that makes me feel I can't make her with someone else. She's mine. I'm mine. She's mine."

Then, what Michael said: "She doesn't know that you're here with me. Telling the truth."

And the conclu…

Draf Bab IV dan Bab V

A. Penerapan peraturan ACTA
analisis aturan tiap negara anggota ACTa
yang dimaksud dengan peraturan ACTA ialah aturan dalam tiap negara anggota ACTA memenuhi syarat aturan ACTA.
~Apakah yang dimaksud tiap negara akan aturan mereka sudah selaras dengan ACTA
~Apakah yg dimaksud oleh tiap negara benar oleh yg diatur ACTA

B. Perbandingan dengan TRIPS
analisis aturan TRIPS, perkembangan TRIPS dan FTAS, FTAS dan ACTA
yang dimaksud dengan ACTA itu sebagai multilateral agreement apakah sama dengan FTAS.
~Apakah TRIPS dalam menangani permaslahan plnggaran hak cipta, hak cipta di jaringan internet, dan merek dagang sudah terselesaikan/apa kendalanya
~Apakah aturan ACTA mendukung/apa kendalanya dalam berjalan bersama TRIPS
~Mana yang lebih baik FTA/ACTA as multilateralism/pluralteralism.

A. Setiap negara benar telah menerapkan peraturan ACTA/standar ACTA. Dimana, negara berkembang dapat melihat ACTA sebagai wujud persuasif dalam mengangkat standar penegakan pemalsuan d…

Favorite PLOT TWIST MOVIES that Make Me Scared

I hate the slashy stupid Final Destination and Saw or so on, even though they gave a good plot on it. I am, "NOPE! LOOK AT THE FLOWERS!" But it's not actually pure just paranormal movies. I just put it as MOVIE THAT MAKES ME SCARED!

So, I choose several my favorite specific movies that makes me scared so hard until I thought they were all real. Just, hard to explain. I just scared!

1. Really? ALIEN 1979.
We can compare this movie with The Thing 1982. Yes, that's the same level, guys.
I was on 4th grade or 5th grade, and my school teacher gave me and my classmates this freakin' movie. I was like, "THIS ISN'T REAL!" That's my really, really my first time alien movie. So, after that, I did saw E.T., beautiful movie. BUT I DON'T BUY IT, SPIELBERG!
#huaaaaaaaaaaa (I should've not see it. I should've not see it!)
Think, guys? What if that ALIEN is actually exist? We're all gonna die! We're all gonna die! We're gonna be more st…

Run The Feeling, Runner!

I was so inspired by this powerful scene when a rock n' roll song gave you a dance feeling and you realize your heart is aching. These songs will makes you stand up and keep dancing your life, runner!


1. Taio Cruz - Moving On
2. David Bowie - Nature Boy
3. Sia - Chandelier (Piano Version was so awesome)
4.Tom Odell - Can't Pretend
5. Placebo - For What It's Worth
6. Lorde - Everybody Wants To Rule The World
7. The O'Jays - One Night Affair (Good job, Ethan Hawke!)
8. Beck -Garbage Truck (Sex Bob-omb also cute)
9. Florence and The Machine - Dog Days Are Over
10. Metric - Black Sheep
11. My Chemical Romance - Famous Last Word
12. Cake - I Will Survive
13. Faith No More - We Care A Lot (Slash Version)
14. Leona Lewis - Run
15. Panic! At The Disco - I Write Sins Not Tragedies
16. Sam Sparro - Black and Gold
17. Adam Lambert - Fever
18. Muse - Feeling Good (Or, you know what? Just listen the whole MUSE album.)
19. Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga - Anything Goes

Humor Chat From Fangirl 1.0.5.


It's not suck. It's just messed up.

Richard Armitage and Lee Pace, another confession so far.

Well, this is weird. When people extremely happy as their long-faithful fans, I'm the newbie fans.
As usual.
But, well, I prefer the tile of 'long-faithful fan of Peter Jackson'.
(that makes this burn cold.)

Where was I when these two actors already being famous by their talents?

I did watch Captain America and that's my favorite one. But well, not at once, I knew Richard Armitage.
I saw he's kind of famous in 2004 TV Series, North and South. I was like, 12 years old!
And, in 2004,I watched
Shrek 2
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
Van Helsing
The Passion of the Christ
Resident Evil: Apocalypse
Spider-Man 2
Kill Bill Vol. 2
I, Robot
Ocean's Twelve
Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed.
The Incredibles
The Day After Tomorrow
The Aviator
Being Julia
Butterfly Effect
50 First Date
Confessions of Teenage Drama Queen
Secret Window
Taking Lives
Dawn of The Dead
Ella Enchanted
Mean Girls
The Stepford Wives
Around The Wo…

#Quote of The Day

"We have never made a movie, but we still make fun of movies."
~ Cinema Sins.

To Sam Smith, Here's my Sam Sparro

what a brillian musician, Sam Smith won 4 Grammys. I'm so proud!!!
So, here's my Sam Sparro to Sam Smith.
We're so BLACK and GOLD

A Draft: Protege Moi

Peter Aaron fishing near the lake, "You know why I always remember you? Smell of the oranges from the other side of lake. The yard. You there and we pick stolen oranges."
There' no one there except Peter Aaron.

July Bones was a character so worried about everything. She met Peter Aaron as someone she met on the workplace, he's a lawyer while July was assistant from editor magazine. Peter was new of that office. July saw Peter as the most handsome person in the office. But, she used to love great music in town and Peter, from L.A. seems love bar. They met together and July was really different. July loves night club, she wears best things from her editor, but it was secretly, it's kind of lend and return with nothing changes. Peter knew the dress because he was there in the day when the editor asked July to take care of the dress carefully.
Because Peter found July Bones so pretty that night, he kept it secretly. Tomorrow morning, Peter found the dress so beauty …