Do you know why it's hard to say goodbye? Because we afraid if our memories might not be able to remember them, rightly. The fact is, goodbye means good. No matter how hard.
~Aurora Esterlia

Troubles Lovin' Her Ep. 6

The kiss, yes, the kiss.
The kiss went to almost near Kim Soo Joo lips. That Kim Soo Joo actually still has a very great reflects to avoid the incoming. But, it's just Choi Tae Jun already holding her arms so she couldn't go anywhere. Everyone just look from behind Choi Tae Jun side's face, so they still thought of the kissing was done. The most odd thing was Kim Soo Joo didn't even blink and her eyes just look straight to Choi Tae Jun. Choi Tae Jun also freeze with that moment.
Moon Na Ra started to reflect. She pushed Choi Tae Jun away and suddenly she slapped Kim Soo Joo. Now, that's really the first time for Kim Soo Joo, being slapped by a woman.

"How dare you!" Suddenly Lee Ga In came in and slap Moon Na Ra's head. It was a chaos, "How dare you slapping my sister, who the hell are you?" Kim Soo Joo was standing there, she's still startled with the kiss and the slap. Park Dong Ha of course helping Moon Na Ra, he grabbed Lee Ga In's hand, "You're the one who should stop!" Park Dong Ha protects Moon Na Ra, "We better leave," and they left Kim Soo Joo, Choi Tae Jun, and Lee Ga In. Mamoru and Yoosung were coming to Kim Soo Joo, make sure her face is alright. Inside Kim Soo Joo's head, everything is her first time and her disguise as Kim Soo Joo just gone, she is not Kim Seul Bi. She didn't move at all. Mamoru realized it, he touched her face but he looked her eyes, "Kim Soo Joo-ssi, are you there?" Yoosung saw it, too and he said, "She's passing away." Later, Lee Ga In came to Choi Tae Jun, ""Hey, mate?" Choi Tae Jun look at Lee Ga In, "This is for you." She punched Choi Tae Jun right in the face.

They end up at the drink cafe, Yoosung's friend works there. Choi Tae Jun holds himself the ice to his face while Kim Soo Joo now sitting and do nothing, Lee Ga In holds her ice and put it on her cheek. Yoosung sat down next to Kim Soo Joo. Mamoru trying to make sure if Kim Soo Joo's alright, he search something on his smartphone, wondering the symptoms. Lee Ga In starts to talk, "I am sorry to whoever you are who kissed my sister then let her being slapped by a former girlfriend of him, then now, she's ... I'm not sorry, you know that?" then, Mamoru asked, "What's happening to her?" Lee Ga In asnwered, "She has this traumatized, we were orphans, and this... this is her past. And you," Lee Ga In pointed out to Choi Tae Jun, "You bring it back to her." Lee Ga In then talks to Kim Soo Joo, "Kim Soo Joo, come back to us, right now. Please?" Kim Soo Joo didn't move at all. Yoosung asked, "When the last time she became like this?" Lee Ga In said, "The last time? I just heard, actually. From herself. She said she barely speak and learned to do the conversation with lots of people since she arrived at the orphanage. It's not like she really like this before. Kim Soo Joo, you are alright, right? It's all your fault!" Lee Ga In back to Choi Tae Jun. Choi Tae Jun went mad, "It is my fault! Then, why she makes it like a very big deal? Hey! Kim Soo Joo! Kim Soo Joo!" Choi Tae Jun shouted. But, Kim Soo Joo didn't listen. Yoosung then starts to find Kim Soo Joo's phone. "What are you doing?" Yoosung then, found something and he search again the earphones. He plugs the earphones and play the song, put it to Kim Soo Joo ears.

"Who's this guy?" asked Mamoru to Lee Ga In. Lee Ga In also wondered, but then, suddenly Kim Soo Joo moves and look into Yoosung, "Yoosung-ah?" Yoosung smiled. Everyone was surprised. Yoosung asked, "Are you alright?" Kim Soo Joo looking aroung, "Oh, everyone's here." Then, Kim Soo Joo looked Choi Tae Jun, "Ah..." Kim Soo Joo reflects to touch her lips. Choi Tae Jun turns blushing. "You just went out just the way you've said long ago." Lee Ga In explained. "Oh... I'm really sorry. Anyway, I was here to buy a birthday cake." Mamoru shows the cake, "Here it is." Kim Soo Joo back to say thank you. "Is your head alright?" asked Lee Ga In. "Unnie, let's go back home. Im Ju Hwan Oppa must have been waiting so long." Kim Soo Joo gets up from the seat also with Lee Ga In. "We will be going." They both left. "It is weird, " Mamoru asked Yoosung, "Who are you? How do you know Kim Soo Joo ssi?" Yoosung also just gets up and greetings to leave back to work. While, Mamoru just then talk to himself, "What is it? How on earth so little world... well, then, it's only me and you, Choi Tae Jun-sama." Choi Tae Jun look at Kim Soo Joo's leaving. "Is your face alright? Hwaaah... so it's true that Lee Ga In is really something."

Kim Seo Jeon meanwhile on the meeting and there's Song Han Dong. Kim Seo Jeon made a meeting for the big plan. He is not playing, he's rolling for prime minister. Meanwhile, Choi Seung Yeon's spy is there. He went out and its just so obvious that Song Han Dong followed the spy. It ends up he caught the spy even had this earplug to communicate and Song Han Dong speak on behalf Kim Seo Jeon, "Ah... oldman. You must be feel embarrased! Being caught spying some kids. Or, is it your new hobby, now? You think you can control a nation even if you're nobody. Please, oldman, trust us. We also love the country and will make a better place. For once, trust your son." Then, Choi Seung Yeon just went mad and shut down the communication. Song Han Dong let go the spy and back to the meeting. Then, Song Han Seul just arrived and found his father seemed just from somewhere else. Song Han Dong said nothing and greetings Song Han Seul to Kim Seo Jeon. It turns out Song Han Seul join Kim Seo Jeon's party. Kim Seo Jeon back to thank Song Han Seul to return for Kim Seul Bi. Song Han Seul felt wrong because he knew Kim Seul Bi is Kim Soo Joo. Its just one of those question, "Uncle Seo Jeon, what if you can see Kim Seul Bi's alive again, what's gonna be?" Then Kim Seo Jeon said, "If I have to leave the seat of the candidate, I will, just to spend one more day with my daughter." Song Han Seul realized this is ridiculous. He said he needs to be somewhere else, so he left and drive to Kim Soo Joo's place.

Meanwhile, Park Dong Ha and Moon Na Ra end up at the cafe. Park Dong Ha helped Moon Na Ra by put cold towel to Moon Na Ra's face. Somehow, Moon Na Ra looked at Park Dong Ha and she's melted. Moon Na Ra asked seriously, "What is your relationship with this Kim Soo Joo? Who is she?" Park Dong Ha sai, "She's just one of workmates. She liked me, so what? A feeling of your workmates must be useful in workplace. She would love to do anything for me. Besides, she has great value." Moon Na Ra asked  what value and Park Dong Ha said, "She's actually the girl who being looked by Choi Tae Wook. Kim Soo Joo might be the reason to get a chanel to Choi Tae Wook. That's the only way for Moon Won Do can gain trust from Choi Tae Wook. By me." Moon Na Ra smiled, "It's true. Everyone seems catching up on you. Why?" Park Dong Ha said, "Not everyone." He remembered Song Han Seul.

Song Han Seul arrived again at Kim Soo Joo apartment. This time, he out from the car. But the same time, Kim Soo Joo and Lee Ga In were arrived. Instead being hiding, Song Han Seul decided to walk closer and closer. Kim Soo Joo didn't notice. As it gets more closer, he knows that's Kim Seul Bi. suddenly, seems like Kim Soo Joo looking at him. "Seul Bi-aa..." its almost slip from his tounge and then, "Soo Joo ssi!" From another path, Choi Tae Jun and Mamoru were coming to them by the car, so, its like Song Han Seul appearance being shadowed by the car. Mamoru shouted from Choi Tae Jun's car.
"Mamoru-sama...Choi Tae Jun ssi." said Kim Soo Joo.
"We decided to party in your apartment as the point for you also make a birthday party, or something with the cake." said Mamoru. Choi Tae Jun got out from the car and Mamoru went to park the car.
"I'll wait for your friend park the car. You can walk with Soo Joo to the apartment," said Lee Ga In, "Let me take the cake."
"Why?" Asked Kim Soo Joo.
"Lots of packages, messages on the post locker. Please bring it up."
Oh, alright, Unnie."
Choi Tae Jun brought some cool bottle drinks and he walks with Kim Soo Joo.
"Beers." Choi Tae Jun said.
"I don't drink beers. But, Lee Ga In unnie and Im Ju Hwan oppa drink."
"Good, good. You're weird as what I thought."
"Why you said that? Don't you think it's going to hurt me?"
"Was it hurt you?"
"Not really. Lee Ga In unnie used to be mad if Im Ju Hwan oppa said she's weird."
"She's weird."
"Because she slapped you on your face?"
"She's a taekwondo athlete. You're lucky."
"Really? I... I'm a tough person, you see, I can do some punches." Choi Tae Jun showed some moves.
"I can see that."
They arrived at the post locker. There's a big box. 
"I'll get it." Choi Tae Jun passed his drinks to Kim Soo Joo and he lifted the box. They're back to walk upstair.
Suddenly two children running down the stairs. Kim Soo Joo actually did move away from them and Choi Tae Jun right back at her knew how Kim Soo Joo moved so quick, Sadly, it's Choi Tae Jun who got brag by the children on the stairs, Kim Soo Joo caught him, and they both fell.The children was shocked. The beers went wasted. Choi Tae Jun awaken and he realized he hugged Kim Soo Joo.
Both of them looking to each other.
"Are you alright?" asked Choi Tae Jun.
"I think..." Kim Soo Joo wakes up, "Are you alright?"
"Yeah... but the beers."
"Are you alright, kids?" asked Kim Soo Joo, "Please, be careful with the stairs."
The children didn't say anything but they ran away.
"What's wrong with them?"
"Take my hand." said Kim Soo Joo. Choi Tae Jun takes her hand, "It's alright, the beers. Lets just go upstairs." Kim Soo Joo's feet side away those broken bottles on floor, "Someone will clean it." She back to walk upstair. Choi Tae Jun as follow her, he got hurt on his right leg. He hurt his leg but he kept silent. Kim Soo Joo noticed but Choi Tae Jun just back to lift the box and say nothing.
They both arrived at the apartment. Im Ju Hwan was surprised because its the first time Kim Soo Joo brought a boyfriend. Kim Soo Joo introduced Choi Tae Jun and also said, "We want to celebrate your birthday, Oppa." Choi Tae Jun greeted Im Ju Hwan like proper manner and Im Ju Hwan realized that Choi Tae Jun might from high society. Then, Lee Ga In came with Mamoru. Which put Im Ju Hwan in more surprised, "Who is he?!" Lee Ga In went mad and Mamoru tried to calm both of them. But still, they're partying. Kim Soo Joo slightly looking at Choi Tae Jun's leg. So, she decided to take him to kitchen and down to his leg, surprisingly, she put the warm aid to his leg. Choi Tae Jun was surprised. 
"I am really sorry with what I just did a while ago," he said, "To kiss you."
"I am really surprised." said Kim Soo Joo, "And you're my employer's son. That must be really the problem because we're the colleagues."
"Please, Soo Joo ssi." Choi Tae Jun meant it. Kim Soo Joo just keep put warm aid to Choi Tae Jun's leg. Then, she got up. Kim Soo Joo up and suddenly her face straight facing Choi Tae Jun's face. Suddenly, all her memories about that incident coming back to her head. Her face blushed so she rushly turned around and walked out from kitchen.
"Kim Soo..." When Choi Tae Jun walking his foot, he could feel how his leg less in pain. Kim Soo Joo put cute warm aid. He walked out from kitchen and found Kim Soo Joo already around others, she's trying to help Mamoru out from Im Ju Hwan's fist and Lee Ga In. Choi Tae Jun just wondered.

Back to Park Dong Ha and Moon Na Ra. Park Dong Ha drove her to home. It's Moon Na Ra's car anyway. Both of them out from the car and Park Dong Ha would like to back home by himself. Park Dong Ha touched her cheek, "Is it already fine?" Moon Na Ra found Park Dong Ha seemed really care about her. She didn't say anything and just left Park Dong Ha alone. As the gate closed, Park Dong Ha's face from smile went hard. He started running and catch a taxi. He straight to find Kim Soo Joo. Park Dong Ha calling Kim Soo Joo's cellphone. On the spot Kim Soo Joo was not holding her cellphone, she's busy to find a way to find Mamoru, Im Ju Hwan, and Lee Ga In drunk. Turned out Mamoru brought sake to the apartment. Choi Tae Jun didn't touch the drink, he and Kim Soo Joo actually tried to fix things around. Park Dong Ha ended up back in front of the mall. It seemed like he couldn't find Kim Soo Joo's household. Park Dong Ha realized what he did was wrong. Then, he just straight to back home.

It's already over 8 pm and everyone already drunk and slept. Im Ju Hwan and Lee Ga In got back to their own bedroom, got helped by Choi Tae Jun. Then, Choi Tae Jun helped Mamoru to back home. Kim Soo Joo also helped Choi Tae Jun to put Mamoru in car. Then Choi Tae Jun said goodbye.
"I will go home."
"Have a safe drive." Replied her.
Choi Tae Jun still felt bad but he went home anyway.
Kim Soo Joo started to get back inside and she passed the mailbox, then she found something weird. A bundle of thing stucked in her mailbox door. As she picked, she wondered because it was a draft without envelope, it written in the front page, A Cannon of July by Lee Sam Gu.

Song Han Seul was at home, he's holding the cup of tea while the song's playing. He wished there will be a chance to Kim Seul Bi find her way back home and find him again.


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