Do you know why it's hard to say goodbye? Because we afraid if our memories might not be able to remember them, rightly. The fact is, goodbye means good. No matter how hard.
~Aurora Esterlia

Around Girl: The Red Shoes

Kram was walking to Day. Day was surrounded by people around this garden party. Kram brought a plate of food and helping Day to fix the table. They both were really happy. Being normal couple, that’s what happened between Kram and Day. That’s the way Jow Marlace could help Day out from her misery. Day forgot about Avengers and everything. Again.
Day was helping Kram on his open house party. Kram is back to the stage and joining a new ballet show, Red Shoes. It’s a story of how a girl really loves her new red dancing shoes and suddenly the shoes put her to keep dancing until someone decided to chop her feet.
Day seemed really happy and she’s continue her passion on cooking and make desserts. This is her catering works. Meanwhile, whenever Day found Jow around her, she actually decided to leave all her doings and start to chat with Jow. Actually, it puts everyone in wonder. Who’s actually Day really love? Kram or Jow?
It happened again. Jow came and greetings Kram. Day was still not seeing Jow. Kram took the bucket and said thank you, “How’s the update?” asked Kram.
“Well, the Avengers still fighting with that Justice League. Everything is now messing up. Many mutants and half-blood children died. Maybe, this is a really bad plan.”
“What do you mean?”
“We… we need to ask Day, ask Day to give the falcon’s cloak back. If it’s because that cloak then we must return it. And, it will back to normal again.”
“Jow. We knew the truth about the falcon’s cloak. But what about Day? Without that cloak, the Greek gods will hunt her and kill her!”
“That falcon’s cloak killed my entire family! That falcon’s cloak decided to protect your woman and not to save my whole family! Can’t you see what I’ve been through and now, I’m living alone. I’m fucking alone! And you, she… she’s with you!”
“I don’t even know what’s the point anymore. I just, I just want to kill her, right now.”
“Jow!” Kram was so mad with what Jow said but then suddenly from back, Day hugged Jow.
“You came!” said Day from Jow’s back.
Jow smiled at Kram and it’s like a slight of fear. Jow turned around and asked Day to walk with her, they left Kram alone. Kram was alone with that bucket of flower. He’s frightened with Jow.
The day HERMES company building blew up, Kram was seeing it on television and his heart almost stopped. He saw Thor attacking that thing, a creature with grand wings, like an angel with brown feathers on its wings. But then, Loki and a really big monster wolf flew and interrupted the fight. Then, Thor attacked the creature, the creature was gone. Kram found the bill of Day bought the plane ticket to America and the journey plan to HERMES company. Kram didn’t get it but then he also found the print-out of information Sweet Company, Cindy Ridley. Kram decided to fly to America, too, until there’s another news of missing Cindy Ridley and the footage of her last days. Kram saw Day was with Cindy on that day, inside HERMES company building. Kram was losing his strength, he really believed Day had died. Kram even really hard to call Day step-parents, to inform the news he knew, it’s really hard for himself. Until, on the three days later, there’s a news of Jow Marlace returns to New Zealand along with Day A. Glades.
Kram booked a ticket and flew to New Zealand straight away. Kram was so worried along the flight. On the way to New Zealand, someone’s visiting him. Loki. He’s sitting next to him. Kram was shocked.
“I know you’re the person who will put her save.” Said Loki. Kram couldn’t say anything, “I found Day will be saved if she’s not remember anything with Avengers. The same thing what used to be to happen. They’re looking for her. The gods and monsters. I couldn’t protect her. But you can.”
“Don’t trust Jow Marlace.” Said Loki.
Suddenly a flight steward crossed him and interrupted him. Loki was gone and next to him back a sleep old woman.

The moment Kram met Day. Day was changing. She’s changing really different. 

Her eyes were empty. That’s what Kram always saw around him all the time but not after he met Day. The day he met Day was more than just meeting a good girl or a good partner. He was a ballet dancer since childhood. His life was repetitive, like living on schedule, living in a system, a target, a progress, a program. But the time he met Day, everything was changing. It’s like a twist. A meeting a partner. She’s the same people like everyone’s around him. Same thing. It’s just a complexion of her background story. It’s in her face. It’s in her eyes. A hidden secret. He never found a person like her. Day was genius yet she chose to be a ballet dancer. Same thing as himself. He’s seeing himself on her eyes. And the way she kept things by her own, all the secrets, then she said, “I’m fine”, she never be fine. Just like himself. The moment on Friday night, on a plane, the moment he found the truth about Day relatives, she found her secret, and she’s gone. The moment he kept seeing a dream about her, “Help”, and he just had guts where he had to go to find her. That he believed she’s going back to her whenever she’s ready. And she found him. The call. He couldn’t stop thinking about that moment. A second time he found her, she’s dying. It’s like the world stood in front of him for that moment to stop her be with him, again. Then, things went back again. He was protecting her. Then, things start to be uncontrolled.  This person who suddenly interrupted. This, Loki and The Avengers. They just appeared from nowhere. Then, again, she disappeared from him, and he followed her, the world turned upside down. And, he couldn’t find her. The same thing that happened again, and again, and again. It’s not him that should find her, but it was her. Kram was surprised when he found on television about Day as Jow Marlace’s girlfriend. He flew to see her if she’s real. And, it was real. It was on a backstage, Kram just surprised her when Jow’s not with her. Then, she knew him. As she hugged him and smiled to him, as she embraced him and looked through his eyes, She has become someone else. Like anyone else. Jow found Kram and they chatted on that day, “I…want you to take her, Kram. I…had this dream. She… killed me. But, it doesn’t matter. You’re her fiancĂ©, you have to be with her.” Kram and Day now living together.
“Day,” After the party’s over and Jow was leaving, only him and her again at the house. He’s calling her.
“Yes?” she answered and looking at him.
“Do you…love him?” asked Kram.
“Who, my Darling? Jow?”
“No. Not Jow. Loki.”
Day was in silent.
“Have you seen him, again?”
Day didn’t reply.
“Even in a dream?”
“What dream?”
“It’s…it’s the same dream. Every night. Did you have the same dream?”
“What is it, my darling?”
“You never called me, that.” Kram then kissed her, “You are not her. Day isn’t here. She’s asking me for help, every night, stood right in front of the bed. While you were asleep. She asked me the last time if I’m afraid of the new her and I told her I’m not afraid. Then, she said she ate one of the god. She’s afraid.”
“It’s just a dream, Kram.”
“No, no, no,” Kram said, “You are not her! Stop pretending! You are not Day! You don’t know me! You know nothing about me!” Kram shouted and shaken Day, “Stop being her! Stop!”
“Help me, Kram! Help me!” Day suddenly cried and shouted, too, same thing as his dream, “Help me, Kram….help me,”
“What…what is it, Day? What is it?”
Suddenly Day laughed, She’s laughing in her crying, in front of Kram’s face. Kram stopped. Day kept laughing, she wiped her own tears, “So, that’s what she always doing when I went to sleep.” Day walked inside the house, “Come on, big boy! Get in. It’s already night.”
“Why did you do to her?” Kram was still shocking.
“I helped her, you dumbass!” Day stood in front of the door house, “Get inside, right now!”
Kram started to cry, “Is she dead?”
“No, shut up! Get in the house!”
“No! Where is she?!”
“She is not dead, get in the house so we can talk about it! STOP CRYING! YOU’RE A GROWN UP!”
“I miss her.”
“Whatever. Don’t come to our house if you’re still crying!” Day went inside the house.
Day  went to the kitchen and lots of food and drinks left. Day decided took a bottle of beer and opened it. She drank it, “I miss Asgard drinks.”
“Where is she?” Kram was already inside the house, but Day decided to turn around, she’s grabbing another beer. Kram decided to walk and sit on the sofa. His face still wet. Day came and sit next to him. She gave the beer to him, “She never let me drink.”
“Well, how should I know?”
“Aren’t…aren’t your mind and her…?”
“Not this time. She’s not here.” Said Day.
Kram decided to drink it, “How long you’ve becoming her?”
“Well,” Day also drank the beer, “Since Jow brought me to New Zealand. Day’s losing her memories about Loki and stuffs, and one day, she’s not the one who wakes up. It’s me. I’ve tried to talk to her, you know, talk to myself. I got nothing. I’ve tried to become another Falcon again but I couldn’t. It’s frustrating. Then, Jow, day after day, he’s exactly like Loki! And, it’s just happened. I’m becoming like human. I have feelings and I want to kill him. I want to kill him, so bad.”
“You made nightmares on him?” asked Kram.
“Yea,yea. Every night. It’s releasing my stress.”
“Your stress?”
“Until you found me.” She smiled, “I’ve never felt having so much love like never. I love you.”
“Stop it.” Said Kram.
“Fine. You’re mortal, anyway.” Said Day. She drank again.
“Day never drink.”
“I don’t know. She barely ate anything. But you, you eat everything.”
“Where did she hide?”
“Well, you found her in your dream. Maybe you can find her again in your dream.”
“Did you hurt her?”
“What? Never. I’m protecting her. All this time.”
“Then why she’s asking for help?”
“Odin, save me!” Said Day to herself, “Kram, why don’t you go to sleep and maybe you can see her, ask her that question.”
“Help me to understand.”
“Well, she’s afraid of herself. I also afraid of her, the time she ate Hermes. She’s now not only being hunted by those aliens but also she’s now deserved to die by Greek Gods. I couldn’t save her, this time. Maybe, that’s why she ran away and hidden. No one can help her. Not even you, Kram.”
Kram even couldn’t reply that explanation.
“Kram, I’m not saying that I’m not Day that you’ve been looking but that Day ate a god. She’s been lying to me since day 0. She’s probably a disguise Titan who could eat gods. The history of greek gods, well, we’re the asgardians, we’re more primitive gods, closer with humans. But, Day, whoever Day is, that’s why Loki put curiosity on her.”
“Day is Day. Loki ruined her life.”
“That’s what I thought, too. Loki ruined my life, too. But, not until Day ate Hermes.”
“Who is Hermes?”
“Shut up! He’s Greek god, read the history!”
“Then who’s Day?”

“Day, Day!” Kram tried to put her calm.
“I can not go back to my real form. I can not fly back to the court of Gods. I’m a mortal. The Asgard not even looking for me anymore!”
“They’re keeping save the Asgard portal. The Justice League is trying to attack them.”
“What exactly that blind man doing?” Day back talk to herself, “Kram, now you know the truth. You can’t just call me,” Day looked back to Kram, “Day. I have a name.” Kram listened, “Falcon.”
“Like that Captain America’s friend Falcon?”
“Well, I don’t know. I’ve lived as Day for a very long time. This is my first form as human. But, if you consider me as other gender, I can do it anyway, if that’s what you want.”
“I’m sorry, Falcon. It’s not you I was looking. I am sorry but I love Day.”
“Day’s not here anymore.”
“Then, what do you want? I can’t see nobody besides Day in you.”
“Alright, then.” Day decided to walk to their bedroom, “You’re still welcome to our bed tonight, Kram.”
Kram finished his beer. Day sighed and she just went inside. She knew sooner or later Kram will know about her. She’s not really that hurt, because her first love was not Kram.
Kram decided to sleep on a couch. He also decided to move out from the house on next morning. It was better this way. Kram then went to sleep.
“Day?” Kram was inside his own dream and Day was crying. Kram sat on the couch as Day also sat next to him, Kram comforted her and let her head on his lap. She keeps crying. Kram started to brush her hair. Kram actually started to pour tears, “Why didn’t you tell me?”
“You’re going to leave her right away. I don’t want to lose you.”
“I thought she was you.”
“I am sorry, Kram.”
“How can I help you, Day?”
“I don’t know, Kram. I don’t know. Help me.”
Kram then started to ask, “How could you eat a Hermes?”
Day back to up and faced Kram, “I… I…”
“Did you pick him from the beginning?”
“Tell me the truth, Day, so I can help you.”
Day never feel so burden, she’s shaking.
“The system already knew. They’re trying to track you, Day.”
“What?” Day was surprised.
“The system has decided if you’re a Titan or not. The system might wonder about this world starts to reboot. But, possibly they still stick with the Ragnarok program.”
“Kram…how did you know?”
“I… I can’t lose you, anymore, Day. I’ve had enough. This is the third time I finally found you. I… I believe there won’t be a next time. I, I love you and you’re only, Day.” Kram finally kissed Day, “You are my life.”
Day decided to kiss Kram again. And again. And again. Then Day realized something as she hugged him very tight.
“What is you mission, Day?” asked Kram.
“To reboot a system, Kram.”
Kram took a deep breath. He finally found the true reason.
“I…I was afraid if Hermes would report me to the system. Then, he asked me, Kram. It was not my idea, he begged me to take him to another side. I was afraid, Kram, I’ve made a big mistake. Then, suddenly Falcon decided to keep help me and I thought the only way to keep me safe is by hiding. Then you and Jow were saving my life. I couldn’t do anymore else, Kram. If I’m back, the system will hunt me and the mission will fail, they will just erase everything.”
“I will help you.”
“Be the Titan. Use the Falcon.”
“She won’t believe me.”
“No one believes you in the first place. But, you’ve made it, right? You’ll find the way, Day.”
“I, I will leave you in the morning. You have to do this alone. I will distract them.”
“What do you mean?”
“As long as Ragnarok program keeps continue, keep hiding from me. That’s how the system recorded us. Day,” Kram made her back to sit and held her arms, “listen to me. Don’t hesitate. Get out from the house and get to place where you need to be.”
“Where I need to be?”
“Day,” Kram kissed her again, and again, and again, “I can’t be the one who will be next to you until the end, and if this is goodbye, at least a kiss wouldn’t mind.” He kissed her again, “Goodbye.”
It’s already in morning. Day awoke on her bedroom with the sun lights bathed all over dress. She’s back to her body. She still wore yesterday garden party dress. She straight out from the room and she knew Kram was not there. Day felt so alone. It’s like what happened whenever things became so clear. “Day, listen to me. Don’t hesitate. Get out from the house and get to place where you need to be.
“Where…I need to be.” Day encouraged herself.
She started to clean up herself and pack things she decided to bring, she put in one luggage. She opened the refrigerator, “Wah, really, Day? How can you live by eating all these?” Day decided to pack some waters, she took her CR-V car, she didn’t care actually, she just wants a big car. Day stopped by at the 7-eleven. She took some yoghurts and oatmeal cakes. She ate it really joyful, like she could taste everything from her tasteless mouth. As she done, she drove back on the road. She opened the GPS mode.
“Where would you like to go?” asked the GPS.

“Gotham City.”


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