Do you know why it's hard to say goodbye? Because we afraid if our memories might not be able to remember them, rightly. The fact is, goodbye means good. No matter how hard.
~Aurora Esterlia

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July awaits out of the morgue room
July's face was pale. Her face was wet with her own tears. She was sitting on the waiting chair, in front of the morgue room of St. Angel Hospital. Her whole body was shaking. Her eyes seemed seeing a lot of things when she's even alone that time. It's a cold and silence. Her body was wrapping by the lime-green blanket. She kept cry, but she's pretty.
Someone came out from the morgue room. A slide door whispered. Suddenly, July had a move with her face and looked who's coming. A man with a formal suit. His face also looked pale. More pale than July's. He walked out from the room, passed where July sit. He kept walk and July more cried out loud. And July's cry made him stop to walk.
"It was you...." He whispered. "It was you, July. Who was with her at the last time, right?"
"It's not me." July kept crying. "I was with Lincoln at the living room and then I asked him to wait.. something crowd voice came out from the closet. I didn't know it was Catherine.... I didn't know Catherine was at home..."
"You were in the house for the whole day, July!" He screamed. He turned around. He screamed to July.
"I don't know!" July scared. Her hands tried to close her own ears. "She must already had been there from yesterday! I never saw her in!"
"You are lying!" He came to July and he shake her arms with his hands. "Look at me, July. Look at me!" Then, they both looked each other faces. "They resulted she was die two hours before you found the body. No sick symptoms, just her shocked-face and her heart stopped. What do you think it was, July? What?!" He screamed at her, once again.
She died with her best gown.

July's face was staring at his face. Her cried-voice was gone but she kept the tears.
"She was coming home, July. You knew it." He said again. "She had her own key and she got in to the house. You were with Lincoln watching TV and Catherine had to cross the room just to get to the closet."
“She was coming home, July.”

"I... I didn't see her. I was with Lincoln the whole day and no one was crossing the room. We were opening the backyard's door, so the wind could came in. It must be just the wind."
"July, please, stop. It doesn't make sense!" He shouted.
" think... I killed her?"


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