Do you know why it's hard to say goodbye? Because we afraid if our memories might not be able to remember them, rightly. The fact is, goodbye means good. No matter how hard.
~Aurora Esterlia

The Scientist: "Tell You I need You"

There's a whistleblower said the enemy country wants to send the stomic bomb to the land. They have lost so many people. While we're being good with our own hiding. It is very hard to see yourself as a double agent and your own foreign country were going down. But, it's the work to find the mother of the virus. To be in the country, I had to learn their language for about a month before I sailed by the secret stolen their little ship which being given by Abby's father. It was the night when Abby sat in front to me, crying and beg me for not go. I still remember her last saying, "Don't let go, Rover." She gave me the earring. I'm still wearing it. Much people on this country saying the one earring means I'm gay. Until the last moment we're together, she still made fun on me. After that night, I had lost my nationality and being the enemy nationality. I sailed just like an ordinary fisherman. I actually changed my face. Every morning, it's very hard for me to look into the mirror. But, it's getting better in time. I lived on a flat, once I met the land. It's very poor flat and dangerous place. Several times I got robbed, I got hit, and most of them I got no money. The mission is to get the great higher place on the kingdom. This sounds silly but it looks like a xbox game I've been playing with Tom every saturday night. Usually, Tom always won. He's very good in gun fighting simulation. And very good to trust the right guys to form group. While, I just being left behind. But, it's a real life and no Tom. The last time I heard about Tom is the night with Abby, she said, "He's gone, they said. But, he will be back, right?"
It took a while, until the Palace's Festival. If you people watched Tangled by Disney, it's more like it. The King and the Queen lost their only daughter, The Lost Princess, the first year she was born, and since then, this festival rolling every the princess birthday. Just like today. The difference is, last time, I won the Scientist Award, and the winner of the award was being one of the Alchemist in the kingdom. It just took for two weeks, to show who's the most awesomeness alchemist of them all. Then, I greet the King and the Queen. They're not seems a dangerous family or gangster. They're very nice people. Even, I then wondered their lost daughter might the only reason the war just even started. For three years, it's been so long, now, I've become their Greatness Alchemist. And, this stomic bomb, I designed it. It's been three years since the virus spread to the little island, I heard the island has been secured. I know it's Tom did. Tom's alive. But, I wondered about Abby. After this Palace's Festival, The King and The Queen will push the button to fly the rocket and the rocket will go through the seaside of the enemy country. It will go through the air and spread to the whole people's breath, people's blood, and people's life. 
"Let's our dearest Princess be please for the enemy's done to her. My daughter." Said the King. "Thank to our Greatness Alchemist. Doctor Zwirly." I walked up stage. The name's weird but a girl once lost her phone at the public library, and we're chatted. She said, "It will be great if my imaginary friend is real." I believe she's now on the crowd, waving at me. "It is our final edge to declare the war." He said. I stood up next to the Queen and the Queen looked at me with a pleasent smile, just like Abby. Abby's crying the last moment keep rewind on my mind.
"Let's do this, Milady." Said The King. Both of their hands just the right moment with the silence of the audience. And, just a second, they pushed the button. The rocket with the great voice of fire and then the audience scream just began again. 
I closed my eyes, smile a little bit for what I just did. What they did not know, the virus inside the stomic bomb is actually the cure, vaccine. Just like what Abby said before, The Amazing Spiderman's style, such a great idea.  Her smile while we're at the dance floor, the fight while we're on the lab, the crying at the last time. And her shouted, "Never let go. Rover." I realized, right away.
I opened my eyes, Abby is right here, right now. She found me. The earring is the signal. To find me. At the crowd, I know she's here.
I need to find her.


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