Do you know why it's hard to say goodbye? Because we afraid if our memories might not be able to remember them, rightly. The fact is, goodbye means good. No matter how hard.
~Aurora Esterlia

What is Wrong?

If you read this, then you  must be also read my latest story of "Not Anymore".

I am sorry.
That story was awful. I mean its not bad but very B rated.

Also if you remember the story of "Indiana Dame"? It was very promising story, but it also had B rated. I deleted it. Tho, I kept a version on gwp. I will re-write it.

I am really sorry, it won't happen again.

Well, if you didn't know about Indiana Dame, its a story of art curator who lived in Brooklyn but had the dark past. Not her past but her lover's past, named Tom. Indiana and Tom grown up and started to getting to know thei feelings to each other, until Mina, Tom' former girfriend said she got MBA and its Tom's child. Things gone turnig table. Tom married Mina and Indiana got broken heart. What Indiana knew is one thing: Mina got  knocked up by a perverted teacher who she reported and the teacher put in jail for ten years.

Ten years later, Mina revealed her true skin and using her own daughter, Sarah, to ruin Indiana's life. Because no matter what, tho Tom loves Indiana, he chose Sarah.

Indiana decided to against Mina but that perverted teaher hunt her and she was in danger until an Italian computer genius, Saagard saved her.

Saagard himself was connected by his sister's husband who from big Italian mafia family. He being used to catch Indiana whom also known as the blood-lust curator. There were several news caught a curator came by to Europe and just came along and hurt or wounds the museum visitors and workers. It was told from whole witnesses statements that the culprit was very dangerous and woman, she has a very villain set of mind and they were all inspired by arts.

Saagard never thought about it but he fell on Indiana from love at first sight. He kept helping her out from many troubles that he didn't know he helped her unreachable.

From Tom side, he has to face the truth that Indiana is with Saagard. Tho, later, Tom found the truth about Sarah and he decided to chasing Indiana, at last.

Sarah is the key. The key to decide who has to be in punishment. She learn step by step, by first, scared at Indiana Dame might trying to kill her, all this time.

"EXCEPTIONAL DAME" is really my first thriller drama.

Well, about first kinda thing. I would like to talk about my first vampire drama, called,
"The Dance of Immortals"

Adele Dawn was working as perfume shop-waitress in 1902. Turns out she's a doppelganger of former lover of a Greece-Romanian vampire, Flavian Waldemar.
Flavian knows the dangerous life of doppelganger so he kept sight on her. Until turns out, Adele was all along the bait from Anchient Witches to kill Flavian.
Falvian has two pupils, Samuel Renaud and Reyhan Javier. Both are vampires with same condition: memory-loss by witches. But their nature can not be fooled, they are extremely powerful vampires. Flavian took them both because it also happened to him at the day his former-lover died.

As a bait, Adele Dawn was nothing. Of course, she died at the end in the hand of Samuel because Flavian couldn't do it. But, Samuel never turning someone into vampire before so he turning her to be Vampire.

A new life of Adele Dawn as vampire turns out different from normal vampire. She was dead enchanted by Ancient Witches, they put a spell on her if she turned. Adele is vampire, who can walk at days and no bound can hurt her. She became a new powerful vampire and Samuel is her master.

Samuel also learning about Adele's condition, but bit by bit he learns to love her.
While Adele fell in love with Reyhan.

Reyhan is known as the oldest vampire than Flavian or Samuel. Reyhan got memory loss and he couldn't speak. Flavian wondered that Reyhan used power must be on his voice. Reyhan was the first person who being caught in Adele eyes. And Reyhan without words also gave the signals. What they not know:

Adele version of vampire is made by Anchient Witch to kill Reyhan. There something about Reyhan who's really important.

But, its not all about Reyhan. Samuel also has a memory loss. The question is he has nothing but skills like vampire knights, but no title, he just vampire. Even the witches tho they hate him, no one ever chase him. That the possibility is its Samuel own's term asking to random witch to spell him.
At this time, Adele mission is to reveal the truth, to help her master gain his memory back. Adele has to admit, her master is very intelligent and skilled, there's no way he's just an ordinary vampire.

And so, the dance of immortals began. :)

I love it. The story was meant to put lots of triangle love. But not that complicated, because turns out Adele herself still counted as human and she still has father, mother, and a young man brother. Strangely, the family was big fan of mystery and magicians. Adele also has to protect her family because from vampire side, her family could be involved with Anchient Witches. Tho, they're not and they even didn't know about Adele is Vampire.

Adele's problem is one thing, her lust of fresh-blood (we don't know yet if she's immortal).

Flavian will do everything to make Adele's life back because she may has a chance to be human again.
And he will conclude the truth of Anchient Witches who killed his former lover and the reason why him with Samuel and Reyhan got loss-memory.


Its amazing. I loved this story!

See? I can do better.


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