Do you know why it's hard to say goodbye? Because we afraid if our memories might not be able to remember them, rightly. The fact is, goodbye means good. No matter how hard.
~Aurora Esterlia

Around Girl, Encounter Dark Part 2 "The Falcon's Cloak"

 Loki hugged Fenrir on the underworld, “I miss you, son.” The eyes of his son actually found curious on his own father. “I think it’s time for us to go back to surface, shall we?”
“Where do you take him?” asked Nico di Angelo, “He supposed to stay here. He can’t go to human world.”
“I’m sorry, my dear son,” said Loki, he looked at Persephone and Persephone came to Nico and whispered him something so Nico believed at what she said. Nico decided to leave them alone.
“So, is it time?” asked Persephone.
“Your husband forced me to make it sooner.”
Persephone sighed, “Loki, you’re just same with Hades. Do not argue that. I suppose to ask you to stop doing this but it won’t work because we’re gods. We achieved our destined.”
“Are you sure you don’t want to come with me? Take the child and be free from Hades?”
“Well, I like that wondrous offer, Loki, but,” Persephone looked back to where Nico goes, “That kid, he seems know what he wants for this underworld. And,” Persephone back looking at Loki, “The surface won’t be any better than here, right?” Persephone kissed Loki’s cheek and pet Fenrir’s head, “Goodbye, Fenrir.” Persephone’s last smile put Loki to know he got to go. Loki got up to Fenrir’s back and both jumped to the fire, suddenly Fenrir changed into dark shadow and both of them vanished.
Persephone closed her eyes, as she learned the underworld was cracking. The quakes put Hades straight to out from his hall, “What’s happening? I’m afraid, Persephone! What’s happening?” Hades hugged Persephone right away. While, Nico was standing far from Persephone with Cerberus.
Day was arrived in America as she’s going to the HERMES company. Day was waiting on receptionist and suddenly a woman with great blonde hair, last time she’s with Day that hair was so short but now it’s really long and beautiful. Day already adored that hair, “Day?” She’s smiling on her and hugged her, “You came back. And you’re alive. I’m so glad.”
“Yes, thank you,” Day was surprised, “Miss Ridley.”
“Don’t call me that.” She smiled and asked Day to walk with her to the office.
“Okay…” Day still not feel right to call Miss Ridley’s first name.
“So, I would like to show you our company’s achievements.”
“Sure,” Day really wondered.
“Well, I found the shoemaker’s family and my father actually have made them and told them about me at that time. My… my father was died, Day.”
“I…I’m sorry to hear that.”
“Just exactly what the tale told,” somehow there’s something on Cindy’s face like put Day seeing she’s not really that sad but she’s powerless about the fact she found, “but anyway, my father left me a great fortune. Along with Sweet Company. It’s really great start. I put my step-sisters to great school and their imaginations put me great inspirations for our company. Cakes, pop-cakes, desserts, and cafes, but then they know how much I love to make dresses and I went to sewing school and the shoemaker helped me all the way through, and now, here we are. We decided to accusation with HERMES.”
“It’s really great, Miss….I mean, Cindy.”
“No, no, it’s still not great, until today,” Cindy came back to hug Day, “Now, you’re here.”
“I know what you’re looking for and I keep it just for you.”
“What is it?”
“Of course the thing you’ve been looking for.”
“The fal…”
“Sssh, don’t say anything.” Said Cindy. Cindy brought Day to her office, and closing the room, “Come here,” There’s a great wardrobe and Cindy opened it, “It’s a secret elevator.” Day was surprised but she went inside with Cindy anyway and both of them went up, “Hermes, he was obsessed with it for several years and he almost traded all his great treasures to seek it, this one thing, for himself. Hermes didn’t want to let anyone to get it. Until, his family found the truth that he finally got the owning of that.” They arrived at the level.
“The falcon’s cloak.” Day was amazed. The room itself made with crystal’s floor and walls. The color of the cloak actually just a grand brown dark feathers. But’s it was really big giant feathers. Giant cloak. It hanged and spread high to center of the room. It’s like the real wings just shattered from a real giant falcon’s body.
“That’s why we all got confused by the golden color,” said Cindy.
“It’s never really gold.”
“Yes, it’s gold when the light shines at it.” Cindy smiled, “It’s really beautiful, Day. I could see why Hermes wants it.”
“Look how the room’s getting dark because its dark color.”
“Yes, do you want to touch it?” asked Cindy, “I always touch it.”
“Yeah, Hermes told me it’s fine for me to touch it.”
“Oh, alright…” Day got nervous and she decided to walk near to the very lower tip of the feather. She touched it and suddenly something’s inside her head just brought back. Her memories of Loki. Especially because of that one-time absorbing power stone she used to absorb Loki’s power. Then she returned the power to Loki. At that time, she felt something from inside of Loki, of his powerlessness. Yet, the girl gave it back to him and it’s just he still wants to being led by her. Then, all the memory when she’s with Loki near the cliff, the way he’s holding her hand and brought her to the place, the café where she realized her memory of him got erased. Then, the time she met him again on the hotel room, and the last time she’s at the ocean, Loki saved her. The black feathers, dark feathers,
“Day?” Cindy caught Day suddenly dropped from her feet, “What is it?” She found Day was crying and also frightened with that cloak as she starring at it, “What is it?”
The black feathers, the other Day was there, “I…” She just realized she’s facing her own self. Something else, like a ghost. “tour le Siegfried!” the shouted from the other Day back hurt her head. She’s screaming.
“Day! What’s happening?” Cindy was worried.
Suddenly Hermes appeared. Cindy also shocked. She didn’t know if Hermes is Greek god. Hermes took Day to his arms, as Day was scared, she’s looking at Hermes’s eyes, “I will get you there,” He said.
Only gods can get inside to human’s head, same as Hermes and Day, they went inside to the last time Loki went to, Day’s mind. Suddenly Day stood with Hermes on this blackness.
“Where am I?”
“The place where you’ve been hiding the falcon’s cloak all this time.”
“What is that mean?”
“Loki once had to borrow the falcon’s cloak to return Thor’s hammer, Mjolnir back to the rightful owner. This cloak kept a history of a mischievous brother for once helping his older brother. The cloak itself has a soul that might not understand why Loki had to separate it from its owner.  As Loki finished to use it, the cloak supposed to return back to the court of gods. Instead,” Hermes brought her back to her memory the time she got accident when she’s young. “Why do you think you’d even survived on that cold living of hideous snow?”
“It was supposed to be your death.”
“It was?”
“By the decision of the court of Greek gods.”
“What is that mean?”
“The cloak went to our court the time we decided to kill you. He must mislead with Zeus’s lightning’s.”
“Why did you say that?”
“The falcon’s cloak knew what we did wrong. It flew and saved you. Saving you from your destiny who’ve already being sentenced by Zeus. You’re going to die.”
“I am going to die?”
Hermes was holding her back of her neck, “Soon. It is I, who can save you.”
“Save me?”
“The world is falling apart, Day. The Ragnarok is coming. If the cloak went back to the Asgard then no one will save you from your death. She was saving you twice and she will saving you again. You need this falcon’s cloak, aren’t you? She’s waiting to be back with you.”
“Of course.”
“Will you do something for me in return?”
Hermes smiled as suddenly he whispered something to Day and Day was suddenly understands, “Do you really want the truth?” She asked. She turned around.
“Very well.” She kissed Hermes and suddenly Hermes got sucked by her like a great power came from Day herself. She ate a god.
Cindy Ridley who’s in the real world, saw Hermes was screaming and turned into a dust as the falcon’s cloak suddenly lived. Cindy was scared as the body of Day flew to the center of the great wing and the feathers wrapped her body and shrinking then absorbed into her body. Then, Day still flew on the room, she opened her eyes and her eyes are like the eyes of Ra. All her body vessels shine like gold and went to her eyes. Her eyes brightened and suddenly she said something to Cindy, “RUN!” Cindy straight to the elevator and pushed the button down. She left Day alone in that room. She’s crying as she decided to keep walking out from the building. She’s just walking as suddenly the earthquake’s coming. All the building and roads were moving. People were screaming. But the first building fallen down was Hermes Building. Cindy was screaming because she knew how many workers inside that building.
On the sky Cindy saw the greatest light, she believed it’s Day.
Thor, Annabella, and Percy seeing that and felt the earthquake. Thor was protecting Annabella and Percy from the falling buildings. Percy decided to call his flying horse and he brought Annabella back to camp half-blood, “We’re going to prepare the army,” said Annabella.
“You should go to meet Avengers, I suppose?” asked Percy, he’s excited.
“Children of Greek gods. Truly surprised me.” Replied Thor. Then Annabella and Percy flew away. Thor decided to came to that light. He flew with his Mjolnir. Day was looking around for what she did. Even she looked at herself, she’s really hurt.
“Who are you, monster?” asked Thor, “Stop what you’re doing or I will put you back where you belong, wherever that is, monster! I’m warning you!”
“A…monster…?” Her voice was changing, too. She surprised, too. “I know you. You are son of Odin. King of Asgard, Thor.”
“Yes. Are you one of the monsters from else world who’s trying to kill us, the Asgardians?”
“The gods must have forgot what precious thing they’ve lost.”
Thor then realized the wings of the creature, “The Falcon’s Cloak.”
“Didn’t you miss me?”
“Are you here to make a destruction of human world?” asked Thor
“Human world? No, not human world. The gods world.”
“Then you want indeed to attack the Asgard?”
“The Asgard? I am protecting. They’re ending their own world. Same as yours.”
“What do you mean?”
“Thor!” Suddenly Loki and Fenrir appeared on the ground and shouting.
“Fenrir…” Thor was shocked.
“There he is.”
“Do not attack her! It’s Day!” Shouted Loki.
“Day?” As Thor would like to see of what’s the truth behind this monster, the monster was going to attack Loki and Fenrir at the ground, “NO!”
Thor straight to defend Loki and Thor using his hammer then as eyes of Ra shot to Loki, the hammer against it. The light went blasted. Thor was mad so he decided called the thunder upon that monster. The monster was howling.
“NO!!!!” shouted Loki.
The monster then dismissed.
“What did you do? What did you do? Did you kill her?” Loki jumped from Fenrir’s back and attacking his brother.
“Get yourself together!” Thor punched back at Loki as Loki hurt and stayed down.
“It was her. It was her!”
“You knew all along the falcon’s cloak was with Day all along!”
“I don’t know!”
“Look, what you’ve done. You’re playing a human life and now you keep playing with it. Here we are. The end of the world.”
“We… can’t change that, can we?” Loki came closer to Thor, “But, we can save her. Help me, Brother. Please.” Loki was so helpless. Suddenly Fenrir was howling.
Meanwhile Day was fighting on the upper sky with the soul of the falcon’s cloak.
“Stop this! I don’t want this!”
“You’re not you!”
“I am me. Stop, this!”
“Deep inside you, you want me to protect you to reveal the mission, am I not?”
“What mission! Stop!”
The whole energy around her turned upside down and the weather’s changing.
“The mission to stop the gods world!”
Day’s fighting for her body and suddenly she changed back to normal her. She’s falling from the sky. Fenrir realized it was Day and he straight jumped to catch her. He brought her to somewhere else.
“Where did he take her?” Loki was going to chase Fenrir. Suddenly he got attacked by Avengers. Of course, Hawkeye’s arrow got him first, Loki defended himself because no mortal arrow could hurt him, “Imbecile!” Loki decided to fight with the avengers by himself. Thor got stopped by Captain America.
“We’re not going to kill your brother. We’re going to capture him and put him to the safest place. But especially you, Thor. You can’t use your Mjolnir for now. That Justice League could track you.”
“We tracked you first and now you need to come with us.” Said Tony Stark.
“Let me go!” Loki shouted while he’s upside down because Hulk held his foot. Then, Hulk punched him once more and Loki passed out.
“We gotta go!” shouted Tony Stark. Suddenly someone appeared from nowhere. It’s Doctor Strange. He opened another multiverse dimension, “We have to go. Quickly.” They all jumped to the portal. As the portal vanished, a strike lightning came like a storm light.
It was The Flash just arrived. “They’re gone.” Flash sent message to all Justice League members.
“Copy that.” Said Batman, “Where are Diana and Clark?”
“On the way we got attacked by another bunch of teenagers who have powers, they are half-bloods of Greek gods.”
“They need back-up?”
“Ah… wait,”The Flash went fast to the last time he left Diana and Clark. There Percy and Annabella were hurted. The army was defeated, “They’ve managed it. Over.” The Flash replied, “Allen’s out.”
“Flash, these kids are not the gods we’re looking for.” Said Superman.
“Yes. I just from there and they’re all gone. This only one building went down after the earthquake. The building where we got the signal of Mjolnir.”
“What we should do, then?” asked Superman.
“We have to bring Cyborg at scene, he probably knew where they’re going.”
“Roger that.” Cyborg and Green Lantern appeared.
Green Lantern checking and Cyborg analyzing they found where they’re going but they couldn’t get through because their world’s falling apart, include the worlds collide.
Meanwhile Day was awaked somewhere place.
“Where am I?” It’s like a very dark dungeon or place with great walls of building. Then she was looking at Fenrir, standing in front of her, she realized she knew him,  from the tale before, she never thought she would see him again, “How’s your life?”
Fenrir let Day to pet him but it’s not very long until another Day interrupting. Day got a headache and put her not well, again. Fenrir then couldn’t stop himself to aware of Falcon’s aura existence. Fenrir barked at her and put Day back to her conscious. “It’s really hurting me, you know, thank you for helping me out.”
Later both of them walked through the street and she found odd places around here. It was a daylight but then she walking through a road with evening skies. Then, she heard police sirens from far as the road getting wet. She’s getting cold. Fenrir tried to keep pay attention of her safe. Until suddenly they arrived on the road, cops chasing bad guys cars. Then, suddenly, Day almost got crash but someone’s pulling her back. Day was looking at him and it’s Jow Marlace.
“Do you want to die?” shouted him.
“Are you alright?” Jow hugged her.
“I…I’m fine.”
“I thought you’re dead.” Jow wrapped her with his coat, “Let’s go.”
Jow brought Day with his car and along the way, Day was wondering what really happens.
“Day, you will be save with me. Do not worry. With me, you’re going to not remember everything, again and this world will turn back to normal again. You don’t need to be worry. What happened today, you won’t be to worry again.”
Fenrir was left alone on that street. He led Day to Jow Marlace. That’s the plan. Day was hidden at the place where those Justice League won’t think to find her there, Gotham, Arkham. The places where all bad villains living. The places where Justice League came from. Besides, right now, Justice League was thinking Avengers hide Day and they’re searching this world, their own world will be on their last list of place to search.
Then, Fenrir was gone. Meanwhile Cindy went to get her two step-sisters and the shoemaker. There’s Fenrir came up. Then, Fenrir was gone. Meanwhile Cindy went to get her two step-sisters and the shoemaker. There’s Fenrir came up. Cindy knew it's the wolf. She once was walking through the forest with the red robe and suddenly that wolf attacking her, luckily the wolf only caught one of her slipper as she ran away very fast.
“Do you remember me?” Fenrir changed his look to be Volt.
“What do you want?”
“I wonder, really, where did you get that red robe.”
“Do not fool me. A story of Cinderella? You’re not Cinderella. A girl who treated a grandmother. You took Cindy’s name from Red Riding Hood. That is why, you can’t crossover to your fairy tale peace.”
“What do you want, Volt? You’re suppose been dead.”
“Well, my father…. My father decided to start a ragnarok. So, I’ve been resurrected.” He smiled, “Don’t get me wrong. But now, I’m ready to eat you.”
Before the shoemaker and the two step-sisters found Cindy outside the door, Cindy’s already gone, with the one red shoes left at the front door. 


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