Do you know why it's hard to say goodbye? Because we afraid if our memories might not be able to remember them, rightly. The fact is, goodbye means good. No matter how hard.
~Aurora Esterlia

Say Love

Choi Taek is a young property director. His family is well known all over country. Choi Taek also a playboy, he likes all the pretty girls who come and seduce him. Well, because it's worth it.

Choi Taek then one day gets a new assistant of research name Park Mi Na. Mi Na is a very joyful person. She always there to help people. But, somehow she's just always home alone. Mi Na also a very open up person. Mi Na never seduced him but she said frankly Choi Taek is his type.

Choi Taek feels so desirable whenever Mi Na around him, its like she truly there to hundred percents support him. And, when there's a second lead man approaching, name Jun So, Mi Na suddenly start make things awkward.

Choi Taek found whenever Jun So appeared, Mi Na decided to go with him. But, when Jun So is not there, Choi Taek felt like Mi Na really treat him like her fiance or future husband like she knows how to handle things that he needs. Yet, Jun So recently appeared and drag her away from him.

Choi Taek couldn't bare it so one day, when Mi Na awkwardly decided to go with Jun So, Choi Taek stop her, "Do you love him?"
Mi Na surprised, "No, I'm not."
Choi Taek more surprised, "Then, tell me. Do you have feelings for me?"
Mi Na then said, "I can't answer that. It will ruin our workplace relationship."
Choi Taek then understood.

Then things went pretty off where Mi Na starts to make mistakes. Its like suddenly Choi Taek asked of Mi Na did things on purpose. But Jun So defended her. Then somehow Mi Na went crying on Jun So shoulder. Choi Taek saw it and he thought she really loves Jun So.

Jun So at the same time reveals his feeling. Mi Na surprised and she didnt say anything. Next days, Jun So treated her like his girlfriend. And somehow it put Mi Na really enjoyed her life. And Mi Na starts treat Jun So better than Choi Taek.

Choi Taek losing an appetite and he thought of Mi Na every single time. Mi Na actually start to see Choi Taek losing spirit, Mi Na starts to get closer again. Choi Taek then feels lighten up again. And on a project where Jun So was not there, Mi Na totally made Choi Taek crazy. Not a single day she didn't do anything without Choi Taek. When they went home, Jun So waiting for her at airport and somehow Mi Na embraced him really caressly.

Everyone also confused with how Mi Na can choose Jun So over Choi Taek. Jun So starts to learn what happened on Mi Na and Choi Taek. Then after several weeks, Jun So realized how Mi Na treats Choi Taek is same thing as Jun So. And somehow. He found Choi Taek seems taking chances. It put Jun So personally over possessive. Mi Na starts to have fight and seems like Mi Na fine with it. But not Choi Taek.

Choi Taek came to Jun So and both have fights for no reason. Mi Na caught them and suddenly Jun So asked her, "Who you really love?"
Mi Na couldn't answer that. She ran away.

Next day, Mi Na took day offs and somehow Choi Taek and Jun So couldn't reach her. Then they found Mi Na went to her hometown and somehow both of them chase her there. Mi Na actully living around motherhood no men around and she treats all old women like mothers. Choi Taek and Jun So realized they being treated like those old women.

Mi Na then tried to let them there without bothering her yet somehow Choi Taek couldn't stand it he being fooled and he just made the moves,
"I love you. I love you since first time I met you." Mi Na looked into Choi Taek and Mi Na wants to answer it suddenly Jun So appears. Mi Na then ran away again.
Choi Taek didnt know what things he did wrong.
But, Choi Taek given up and left first. While Jun So thought he won her.

They also back to work and somehow Mi Na went very differrent. Same as Choi Taek. Both doing things like great couple but they are not couple. While Jun So heard again about the rumor, Jun So had a date with Mi Na and then he asked, "Why you never say love to me?"

Mi Na then starts to breathe, "What do you want from me by I say I love you? Will it change things?"
"I love you, you should say that."
"I can't say that. You know nothing about me."
"What? Then who you love?"
"I love everyone. Cant I say that?"
"Do you love me or not?"
"If you insist then we dont need to be together again. I leave you."
Mi Na left Jun So for no reasons.

Choi Taek actually waiting Mi Na in front of her place and Mi Na was surprised.
"Are you alright?"
"Oh...why you here?"
"I just want to see you."
"Choi Taek, is that really say love?"


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