Do you know why it's hard to say goodbye? Because we afraid if our memories might not be able to remember them, rightly. The fact is, goodbye means good. No matter how hard.
~Aurora Esterlia

Our Last Station, Arrived.

"Only one my prince, calling out men are all like that. Love like this I couldn't just look at you. It hurts and hurts, into the storm reminds of you. Really."

11 lagu favorit Hangul Desember 2012 :)

"Our Last Station, Arrived."
~inspired by. Spirited Away, pas Chihiro naik kereta :D

1. 소향 - 오직 단 하나 (Feat. 안은경) ~ Sohyang - Only One (feat Ahn, Eun-Kyong)
2. Park Bo Young – My Prince (나의 왕자님)
3. Luna & Krystal ( f(x) ) – Calling Out ( 불러본다 )
4. Kim Jong Kook - Men are All Like That (남자가 다 그렇지 뭐)
5. K.Will - Love Like This (사랑은 이렇게)
6. 4Men - I Couldn't (안되겠더라)
7. Jeong Dong Ha - Just Look At You (바라보나봐) ~ini suara kyk Afghan/HongKi *melted*
8. Yaerin – It Hurts And Hurts (아프고 아파도)
9. Ailee - Into The Storm (폭풍속으로) (feat.Verbal Jint)
10. Byul (별) & Shorry J (쇼리제이) - Reminds Of You (니 얼굴 떠올라)

tidak terlepas dari soundtrack drama/film korea... yang terkait: The Horse Healer, Werewolf Boy, Cinderella Stepsister(✓), Running Man(✓), Bridal Mask, Cheongdamdong Alice, dan I Miss You(✓) ;)

11. Song Joong Ki (송중기) - Really (정말) ~dari drama Innocent Man(✓)


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