Do you know why it's hard to say goodbye? Because we afraid if our memories might not be able to remember them, rightly. The fact is, goodbye means good. No matter how hard.
~Aurora Esterlia

Tears of Admirers: Jessica Lee, The Liar Model

Bernard Grant was all alone in the hospital. He heard the news of Bibien Elle's real body had been found. Bernard Grant knew the police will come to get him again, he looked into the big window, the hospital, his room had a view straight to Maire Lake. Bernard Grant suddenly heard someone talking from behind, as if she really there.

"Is she dead, my love?"
"Yes, Jessica. She's dead."
"But, did you do it?"
"I don't know, anymore. Was she dead because of me or someone else?"

Bernard looked back and there's no one there. He's all alone. Suddenly, the door was open and police officers came to him. Bernard started to shock and he opened the window, ready to jump. The nurse screamed. Seconds later, Caleb arrived and beg him to not jump.

"Mr. Grant, please."
"This is my choice. I'm gonna do it."
"What Bibien Elle would see if you do that?"
"I will meet her, there! A place better for both us."
"Nothing place is better for people who choose to suicide!"
"I have nobody for me, here, neither!"
"I believe you, Mr. Grant. You never killed her."
"What do you want from me?"
"You're the one who know exactly the last time Bibien Elle lives."
"She's suicide, what does it matter, now?"
"How do you know, Mr. Grant?"
"At Maire Lake. She said, if that one last thing she needs to see before she died. And, now, look. I can see the lake here, too. She calls me."
"What, no! No!"

Caleb knew Bernard didn't know anything about how Bibien Elle died.  Just right away, Caleb caught Bernard's arm. Caleb being help by officers strengths around him so he can pull Bernard back to the room. The nurse gave him a sedative injection and he's a sleep. Caleb was waiting until Bernard awaken. Bernard woke up and he found he's being handcuffed.

"You said, you believe me."
"Have you awake?"
"Why my hand being handcuffed?"
"I do believe you. But, you're now the suspect. The only."
"Then, I also the suspect of the crime that killed other girls?"
"Are you, Mr. Grant?"
"I'm not. Oh, Bibien, why?"
"Was she really suicide, as you said, Mr. Grant?"
"Please, say it wasn't real."
"You're the one who said she killed herself."
"I killed with my hand. My hand killed her."
"What's happening with you, Mr. Grant?"
"What happen with me? Bibien knows I didn't do it. But, she wanted me to say it."
"Bibien told you?"
"She told me. So, I can be without her."
"When she told you?"
"She beg to me. Making a doll. Her. I made it then she changed."
"She made you to kill her?"
"She said it. Then, we fought. Our last fight. Oh, Bibien, why?"
"Where were you that day, when did you kill her?"
"She was standing alone in her room. I was late because I was thinking she should think it twice. But, I've just done it. I came to my apartment. She was back at me. She never looked at me. So, I was angry and ran to the kitchen, the knife in my hand."
"Stabbing her back."
"It was odd. Knowing I've killed her but it wasn't me who really kill her."

Caleb knew it never be Bernard. Caleb got out from the room and asked to handcuff him. Caleb reported there's no prove if Bernard is the one he've been looking for. Caleb walked to the lift, just before the door was shut, Jessica Lee crossing outside the lift. Caleb jumped out from the lift and came to Jessica. Caleb said that Bernard was not allowed for the guest. So, Jessica believed him and they both chatted at canteen. Caleb found Jessica only love an americano.

"Bibien always got wrong things about me. Like this coffee. I never let sugar allowed, but Bibien always forgot. She's someone who really a saint. Now, she died like one of them."
"Is this how you say things with people who just die?"
"I never lie about my opinion."
"That's the disrespectful."
"Then, I'm sorry. She never stop to preaching me when she alive. She made my ears in pain."
"She must be a close friend to you."
"She thought she was."
"Bibien was close with Bernard."
"She was."
"Were they in relationship?"
"Yes. I made them together."
"Was Bibien ever with someone else besides Bernard?"
"I nevet see Bernard with anyone else but her. But her? I don't care."
"Do you like the coffee, Miss Lee?"
"Yes. I always like black. To keep remember me the bitter."
"You have a hard character, Miss Lee."
"You don't know anything about me."
"Does Mr. Nathan High know you here?"
"You said you don't lie."
"I never lie."

Caleb just saw Nathan High behind Jessica Lee, just arrived. His face looks so cold. He came to the table. He kissed Jessica head. He also sat next to her. 

"Is there something wrong, Officer?"
"No, Nathan. I was the one who asking him join me."
"Well, I believe you also the one who came to our house and talked to Jessica alone?"
"Yes, Mr. High. I'm Caleb Moore. We're investigating the case of Bibien Elle's."
"I know. She was my wife's assistant and my best friend. Jessica knows nothing. Let's go home, Jess."
"Sure, Nathan."
"Mr. High, can I have a chance to ask you some questions to help the case?"
"Of course. But, not this time. Come to my office, tomorrow."

Nathan High gave his namecard. He left with Jessica Lee so quickly. Caleb was looking out from the canteen, the view of hospital. People dies everyday in here and it looks fine. For Nathan, Bibien's death also fine. If, Bernard not came to him. It could be just a suicide report. The next day, Caleb came to Nathan's workplace. He walked with a bodyguard and arrived at the make up and dressing room, alone. It was nice and full of bulb lights. Caleb also found the sign for no smoking. He couldn't do anything except waiting. Until, Nathan with cool looks, came in and sat. He just took out a cigarette from his jacket and light it up.

"Have a sit, Mr. Moore."
"Thank you."
"This is her place, always."
"Excuse, me?
"Bibien workplace. You can look around. See or take things you need."
"Do you mind?"
"Suit yourself."
"Well, so you choose this place for?"
"To help your investigation."
"Yes, sure."
"I never thought she killed herself. It can't be."
"You seemed dissapointed."
"Something's wrong. I knew it."
"All these dresses. Did Bibien make all of these?"
"No. Bibien bought them. She loves to buy dresses for our models. Like, this was her dollhouse."
"Oh. And you are?"
"I'm the mattel company. The producing pictures, advertising, the top models."
"And your wife?"
"It's a settle up."
"What's your wife work?"
"She's writer of tv shows. As I said, she and me were being settled up and we just got married."
"I didn't ask."
"No mention."
"You said she worked here but she's your wife assistant."
"Yes. Bibien, she was my friend. There was a time of my wife invited me to join this monthly project, advertisement. I came and I was hiring her as my secretary. In fact, she knew a lot of writing stuffs. She gave me great ideas to shoot great pictures. She had this wild mind and just in time, she became my muse."
"Your muse?"
"I must say, that it's worth it. Making her as my wife assistant gave me, a husband-titled, to keep her as mine."
"So, you also had affair with her?"
"What, well, there's a bloom, but she knew I'm married man. She's just like my younger sister that I wish I had."
"I'm sorry for your loss."
"Life doesn't stop for anybody. I keep my weeps at the funeral ceremony."
"So, your wife said it was 2004, the first time Bibien greetings with French Elise and Sam Novell first movie."
"You've talked with my wife? How was she?"
"She's great. But, my question here, when exactly you hired Bibien Elle for your project?"
"2002. It must be. She is fresh graduate girl. She came to audition, we thought she was auditioning that day for be the model. She's so unqualified. I used to be the judge of the models and my wife the judge for her should-be audition, the advertising plan. Maybe, it's just her lucky day."
"And how you change your mind?"
"About what?"
"Run away with Jessica Lee."
"Jessica Lee is my favorite one. She's smart and beautiful. All of her pictures are really enchanted me. That's the world beauty."
"What about it?"
"You should've ask my wife. She knows better."
"This place, Mr. High. No one ever come again since Bibien Elle last time visit?"
"I don't know. It's actually a public place."
"May I take several things, here?"
"It's all yours."

Caleb came back to the office and brought a notes, a printed-book, several pictures of that room, and a make up pouch with labeled 'Bibien Elle'. Caleb also got a final report of the body. The autopsy gave the result and he read it. Caleb called Bibien's family. The only who came was Jiers.

"So, that's the result, Officer?"
"To tell you the truth, Officer, I didn't know anything about Bibien. She's really our beloved sister. She kept smile and laugh. But, maybe she's not. She lied for all of this time. And now, we're the family must endured her fault."
"It's not her fault, my son."
"Then, who is that her crazy boyfriend she got along with? Why, on her last days, she chose to spend with him not her own family? That's her fault. Now, our mother will cry if she found the result. No one can ever bury her."
"Are you catholic?"
"Do you want to bury her, my son?"
"Of course."
"Then, don't tell about it."
"What do you mean?"
"Because, I believe it never be suicide."

Jiers came home and told their parents that Bibien is allowed to have a proper burial. And, so the news spreading that Bibien was being killed, not suicide. Caleb then came to the funeral. And, there they are. Jessica Lee and Nathan High, Ron Wenn and Rei Samore, French Elise and Sam Novell, Mr and Mrs Elle, then Pipp and Jiers. Bernard was never allowed to come by the family behalf.

"Hey, you came."
"Mr. Bill Chris."
"Of course. Bibien was my great customer. She's the one who made my coffee shop being well-known. Her friends, look, I've seen them all, at least once or two times at my own shop."
"She must be a great promoter."
"She was. But, I never had a chance to share those thoughts. I never thought she will be gone soon."
"So, you've seen that girl also came to your shop?"
"Ah, that girl. Yes. She's the most beautiful girl I've ever seen at my coffee shop. She always gave a great opinion about the black coffee that we had. Is that her husband?"
"But, I remembered that man with the marriage ring and once had a fight at the phone."
"He came, too? Bibien Elle lived on that building. People once or two times came to your coffee shop. They might had visited her place, too."

Suddenly, Bernard came running in to the cathedral and arrived at the altar. He looked Bibien Elle and cried again. People were shocked. Especially Bibien's father. He screamed to get out and Caleb ran to the front, caught Bernard and got out from the cathedral.

"What are you doing here?"
"You said it was murder. Then, why she's being buried?"
"It's a suicide!"
"She never be suicide!"
"Her lungs were drowned and there were stones inside her clothes."
"Don't you see? The murderer is laughing at you, now."
"The murderer was sitting at the church. Laughing for Bibien's death."
"How do you know?"
"The murderer will not stop. It's still not 20 girls."

Caleb ran back to the church and stopped the closing coffin. "It is suicide." Everyone's shocked. The funeral has being ruined. The church was crowded with whispers and shameful. While, Caleb look around the guests, that the murderer is one of them. But, people started to leave and there were none. Caleb called the police and secure the body. The press were all out from the church. So, he gave the statement.

"My name is Caleb Moore. Today, I confess that I told Bibien Elle's family the wrong result of the autopsy. It is true the death of Bibien Elle as the result is suicidal, drown into the lake. In that case, forgive me."

The Bibien Elle family were silent for the press conference. It was the most sad thing. Caleb back to his office and find Jessica Lee, alone.

"I was looking for Bernard."
"Yes, he's on detention."
"Please, let him go. Bernard was not the murderer."
"Miss Lee, it's not your concern. Bernard Grant was suppose to stay out from the funeral as the judge said."
"Then, let me pay the bill. He did nothing wrong. For good sakes, he just wanted to see his girlfriend for the last time."
"It is better to let him stay here, save, then out there."
"People out there think that he is the one of murderer. 19 girls killed, 19 family were trying to revenge their daughters death to him. He better save here, Miss Lee."
"Then, I want to see him."
"We can't let you do that."
"You are not his relatives, Miss."
"So did her! Bibien was never his anyone! But, she showed me as if she someone who knowing him better, longer than me. That's why! That's why I never like her! Stole him from me! Bernard!"
"Miss Lee, I need you to calm down."
"Bernard! I'm here! She's gone, now. Bernard!"
"You knew it will happen."
"What? No! Bernard, I promise! I will get you out from here!"
"You knew she was going to die, didn't you!"

Suddenly Nathan High arrived and stopped the riot. As usual, he saved Jessica Lee's day. Caleb seems lost and he got call from the Head Officer to come by the bar. They drank there.

"Now, you're becoming famous, look that interview. Quiet handsome."
"I think I've been driving crazy."
"Why did you do that? If Bibien was truly suicide, you're doing great to keep it secret. But, you just told them the truth and she will never be buried properly."
"Well, she's already being prayed, properly."
"Then, what will you do with her body?"
"I don't know."
"We only have not much time, Caleb."
"Bernard is the smart young man. He has this thought."
"What thought?"
"He knows who's the murderer. And, I guess Jessica also knows that Bibien was going to die."
"I guess, the murderer also knows that, too."
"That's why we need to keep Bernard saved."
"Then, what about that girl?"
"I guess, she also has the same kind of thing as Bernard."
"What does that mean?"

Caleb came to the local high school. Bernard Grant and Jessica Lee high school. Caleb went to the library and found their yearbook. Caleb found Jessica became a Prom Queen. She looks so different. Her hair, her fat, and also her nose. Caleb also found where's Bernard. He was one who being on the chart of best student and got the scholarship. Caleb was quite cool. Caleb found Bernard builded the great exhibition stage in that year and everyone amazed. Seems like Bernard was much famous than Jessica. Then, he found that Bernard is also rich. Caleb came back to prison and chatted with him.

"Aren't you tired, Officer?"
"No. You said you know who's the murderer."
"I knew those girls. Girls of the town. I never left this town."
"Is that why you came here first. Because you know we will come to you first."
"That's what murderer thought. But, I changed it! That killer thought never being caught! The killer my Bibien."
"Calm down, Mr. Grant."
"You should've know. I was thinking it can't be Bibien the next one. She's not from this town."
"So, it's true, that is suppose to be Jessica."
"And now, you need to make Jessica is saved, Officer!"
"We will. But, will you tell me who's the murderer?"
"I have this theory. That Bibien died exact the same day as I was killed her doll, which means the murderer saw me came to her apartment. The murderer know about our fight. That murderer was in the apartment all along. The CCTV."

Caleb came back to the apartment and found the old man, the landlord. Caleb didn't ask things further, he just simply know it wasn't him. Caleb went out to the apartment. He stood in front of the apartment. Look up and down, he realized something. That coffee shop. Caleb came to talk with Bill Chris.

"Yes, right there, right across the street. A parking place that straightly can see people who's in the cafe."
"No CCTV?"
"There's no way. It's simply far from traffic light or main road. It's basically a residence street."
"Mr. Chris, how long do you know about this town?"
"Well, This was my grand father's. He's dead a year ago. My father asked me to run this place for, well, it's been three months."
"So, three months, which means you knew all these people about three months?"
"Yes. I guess they were all our loyal customers."
"But, you seems very good on observing."
"Well, I graduated from management major. I just never seeing that they were all connected. As you know, with Bibien Elle's death."
"What do you think about it, Mr. Chris?"
"People who came to our shop every day is things that need to be remember about their favorites. Bibien Elle's favorite was Cappuccino with extra cinnamon. Then, there's that guy who's with the model."
"Mr. Nathan High."
"Yes. He also came to pick up Miss Bibien Elle. His drink was Green Tea Latte. He never bought coffee. But, I never saw him came with that model to our coffee shop."
"Then, you said that Jessica Lee also have come to your coffee shop."
"Yes. She used to order black coffee."
"When the last time she came here?"
"Last week. It's on the afternoon. She's so beautiful."
"Mr. Chris, how old are you?"
"Younger than you. I'm 27."

From that on, Caleb watched that parking lot. In that case, there's another girl, a con-artist, to do things like Bibien did. Sit near the window, start took pictures. In just two days, there's the car parked. The driver never went out, just there for five to ten minutes then leaving. The con-artist had this earplugged to not eye-contact with the appearance of the car or even taking picture of it. So, it wouldn't pay any attention from the driver. On the third day, it happened again. But, turned out, Caleb and his team bragged the car. And, inside of the car, it's Jessica Lee. She brought to interrogation room.

"What are you doing, Miss Lee?"
"I was thinking to find if Bernard's home."
"You know Bernard's home is not there. We will not send him home to the apartment,too."
"Well, good to know."
"You hide something from me."
"No, I'm not."
"You attracted with the girl who sit exactly where Bibien used to sit on the cafe."
"How did you know?"
"So, that's true. Why?"
"I don't know how to say this. But, that chair, I thought the girl was Bibien."
"Excuse me?"
"That day when you said to all of us that she's suicide, I couldn't trust you."
"It's true. The report said so."
"Then, it's wrong. Bibien would never kill herself. So, Bernard must know something. I mean, the apartment was the last place he met her. What did he say? He knew who's the murderer, right?"
"Miss Lee, what's the occasion that relates with you? You never like Bibien."
"Of course. She knows Nathan better than I do. Spend many hours with Bernard, too. I couldn't handle the feeling of jealousy. But, she never meant it. It's just, she's a really the girl friend, most loyal to me. And, the truth is, I feel bad after seeing that scene on the church."
"You do?"
"She never done things wrong. Upset for what I did to Bernard or about myself. Then, messing with someone's marriage. I'm fucked up. But, she stayed. She always telling the truth about me. When, Nathan didn't."
"Miss Lee, what do you want to tell me?"
"I wanted to see Bernard so I can explain to him why I chose to run away with Nathan. So, he could tell me who killed Bibien. I mean, right now, Nathan was thought it's all his fault, too."
"Where is Nathan High, right now?"
"At home."
"Then, I would like to take you home."
"But, I can ride by myself."
"I'll just need to see him."

Caleb and Jessica on the road, together. When, they has to crossing Maire Lake, a man with a car, Caleb recognized him. It's Sam Novell, alone. Then, Caleb asking questions to Jessica on the car.

"How well do you know about Sam Novell?"
"Sam Novell."
"Oh, yeah. That great private marriage at Maire Lake. It was all on the news. Also Bibien's death related with their wedding issue."
"What about it?"
"So harsh gossip. That Bibien's death was caused because of their wedding. Bibien could be one of special fan that never accept of Sam Novell's wedding. Such a moron press!"
"Have you ever thought about that issue?"
"Nathan hates movie industry ever since he found his wife cheated on Ron Wenn. So, I also never like cinemas. Maybe Nathan knows something about it."
"So, did you know about his wife cheating?"
"Of course. His wife was so ungrateful. Nathan never likes me at the first time. He always made her as his first call. He would do anything for her. He loved her. That's why I'm kind of, you know, that's the way why I need Bernard by my side. Unrequited love is really depressing. But, suddenly she cheated on him and Nathan's changed. He loves me, now. And, I will love him, too."
"What about Bernard?"
"I thought Bibien would do the same thing. But she wasn't, was she?"

Caleb arrived and found Nathan opened the door. He surprised with Caleb and Jessica came together. Nathan and Caleb chatted on the living room while Jessica cook something.

"Jessica Lee was our last thought as the 20th victim. Instead, it's Bibien Elle and Jessica Lee was saved."
"What's the connection, then?"
"I don't know. But, with the whole press issues, Jessica Lee might be recognized by the murderer."
"She might be on danger, is that what you think?"
"Is there any people around her that you can think weird or odd?"
"I am thinking about it."
"Well, I also want to ask you about the relationship between Bibien Elle and Sam Novell."
"What? About the news?"
"It doesn't matter. Sam Novell is married, now."
"You can give me more than just that, right?"
"She's not suicide because of that man."
"What's wrong?"
"You said it's not suicide, then it's not suicide."
"Jessica said if you blame her death to yourself."
"She worried about me, isn't she?"
"Bibien Elle died at Maire Lake and reported as suicide. I'm the one who said it's suicide in front of the public. That must be, right now, Sam Novell thought the same thing."
"You shouldn't make him think about it. He never cared about her. He's just a spoiled brat!"

Jessica came and found how Nathan seemed mad. Nathan apologized and they went eating. Anyways, Jessica was not even good in cooking. Nathan ate all while Caleb just drank a lot. Caleb called someone to pick him up because he's so drunk. But, instead Nathan volunteered to bring him home. Caleb was sitting at the back sit while Nathan and Jessica chatted on the front seats. Caleb actually heard all of them.

"He said that?"
"Are you worry about me, Jess?"
"Of course, Nathan. You should talk to me about how you feel. Your closest friend just died."
"That's your friend, too."
"Well, yes. But, it seems not effecting me that much. I just, also worry about Bernard."
"Bibien was loved him, right?"
"Why you ask me that?"
"Bernard loves you and it won't never change."
"Stop saying that."
"Bernard could be the reason if Bibien died."
"You blame it on me, right?"
"If I never ask you to run away with me. That's it. I'm the one who should being blamed."
"Then, she must very heart broken to see how Bernard couldn't stop loving me and she just died?"
"Then, what else? Someone killed her?"
"Yes! Did you know, she killed by the killer around this town. My town! Didn't you know that I was the one who suppose to be dead, now, instead it got your foolish girl?"
"What? What? Can't I say anything I want to say in front of you?"
"Well, say it then! If you never meet Bibien, I also never end up with you, now!"
"How dare you!"

Caleb was worried of their conversations. Caleb awake and it stopped their fight. Then, they're arrived in front of the police station. Caleb was asking if both of them shouldn't fight when on the road. Nathan and Jessica apologized. It's simply when Caleb got inside the building, Sam Novell was there.

"I was looking for you, Mr. Moore."
"Good evening, Mr. Novell. It's so late."
"Yes. I was just spend one night on this town. But, all I need was talking with Bernard Grant."
"I'm sorry, Mr. Novell. Only relatives allowed."
"Then, would you mind to talk to me about Bibien's death? Or, ask me anything. I want to help."
"Well, give me a minute."

Suddenly, there's a car crashed out of the building. Everyone came out and others called fire brigade. Caleb and Sam out from the building and they found it's Nathan and Jessica car. Caleb and Sam ran for it. The car was hit by a truck. It was green light and they did nothing wrong. Caleb got Jessica while Sam tried to get Nathan. Nathan was half-awake. He refused Sam's help. Caleb already put Jessica with other officer. Caleb came back to the car and helping Nathan got out from it. It's really hard chances but it's exact moment before the car and the truck were exploded. Thankfully, they were saved. Until, there's a sound screaming and weapon shootings.

An officer and Jessica had being stabbed by anonymous. They're laid on the street. Caleb ran to chase the shadow.

While, Nathan ran to Jessica and found the stabbing wounds, "Oh, thank God." She still breathing. He saw Sam who checked on the other officer who also got stabbed. It's woman officer.

"She just died." said Sam. He was terrified.


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