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~Aurora Esterlia

Mockingjay Part. I : Review "Divine Acts from Both Stars"

Most of reviews that I read saying that "This is not a good one", they were all just jumped straight to that conclusion without being noticed what The Hunger Games Trilogy all means.

Oscar needs to leer this costume design!!!

I was watching the movie with my 24 friends that most of them not a fan of Hunger Games. And they all love to see the upcoming Part II. They enchanted with the materials of the drama side, the great acting from Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson, then the unrequited love side of Gale, and the dramatize of District 13 movement against President Snow, where from two previous movies we got the whole pack of the game-action and not all my friends really done watching those two either.

But, it's really a huge experience, I mean, to see if a movie is great or not, and me as a fan of the movie/book to see "normal-people" were pleased with the movie, well, I know this is it. Well, in my opinion, I was kind-of disappointed. The angle of several shots seem indie-movie. Then, there's also too short scene-takes for some big events in the story-line. Like the hospital bombing and Buttercup rescues, and much more.

I know, it's not good. But, hey, I saw how awesome Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson acts.

She cried for the whole movie, amazing.
His act in this scene was so, so, PRECIOUS.

Those emotional actings and the facial gestures. Two fragile characters in the book seemed hard for us to imagine it, then both stars nailed it. They deserved BIG CREDITS!

I mean, seriously, I get it that this movie really showed how Katniss actually chose Gale but she wants to keep Peeta saved. It's about DEEP FRIENDSHIP, DUDE! They're not selling triangle love anymore! Remember our "The Hanging Tree" song? I think it's all about Gale's side #teaser4PartII. :'(

So, if all those negative reviews also thought they should show more intimacy or worried-feeling from our heroic female figure to choose which man that she really love, don't you guys, get it? Even when Finnick encouraged Katniss scene about it, Katniss turned into silent. #JUSTMOVEON!!! And, that facial skinner Peeta with Hutcherson acts, I was melted. He's even just showed up so short in the ending and I was amazed. The actor is really proficient in his job. #AMAZING!!! The movie reminds me of Skyfall. Too short with deep materials but still divine performance.




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