Do you know why it's hard to say goodbye? Because we afraid if our memories might not be able to remember them, rightly. The fact is, goodbye means good. No matter how hard.
~Aurora Esterlia

Another Past: Part II

"Close you eyes," Gwenda told me and she gave me Shea's last vision.
Her last vision. It was hard to tell. I saw Gwenda from Shea's sight. She was at the top of the cliff. She was crying and shouted, "You can make it, Shea! You can make it!" Shea was climbing the cliff as the rocks around her started fall down. Gwenda was trying so hard to reach Shea's hand.
And, later, they'd made it. Shea grabbed Gwenda's hand.
"I got you," Gwenda said.
"I'm sorry." Shea was spoken. I thought she couldn't speak.
Later, Shea showed her wounds, around the chest, it was her heart.

I can feel her hurted, suddenly. And that vision got blurred when Shea fell into Gwenda arms.

"What was it?" I asked.
"Her last moment with me. We're on the escape from The Whaledome ship. We're about to go up to the surface. But, she's not even look the sun rise. She's just gone." Gwenda mourned.
"Will you gone, too?" I asked.

I can see the hurt when Shea just vanished, but also I felt Gwenda's hurt when Shea died. That feel, I will get that, too, when Gwenda's gone. And, she said yes.

Gwenda told me about it's her time. The book was finished. I mean, Gwenda's part. The history of Whaledome, the battle between burns and another ships, people of Whaledome, The Old Voyages, the powers, and the tragedy. The hope seemed gone from Gwenda tales. I love her quote, saying:

"...and people of Whaledome thankful to the wondrous Shea, their light back to the surface. What they not know, Shea was no longer exist. They made their own story that Shea had become The New Voyages, that no one will find her except if she wants to be found. Shea was death. But, I couldn't tell them. Because, she lives in me."

It was simply in the morning, when I woke up, I felt so alive. I can breathe so freely. I remembered. Gwenda's gone. I ran to my editor's office. He saw me crying. He knew. He said, "I saw her in my dream last night." I cried like a baby. I fell to his floor office. He waited me to calm down. Later, he gave me an address. He said,
"It's not just us."

I came to the address. It was on the seaside. It's like a wood house. A man stood up near the front door. I came to him. He said, "Hi, Gwen. Don't you remember me?"
It's Bob. Shea's partner, long before she became the voyages. Long before she gained the power.
"It was you, the one who loved Shea. You, you are alive." I was shocked.

I thought it was all just the future. All of them were just the future. It supposed not to be, now.

"I bought your books. I thought it can't be. You're not Gwenda. Why you came here? How do you find me?" Bob asked.

"I don't know. I just, want to come. And, found you. I mean, I bring the last book." I brought the draft. 

"Did you finish it?" He came to me, "Can I read it?"
"Of course." I said. He came to me like it's a real person of someone I've been imagined. A real man. I gave him the draft. He just right away opened the last pages.

He cried. When men cries, we all know it's the worst moment. Will you stand, turn around, or make them look up?

"Are you like, the kin of Bob?"
"No, I'm Bob. I'm from the future."
"Who sent you? How did you arrive?"

My editor said, "That man said he thought his friend is alive again. But, I told him, just like the story of Gwenda that you wrote. Then, he turned back and wished your books going fine. I mean, he knows something. We are not the only one. He must know something."

So, I asked him to tell the story, once more. He asked me from where he should start, I asked how much he loved Shea. 

And Bob said, "It was the last day to register the Warrior's selection for 15th round. I was being released by the juvenile. I was 18 years old and Shea was 21 years old. She had the white-eyed, almost blind, her long messy hair, black and grey. She sat near the register's booth. She's waiting for someone come to be her partner. For the last two years, she's been waiting. She's ready to die. And, the first time I saw her, she's exactly like one of my best friend, who also a burn. Then, I came to her. I asked several questions but she seemed excited. Like, things will be different. She's not afraid. And for once, I knew she was a burn, it's against the law, yet, I picked her."

Bob told me I can make the third installment for the book. A prequel.

Three books of Another Series.
Another Present: It was the story of Shea, The Burn who becomes The Warrior.
Another Future: It was the war of The Whaledome through the escape to the surface.
and, Another Past: It was the story of Shea, The Burn and Bob, The Patrol.

I remember Bob from Gwenda, he used to get close to Shea but Shea was not with Bob. Shea was with Ben, my editor. My editor was the New Voyages, a warrior, and pairing with Shea. That's the breaking-heart story, like triangle love. But, from the last book, Another Future, I knew Shea never love Ben like Gwenda loved Ben. Until the end, it was the mystery who Shea fell in love with.

And now, I found it. 
He said about four men that Shea ever loved.
I knew three of them.
One, it was Ben, his partner. I mean that's how Gwenda so jealous to Shea, in the first place.
Two, there's a guy named Philip, another warrior. I learned Shea once wanted to marry him.
Three, there's a deceased man named Air. It was sad when I learned that Shea never met him alive.
Four, it was Bob. I mean, it was love at the first sight. Shea never loved him but she kept it.

Bob told me, also in the book, "I was happy. It won't forget our relationship."


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