Do you know why it's hard to say goodbye? Because we afraid if our memories might not be able to remember them, rightly. The fact is, goodbye means good. No matter how hard.
~Aurora Esterlia

High School Story : MY STORY

I put the school as Raerst School as the Prep Leader named Raerst
I thought she could be my avatar on this game. But, well, I'm not interest to be Prep.

Then, I made myself as an artist major student in that school.
This is the used to be me. I mean, I was rock n'roll girl, I used to.

I was dating Sherlock/Sam because I thought a jock major student was awesome!
Long hair always enchanted me. And strong, cool, firm. So eyes-sighting!

Look how silly I was and he just looked at me like, "This girl."
I guess, this was our first met.

I do love basketball.
Thank you, Sherlock/Sam :D
We were hanged out with a group. I called them, "A BAND"
Demi was a music major student. She's my closest friend. I'm her first class fans!
Then, Martin and Wishaw were my seniors, arctor major students.
Sherlock friends with Martin, and he had a cool friend, a cheerleader major student, Lee Pace.
We were so A BAND, because we love to walk together and basically,
I gave them my favorite artist and actor names.
I wish I can be their close friend.

And, we both decided to change a look. Pace came with us, because he has this Prep sense. SO MAKE OVER!!!
Sherlock became Sam. And, I'm being me, now. I did colored my hair into red.
As always, Sam just being cool, photogenic and recognized camera.

Then, we were breakup. I had no idea, but the app gave me the reason.

I dumped him! What a chance....

And, I was dating Tom, a nerd major student.
I love purple and books! Obviously I gave his name as Tom Hiddleston!
One of my bucket list is went to the opera with love of my life. So,!!!

It was crushing. One more rose and Tom could be my Phantom of The Opera for the night.

It's just the app was crushing, like REALLY CRUSHED! I deleted right away. #sobbing.
I believed if I download it again, it will restart. Thank you, Tom, for the wonderful last night at the opera, tonight. :''')


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