Do you know why it's hard to say goodbye? Because we afraid if our memories might not be able to remember them, rightly. The fact is, goodbye means good. No matter how hard.
~Aurora Esterlia

Around Girl: Encounter Dusk, Part 1

It's start with the word of "first love", you know? Day wasn't expect to meet Jow Marlace again. Jow Marlace is now a very mature man, looks really a very six-pack body with sweats around his skin, makes Day like wonder what he's been doing with all his exercise anyway. *That's funny* After the Starbucks encounter, Jow asked Day if she has someplace to go and Day said, "I need to go to hospital." Which is really a right thing to do because Day kind of off about what's happening with her. All she could remember is her days before she met Loki, her normal life, and her suitcase. Jow really love to drive Day there. He drive a Jaguar, Day was jaw-dropped, a black knight Jaguar 2014 Convertible, like it was so weird because Day is never expected for Jow Marlace be like this handsome also rich man, "Get in," said Jow. Day asked can he pulls on the roof of the car and Jow just laughs and put his sun-glasses, "It's a good day." Day smiled but inside her, she's really embarrassing, but she gets in anyway and her trunk on the backseat. Day look around the interior, she just said, "So many buttons on the wall-door." Jow said if she wants to try all or one of them. Day just asked that she never wants it, anyway. They arrived to the Wellington Hospital.
Day is waiting to the front desk but the front desk saw Jow's face, "Jow Marlace!" The sound of New Zealand accent, "Sir, I can't believe it." It's a look-a-like mother as the nurse for front desk, "May I help you?" Day just look to Jow and he smiled. She never really can follow their conversation because of the accent. Suddenly, Jow said, "Thanks" and they both walk in, "Where are we going?" Jow said, "My mother's office." Day was thinking but then Jow said, "I'll just help you because I know you seem really need urgent help, just that." Day answered, "We don't really talk or else like since the beginning of our relationship." Jow said, "That's true." Day back to reply, "I have no idea how you still remember me." Jow said, "I impressed, too." Day then stopped Jow, "What is happening?" Jow answered, "I don't know. I was driving my business partner to tge airport, guts tell me to walkthrough the Starbucks. And, strangely, I walked in and found you." Day replied it's not possible. Jow said, "It is possible. How are you?" Day replied, "I'm not fine." Jow answered, "I know. I can see it all on your face. Let's walk to my mother." Then they both walk, they arrived in front of this glass wall-room. An old woman, Day wants to believe she is Jow's mother but she is really look young and beautiful, with doctor look-a-like, "She is your mother?" Jow smiled and he opens the door first and the lady with the bronze hair, very different than Jow's black hair, her eyes are grey, very different with the green eyes of Jow, but the youbg and the beautiful, strangely, very the same look with Jow's look.
"My dear son," and they start to talk in that accent again, "And this is?" She looks at Day, Day smiles, Jow explained, "Day is my old friend, but she just arrived to New Zealand and she asked if she can go to hospital." The lady welcomed Day with a full hug, "Nice to meet you, my child. I'm Dr Eigna Marlace, but you can call me Eigna. Have a seat, tell me how do you feel." Jow sitting next to Day's seat, "So, tell me what's happening?"
"I feel dizzy, it starts like something hit my head kind of hard, and my back seems very odd, and its just for a second when the whole things were gone, I'm fine actually. I am fine but strangely, I forgot how did I get here...on New Zealand." Its a slightly look between Eigna and Jow, "What is it?" Eigna answered, "I must say, Miss Day, you are not the only one who has the symtomps, in fact, it's one of common thing that happen in New Zealand. Citizens even." Day asked, "And why is that?" Jow laughed, "You must have met The Avengers." Day said, "Yes." Jow asked, "How?" Day tried to explain and then a glimpse of memories of her with the evil side university plan is appear, then the last time she with Loki but Loki's sight is faceless. "Well, who never meet them on the road? they're living the same city as me. My town. Last time, the avengers almost ruin a city. And, I...must watch them on TV. Or newspaper." Jow answered, "No, you lied." Eigna look into Jow and asking Jow to wait outside, but Jow gets angry, "Really? I don't want the same thing from you. You make me believe that its all on me." Eigna asked him to calm down and respect the Day. Day started a joke, "Well,first time we met, he never try to respect me, I'm fine." Jow look into Day and Day just smile, "He's the only person firstly comes to me and firstly helping me. I never blame anyone." Jow looks into Day like Day knows about something, "You never know me." Day didn't say anything. Jow then went out, "Well, I'll wait outside."
Then, Eigna talks again, "It is his type, to be angry for no reason." Day smiled, "Well, I need to know if it's all about Avengers. Is not?" Eigna explained, "We don't know yet about the reason people got lost of memories, what we concerned, most of them traveled out of New Zealand and they were all losing their memories the first until the last meeting with Avengers." Day saying, "That's stupid diagnose." Eigna eyes became strange, "I mean if you, Doctor is right, then what is wrong?" Eigna answered, "That's a very good question. But, until now, even I'm as in the highest rank of my profession couldn't explain it to you. But, I can give you some basic prescription." Eigna starts writing, "Thank you, Doctor. I guess I'll just try to have a day or two until I got a ticket to go home." Eigna asked, "You're going home? So soon." Day replied, "The thing that I forgot the reason I'm here, I really need to go home  to find the answer." Eigna asked, "What the last time memory of you with your family?" Day answered, "Well, I am a cook and cook writer, have you read my book, it was published last mo.." Suddenly Day is stopping. A glimpse of memories she's with the fairy tales family just coming back, but it's gone again. She remembered of someone is arrived after everything ends with fairy tales family. She's on the cliff, a shadow whispered behind her, "You killed Fenrir."
Eigna was surprised, "What did you say?" Day is back to her senses, "Who is Fenrir?" Eigna said, "Jow's dog. He died three weeks ago. Did Jow tell you about his dog?" Day answered, "No. I'll just have this memory back that I've met .." Day knew the call was not name Fenrir, it was a wolf but she's just don't really remember because there's again the shadow made the memories got faded, "So, you know anything about Fenrir?" Eigna answered, "This is the first time to find a related memory piece with my family. Or maybe, you might have one of the dog with the same name as ours." Eigna smiled and she seems not taking the word very serious and gives the prescription to Day, "If you don't mind, it's a pleasure to welcome you to our dinner tonight, Jow said you're his old friend?" Day explained, "Yes, from high school. But, we're not really a friend, tho. Even maybe just acquaintance." Eigna asked, "Well, where are you gonna stay?" Day replied, "A motel, I hope." Eigna asked, "I want you to spend your night to our family hotel business, the owner was my uncle, now is running by his son, my cousin, Hardy Kilam. Show this card and ask Jow to drive you there, he will surely give you a free and great room." Day look to the card, it's strangely nothing there in the yellow card, "What do you see?" Day just smile, "Nothing, thank you for your help. I will make sure to consider it." Eigna surprised, "Consider?" Day replied, "What, I mean of course I will take this card, this yell..." Suddenly there's the whisper, 'It's red, color of red, your name on it.'. The whisper made Day stop talking, "Red, red card, with my name in it?" Eigna stood up. Jow came in, "Are you ready, Day?"
It's a slightly whisper, very similar with Jow, "Yes, Jow. Yes." Jow came to Day, hold her shoulders, "Are you alright?" and Day said yes. Jow then bring her out from the hospital.

"What this red card means?" asked Day.
"It's another test, used to getting know if you have the color blindness." Jow's driving.
"Of red?"
"Yes. People will say it's yellow card for the color-blind."
"Why, it's a magic trick?"
"You're funny. People with the symptoms also have the color-blind."
"Then, why you help me?"
"Help you what?"
'Don't tell him!'
Day look to the backseats.
"It's like we're not alone." said Day.
"What?" Asked Jow. Jow look from the front mirror, "No cars following us."
"No, stupid."
"You still harsh to me."
"You're not good enough for me, remember?"
Jow laughed.
Day back to see front.
"Take me to the travel. There, stop, right there."
Day just fastly, gets her trunk and out from Jow.
"What are you doing?"
"I'm leaving, I don't need your help. Thank you."
Day walked out near the side of road.
"Goodbye, Jow."

Jow kept calling but Day replied, "Don't look after me!"
And she keeps walking as she turns around and there's no Jow and his delightful car anymore. Day stopped. She closed her eyes. She tried to remember everything.
That voice again.
Day went to this near restaurant and asking to borrow their phone. She calls home.
"Oui. A. Glades, Papa."
"No, it's not. It's me, Day."
"Thomas, Kram?"
"We've been searching of you, Day. Where are you?"
"I'm, how you be in my parent's place?"
"It's now, my place, Day. Your parents sold it to me. They're on vacation."
"Vacation? Where are you, Day? I will come and get you."
"I don't have much time."
"I'll pick you, Day. Just tell me."
"I'm in New Zealand."
"Where do you live?"
"I don't know, I don't know anything, how can I be here or, or..."
"You all right?"
"I just went to hospital, they said it's common for people from vacation got the symptoms. I'm afraid I just met Jow Marlace, Kram."
"Day, listen to me."
"And her mother is the finest doctor in Wellington. How coincidence?"
"I need you to tell me the place where I can pick you."
"Okay, kay. I guess at ... I don't know exactly. I just arrived in this country last hours."
"Calm down, Day."
"I'm calm down."
"Just tell me where are you, now?"
"At the restaurant."
"Give me the name."
"You won't be here any sooner, right?"
"I will, I promise."
"Kram, the last memory we together was after the graduation, am I right?"
"We never meet again ever since, right?"
"Yes, Day."
"We are just acquintances, right?"
"And you're living now in my parent's home."
"Day, calm down."
"I know."
"I need you to tell me where I can pick you. Do you have a phone?"
"I don't know."
"Check your pocket or purse."
"Yes, I think I have it. Wow, it's a lot of money."
"How much?"
"I even have platinum credit card."
"Alright. Just fine a good place, Day."
"But, I don't remember any of my signature or pin numbers."
"Is your cash enough?"
"I can't be there for a night. Tomorrow, I'll be there."
"But, I will tell your parents."
"Yes, of course."
"They missed you,"
"They are? We just not seeing about a month ago."
"You did?"
"Yeah, My cooking show."
"Day, you're not in cooking show anymore. You're gone."
"You made a book. You said your name is not even Day A. Glades."
"That's...not true."
"I know."
"I need to hang up."
"Just tell me where I can find you?"
"Alright, there's this red card... or yellow, Kram, tell me if I got this color-blind?"
"No, you're not."
"I know. Things gone strange, Kram, in here."
"Tell me, Day, where are you?"
"I'm not color-blind, I'm not, I'm not color blind. I'm not..."

It is true. Our Around Girl never have a sickness except her bitter tongue.
And, things back, the lesson for being calm, that's her way. Her eyes back.
"It is red. And there's the writing of it, a hotel name."
"Stay there, will you?"
"До завтра."
"See you there, just stay late tomorrow. We will get lunch together tomorrow."
"Au revoir."
Day hang up. She paid the international call for 100 dollar. It is a very much money for a restaurant, US dollar.
"What you want me to help you, again, Miss?"
"Well, I'm fine, Thank you for your phone."
"You need drinks? Or food?"
"Yes, I can eat some chicken wings."
"Right on, Miss. And this for free."
"Mead, we say here."
"That's funny. Thank you."
"You're welcome."
"It's funny because the name of the restaurant and you name this mead, sounds very norse."
It's a young teenage girl, with a shine eyes.
"Yes, my mother put my name to the restaurant. I don't know anything about history but my mother always said it's all about the norse."
"Is it?"
Day drinks the beer.
"How is it, Miss?"
"Amazingly good."
"We're the second best good in town, we sure, Miss."
"Who's the first?"
"I can see you're already invited to the place, Miss."
"Your red card, the invitation. Elite society for travellers."
"Wow, yeah."
"Have you been invited?"
"No, I'm still young. My cousins, twins lad, they work there. They told me everything."
"So, is this red card accept for two?"
"Sure, Miss. Red card means VVIP. You even gets pass to The Hall."
"What is The Hall?"
"I don't know. But I still interest with the invitation."
"How old are you?"
"Enough to run a restaurant?"
"Yes, Miss."
"Okay, then. She said it is a hotel, not a restaurant."
"It is a hotel, Miss."
"How about fashion hub around this place, can you help me?"

The girl smiled, like she just got a very rich traveller, asking for her escort.

Day and the girl rides the old jeep to this evening.
"As I learn, the rules to keep the card color as the dress-code."
"I'm there for spend the night, not for party."
"So, use this card to go to that party and thank you for you spend your day with me."
"My cousins never do this to me. My friends never do this to me."
"Don't take it too personal."
"I should be thank you for it."
"You're welcome."
"You pay the wings for so many bucks, you buy me red dress, and you make me invited as VVIP guest!"
"Just so you know, we don't know each other, not even a name."
"Right. Even I already told you my restaurant's name is my name."
"Your mother gave it to you, yes, right."

It's a beach hotel. The breeze and smells of sea salts, amazingly wonderful.
And the party, it's really like days of The Great Gatsby.

They're going to the front desk.
"I would like to check in."
Day gives the red card.
"Oh, Dear, of course."
"I need to know the room and where's the party is going."
"Well, you can give the red card to the door, like everyone just line up to get in to the door. And, I can escort you to the room, right away."
The front desk girl is ready to show the way for Day get to the room. Day look to the girl, "Well, have fun with the party, girl."
"Thank you."
"Use it to The Hall, and maybe we can see each other again to share what's that all about."

As she turns around, she never look back. She follows the front desk girl to the lift, and there is just  floors. "Where would you like to be, Miss?"
"What? You ask? I thought you will give the straight exactly where's the room."
"The rooms are only for the VVIP cards."
"Oh, so it's actually not a hotel?"
"Oh, it is a hotel."
"Just for specific guests?"
"Yes, Miss. Which floor?"
'Pick near the seaside-look!'
"Oh my goodness. Do you hear that?"
"Hear what, Miss?"
"We're here just alone, right?"
"Right, Miss. I no hear nothing."
"Oh, you hear something."
"No, Miss."
"Then, you told me that I better pick the near seaside-look, didn't you?"
"No, Miss."
"What's the near seaside-look?"
"Well, that's the party spot, Miss. You can see the beach-side party."
"Well, where the spot of beach-side that I can find peace?"
"The sixth floor, the last room, Miss."
She right away push the button.
"I don't mean to scare you."
"Of course not, Miss."
"I'm sorry."
"It's fine, Miss."
"Are most of guests just like me?"
"Not always. But they're fine."
"I'm fine, you know."
"I know, Miss."
The lift arrived. They're going to the very end hall. The girl open the door. Day gets in
"Is this hotel or apartment?"
"We always give our best service to our specific guests, Miss."
"It's like apartment. I mean, you can spend the rest of your life here."
"Yes, Indeed, Miss,"
'Thank you, Maiden.'
"Thank you, Maiden."
"What do you say, Miss?"
"I said, thank you for escort me."
"No, you call me something."
"Wait, you did hear it, didn't you?"
"No, Miss, I hear nothing but what you just said."
"What did I say?"
"You call me 'Maiden'."
Day in silent.
The girl also in silent.
"You have a nice uniform. I always love silver color. Lady in Pearls."
"Oh my."
"Hey, are you alright?"
"You just said if I'm the Maiden. Now, you're talking about the silver."
"Why is that?"
"You are more different guest, Miss."
"Am I? You seem take my chats very personal."
"I did, Miss."
"We've been looking for you, Miss."
Suddenly the girl hugging Day.
"Nous libérer , s'il vous plaît, Miss."
"Je vais vous laisser seul. Pardon, Miss."
"Bien. Mercy."
The girl closed the door.
"What is that?"
'She's the maiden. That's what!'
"Who's that?"
'It's me. I'm surprised you can hear me though you still forget about me.'
"Who are you? Show yourself!"
'I always here. You're human, is very strange couldn't see.'
"Are you the one who made me in amnesia?"
'No. But, also yes.'
"Which one?"
'No. I didn't do it. My father did it. Odin.'
"Odin? Are you messing my head?"
'Hey, I promise. No more messing your head for you can find me the falcon cloak.'
"Is this some kind of joke? Who are you?"
'I can give you a hint, then. The Avengers.'
"Seriously, again? The Avengers. They made me like this?"
'You're suppose to be smart this morning.'
"Odin, what are you? Tho...."
Lots of memories coming back to her. First it's the 'Thor' name and made her remember about the ticking bomb, they way she saved Jane and jump to the bridge, it's the most dead-wish moment of her life.
"Get away from me!"
Her underneath self-defense, spesial from fairy tale, make her to be mind-control.
'Hey, it's me, Lok....'
Suddenly there's the mirror wall in front of Day and it's broken. Like a size of human-body.
Then, she passed out.

It's a dream, someone's calling, 'I need you to find me the falcon cloak!'
And, Day's awake. It's still noon. She started to recognize again around her, she's Starting to get herself get shower. She didn't care if the bathtub is very luxury or they might have gold materials. She even didn't realize, she changed her clothes not from her suitcase, it's like she's reflectively comes to the wardrobe, a normal hotel used to just have new towels and robe, but seems like this very highclass hotel, put women glamour dresses in it. It's extremely awed. Day then just laughing, "I need pajamas, for goodness sake." And suddenly, the pajamas, she found. We believe the wardrobe can give whatever dress we wish or need. Day put this night gown from silk, white-colored, then she's ready. She comes to the kitchen, wondering around and realize there's the big fridge and she opens it, she found the bottle of many drinks. She picks nothing but cold glass. She pick it and go to the sink, gets some water. She drinks it and go to the balcony. She find the smell and the breeze of sea, again, and she also can see things very crowds the far side from her side-place of hotel. Her head spinning like she wish it's not really great time to keep herself in late. So, she jumps to this big kingsize bed, she sleeps.

It is a normal sleep with a not single dream. Day wakes up with a very buzz loud voice from the morning call. The phone is right next to the bed, she pick it up, "Good morning, Miss. You have an invitation for breakfast at The Hall." Day asked what time is it and its nearly 8am, so she said of course. She awakes and go to the sink in the bathroom, wash her face and she look into the mirror, "Loki!" She was surprised. 
Loki laughed, "I consider your terrified face as greetings. You see me?"
Day replied, "Are you here all along? Get out!"
Loki step back, he didn't want to get throw out far again, "Your head is more tricky than my personality."
Day asked him, "Please, wait outside."
And, Loki just easily teleport to the front door of bathroom and Day closed the door. Loki walk through the kitchen and pass the mirror. It was broken last night because of Day fairy tale power throw him very hard against it. But now, its vanished. Loki just kept walk to the kitchen and found this magic fridge, when he opens it, all Asgard fresh vegetables, fruits, and drinks are in there. Loki takes grapefruits.
Day finished her busy time and finds Loki. She starts the saying, "I remember everything."
Loki smiled while eating, "Tell me about it."
Day said, "Jow Marlace is your human-in-New Zealand."
Loki asked, "They said the human of Asgard gods surely have resemble of each other."
Day said, "I know Jow. You both are."
Loki wondered, "I followed you all day long, Day and I'm not kind of person who keeps getting that long face. Jow Marlace is not me at all."
Day replied, "I don't care. So, are we getting close?"
Loki explained as he finished his fruit, "You are not just getting close, Day, you must be one of our human Asgard god. You're now in Valhalla. The Hall, they said. For just a day, you've met 4 gods. If you last night came to the party, you must already met all of them and even the falcon cloak."
Day asked, "So, all you say is I just have to go to the party night?"
Loki said, "Yes. The falcon cloak is always near the gods, that's why it was stollen. Freya was such a blind girl. Full of energy to hate me when she should have questioning their friends."
Day asked, "Freya is in the party?"
Loki replied, "The human of her must have conflict with my human, that Jow. It can be our clue."
Day was sighing, "What's happening to me, Loki? You said no one is going to mess my head anymore.
Loki look through Day like he felt 'something'. Day can see the look, "You know if the other me came out," Loki suddenly answered, "She came out."
Day startled, "Yesterday? What happened?"
Loki asked, "You didn't remember?"
Day replied, "Oh, that throwing you to the mirror, forgive me."
Loki wondered, "You remembered. Hmmm... but a different you afraid of me."
Day asked, "I think it's common reaction for people who seem seeing a ghost."
Loki replied, "So, it's like a normal human?"
Day replied, "But, after I woke up this morning, I just remember everything."
Loki back says, "So, it must will happen again. You're going to meet other human-gods and forget about me and can't even looking at me."
Day replied, "Also, I will come back terrified if you're there. Can't you just stay out from my side? The other me must feel insecure or something."
Loki replied, "Sure. I prefer to stay in this room. Look my appearance with human suits. How charming."
Day asked, "What happened to you last night?"
Loki said, "You threw me and I suddenly got caught by my father. Surprisingly he knew about you. A little chat a father and his step-son."
Day laughed, "You're not the only person in this room who being raised by strange parents." Day walked to prepare her look, Loki felt embarrassed, Day stood in front of that mirror-wall, "So, here's the mirror, I was awaken because of that. The insecure feeling made,,,what happen to this mirror? Not a scratch?"
Loki suddenly standing behind her, "You still not know?"
Day asked, "What?"
Loki hands went to her shoulders, "Like this suit, it's not good," Loki looked into the mirror and made Day looked into the mirror and fastly, Day's appearance changed, "I wonder what do you think about this one look?"
Day impressed, it's a white mid-dress with brown big belt, "It's a magic room?"
Loki smiled, "You can't be not beautiful to seduce my human-god."
Day replied, "Got it," She thrown away his hands and start to open the door, "I have to go, then."
Loki looking at Day from far, "You might forget about me, again."
Day said, "Ah, right." She close it again, "Do you know about Thomas?"
Loki asked, "What about him?"
Day said, "He will come to New Zealand today."
Loki asked, "So?"
Day replied, "I told you that this messing with my head is big problem, right? If today turns to no where, I might come back with him to home. I mean, I think that's the best result."
Loki stared at Day like he never expected that Day is a comedian, she seems really serious, "Fine."
Day reply back, "I found my family all by myself. I can still find my real identity without you." She started to open the door again and without look back, she closed it. All Loki could say, "What an interesting woman."

Day awaits at this one table outdoor of hotel restaurant. It's completely so fine place, she look around, people eats and drink like ussual, "Nothing's odd," she said. She wondered about the girl who use her red vvip card last night. Day still only drink water. She even brought her own clutch bag little bottle of vodka. She took a zip. She embraced the fine view from morning-breeze at the beach and turns out she wished she can walk bare-foot. And, she look at the time, "Shoot," she said. She left the money and walk-straight to the beach, put out her sandals and walking on the beach. It's fun side. She never thought about it. She might have spend too long in city and mountain. "This is new." Day stopped and found a strange old man standing near the line of water, he cried and started to open all his clothes. He runs to the sea.

"What are you doing?!" Day screamed, "Sir! Sir, stop!" She screamed that make her throw out everything and gets in to the water. She is a brilliant swimmer so, it gets deep and deep, seems like the old man also a great swimmer. From far, Loki is at balcony and he saw the fascinating scene of both of them swimming, "Who's going to die first?" He laughed. And, turns out there's Thor arrived.

"Why are you here?" asked Loki.
"You're playing with humans, again." Thor came to the balcony, "What is it again?"
"Nothing. Just your Jane's savior is trying to save... Njoror human-god?"
"A very depressing old man."
"Not to mention his wife is faithfully will torment you to your eternal suffer, my brother."
"Let's see if that will be true, anyway. Mythology."
"Father really worry for you playing this woman's life, Loki."
"Well, save her if she is going to drown."
"No human can against the human-god challenge."
"She will."
"She couldn't."
It is true that old man keep swimming and swimming with no tired and gives Day no other choice to keep going.
"She have to," said Loki.
"It is not her fate to die through Ran and wave's girls."
Day is a girl who against her odds. She couldn't feel or even anything and that makes her stronger. Strong enough to keep following that old man rhytm to swim.
"Sharks!" Loki shouts. His shouts is so grand and it can be heard by that old man, Njoror human-god, he stops and turn around, he found Day, a young woman, who also stop to swim and try to keep her breathe up from the water.

"Sir," Day speaks hardly, "I need you to back, it's not..." And, the shark took a bite through Day's body.

Under the water, Day is struggling. She already had the worst swimming against this human-god power, and it's devastating. Now, she is in the shark mouth, and she sees blood of her all around the water, but she never feel the hurt of the bite. While she's struggling, she realized the bite will torment her skins and flesh, even the bones, if she keeps againsts it, and just seconds, she can see other sharks took that old man's life. He got two sharks tore them apart, right in front of her. This must be the end.

And, there is, glimpse of blitz, shadows, killing the head of the shark the one which bite Day. Then, so fast the end of the shark's life, loose the strength of his bite to Day's body. The bleeding body of Day floats to upper water. The shadow's come back and hold Day's body and before other sharks come to attack both of them, they're gone.
"Save her!" asked Loki, "Use your Mjorlnir!" They're near the beach of the hotel's restaurant. The sand full of Day's blood and the wounds from the body are tremendously big and horror and everywhere through her neck, chest and left body, "She saved Jane for once!"
Thor without hesitate use the power of Mjorlnir to return Day's condition.
It's no use.
"She's dying!" Loki hands full of blood, "I can't lose you."
Thor is asking Odin's lightning, and well, Odin gave it to him, and Thor tried again, still nothing.
"It is her fate," Thor said.
"NO! I'll do it my way!"

Loki's mind went to Day's head, "Wake up!" then it's happening. The other Day awaken and went to Loki's head, choked Loki, "What did you do?" Loki's mind got hurted because the other Day attacked his mind, but Loki then asked, "Teleport her. Save her." The other Day look the real Day's spirit is hurting, and the other Day lose her hands from Loki's neck and embraces Day's body, the same thing happen in X-Men. The other Day cried, "I will save you, I will save you." Blood around their bodies, so it's extremely painful voices in Loki's mind of the other Day's moaning. It made Loki startled inside his own head. The last vision he had was the other Day look straight to his eyes and said with angry, "You will never have her."
And, the other Day and Day got covered by this black feather wings, both of them became swans, and vanished.
Loki is back to reality. Thor is next to him, "Are you alright, brother?"
"Where is she?" The blood is still all over the place.
"She's vanished, as you said. The sands took her."

Then, comes Jow Marlace with that front desk girl, running to the spot of Thor and Loki. Both of them were stopped right at the place of blood everywhere.
"Who's blood is this?" shouted Jow.
"It's the woman's blood," said Thor, standing in front of them.
Loki still sit on the ground, "They couldn't see or hear us."
"I don't know, Sir." said the girl.
"Call the beach guard and squads!"
"Yes, Sir."

It's hard to believe to find that suddenly, the calls coming to Jow, "Mother? She's with you?"
Thor and Loki just so fastly arrived with the wave of Mjorlnir. The wave extremely pushed Jow Marlace so far, he's startled because he knocked flat, almost fainted, "What is happening?" He even couldn't continue his call.

Thor and Loki arrived at Wellington Hospital, specifically at ER's hall. There's Eigna still standing and calling Jow when all the doctors and nurses handling the bleed of Day's body and drag the bed-wheels to the operation room, where Thor kept looking at Eigna, "Mother..." Eigna represents Frigg.
Loki did the vanished and go to the operation room.

Day is still awaking.
Loki is standing next behind the doctors, try to stop the blood and sew all the scars, so fast. It's so horribly pain but as we know Day couldn't feel the pain. Day is only look to the lightning lamp's room. She can feel her body couldn't move and so heavy-eyes because she lost so much blood, "You have to keep wake up, my child," other nurse try to keep Day's awake.
This is humans trying to save life and Loki is struggling to see it.
"She's losing too much blood!" Said the doctor, "Find the donor!"
The nurse who's trying to keep her awake suddenly walk through the phone, and she asking Loki, "Keep her awakes."
Loki in people eyes seen as other nurses. And he went. His standing right looking Day's eyes.

Day sees the shadow who saving her, standing the same in front of her, "Loki.." she whispered so weak.
"Stay awake, Day. Keep look at me, stay awake."
"" Day smiled.
"Good." Loki said. *Of course he's not smiling*

Turns out, the other Day is still there, and being released by Loki. No more Loki's power in Day and Loki couldn't see the other Day. The other Day appeared in Day's vision, standing right next to Loki, with her big black wings, scarely attacking Loki's neck with screaming, "tour le Siegfried!"
"NO!" She's screaming.
The very big and dark wings covered Loki from Day's sight. She couldn't see. She passed out.
"We're losing her."
The nurse come back and drag aside of Loki. They said something about they lost Day's beating heart. Loki thought Day's dead, he walk back and he vanished, get out from the room.
Thor realized Loki departure and he chases him. They both arrived in Himinbjorg.

"WHAT DID YOU DO TO HER?!" Loki attacking Heimdallr.
"Loki!" Thor tried to preventing Loki but seems like Loki already took Heimdallr's body into vanish with him, then, they arrived all the rainbow bridge Bifrost and have a fight.

It's always two is better than one and Thor is in Heimdallr's side, also the whole Asgards. It took about five minutes with Heimdallr seems smartly have great exercise in combat rather than Loki, and Loki almost fall from the bridge, Thor saved him but Loki is unsatisfied at all, he back to run ro Heimdallrs who's walking return to his place standing, and Thor couldn't resist and shot the lightning to him. Loki passed out.

And, he wakes up and he's imprisoned *like what we saw in Thor:The Dark World*
Heimdallr came to him. Loki is still angry, "You killed her."
"She's still alive," as simply as that, "She survived with the big scars around her body."
Loki replied, "You see her. But you also saw what your mothers had done to her."
"The sharks?" Heimdallr asked.
"What do you think?" asked Loki.
"Ran must have done it. It's the calling from the upside."
"Who? My father?"
"You can't play around the human-gods, Loki. Not any single human survived and as luck as her for living in a day. The upside usually never allow it. They use to drag the human left from the island for just a day."
"The only way to find the falcon cloak is keep looking around the human-gods. Our mind, our personality,  our fates come along with them."
"And of course, shares the feelings," Said Heimdallr.
Loki smiled as he became silent.
"What do you think to put this young lady into the war-field, and make her sure safe and sound around your human-god? She only sees him, not you."
Loki laughed, "You don't know her. She's different. She remembers me and she can sees me. Even after she approaching the human-gods."
"She is different. I can see it," said Heimdallr, "You have made her being seen, too expose."
"She must one of the S.H.I.E.L.D. or those Avengers slaves."
"She is not."
"You knew, then. Tell me."
Heimdallr in the silent.
"I command you!"
"It is best for you not get involve more with Day A. Glades."
"That's not her name."
Heimdallr back in silent, so he walks away.
"Of course she is different. You know nothing about her. Your eyes do not lies."
Loki laughed. But anyway he's now all alone.

For how long is Loki being imprison was not too long. He had tricks one or two things. Mostly its because his partner of crimes might be from another realm. It's just one of those things, and Odin finally gave his out from prison, "As long as you're not putting any human in no longer danger." Of course Loki said, "Yes, Father," because all he wants to do, now, is to find Day. He didn't know exactly what's happening with Day, so he asked Heimdallr, "Tell me everything." Heimdallr shows him, the day after Day awaken and she met Thomas Kram, "That man is her parents guardian. She's save, now. She forgot everything about you, Loki or Asgard gods." That's all Loki needs to know. He just get back to the earth world and try to find her by himself.

The first thing he done is came to the last time he had all this problem, he went to the beach and screaming, "Come on, brave yourself to talk to me."
And, turns out Ran human-god appear with her husband, the owner of the hotel, and they can see Loki, "Excuse me? Are you alright?"
Loki was surprised like he never thought something has change. The Aegir human-god talk about the incidence of couple weeks ago when there's a man who swam through the sea and got eaten by sharks and how it is a suicidal report. Loki just listened but then he can see the wife, Ran human-god made fun about it telling how mad is the victim and sharks deserved to eat their preys, counting the sharks might be the nine mothers crime. Then Aegir human-god replied that it mostly frigthened the whole city and put down the hotel's popularity. He insist if Loki had the same mind, that mostly after the incident, out-town people come to this place if not for curiosity but also for the suicidal attempt. Loki then asked about the other victim who survived and both of Ran and Aegir said no one really want to put her in known as the other victim, it was meant to be hidden. Loki asked why and Aegir said that's her fiance asked, Thomas Kram.

Loki really asked, "They're getting married?"
Ran said, "Well, there's this gossip that Jow Marlace is trying to break them up."
Aegir asked, "You can't talk about him like that. He's our family!"
Ran said, "It's on the news, he takes his new movies out of this country just to catch where she lives with Thomas Kram."
Aegir replied, "I agreed on this one. Why he seems so obsessed? Thomas Kram and the girl has being together much longer and closer than Jow Marlace. I heard that Jow Marlace was once the girl's first love but only that, since that Kram, the ballet dancer is always the person who stand besides her family. Of course she will always choose him."

And all Loki could heard, "Her first love? Will you tell me where is he, now?"
Ran said, "It's all on the news, they're all in London."
Loki decided to use his power to make himself suddenly in London, but turns out in front of them, he couldn't use his power. Like it's already being taken. Loki then asked, "Do you have money?"
Aegir said, "Yes, how can I run my own hotel if no money?"
Loki asked, "Give me a plane ticket to go to London."
Ran surprised, "What is it? Who are you, asking us?"
Loki was really pissed with those sharks and he still hate this Ran human-god. But anyways, Aegir said, "Of course, of course. But, at least spend one night tonight, we're having an open house after the incident, and we're just not wanting you to not invited."
Loki smiled, "No, thank you. Some other times."
Aegir said, "No party, no money."
Loki wondered, "I need to be sure about this party."
Aegir made his move linger his hand to Loki, "It's surely a party, until we get along each other."

Loki at least, really want to find who's hiding Freya's golden cloak. When Loki get enters to the hotel, the Aegir really want to offer him a room to place, and Loki just make the first move, ordering specifically the room which Day used to stay. He's going to wait there until the time of the party begin.

It's really a mythology place. The opening of the door for the party is like really norse ways. It's like, "Behave with your attitudes or three women will judge your misbehaves."
Loki best suit is black color with green vest. He look the whole young adults in town is over-crowd the red carpet line and Loki laughed for all these stupid human, because they're all got trapped to 'man-eating tree'. Loki gets the attention with one of the woman, Loki knew that girl human-god, used to keep looking the future of everyone going to take. The woman looks into Loki eyes, "Hold on," she said. Loki stops, of course, for the beautiful lady.
"What do you want?" asked Loki.
"What do you want?" asked the woman.
Loki laughed, but the woman kept going, "You're making the whole story becomes true. You're fixing the puzzles."
Loki asked, "What is that mean?"
The woman asked, "If you're entering the Hall, it will repeat the history. Is that what you want?"
Loki knew that the woman knows something, "So, the cloak is definitely right here."
The woman said, "You can't get in." Then the other two women also stand closer to block him.
"This is weird. The cloak is suppose to be find. By me, and my brother. He's not here, anyway." And, suddenly this head-woman looks really scary in front of Loki, "Now, the truth is you can't make me to stop to walk in. Your boss allow it."
The woman looks still pretty but in Loki eyes, he can see the beast underneath, then suddenly the vision of Loki look inside of her speak so clearly, "She meant for you to find the cloak, we can't allow it."
"And why?" Loki asked.
"We're living in the world that anything can happen. When we're fictional creatures are real, live side by side with human. We rule this world. Your behave danger our world."
"What world? This earth realm?"
"Your behave will end our existance."
"Good, love. That's my job. Ends existance. You don't want me to cry or groan to make it even worse, do you?"
The vision or that pretty lady kept going say the same thing, "Your misbehave can't allow here."
Loki screamed and his body motion walks faster inside the room, crossing the door. The three women couldn't get in or crossing the door because they're the keeper of gate. Loki smiles a little bit then he walks through the whole room.


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