Do you know why it's hard to say goodbye? Because we afraid if our memories might not be able to remember them, rightly. The fact is, goodbye means good. No matter how hard.
~Aurora Esterlia

The Cost for Falling in Love

A nurse boy, named Brad, a brown head, with 1.8 high in meters. He helps people in hospital. Because he’s a man nurse, that’s a rare thing, everyday is a funny days for him. Sometimes he got a wink from the grandmother who he helps get a bath. Sometimes he has to do things that the man shouldn’t see that except the woman nurse. Well, sometimes he just being miscast as a doctor. Brad was failed to become a doctor, but he still made it to become a nurse, which is for every single time the patients mistaken of his work in the hospital, he will said, “I’m fine.” Brad was always jealous for the stupid young intern doctors around the hospital, that made him feel incompetence for some kind of ways, just because he didn’t get to the medical school. He learns many things and knows about it, knowledgeably, not practical. But, seems he always win some arguments when the interns trying to be a smart-head but he’s actually not.
But, just for the first time of his life, from those happy times, normal days, he got a phone call from the neighbor, “Our neighborhood had being attack.” Of course it sounds like a joke of what’s attack and the call says, “A bomb. So many deaths.” It was a terrorist attack. Thankfully, Brad lives alone. His parents were in Texas and have a farm. Brad got that call and confirm the whole hospital for the incoming victims from the attack, because the neighborhood was near to the hospital. The blood, the mutilation, the scream, the crying, and the pressure of save lifes in timid time. One time, Brad trying to keep up an intern to keep himself together for decision. Until, the one last time patient, they couldn’t do anything except to let the life’s gone. It’s been one hell of the day and at the end, Brad sat down with rest of the stayed night shift, watching the news. There was the president’s speech and the footage. One of his friend asked if that’s one of the houses was his, and it was. Brad said he will check his place tomorrow morning, because the news said it’s like the blood and meats everywhere on the street, which really made his sleep in hospital not even right. He even got the bad dream from the footage.
He arrived tomorrow morning. Lots of polices. One of them asked about him and he told about his place, the police accompany him, and it’s a wreck, “You’re so lucky, you’re working and live alone.” But, Brad remembered about his neighbor, Mr and Mrs Radmond. They both died. They used to have barbeque together. Then, there’s the family of Walden. The wife has to pick her children at school, while the husband was got home-business with art. And, he died. Mrs Walden was still young and attractive in her late 30s with two kids. There still another 40 families who lost one or all of their members, just along the neighborhood. “This is insane. Who dare did this to us?” It made Brad cried, too.
Then, there’s a big ceremony to mourn the lost. Brad was there with he’s trying to look each family, and he realized there’s Mrs Walden, the kids, and the family he never see before, oldman. Brad came to them but seems like a fight made Mrs Walden leaves first and it made one of her kid cried. Brad came to the kid and he chatted if Mrs Walden’s alright. It was so sad. Brad was looking that Mrs Walden leaving her family to conceal herself for losing her husband. Brad then try to back to the hospital. His thought full of this one single thing, “Revenge”. It’s really hard to tell of how much pain the cost of loosing your family with more than just incident or accident or natural deaths, but from terrorism, it’s surely like hell.
One of the nurses later talk about the girl who’s blind because of the attack and always alone in the end of block of room. The most odd thing was no ones really come to her like maybe her family all were death and no ones really know her. So, Brad is coming to that room. She’s doing nothing. Her eyes being bandage, her skin also full of bruises, her hands just keep hold the calling button, and the TV keeps turn on with the news. It’s really loud, that makes she’s all alone in this room. Brad look for her name on the ID cupboard, and her name is Paul Ang.

that's the draft.
No, no. It's not about that.

It's about a man who's trying so hard to get his woman. The woman is just got transplanted of eyes, her eyes color changing for just a year. The man as the one who now owns a dog from the girl that died, he's trying to see someone else. The dog helps him anyway. He met this photographer girl, both of them love traveling. The girl travels to find this one place she can finally spread her *father* ashes. The man was a nurse who looking after the woman for a year, and when the woman finally can see, she's an impulsive person. She wants to do everything she had being missed, she's actually a really optimist person. The man tried pretend to be someone else who's not care her for a year, he become someone that what the girl wants long ago. Until the girl meeting her long boyfriend, a doctor, full of deep thoughts, and he's curious with the girl eyes. The man knows how jerk is the doctor. The doctor actually works for this bad boys. He did the girl being blind for a reason, and the man will find out, there will be lots of action I don't care for the riddles. That in the end, the doctor really in love with the girl but he just couldn't do it so he leaving. The man will stay with the girl for she's totally broken, she's crying with that new eyes. And, just suddenly the man gets the girl for one night stand. Just the same night the boy who travels with the girl. The by and the girl came back to the society, finding the girl still has the father. Then, there's a horror thing happen that turns out the ashes was the girl husband. The girl has two children and the boy try to get along with the *new* family, also with the dog. It's like a trying, you know. Then, the dog find some fishy about the husband past, with things that made the boy realize the husband past put the family in danger, and some other weird riddles and actions, the boy becomes blind. Then, there's story behind his blindness, he remembered about his girlfriend. The girlfriend was a lawyer and the man was a thief, manipulative, a liar. But, his girlfriend keeps believe in him. Until one day, there's *the doctor* who found his girlfriend see the things I don't know but she can be the point of everything, The lawyer girl came to the girl as the girl is actually a very hopeless romantic, keep believing in the doctor. The lawyer girl realize she just met the same girl as she is, like it's a mirror, but she realized how bad the boyfriend. So, she came back to her boyfriend, telling him the truth about she knows all the lies and things and the boy realized well this lawyer isn't dumb. Then, the lawyer girl telling the real boy was. It moves the boy, and the lawyer gave the way to fight it perfectly. The boy asked how come there's this stranger really care about his life. Until the case finally success, the boy out from the jail. The boy was homeless, so the lawyer gave a lift, that's the first time the boy met the dog. The lawyer got new cases, work up late, but the boy really wants to care about the lawyer, he seems like find the reason to live, just like the puppy. The last thing he met the lawyer was the very simply day. the lawyer wake up and the boy staring at her eyes, "Your eyes are beautiful." So, the girl felt awkward so she's trying to ask questions for how long the boy will stay with her, and they realize they're in love. They're not yet to be kiss, of course. So, the lawyer just saying she would love to have a kiss in the specific place, at the evening night. That evening night, the lawyer never showed up, when the boy back home with the dog, the lawyer being murdered in the place. The boy couldn't get back because it will make him being another suspect. So, that's how the boy went travels. Now, he can still hear the kids voices and the woman, but turns out he wants them to leave, that it's not their fault. Because he's blind, he ask a transplant that he digs the story of the lawyer eyes has become someone's eyes. This is the first time the blind boy met the nurse boy. The nurse boy is hang out with the girl in hospital and really cute, and for some reason, the girl waiting the nurse shift with she chat with the blind boy. He's totally can use the dog, now. The girl would love to take a walk with the boy and the dog at the hospital garden. The girl was really different from the lawyer, and the way the girl loves to do villain things that makes the boy wonder if she's one of the bad people he knew. The girl also wonder if the boy knows about *the doctor*. The nurse boy knows how the girl unstable if they're talking about *the doctor* so, it just happened. The nurse boy asked the girl to not come back to the hospital. In fact the girl back to crying. She met with the doctor ever since they're young. The doctor was so cool in highschool until he got a scholarship to foreign medical school, when he returned, the man is changing. The girl works as a waitress and food blogger, so she actually try to dig things blog that make her smart like the doctor. Until one day, the doctor has one case he brought to the cafe and the girl just knew about it, very specific that makes the doctor impressed with the girl. They both had a dating on the park and riding a bycycle, suddenly she back to herself in the present and riding a bycycle alone, the park near the hospital, then there are nurses who take care of the dogs, one of it was that blind boy's dog and the girl knows. It's just suddenly the dog was left so the girl try to chase it, and it arrived at this specific place where the girl knew about the secret of the doctor. The doctor knew about the girl was frightened, so the doctor couldn't even explain it to her. That actually the girl didn't care about what the doctor have become. She knew the doctor will be back again. Later, she met the lawyer who work at the case. The girl said if she doing it not to save the boy but to save her lover. Well, the place made her crying again. The nurse boy found the girl, so he realize how the girl coudn't move on. The boy trying harder. Until the girl just got fever so she went to the hospital anyway, again. When she wakes up, the nurse boy reading a book next to her, the girl holding his hand so gentle that she's really grateful for he's stay with her. The nurse boy knew the day will come. Until she found the news, the doctor being seized and almost got caught, even there's the footage, a shooting and it made the girl heartbreaking. No one knows exactly where's the doctor, at the end, there's no way the doctor could survive. A week later, the boy got a phone call that he got an eye transplant. The girl also found the news, at this time she's changing, she said, "I hope you'll see the world again. It's not bad actually to have a short-term experience when world become dark, but when you open your eyes, you know how world turns into so different every day. Just like my eye. I grateful I have her eyes." That's how the boy realized, the lawyer is still next to him, so he said, "How do I find you?" The girl make some jokes like if the boy try to hit on her so the girl said she already had someone. That someone really work so hard to get her. The boy gets it. So, he said it's alright if the girl doesn't want to tell him. The girl also didn't give him anything. And, that's it. Later, there's the boy, now works in marketing, because he's really great in manipulative in anyways. He has his own apartment, great suits and stuff. It said that the doctor gave the whole money he had to whoever needs his eye. The boy even found the photos of the doctor with the girl, but the boy didn't know it was that girl. So, there's a time the boy chat everything to this psikiater, he said, "Am I the only exception?" Then the revelation came. The boy starts to walk out from the building, walk to this place, he just didn't know anything about it, but the dog was simply bark. He kept walk with the dog, and he arrived finding the nurse boy was in the cafe. Bla, bla, bla, the nurse boy walk with the girl to hang out. It seems like not recognized. But, he found the eye of the lawyer, the woman he ever loved. What the most fascinating was the girl was the doctor's girlfriend. ~then things became creepy, he realized he shouldn't met the girl. Because he wants her, now, but it mix the heart of him for his eyes was the doctor eyes. When, their on the middle walk, she realized about the dog, she turn around, finding no one except the lonely dog, the nurse boy also looking around of who's the owner. So, it's cliffhanger ending. It's like our hero, the nurse boy was very innocent guy that when the boy walks slowly for he ready to get that girl, whatever the cost is, because he's an ex-convict that has lots of money from *the doctor* and has *the doctor* eyes, the boy greeting them both, like it's simply the girl smile with that magnificent eyes, the boy said inside of him, "Whatever the cost." Also the nurse boy, "Whatever the cost."


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