Do you know why it's hard to say goodbye? Because we afraid if our memories might not be able to remember them, rightly. The fact is, goodbye means good. No matter how hard.
~Aurora Esterlia


First Generation, Red Inheritors, let's say the Eldest of The Warriors.
Alex: He's typical the most supportive boyfriend. He used to have an ambition to become the real Warrior that will save the Whaledome. Turns out, he knows his limited power. He's the only one that knows Sharon and how to handle Sharon.
Sharon: She's the most fearless in the Warrior. She just very poweful. She hates The Burn, the most. Her past is mostly like Bob. That's how she never like the decision to put Shea as one of the Warriors. 
First Generation, Green Inheritors.
 Humm: He's the most serious person. But, let say he's the most silent person who doesn't like to express his feeling. That's not like he couldn't speak, but his job encourage his habit, tho.
Gliss: He's one of the most beautiful man in The Whaledome. People of The Whaledome known him like a pretty, elegant, like Elves from the story Lord of The Rings. He is also wise and one of the Elder who votes to be on Shea's side.
First Generation, Purple Inheritors.
Rock: The purple inheritors mostly being invented because the Old Voyagers see the skills inside of Rock and Rain, first siblings who gets in to the Warriors. Rock is a person with this Joker style, no one really knows if he wants to be friend or foe, but mostly he hates The Burn, he knows everything about The Burn, tho he acts like one of them.
Rain: She follows his brother very gladly. You can tell her everything because she's a keeper. But, she is the most loyal to her beloved brother Rock. 
First Generation, Silver Inheritors.
Jelly: This guy just insanely love of Jelly. Jelly was the smartest candidate in that time of The Warriors enrolling the contest. The Old Voyagers knew someone need to put people like them in The Warriors, so Jelly and Rum got the silver hair, almost white like The Old Voyagers. After that, Jelly is the most brilliant Warrior, really. Like, really smart. He's the first one who will find the truth of Shea, besides the Burn or the Cure.
Rum: Just like other most brilliant smart people, Rum is older than Jelly, and he's trying to understand why he has to be with Jelly's partner. Until the end, Jelly actually unpredictable. 
First Generation, Blue Inheritors.
Dolora: She is the first one who got injured after the contest of The Warriors and actually won. So, the Old Voyagers felt guilty and reconstruct her injury. Turns out, the power choose it as a new color. Dolora used to want the Green Inheritors. 
Wandina: She's the most attractive and exotic girl, ever. She never try to be anything she doesn't want. She has this gentle heart. 
First Generation, Gold Inheritors.
Olds: Olds and Joe are the first Warriors who from Juvenile Prisoners. They knew exactly about material arts, just like The Patrols, because most of kids from Juvenile Prisoners will mostly join The Patrols, but Olds and Joe put them in the wrong list. Mostly, because they dumb. Olds is older than Joe and he is the one who always trying to be leader or decide everything for Joe and always wrong.
Joe: Joe was a lonely kid when he's in Juvenile Prisoners, after being separated from his Burn parents, Olds is the only person he really trust. He's trying to be Olds loyal guardian. So basically they're brother-complex. 
First Generation, Pink Inheritors.
Phil: The second siblings got into the Warriors. Phil was the one who wants to enroll The Patrols, but his young brother really want to be The Warriors. In fact, after the contest, Phil said that his young brother is really the one who deserves the winning besides him. The Old Voyagers grant them a new power that really turns out to be one of important power in Old Voyagers.
A(✝): He's gone after a year becoming The Warriors. There's an invasion, for the second time from Surface, attacking The Whaledome because they've been tracked. A(✝) was the one who saved Shea. That's how it's all started. Shea was the only one of normal people who grant The Warriors power, because she's being blessed by A(✝) before he's gone. It made Shea become pros-cons in The Whaledome, but she's being protected under The Patrols family, which is Gwenda's family.
Second Generation, Red Inheritors.
  Moon and Luna: The first twins ever become The Warriors. Moon and Luna is very uncanny, the moves, the way they talk, and the emotions. Because we're not The Warriors, we barely know how to see which one is Moon or Luna. But, they mostly the closest friend of Phil after A(✝) has gone. It's because Moon and Luna love puddle around and Phil miss A(✝) so much.
 Second Generation, Green Inheritors.
Keys: Keys is one of a fan of Humm and Gliss, he's the most manipulative person, a player.
Fish: Fish has this great knowledge of all beast under earth. He's smart, he loves to be around Silver Inheritors. So, basically he's the second smart-ass person around The Warriors because he's like a robot.
Second Generation, Purple Inheritors.
Chow: The Second lovers in The Warriors. Chow is a shy boy. He wants to be strong when he decided to join The Warriors. Luckily, he found Tien.
Tien: She is the one who chose the Purple, because she never like Rock and Rain. 
Second Generation, Silver Inheritors.
Pin: Pin and Bill are partners, the most young intelligent because they both are pretty much already being chosen by Old Voyagers at that time to enroll The Warriors contest. And, they both made it. They also got the knowledge. They both the third smart heads around The Warriors and always wondering around with Fish, but there's a reason why Fish never be Silver Inheritors, for some reason these handsome young smart-heads lack of choosing which one is friend or foe. But, Jelly knows. 
Second Generation, Blue Inheritors.
Patch and Adam: The Second twins enrolling The Warriors. They are the youngest Warriors. They both look like models. Because they're new Warriors, not much people know about them. But, surely, they fast.
Second Generation, Gold Inheritors.
King and Queen: It's already common for a couple who won The Warriors contest will become lovers. But, King and Queen are the most ambitious Warriors ever. King and Queen are from The Patrols family and they both already lovers before they're enroll the contest and that's why, they knew martial arts. They like the A-list, you know. 
Second Generation, Pink Inheritors.
Fire and Snow: It's already common for children without parents live in The Whaledome, so both Fire and Snow are brother-sister with no-related blood and from the same adoptive parents. They're not lovers but some fans hope so, but no! Seriously, no~ They are the most fun and kind Warriors, love to be around citizens, because they love to use their powers to entertain people of The Whaledome, mostly bored.

Not to mention you, they are not our main lead characters. 
So, here our main characters:

Gwenda and Shea.
Both of them love to be together, cook together, they're like sister-complex. Mostly because Shea hard to speak and Gwenda has the Patrols skills, protective and possessive. Gwenda knew exactly Shea has the Burn, that's why when Shea wants to enroll The Warriors contest, Gwenda parents didn't accept for Gwenda become Shea's partner. So, Shea is really a tough girl to keep herself decide her own fate. 
This is the aftermath the Warriors contest.
Gwenda become The Patrols and Shea made it and granted Pink Inheritors. She's now can see and even better. But, the aftermath also cost their friendship. Gwenda used to enroll the contest but failed. Instead she's happy for Shea finally get what she wants, just like any best friend kinda type, Gwenda back-stabbed Shea. Gwenda hates to found the result, she's the partner of her long-time lover, who used to be Gwenda's partner in the contest, Ben. 
Aftermath contest of The Warriors resulted Ben and Shea granted Pink Inheritors. The scars are made because of Shea along the contest. Ben never want to fix it, because the Old Voyagers can fix it, to remind him about Shea's sickness that turns effecting himself.  But, the result of he becoming the new Warriors made him one of smart-heads, that if Ben grant Silver hair, he might be the most smart Warrior against the whole members. That's also the reason why The Old Voyagers want Ben to accompany Shea.  
It is true that Ben and Gwenda are long-time lovers. They are still lovers even aftermath, but this is the most first time for a Warrior choose to have relationship with no Warrior. Mostly, they're relationship with other Warrior *it is true* because the complexion of the power and soul they granted from the Old Voyagers. Else, they're single for the rest of their life. So, Ben is a real man. 
Then, because Ben did that, also Shea. Shea used to be partner was Bob. Bob was from Juvenile Prisoners. The hard for Bob be with Shea because it reminds him of his parent who got the Burn sickness, and there's someone *secret* best friend who also got the Burn sickness and almost kill him. Bob really care with Shea because she reminds him of that someone *secret* best friend. Aftermath contest results Shea and Bob relationship become friends with benefits.  
Bob become Patrols like Gwenda to protect Shea from everyone who's trying to put Shea to Detown, the level of The Whaledome to quarantine Burn sickness. Other reason was Bob is Juvenile Prisoners that he is meant to become Patrols and he's worry with Gwenda aftermath perspective... that mostly wants Shea to be caught and get to Detown. 
And, here he is, Gwenneth. The past of Gwenda.
I'm not saying that Gwenneth and Gwenda are the same people, or reincarnation that made Gwenda used to be a man. No~~~~
*it's a secret*
Because from the beginning, Gwenneth thought Gwenda as his made-up dissociative personality, and she's not. So, in the middle of story Gwenneth will reveal his feeling to Gwenda, I mean, you will find the whole story how our writer will falling to Gwenda and jealous to the character that he thought/looks kind of made at the beginning, this Ben, who looks aftermath contest fell in love with Shea. So, it's amazing layered-world inside one story.
 This is Gwenneth if the fun side of him. 

 Bob, in this story will reveal himself as the only man who will fall in love with Shea from the beginning without reasons, love at the first sight, as you say. But, seriously, I'm not saying that love at the first sight is never exist because none of the couple in this story reveals as love at the first sight. So, yeah, Bob is the one who choose Shea at the first sight.
 Ben is a very smart person that hide his genius behind the curtains. Ben is from Fan family like Shea's family in The Whaledome, which means they hardly learn things from treasure books, they always work to harvest. It turns out he's reading all those books from Gwenda, who's the family has access to the library. To become a warrior is not what Ben wants. He wants to be Technician in Fanners, Ben really care of The Whaledome people that the recent problem of The Whaledome is producing Oxygen and neutralized Carbon Dioxide.
Gwenda is the most fighter girl, she has no reason to become Warrior because she knows those powers is the cost of this abnormal world has become, the power might cost a curse. The plan is to make sure her beloved Shea didn't fail for the contest and finally made her to be the first Burn who gains The Warrior title. But, turns out it's like the bullet come back to her and her love being taken away from her. As we know, no Warrior ever fall in love with not Warrior, maybe it's not allowed, but after the facts they know why, of course no ones can break the relationship between Warrior partners, not even love.

This is Shea before becometh The Warrior.
She has grey hair in the young time. It's not The Burn symptom. The burn symptom she had is the brain herself. It's insanity and how insanity works will being revealed by how Shea join the contest with Bob and later with Ben. Bob and Ben are the only people who knows how to handle Burn people.
Her neck is covered for there's a scar she's granting A(✝) bless.


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