Do you know why it's hard to say goodbye? Because we afraid if our memories might not be able to remember them, rightly. The fact is, goodbye means good. No matter how hard.
~Aurora Esterlia

Her Book

She back on this trip to go diving near the seaside. Another reason why she end up on that schedule because she never be on waterpark. Instead of waterpark, she always finally end up at the sea.
Before she sails the boat, she heard the news. Terror and nature disaster. People afraid. They kept saying the most terrifying thing worst than human is nature.
As she starts looking to the ocean wave hitting the big rocks around the beach, the voice and the smell of water are actually comforting like nothing to be afraid of. Of course she needs a tour-guide on a boat and so the journey begins.
The tour-guide, she never meant to get to know deeper. But it seems like the tour-guide knows the issue which keeps tremble in her heart. Its always seen on her eyes. 
As the boat already in the middle of the sea, she saw so many other boats, rounding around but also most of them are half-sinking.
"What are these people doing here?" She asked. The tour-guide also wondered so the boat sailed to near the boats. 
She started to see people, in every boat, each family-each boat. They all using coat buoy. Because the boats were sinking.
She came to one of the boat, a couple of elder and a middle-age woman. The elders look very tired and the waters soak them half-wet. While the middle-age woman already prepare of everything like a hair cap and float bag, tho she also wearing her float coat. The woman might be a swimmer.
"What's happening?"
"We are rescued from natural disaster. A tsunami," said the old man.
"Its better saved in here,now," said the old woman, "Not the land or ground."
She comes to the middle-age woman, play swimming outside the sinking-boat.
"Its alright. I prepare of everything. I'll take care of them, I'll bring them to the shore," the woman said.
"But they all tired," She worried.
There's a glimpse of the woman's face which found she also doesn't want to go any sooner to land.
"The disaster was all behind. What are you frighting?"
"They won't stop, now. The hunting is starting," the woman said.
Its actually really creepy. To see how the woman explained what's gonna come and how worse actually the natural disaster they've been through on their back homeland.
The tour-guide holds her hand to comeback to her own boat. She back to her own boat and continue the half way to the mainland, London.
"We're arrived at the diving spot." Said the tour-guide.
She replied, "I actually has this fright with the ocean wave around the rocks."
"Its alright. I keep watch in you." The tour-guide was very convincing. She went silent. She just keep staring the water and how the water breaks through the rocks.
"It will be fun." Tour-guide smiled. She said, "Okay." She already took a class how to breathe longer enough under the water, she the top of the class because its swimming pool not salted-ocean. She jumps out from the boat.
And, the waves take her far from the boat, so fast, "Help, help." She end up hitting this big rock. Thankfully, she keeps her head above the water and her hands held onto the rock as hard as she can, "Help, help."
The tour-guide jumps out from the boat and saved her, "I got you, I got you."
"I...told you," her mouth shaken between the water, "Its cold."
"Hold my hand, we will dive deep under these rocks."
"Wha...what for?"
"Just calm down," asked the tour-guide, "Remember what the class had taught you. Breathe."
"Look up and try to prepare the breathing."
"Okay," she look up and her body swimming more relax, "Okay," she said to herself as she can see things clear now. The sun shines bright around these rocks and water so light-blue, reflecting the clouds.
"Its not bad, doesn't it?"
"Hmmm..." replied her as she realized its just like on swimming pool just more waving waters.
"Are you ready?" Asked the tour-guide.
"Is it safe?"
"Very safe." Tour-guide said. She holds the tour guide both hands, he starts counting, "One, two..." they both take a deep breath and go under the water.
The tour-guide let go her hands as she starts to swim under water. The tour-guide pushes her from back and she can swim more deeper. The water is so bright because the lights from the sun. Its very bright under the sea. Later the tour-guide already swimming next to her. The tour guide shows her a path to swim. Like there's this one big rock, the tour-guide wants her to come to it. As she arrived, there's somethig under that big rock, the same suit with what tour-guide wearing and moving. Of course, she came more under the rock and she found a diver sleeping under the rock, the suit color is light blue and suit with the environment. She was amazed. Then later, the tour-guide awakes the diver, the diver using an oxygen mask, of course.
The diver awakes and greeting her. The diver said its time to go up. And three of them swim straight to the surface.
She arrived on surface first and she takes the lots of air back to her lungs.
"You did a great jon," said the tour-guide. 
"Were you sleeping?" Asked her to that diver. The diver didn't open the mask and nodded.
"That's fun, right?" Asked the tour-guide.
"How did you do that?"
"Well, its a great environment." The tour guide back to swim around, "Embrace the beauty of nature. Live within," said the tour-guide.
She laughed. The way the tour-guide explain was actually like no worries at all and it made her smile.
"Wanna swim again?" Asked the tour guide. She nodded. Then, the masked-diver already wave at them to dive again. And she starts to take a deep breath and goes under the water.
Its very beautiful experience for her. The diver took a road of going back to the boat. All the algaes, the fishes, and creatures under the sea, the cold water under the surface, amazing.
Then they arrived at the near boat.
She splashed some waters to the masked-diver, maybe the diver would like to open the mask. But, the tour-guide already above the boat and gives hands to hop her up. So, she grabs them fast. 
"We have to go," said the tour-guide. The diver on the water waving as a sign for good-bye. All she could do also just waving and the boat engines starts playing, they're moving on.
"Don't you think, the wave will get higher?"
The tour-guide didn't say anything because too focus on driving the boat.
She look back and hope nothing bad happens, "What a beautiful environment. I wish I can live under the water," she said.
The tour-guide smiled, "That's what she said."
At least now, she knew it was her.
After a while, they parked the boat of the mainland shore-side, London.
"Thank you," she said.
"Don't mention it. Its a very great day for diving," tour-guide said.
She never sau goodbye, just waving as she walkes to near beach rest-room, changing wet clothes and get normal clothes. The hair is absolutely wet. But that's okay, as she walks to the town, she goes to the salon and asked for blow her hair.
Her hair is now a tied-pony tail and her side bang looks so feminime.
She also stop-by at the near laundry, use her own coins to pay the machine to clean and dry her wet clothes. Then, she asked the ironing service and she will take it tomorrow. She has plan for staying one night in mainland.
Then, she looking for the motel or homestay for one night.
She found one, right above a bakery shop, second floor. She just has one shoulder bag and she needs no clothes. 
She enters the room and as she looks what inside, the crossing door's room open, a young woman as her age comes outside. She has a blonde hair and great facial, "Hi! Can you help me?"
"I just arrived, actually."
"As you see," she opened her room's door wider, she gives a look of a table near the window and a typewriter machine is there, "I'm a writer and I need an inspiration."
"Oh, I see," said her and she closed her own room's door, "Fascinating." She walks into that young woman's room, "What are you writing about?" She comes near to the typewriter machine.
"You're a writer, too?" Asked the young woman.
"Not my major. But I love reading books."
"I almost finish it," She back to the chair and ready to write again, "My deadline is this evening."
"Well, what do you want me to do?"
"Just sit there," the young woman asked her to sit on the chair near the window. So she sits there, "So, what actually did you do today?"
"I... I came from a little island to the mainlad, for diving class session."
"You're a diver?"
"Still learn."
"How was it?"
"Its great experience. I have a good teacher."
"My tour-guide."
"A tour-guide?"
"A travel agent. I think its like a multiple jobs, a diver but also a tour-guide."
"Yes, yes." The young woman back to look straight to her own typewriter machine, "Interesting..." she said to herself. She then starts writing, "What else did you do?" The young woman asked again.
"I met some refugees on the sea,"said she as she sitting but her eyes sight outside the window, "They have no place to go."
The young woman keeps typing. The sea still being seen from the window, "It is a very bright evening," she said.
"We are finished.... it's done! Yes!" The young woman took the paper from the machine.
"What did you write?"
"Something about love. The man and the woman....and I kept the man's identity in secret until the last page. And you just read my mind. He's a travel agent who does multiple jobs!"
"You wrote that?"
"Yes. Well, its scrapped,now. Let's go!" The young woman put the paper along with a bundle of draft, "Let's go to the book shop!"
The young woman lifted up from the chair and grabs the draft, walking open the room's door, "Come on!"
So, she also followed the young woman out from the motel. Both of them walking and crossing some streets, its not far because its middle of the night. The lifes on night are so calm and entertain in the most walking-fast movements.
"You are not tired, aren't you?"
"That means good, you're healthy."
"Thank you."
Then, they're fastly arrived at this already-closed book shop.
"Wish me luck," said the young woman.
"Break a leg," said she.
The young woman got in to the front door. Now, she's all alone. She thinks she's going stayed out all night. She look what's inside of the shop and she can see the young woman chats with this mustache big man. They seem having a pretty serious conversation. Then, she just back to look to all around her outside the shop. Nothing to look, really because they all dark. She but found a puddle in front of her feet. She played it. Its fun. Her shoes went soak. Then she passed through it. She gets more near with the book shop window. She didn't see that young woman and the mustache big man again. So, she laying her back on the window, look up to the sky, thinking again about those refugees on the sea. "What are exactly they're frighting for?" She asked herself.
Its not very cold night and she's been along time until the young woman got out from the glass door, then she saw there's another old woman put the book, Red leather cover with the author's name on it.
"Is that your book?"
"Yeah. Totally."
"Wow? So fast publishing."
"We've already made the cover and back there we copied the draft into two and I just helped sewing own book. That, they put my real draft."
"That's your real draft?"
"Cool book shop, right?"
She nodded. Then both of them ready to back home. Now, they're walking on the street, enjoying the scenes. Until, there's the earthquake.

All the roads shaken, both of the girls hugging to each other to see every things around them trembling. They stand on the middle of the road, try to far from near buildings. All the dusts and raining-stones disturbed their visions. They just kept holding hands.
Until it's over. 
Both of them trying to walk back to the motel and everything's fine. It's very quick earthquake in London street. Everyone's fine, nobody's hurt as far as they could see.
The motel's owner already outside the building.
"Is everything alright?" She left the young woman behind and came to the motel's owner. 
"The first floor ceilings just drop-down. But, I think it's just a ceiling not the floor of it."
"Are you alright?" She asked.
"Yeah, yeah."
"Can we get inside?" the young woman came closer.
"I'm not sure." The owner's said.
But the young woman gets inside of the motel anyway and she follows her.
"It's not bad," The young woman pointed the ceiling parts on the floor, "I'm going upstair."
"Wait," asked her. But the young woman kept get to the upstairs and she follows her.
The young woman walks straight to her own room. So, she also look to herself.
It's very tough motel, and she felt glad that young woman asked her to accompany her that night. A big wood wardrobe fell to the bed and she might got hit if she slept there. Everything was in dust and so weird. She looked into her face on the mirror, and clean the dust around her face.
"Hey!" suddenly the door opened again and its that young woman. She brought her big typewriter, "Mine's even worse," she said as she got inside the room. 
"Will you help me?" She asked the young woman to get up the wardrobe away from the bed. The movement actually pretty loud but they managed to lift the wardrobe. The motel's owner came in with candles which already be lighten. So, three of them will sleep in her room.
The young woman laying on a bed when she and the owner sitting on the floor, no ones could sleep. It's already dawn.
"My heart almost jumped out," she said.
"What did you think that time?" asked the young woman.
"Think of God to have mercy on us," said she.
"We always end up to pray, don't we? If we're afraid and so." said the young woman.
"Why did you say that?"
"I'm not like you, just saying." The young woman lifted out from the bed and join them sitting on the floor, "You said about the refugees last time. I was there, too. It's going to be anywhere, we're trying to find safe place but we won't find. Like war. If someone start it, it will be no ends. Because the truth, the hunting is coming."
"What's the hunting?" she asked. The motel's owner just listening very quiet.
"I feel pity for what used to be happen in Germany. We should've learn from the past. Not keep looking to the past."
"What's about Germany?"
"All of the refugees."
"The refugees are not coming from Germany."
"But Germany used to hunt and not trust the jewish until the last bit."
"But it's not about Nazis anymore, its about terror. Things to spread the hate, confusion hate around the world. That suppose to keep the peace. A union."
"Then, stop take a side," said the young woman, "Stop looking who's right and who's wrong or after find who wins then hit down the wrong until they're vanished. That's what used to be on Germany. Its not about just terror, it's about the domino effect. They give us some punch lines and we make it bigger like a big deal until we're making a thousand paragraphs and papers. We must hold our fires. We must stop looking. We must stop the cycle."
"What exactly the relation with the Germany?"
"You're not smart, do you?" The young woman teasing, "You're jewish and I'm nazi. I was just around the neighbor and you're trying to hide, but no, you won't sleep no time because I will report about you, secretly, and the troop will suddenly come like a thief, hunting you down. No, no, no, you're too weak to run," she laughed, "Is that how we now see the people? Hunting down weak people?"
"It's called genocide."
"Indeed. But not precisely. That's why I give you a code: germany."
Then the motel's owner finally break the silence, "What the jewish did anyway, after they're being free from the terror?"
"Fullfil their lives," she said, "No avenge."
"That's what we do, right?" asked the motel's owner.
"We also not the jewish's side," she replied, "We also being attacked for helping or do nothing. It's all different from both sides."
"I'm just saying," The young woman got up and back to the bed, "We are going to be both."
"Just try to get some sleep." She said as she looked to the window, "It's already dawn, I can feel the sun's awaking." Then she blows all the lights. She laid her back on the side of bed and the owner slept on her lap. It's very cold dawn. But, about next hours the sun is shining so bright get through inside the room and warm the bodies.

"Hello!" A voice shouting from outside the room, "Is anyone in here? Hello?" The shoes dripping voice around the corner hall from outside downstair to upstair, then fastly the door opens, she already awakes, "How did you find me?"
It's the tour-guide, "From the laundry-man."
She smiled. The tour-guide gets closer as to see the motel's owner and this young woman still asleep. The tour-guide then hugged her, "I shouldn't let yous stayed out alone."
"I'm fine."she said.
"Let's get you home."
The young woman awaked, "Hello, this your tour-guide?" She flirting.
The tour-guide wants to lift up her but she said, "Take the old who needs more lifting." Then the tour-guide lift up the motel's owner. She got up and help the young woman with her typewriter. They all out from the building.
There the diver, already open the mask. She came to her and helping her walk.
"Are you alright, Miss?" she asked.
She smiled, "How's the deep ocean? Still blue?"
"Yes, Miss."
"Still pretty?"
"Yes, Miss."
"Good." She look to the young woman who's standing with her own typewriter and listening, "You heard? There's still a place to tell us there's hope."
The young woman smiled, "You're smart, after all. I love to write a book about you."


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