Do you know why it's hard to say goodbye? Because we afraid if our memories might not be able to remember them, rightly. The fact is, goodbye means good. No matter how hard.
~Aurora Esterlia

MoS and BvS: Point of View from Movie Nerd

Superman not live around 80s anymore.
Superman is now. 
It's very modern drama rather than to put it's just a superhero movie. People seem doesn't agree with their new Superman becoming realist. Maybe they think their Superman as real god. Then, there some things that the film put the issue in it, they blame that idea because the film put too much religious issue on it. Some people think Zack Snyder put his Watchmen point of view to their superhero film. 
But for me, the idea was amazing. It crafted very great modern drama and makes us to learn a movie as a single film. People see their superhero as a new chapter and that was interesting. We learn of his new suit and we earn how Superman raised as Clark Kent from his adopted parents. We learn what he actually do before he becoming Superman. Well, in the storyline, he met Lois Lane as both works together in Daily Planet, Metropolis. But, in here things change. Lois Lane dragged Superman out from his hiding. By that means, its actually more firm story-telling of how much important Lois Lane in Superman's life.
I'm human, I made mistakes and egos that always come with consequences. Superman's Snyder also just like me. He is human-being. But then, the Kyptonians Soldiers came by and asked Superman to let earth becomes the new Planet Krypton. Yet, he never revealed himself as meta-human to the whole world until Lois Lane found his existence and exposed him to the world. Then, these Kryptonian Soldiers caught a distress signal from the abandon ship-post of Kryptonians on earth because Superman just found the ship and his father's memory about his true identity, Kal-El and he learns to be Superman from the boy who grows up in Kansas. I mean, its just like me when I went to a college and found my true passion wih my major. But while Superman learning about himself, these Kryptonian Soldiers suddenly came with a threat to humanity on earth. That they could do it with peace, right? But Kryptonians already lived longer than Earth which means maybe they thing this Earth meant nothing. For the humans, they realized they just found they're not alone in this galaxy and there are aliens out there. So, Superman decided to reveal himself to the world as its him that those Kryptonian Soldiers wants from Earth. The America government reaction totally frighten in condition if Superman is just as same as those fearful aliens on TV broadcast to the wholewide world. Knowing that Superman lives in America means it is America's problem. The eyes all up to America as if the earth got attack, its all because America. So, Superman asked to be the bridge between the America government with this Kryptonian Soldiers. When he arrived to their ship, he found how the similarity of the ship and suits from what he learns with his father's vision. He realized he is one of them, he realized he's also the alien. And these aliens ask him to let go the earth so together they can build a new Planet Krypton. But, the way they treated Lois Lane and endangering her really put him to keep saving Lois Lane. That moment when his father's vision talked to him and said make a better world than before and his father directly pointing Lois Lane's life at the stake means Lois Lane is Superman's world. 
Lois Lane is human lives on earth so Superman decided to choose Earth than his own kind. Knowing this, General Zod asked if they really need Superman to be alive to build a new Planet Krypton and the answer is not. So, the plan changes with let's kill Superman. But General Zod couldn't find a justice with just that, he wanted Superman to change his mind and let go the earth. And, because they decided to put earth as their new Planet Krypton, they launched these two machines to Hindia Ocean and the center of Metropolis City. As the earth started in destruction, Superman was in position that he has to stop the machines while the government finally had the conclusion of how to bring those aliens away from the earth because that's the only way to fight these powerful aliens which with making a portal *science* that will just suck those aliens. 
Clearly Superman saved the world by stop the machine. Then, he realized General Zod's ship attacked Lois Lane's plane that at that time succeed open the portal. So, Superman decided to attack General Zod's ship which turns out its the mothership that has the codex technology to build a new Planet Krypton. General Zod begged Superman to not destroy the codex technology on the ship but Superman said Krypton had their chance. With that he again chose to let go his kind as Kryptonians. Then later Lois Lane fell from the plane when the plane also got sucked to the portal which caused the whole soldiers inside joined the true death. Luckily Lois Lane fell from the plane but she still in danger. Superman saved her. 
General Zod found all his purpose in life has gone because of Superman decided to revenge. He attacking Superman in the center of Metropolis. So, the blame goes to General Zod. Yet, he realized General Zod totally wants to kill all humankind. Then, at the end General Zod was a threat as he must to choose as if a policeman has to decide shoot a criminal or not for the sake of the hostage. so, yes, he killed General Zod.

For me, this was truly a great story-telling and really matter as a reboot of new Superman film. Nobody really knows who's this Superman yet it's exactly came from the John Byrne's Man of Steel. It's one of the comic storyline that never being told into a movie adaptation. Tho, in Superman Returns, they adapted bit John Byrne's Man of Steel Issue #4 where there's a powerful businessman Lex Luthor and Lois Lane on his luxury ship. But, it's still a different story-telling than the comic. Which let's us to go to the Batman v Superman works out.

Now comes to the aftermath of the incident, there's Senator Finch. 18 month after the incident, Superman keeps helping human but secretly never really talks to government for what exactly he's doing. 18 months was exactly like John Byrne's Man of Steel Issue #4 where Clark Kent works in Daily Planet with Lois Lane and Perry White.

Senator Finch stands on democracy so the world can learn who's Superman rather than to blame some things happened because of Superman was there with their own theories and perspectives. Surely, Senator Finch She points out about Superman has to see a witness/victim of Superman's actions, Wallace Keefe, who lost his legs in Superman's battle with General Zod. Senator Finch looks like pushing Superman but she actually knows the truth about Lex dirty job to trap Superman. Maybe it wasn't truly revealed but after Senator Finch came to Lex Luthor's mansion scene, we found the truth of how the Lex Luthor helping the military to produce weapons from Lois Lane conversation with Calvin Swanwick. Little did we know, on comic book of Prequel Batman v Superman, LexCorp Industries purchasing Hanford Industries from Mark Hanford who being exposed selling illegal Kryptonian technology by Lois Lane from Daily Planet .  We learn that Lex Luthor already told Senator Finch for the consequences she chose to stop Lex Luthor. In the question how Senator Finch decided to not helping Lex Luthor's import license? For my opinion, Senator Finch showing she not interested with meta-human theory from Lex Luthor. In a comic book, Senator Finch stating that before an ultimate decision regarding Superman was made, the issue of his existence had to be approached objectively, and she therefore advocated for the creation of a committee to study and learn more about Superman, to which the majority of those present agreed. 

This whole perspective as if the storyline was not suppose to be like that, but its actually the one we really needs. This is showing how the movie adaptations is being made every generation. Then, knowing that there are things out there like alien means we're not alone. Then, comes Frank Miller's Batman. This is very smart story-telling and in fact knowing Zack Snyder brought Frank Miller's Batman to the Batman v Superman, this batman was broken by the death of Robin and he saw how Superman has the same power as those aliens so he aware how Superman can be a threat. Though we know he's just trying to stop General Zod but in Batman's perspective Superman just as same as General Zod, powerful alienBut, then, Superman has the alter-ego as Clark Kent, the journalist and he found how Gotham City letting Batman to become the vigilante. This put Clark Kent/Superman also questioning the injustice Batman done around Gotham. So, both of them has their strong point to against to one another. In Frank Miller's comic book, Superman has becometh a great hero for America, including to keep world peace so no war around the world. One of the thing was where he has to save humankind from the nuclear bomb. He let the nuclear bomb blew himself and he turned into skulls but he clearly couldn't die by the nuclear bomb and he back to be normal. Even, this page was being adapted into Batman v Superman film on the battle of Superman with Doomsday. Now, in John Byrne's Man of Steel, both Batman and Superman met on Issue #3. They had to catch a villain Magpie. So, I'll just put this Wiki explanation about how they end their relationship: In the end, Batman reveals to Superman that the endangered person is Batman himself. Superman departs cautioning Batman against crossing any further lines. Batman admits to himself of a respect for Superman’s innate goodness and wonders if, in a different reality, they could have been friends. Superman's relationship with Batman, which was friendly pre-Crisis, became much more tentative, as each disagreed with the other's methods and attitudes. An allusion is made to their pre-Crisis friendship with Batman’s pondering at the end of the story.

It's absolutely closer with the intention in Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns. Batman turned to be a vigilante that murdering the criminals in Gotham City instead to put them on prisons after the aftermath the death of Robin. President of United States asked Superman to teach Batman of something. So, Superman encountered Batman to give him a lesson, instead Batman already prepared for that and beat down Superman with Krypton's weapon. He almost killed Superman but instead he got a heart-attack and died. On his funeral, Superman wished it could be different and he learned Batman still lives. If you see in Batman v Superman story-telling, its using the idea of Batman prepared those Krypton's weapon to beat down Superman and the idea of how they both had different point of views which lead them both to a fight. Both John Byrne's Man of Steel and Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns were matched. 

Then, there's this one million dollar question: How Superman decided to randomly mention Martha's name in front of Batman who's trying to kill him? Well, here's the best answer I could provide. For 18 months, Clark Kent works on Daily Planet, he was obsessed of how Batman treated the criminals on Gotham City. Then, everything were revealed on Lex Luthor's party where Clark Kent heard the conversation between Bruce Wayne and Alfred. Truly, it leads him to the idea of Bruce Wayne's profile. There's a chance for Clark Kent noticed the truth of Bruce Wayne is Batman. Then, it put me straight to the White Portuguese's scene, how Superman stopped the batmobile and asked Batman to stop what his doing as Batman. It leads me to the conclusion that he watched him. He watched Batman. Even he mentioned about the Batman signal light. We never saw the signal light on this movie not until the fighting scene between Batman v Superman. 

And in fact when Lex Luthor becoming the main villain on Batman v Superman it was interesting. I mean, if we read the whole journey of Superman film adaptation on Warner Bros production, the truth is Warner Bros wants to make J.J. Abrams Superman: Flyby, and so many things happened and it end up with Zack Snyder's Man of Steel. And one thing I learn, Lex Luthor was in Superman: Flyby, the same storyline with Batman v Superman which Lois Lane was the one who attracted with what Lex Luthor did for the whole movie. Some people might see how Lex Luthor looks even better be Jimmy Olsen but as we know the truth, Jesse Eisenberg declined for that role. Yet, he got Lex Luthor's part and for him it's the treasure. Now, it gave us a very new Lex Luthor but for me, it's still in my memory how evil Kevin Spacey's Lex Luthor in Superman Returns. But, the whole movie was pack as what exactly what the whole critics want, something light-hearted but it seems not work out to keep the following story from that. So, they decided to seek new story. Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel came after Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Trilogy which Nolan took things very seriously. So, to put Zack Snyder to continue this DCEU vision was such a great decision. Zack Snyder has passion with this area and he’s the comic book nerd. Most of all, he knows what matters how to introduce Superman to the whole wide world as let them see Superman as a real alien. And it relates with how Lex Luthor was obsessed with his meta-human theory which being object by Senator Finch. So, Lex Luthor from Jesse actually never giving us any riddles. He explains things as what things are pretty clear. He gives us the same question and its related to the powerful of humankind that have power absolute choices for their own world, the same thing that he keeps repeating of the question related with the America because America is the powerful country. Lex stands as humankind doesn't need Superman. Some people mistaken Lex as the actor was mistaken to be Lex Luthor as he better be Joker, The Riddler, even Penguin. I can tell you guys, at the end bad people will look the same. If you see this new Lex Luthor's position, we can learn his personality actually has his own unique than any characters. Besides, its a new story-telling, exactly like JJ Abrams's Star Trek.
So, let's see. Lex Luthor is the only son, he being raised to get whatever he wants and he's smart and earned great in heritage. Its very nowadays silicon valley's persona. Talks too much and denies everything that bring obstacles. Lex Luthor as young businessman of course he got to keep lying from himself to keep the company reputation so he decided to be nice to everyone for the sake of his father company. But now his father has gone, he's now above his father law. Even, if we following his real story, he was being abused by his own father and it effected his life. He hates his father but he scared by him. If we like to compare with Bruce Wayne, they both grew up with the same sad memories of their own parents. And both of them found how powerful Superman among the humankind put them in warning as Superman as a threat.
Lex Luthor in here also still young to run a giant richest company, all the investors must around as old as his father and truly see him lower. so he has to talk in conversation fast, like businessman. never let your guard down. or the deal's off. Thankfully, he's a villain. plan A didn't work, dark plan he will force.
The Joker was not Lex Luthor. Joker was very powerful insane criminal and he just wants to hurt people. The Riddler, I know Jesse's acting looks like the awkward of The Riddler but The Riddler never had intention like what Lex Luthor wants to achieve, which is the obsession to meta-human and Superman. And, as I said before The Riddler was actually a very shy personal and nobody understands him. Lex Luthor was very clever and people respects him. If you see in Batman v Superman film, the mafias even work for him. People see Lex Luthor as a good person but he's also great in manipulation around people and he's straight to his point of what he wants. If you see the whole big picture of Batman v Superman, Lex Luthor even more powerful than Joker and The Riddler because he even works with government military and the bad guys. Then again, if we talk about if he looks like Penguin, it would be wrong because Penguin will absolute bow to Lex Luthor. 


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