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~Aurora Esterlia

BATMAN V SUPERMAN: Sense for Being Smart

Some people reacted with how the dumbest thing about BATMAN V SUPERMAN wants to sound smart.

Well, I want to watch a film that makes me giggled for how hacks of cinema arts are all over the place and makes me think how my hobbies like reading old books, watching old movies, remembering favorite old songs, and loving the past artists and characters becomes worth it. 

The most odd thing is people hated when BATMAN V SUPERMAN mostly took out many comic book references to each scene, each line, and each shot. They put it as a movie too lazy to develop, a parody of cleverness and cultivation. Most people go to cinemas are not always a comic book nerds or movie nerds and came from any aspects of department. They not love films like the way we do, the way I do. But for me by that definition, they think as:

Superhero movies can't be a parody of cleverness and cultivation. Well, this is perfectly wrong. 

"A parody" means its fun.
"Cleverness" means smart.
"Cultivation" means growth.

 See? Deep inside there are the words of excitement. There's other that said the film was supposed to be Batman v Superman v Bartlett's Familiar Quotations Man. This pointing to how Lex Luthor Jr. kept quoting many great lines from some great art resources to his line. 

People then talked about how collateral damage became too much big point in the film. The fanboys just want to see lots of actions rather than to see the great moral chain reaction from the beginning to the ending of movie storyline. They didn't want to see how art works on their full capacity. As long as the film editing works with their actions sequences then they branded it as one of the greatest superhero movies.

But, they don't want to learn from it. They don't like to learn that BATMAN V SUPERMAN also a developing modern drama. It's a story of people with their own point of views of Superman lives among our world. There are humans, we as the audiences, related with the storyline. 

Now, let's talk about as they branded this new Batman is not their greatest ninja but too much shooting and a murderer. Well, before I can join the judge with that I learn the resources of this storyline. Turns out it's not like any Marvel movies. From MAN OF STEEL to BATMAN V SUPERMAN both movies put the series of Man of Steel comic book as their main agenda. I learn there so many multiverse in comic books and WB picked this one. I learn the reason also came from the rights problem. I have to admit Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns will never be my favourite version of Batman. The comic even really hard to read because Batman has lost his hope of humanity. While, there's Superman there trying to stand for the country as one of real hero. Even Superman in there trying to be good and helping Batman was kind of useless to me and naive. So, drawing back myself to BATMAN V SUPERMAN plot worked: 

It is perfect. 

Lex Luthor is an ambitious man. Knowing Lex Luthor loved to talk about history and quote great books, means a development of character. A man who can get an access to great knowledge from Kryptonian's ship should act like it. Especially he's youngest richest businessman. He's in the top of the chains and he also has that knowledge. Also, Lex Luthor Jr. said, "We don't have to depend of the kindness of monsters." Lex Luthor Jr. believes anything greater than him has the chance to be like his father. Lex Luthor is a brilliant as he manipulates everyone into positions he mandates and he is being controlled\influenced by the coming villain. If his many lines put Jesse Eisenberg to be judge well then that's how real people around Lex Luthor Jr. He's too young to run biggest company, he's too crazy to be successor of Lex Luthor. It's also related with Batman premise to up against Superman. He's becoming the iron fist for Gotham. Superman as Clark Kent obsessed to bring this issue up to his article. When he interviewed Bruce Wayne he said, "I've seen it, Mr. Wayne. He thinks he's above the law." Later on the real fight, first Superman called Batman as, "Bruce!" Superman asked Batman to stop being the iron fist for Gotham. While, Batman saw Superman as an alien who has power to wipe out the entire human race. Batman have seen how humanity works as he being Batman for twenty years in Gotham, He said, "How many good guys are left? How many stayed that way?" Later he got flashpoint premonition and his feeling became more certain. His obsession to turn down Superman is the premise. Batman's Kryptonite was his family. The word in the paper really pointing out he couldn't save his family, once again, just like what happened when he's young and saw his parents got killed. The premise was there and so promising. The word of "Martha" came out from Superman's mouth also meant how Superman was blaming himself for not hear his mother's voice who's screaming for help. Yet, he's not the real Martha's son, he's just an adoptive son. And, it's very common to adoptive son calling his parents by their names. It's also representing how Martha Kent should not worth for being saved while there must hundreds people out there needs his help yet she is his mother and to say word of "Martha" will put the place of Superman couldn't save an innocent woman who's going to get burn because of him. 

This film is psychology experience, indeed.

If people who thinks they know technology, movies, and comic books, they should see it from this angle.


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