Do you know why it's hard to say goodbye? Because we afraid if our memories might not be able to remember them, rightly. The fact is, goodbye means good. No matter how hard.
~Aurora Esterlia

Jules and Greg

Greg loves a routine life. He loves to make decisions of his own life, his daily tasks, and what he wants to be where he want to be. He has high standard about his own career. He has purposes. What Greg really loves is nature. He prefers living in the nature than living in the city with the crowds. That's why he's somehow awkward and loves to be alone. And, that time, he decided to join a hiking to mountain side. This moment changed his whole life.

There has been a news of a lost rising actor named Gregory Neil, in the mountain-side, but two days later, they found his tent with him being alone in it. Today is his press. On the news, he speaks,
"Thank you everyone who've been worried and sent many wishes and prayers for me. I thank for the rescue team and especially my brother, Jake, as my beloved manager and best friend, never given up on me. Thank you." It gives you a real tear down to see the interview. People has asked why he went to mountain-side alone and Greg said, "I was with my team on hiking but then, I just lost and it's really harsh weather, I need to find place where I could survived." Greg then paused, "But I think I was not alone. I felt safe. And, here I am, now. Your hopes put me now here." He smiled. 

Greg has becoming famous since then. He got many jobs and lots of charities, then somehow the nation fell in love with Greg. But for Greg, he has one thing he'd kept on secret. The night he was lost in the mountain-side. He was truly, for real, was not alone. He was lost with someone else. And, he missed that someone. A lot.
That person who's with Greg named July Bryce. 

              “Jules, the truth is… I, I can see ghosts.” Said Greg. It was very cold of night. Both of them were standing at the open wild forest evening moonlight as they both were camping. Just alone, near the lake, “I can see ghosts, Jules.” Greg looking at Jules’s eyes, “I don’t think it is matter to me for not telling you before but now, I’ve been lying to you. I can see ghosts and I know you’ve killed people. Four people. And somehow, they’re telling that I’m going to be next. I’ve been dreaming about this place, this time. I thought I should’ve fought against my future but here I am. Here, with you. I love you and it’s true. I will always love you.”
              “So, then, you’re seeing people who I’ve killed?” Jules face was in pale.
              “Yes.” Said Greg.
              “I don’t believe you. Did you read too many fictions or scripts?” asked Jules.
              “Don’t do this, Jules.”
              “I never kill anyone.”
              “Don’t lie!”
              “I NEVER KILL ANYONE!” Jules suddenly slapped his face unconsciously, “Oh, God, I’m sorry, Greg. I… I’m sorry.” 
              “It doesn’t matter!” Greg held Jules arms, “I want you to say it by yourself. Be honest to me. I will accept it if you just tell me. Tell me, don’t lie.” Asked Greg.
              “I didn’t kill….” Jules started crying, “…why are you doing this, Greg?”
              “Because…,” Greg also crying, “…those things bothered me, “Were all you’re saying true?”
              “Greg, are you drunk?”
              “Of course I’m drunk. Then if I’m drunk, will you still tell me truth? You’re murderer, July.”
Jules couldn’t stand what Greg had just called her. 
              “Please, Greg, let go of my arms.”
              “I won’t. You’re killing me.”
              “Let go of me, Greg. I think I’ll just got to go back home, now.”
              “No. I’ll never let you go.” He suddenly hugged her, “I still love you.”
              “Let go of me.” Asked Jules, “Let go of me!” But Greg made his hug tighter. Jules started to push him away from her but Greg insisted to endure it, “Did you hire someone to look out my past? I should’ve known. I…I shouldn’t…be with you.”
              “Jules! I can see the ghosts! I can see them. They’re….they’re standing here. They’re crying. Mr. Lowson, Mrs. Lowson, Harold, and Ella.”
              “Your little sister is here, July.”
              “How did you know…I had a sister…”
              “She’s here. Trust me. They’re here.”
              “I don’t trust you!” Jules shouted as she pushed Greg’s body hard far from her as she stood up. Jules decided to run through the forest. Greg was still on his chair. He then looking at those ghosts, same as him, they’re sad to see Jules like that. But then, Greg decided to chase her. Both of them were running into the woods, in middle of the night.
              “JULES! JULES!” He shouted and he kept running. Jules could hear Greg’s voices but not him, she’s lost. She stopped running and sat under one of trees that look all same. She’s crying hard because the word of “Ella” had now troubled her mind.
              “JULES! JULES!” Greg still running but with blind directions. Until, he saw the ghosts help him. It’s started with Harold pointed to other direction, then Greg ran to it. Then, Greg met Mr Lowson who gave him the next direction and Greg ran to it, and Mrs Lowson, until it ended with Ella who’s standing right in front of Jules who cried under the tree. Ella was screaming at Jules but there’s no voice be heard. Then, as Ella realized Greg had found them, Ella looked at him and screaming something as she turned to dusts. 
              “JULES! I’M HERE!” Greg came to her, “Jules, look at me, look at me,” asked him. Jules looking at him and still crying, “I’m sorry, Jules. I’m sorry. I’m drunk, I don’t know what I just said. I’m really sorry,” He hugged her again.
              “I have to hide again, I have to hide again,” whispered Jules with her mouth and Greg heard. 
              “No! No! Don’t hide again, Jules, I’m here.”
              “Why? Why?” Jules crying even got worse on Greg’s shoulder. Greg realized he had opened the next chapter of Jules, the door which she’d been closed so no one would enter.
              “I’m here.” The only thing Greg could only say.
The evening nights really cold and both of them were lost, “We’re going to be alright, Jules, we’re going to be alright.”
              “It’s just like this moment. On this very cold weather, I killed her.” Said Jules.
              “Jules, we don’t have to talk about it anymore.”
              “I…I can’t feel my legs.”
              “We have to keep going. Don’t give up, now.”
              “You…should.” Jules suddenly fell to the ground.
              “Jules!” Greg held her and he closed his eyes and begging, “Help us. Help us.”
Suddenly a hand came from behind him, Greg looked at that hand and he was shocked.

              In the morning, Greg and Jules already be inside the tent. Greg awoke while Jules still asleep. 
              “Jules, Jules?” Greg tried to wake her but then he realized Jules was breathing, calm and quiet. He relieved. He then slept next to her again, held her body from back, “Don’t leave me, I love you.”
But the moment Greg woke up was the moment Greg’s manager, Jake, with rescue team came to a tent.
              “My dear, Greg. Where have you been?” 

It was just a dream. There’s no such thing as name July Bryce. Jake put that thing out from the press and asked Greg to not tell anybody.
          “But, it was real, Jake. I was with her.”
          “And who is this July Bryce? She’s not even on the list of people who went hiking with you.”
          “But, you know, I can see the ghosts!”
          “Then maybe it was the spirits in that forest! Let me count. You said that Jules had four ghosts following her and including that Jules, you’ve see five ghosts. Those ghosts made you lost in the forest and thank God, I’ve found you before you become one of them.”
          “I…but how to explain the things like I knew her long before.”
          “Greg, you never have any serious relationship with any woman. Unless if you’re talking about things in high school. But, I never knew anyone names July Bryce or Jules.”
          “Am I going insane, Jake?”
          “Yes. Yes, you are.”
          “But… we were walking together and went camping.”
          “Did you have sex with her?”
          “Did you have sex with your imagination friend….oh my, why even I ask the question? Did you have sex with a ghost, then?”
          “Good! Now, not even ghost would sue you.”
          “Enough. What I believe now, you’re here and she’s not.”
          “But, I love her.”
          “Stop it! I am so close to call a doctor, now. Are you insane, or not?”
          “I am sane.”
          “Then it was a dream. You’re in a very cold weather and you’re dreaming.”
          “I am dreaming.”
          “Forget about July Bryce, focus on your life, now. You’re not attempting to do suicide, right, Greg, in that mountain?”
          “Of course, not, Jake.”
          “You’re not going to leave me, alone, right?”
          “Of course, not.”
          Jake hugged his young brother, “That’s all I need to know.”

Greg and Jake are not brothers. Jake was Greg’s senior in high school and somehow Jake found Greg was very talented in drama class and Jake asked his father to recruit Greg on his father’s agency. It’s very small artist agency but Jake has now becoming the CEO of the company. Greg was not Jake’s only artist because he has to take care many older artists from his father’s era. But, Greg is his best friend.
          Jake knows Greg can see the ghosts.

Greg has this diary. The diary about things he sees. Things like ghosts. Greg loves writing. It helps him to be dramatic. But, it’s helping him whenever he’s frightened. Things in work became really busy schedule and Greg maintained himself to be professional. That diary is the only way for Jake to learn how’s Greg in real. Ever since the incident, Greg keeps writing about July Bryce. It’s not really important. The story was more like chessy romantic short story. Jake even giggled about it. Greg wrote he chatted with her and decided to make a tent and fire. Greg wrote July was his manager, like somehow Jake believed Greg was dreaming about him as if he’s a girl. Jake is not gay, by the way. But, Jake really open up with Greg’s feeling. So at that time, Jake still believes about July was Greg’s recreation of him in Greg’s dream. But then, he knew it might not him. He never killed anyone. Four people? A young sister named Ella? Jake never had a sibling, or even cousins. Mr Lowson, Mrs Lowson, and Harold? Why Greg wrote these names? Were these names just randomly made up? The last page was the hand who helped Greg and July back to a tent. It surely a dream since Greg said he didn’t see who’s that hand and suddenly he’s already in a tent with July. Jake wondered even if July was existed, Greg was being played by the ghosts in mountain. After he read all the pages, in Sunday, Jake brought Greg to the church.
          Greg always like church. If he not met Jake, he surely loves to be a priest, with the ability that he has. But not all churches are good for him. Greg had once met this priest but Greg found many ghosts around the priest and he sick with it. Jake knew, it’s also in a book. Jake is very careful now. Jake brought Greg to this called, “New Horizon Church”, all because it’s the nearest church they could go. They’re in the early service, around 7 am. The sun already risen.
          “Have you seen any ghost?” asked Jake.
          The service went pretty normal and Jake sure Greg enjoyed it. After the service, they’re greeting the priest.
          “Gregory Neil. Welcome to our little church.”
          “Happy Sunday, Priest Morgan.”
          “Happy, happy Sunday and God be with you, child.”
          “Thank you, Priest Morgan.” Said Greg.
          “So, it is true then, you are a religious person. You believe in God.”
          “Well, I thought you went to the mountain side to find something. You know, weird things.”
          “I believe in Jesus Christ is my savior. I believe His words and I live in Him.”
          “Of course, child,” The Priest surprised, “You…your faith has saved you.”
          “Thank you, Priest Morgan.”
Jake was giggled by hear that. It’s very sensitive issue for Greg. Greg hates to be questioned about his faith. Greg told Jake that the moment his faith weakens, that’s the moment ghosts are coming. Well, now, Greg’s face on that mood.
          “Thank you, Padre. We would like to go, now,” said Jake to the Priest.
          “Yes, yes. Go with peace, my child.” Said the Priest.
Then, they’re walking from the altar to the doorway. Then, he saw her. July. She’s running from the door way, she’s running cross him and she went to the altar. Greg was freaking out as he straight to turn around and looked at her.
          “Jules!” He shouted.
People already came out from the little church and not many people inside the church. Just the altar boys, a pianist, a church guard, the priest, and two old women who’re still sitting at the back. Greg’s shout really resounds inside the church. Then, somehow Jules stopped from running. She turned around as well, and she looked at him. Then, she vanished and there’s this one woman stood.
          “Greg, what’s happening?” Jake asked him.
          Greg couldn’t help himself, he walked back to the altar and met the woman. He’s facing the woman. The woman is early 30s, she’s wearing white dress and nice make up, her hair is blond with blue eyes. She’s really pretty.
          “Can…can I help you?” The woman’s asking.
          “Jules?” He asked.
          “No, I…I’m not Jules.”
          “July? July Bryce?”
          “No. I’m sorry, I barely know you. Who are you?”
The Priest and Jake came to near them.
          “Mrs Candice.” Said Priest.
          “Priest Morgan.” That woman straight to talk with the Priest, “There’s something I would like to talk to you.”
          “Well, Mrs Candice, I didn’t see you on this service.”
          “Yes, I just…I just came. I have something to talk, Priest Morgan.”
          “Easy, easy,” said Priest Morgan.
          “Yes, yes, but we have not much time.”
          “Easy, Mrs Candice.” Said Priest Morgan again.
          “Very well,” she replied.
          “Seems like you didn’t know about this young man,” Priest Morgan introduced Mrs Candice to Greg, “This is Gregory Neil, an actor, and his manager, Jake.”
          “Jake Wyatt.” Jake shaken hand first with the woman. It’s obvious because she’s really pretty. Jake realized she didn’t wear any ring.
          “Candice. Mina Candice.” She replied.
          “Do you know any name of Jules or July Bryce?” There again, Greg asked.
          “I…I am sorry, Mr Neil. I don’t know.”
          “Let’s go, Greg,” Jake whispered to Greg and his hand already held Greg’s arm, “Thank you, Priest. Good day, Mrs Candice. Come on, Greg.” Jake dragged him away from them. They’re now back to walk to doorway. But, Greg couldn’t stop looking at that woman. They’re now already out from church.
          “Let go of me,” asked Greg.
          “Fine.” Jake let him go.
          “I need to talk to her.”
          “What is it again, Greg?”
          “I just saw her. Jules. I saw her in this church.”
          “What?” Jake was surprised, “Oh no. That ghost is real? Is she following you here?”
          “No.” Greg replied, “and please, don’t say that. Do not say Jules as a ghost.”
          “What do you mean, Greg? What do you want to say?”
          “She’s not a ghost and that woman, she must know about Jules.”
          “You’re seeing ghost and you want to follow a woman who you think knows about that ghost. Really?”
          “She is not a ghost!”
          “How did you know? You’re the only one who sees her. You’re the only one who can see ghosts!”
          “She’s not a ghost. I have searched her. July Bryce, Madison, Wisconsin. 24 years old.” Greg suddenly opened his own smartphone, “She’s real.” He showed it to Jake and Jake read this screenshot of facebook page, “She’s a travel blogger. She’s on the hiking team with me.”
          “But, that’s…this is impossible. I also checked on the hiking, they said there’s nobody named July Bryce.” Jake still surprised by the screenshots.
          “Why would they lie, Jake? What if,” suddenly Greg made an assumption, “She was a ghost on that trip and she’s with me, all the time. Protect me.”
          “That’s fucking weird, Greg!”
          “At least we have to find her!” shouted Greg, “I need to see that woman, again.” Greg then was walking back to the church.
          “What if she’s really dead?” asked Jake.
          It stopped Greg.
          “Are you ready with that truth, Greg?” asked Jake again.
          Greg turned around.
          “We’ve been here before. You’re trying to help a ghost but turned you’re the one who got hurt. And, you just met this ghost for three days. I read your book, Greg. You wrote as if you’ve known her since childhood.”
          “It was a dream. Yes, maybe, it was a dream.”
          “Then, why?”
          “Because the more I remember that dream, the more I know how much I love her.”
          “But, you’re loving imaginary things that never happen to you. What if, it’s not about you at all, Greg? What if she’s real but it’s all about her memories with someone else? Maybe, that’s possible, isn’t? She didn’t know you. If it was all just a dream, then she’s dreaming about someone else. Someone who really loved her. Someone who might be like you and all her thoughts, her memories to that person attached to you. What about that?”
          Greg doubted to himself.
          Jake saw that look, “You…you’re dreaming about her, weren’t you?”
          “I thought it was all real.”
Jake hugged him, “Come one, buddy. Let’s leave all the waste thoughts of her.”
          “You…you’re right, Jake. I shouldn’t drive mad because all these things.”
          “Remember last time you followed those ghosts, it was you who being hurt.”
          “Yes, you right.”
Then, they decided to back to their car and drove away from the church.
They didn’t know, outside of the church, there’s another lady, across the street, looking at them since they out from the church until they left.

          Jake and Greg went to an evening night of Arts, a gallery charity event. They’re invited because of Greg loves to buy nature paintings. And somehow, there’s this lady, came to them. It was the lady who watched them in front of the church. But she was not alone, she’s with a man. And, turns out, Jake knew the man and he greeted him, first.
          “Tom Phillips!” Jake was surprised.
          “Jake Wyatt! Oh my! It’s been a long time not to see you!” Tom was really glad to see an old friend, “Then, this is must be Gregory Neil!”
          “How do you do?” Greg shaking his hand.
          “How do you do?”
          “Great, Sir.”
          “Very kind, very kind.” Said Tom, “Well, here’s my colleague, Indiana Dame. She’s the art curator of tonight’s event. She brought all these paintings from Italy.”
          “Well, it’s nice to meet you,” said the woman first. She’s wearing black gloves, and the hand shaken Greg’s hand first. Then suddenly, Greg was all alone in the room, just with her. Then, the paintings suddenly screaming and put Greg was in shocking as if it’s electricity hit him. Then, he back to the normal. It’s like a second. Greg looked at that woman and she smiled. She still held his hand, “Thank you for joining this charity event.”
          “You’re welcome.” Said Greg and he took his own hand back quickly, “I…I think I need a drink, Jake. Excuse me.” Greg walked away from them. And, somehow Jake followed him.
          “Greg, you end the conversation too soo, I…I even not shake her hand, yet!”
          “I…feel bad about her.” Greg ended at bar and he just drink whatever on the table, “Wuh, that’s strong.” Greg smirked.
          “Why, why? Why do you feel like that? Did you know her?”
          “Did you just have a vision?”
          Greg looking at Jake.
          “No. Not again.” Jake also drinks whatever in that table and he realized how strong the drink, it burns his lungs, “Oh my,” He continued to Greg, “We need to go back to New York City. Since you came here and that accident, seems like something has been pulling you to far worse troubles.”
          “You, right, Jake. I think we should leave this place by tomorrow.”
          “Alright, maybe I can book the flight tonight.”
          As Jake busy with his smartphone, Greg still looking at that woman. She’s still with Tom Phillips, wondering around, meeting with all the guests, and somehow she found Greg was looking at her. Then, things went pretty obvious as she started to walk to him.
          It’s happening again. Like people around him were vanishing, then they’re gone and only that woman was walking toward him. Then, the woman finally arrived in front of him, she asked, “Why did you keep looking at me?” Her voice heard so deep and it’s really hard to tell, but all Greg could think, he believes this woman is demon.


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