Do you know why it's hard to say goodbye? Because we afraid if our memories might not be able to remember them, rightly. The fact is, goodbye means good. No matter how hard.
~Aurora Esterlia

Another Past: Part I

The Whaledome was never be the place of saved asylum to live in the world on the future. Inside The Whaledome, there still the horrors like the Burns disease, people turns mad and changes into murders. And the sickness, white-skinned, coughs, blindness, hunchback, and die instanly. Also, strange and carnivore animals just hide at the soils around The Whaledome. But, the worst part was the attack from people outside The Whaledome. There were others and they wants to hijacked the ship because nothing could survive longer under the ground like The Whaledome has done. 
The secret was the Ancient Maze, the cave that Old Voyages found after the first attack of The Whaledome by people outside the ship. The Whaledome went down deeper after the attack and hit the Ancient Maze. Ancient Maze was actually the cave with dangerous ancient animals and wild strange forest. The Whaledome people are not allowed to went to the cave except Old Voyages, Patrols, and Resource Men. Ancient Maze actually supply the electricity power of The Whaledome with the natural gas the cave producing. But Old Voyages found a strange stone. Colored with blue ocean and strong-shine like a diamond. That later, made the first generation of Old Voyages became the strongest people in the Whaledome, they called themselves the warriors. No one know what's the stone done to them, but their hairs all turned white. And, they do have powers.
The power of Old Voyages protects The Whaledome for even 65 years later and Old Voyages are getting old. They need the heir of the powers, so all the people decided to put their teenagers, around the job ages, 18-21 years old. Six rounds and they got couple for each year, as valuable book directed to all be send in couple.
But, the Ancient Stone works different for the new Old Voyages. They just have one special power for each couple. Nobody knows exactly what their powers are. But what they know, their hairs are not white but changing into colors, like one of the rainbow colors.
Six rounds, and there came the second attack. On that day, was the day no ones realized the attack happen. For the first time, the new Old Voyages just showing their abilities among people of The Whaledome. They said there were who can run fast and blow the fire into vanish. There were who can helped people from falling from level floors. There were who the body are bulletproof. There were just who can resurrect from dead. There were who can saved people so fast. There were who can control minds.
Unfortunately, Whale Nose, the hybrid forest inside The Whaledome being attacked. The only person inside Whale Nose was a little girl, who half-seen. She was left behind by the Patrols, she was there for the eyes therapy. To see more greens make the eye diseases gets better. But, at that time the little young girl just got left behind.
There was a young man, with the blue hair, he swung himself and got back to save the girl. The girl felt saved and she wanted to say thank you. But, that right moment, the little girl got shot right through her neck. The young man killed the shooter and he right back to save the girl. She out of breathe, the young man kissed her, but it's useless. Suddenly, the Whale Nose rooftop got broken and great beam lights came from the skies. The light just absorbing the forest. The young man couldn't stand with it, he tried to save the forest and he whispered the little young girl. Some words, then the young man just left the little girl and vanished.
As the young man vanished, from next moments, the lights gone, and the forest survived. And, the little girl suddenly breathing normally. She couldn't do anything except breathing. Until the Patrols and new Old Voyages came later, they found the little young girl and they realized one of the new Old Voyages already saved the girl's life. The power of whisper, the blue-colored hair, the partner from 6th Champion of New Old Voyages, named Air. And he was gone, leaving only one evidence, alive ones who got the whispering power from Air.
Since then, the little girl's life survived but she lost her voice. She can't speak permanently. But, inside her there's hidden treasure, the whispering power from Air, known deceased, a legacy that Old Voyages wants to find, Air last words.
Air left behind partner named Philip, was his old brother, decided to take care the little young girl. Most of people of Whaledome who had a lot inabilities like eyes diseases, skin diseases, and even the trauma from accidents, they're being called Burns people, sickness which will never healed, turns make people break down and gone mad, uncontrolled feeling to be frighten until there comes out the madness virus. But, for these people they will being quarantine. Just not the little young girl.
Her name is Shea.


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