Do you know why it's hard to say goodbye? Because we afraid if our memories might not be able to remember them, rightly. The fact is, goodbye means good. No matter how hard.
~Aurora Esterlia

Better Break Up

I think you have no feelings for me.
But, it seems like never enough.
You do what you want anyway.
And, I want to do anything I want.
But, I just can't.
Better we are foes, so we won't smile to each other. Better we just fight like we're once. Better we break up, right?
The last time I asked you, "You shouldn't trust me." To tell you how I felt, was not enough.
I will try to tell you the truth.
I want to take advantages from you.
I was wondering if we could just end up nobody to each other.
Well, let's not just do anything anymore.
I was counting how many times I delete your phone number.
Now, I will do it again.


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