Do you know why it's hard to say goodbye? Because we afraid if our memories might not be able to remember them, rightly. The fact is, goodbye means good. No matter how hard.
~Aurora Esterlia

Another Past: Monolog

Gwenda Abbon, 18 years old was living in the place, right on the center of the earth, called The Whaledome. It's really a big massive dome and stood side by side with the ancient center earth cave called Ancient Maze.
She used to live in the future. You might not want to know the year, but Gwenda told me, our world will not be what we used to know, anymore.
Gwenda is a ghost, from the future, she said that she knew she will be on the past after she died. And now, she haunted me.
I am the writer. Gwenda told me about the future she is being told before The Whaledome road down to Ancient Maze. She used to be history teacher, there she told me everything about the doomsday.
Economy has a throne of power, politics is only seen as a form of fraud and no one believes anyone. Everyone will be crazy for an idea to save the world and war is everywhere. The world is not to be saved, but the souls, as notified by valuable book to everyone. But no one believed it. Earthquakes, blood water, light which burns the earth from the sky, strange animals and carnivores, and the disease can not be cured. The Whaledome there to save souls.
We had agreements. The agreements that she won't hurt me as long as I write her some books about her thoughts. Actually that's really the greatest deal I've ever made. As you know, many people inspired by my books, Gwenda thoughts about future, how the investors should become, how the estates should do, how the stakeholders should buy, how the people should live, and how the children shall survive.
But through times, Gwenda turns faded. She asked me, "I will be gone, soon. But, I forgot for what's real. The reason why I exists. To tell you the mind of the one who sent me." I told her that there still time. I knew the reason why she faded, that she will be gone. So, I asked her to absorb my soul.
That's how it worked. Two souls becomes one. How Gwenda ghost plugged into mine. Why she wants me to agree with the agreement. What is the big deal about the soul thing in the future. It’s because they know the use of souls. Two souls becomes one, one of the soul will absorb others so it may survive in one body.
She said it might just coincidence or might be a fate of reincarnation. But, she met her lover on my time. Right now, he was my editor. Now, my editor thinking I'm gay. Isn't obvious?
If my editor will back reincarnate and becomes Gwenda lover, I should be on the future, too. But, Gwenda never known someone like me. Then, the way she has lots of thoughts about him, I could put whole her thoughts into another book. Until, she was talking about how she missed her true lover. It effected my mind. And not just mine, but also the mind of my editor. I think he becomes gay because of me. So, Gwenda knows about the cling my editor did to me, but she don't want believe about the gay thing. Then, she started to saying about she will be gone, soon. I love her. So, rather than she spend her last times talking with my editor or about my editor, I asked her about herself.
So, I made her book. It's actually not like what I thought, but after this book, she knows I love her. Inside this book, there's no me at all. Until I realize, she might one of my future kin. But, as I told you, this book is not even about her.
She was talking about someone who sent her. Her ghost being sent by someone called Shea. Gwenda said, "I was suppose to be dead then, I lived with her soul. So, basically, I know about her past." So, this book actually like a biography book. With full of actions and also love stories. Well, it's fiction, people might think. But, I do moved by this thing and, you should.
The valuable book said some of people will be saved by hidden down to the earth until the day cometh and the light will be seen again. Gwenda told me that the time she's lived was not even close to it. People became so afraid and even worst, to think they were had been chose the wrong decision to go to the under world.
And, they are not alone. There were others like The Whaledome. And, they attacked The Whaledome. So, this book mostly about the attack. And, I bet you would love it.
The greatest part, even better, you will fall in love with the girl named Shea. A warrior. Who saved The Whaledome. Who saved my Gwenda. who's now is gone. This book is for her.
The book, 'Another Series'.


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