Do you know why it's hard to say goodbye? Because we afraid if our memories might not be able to remember them, rightly. The fact is, goodbye means good. No matter how hard.
~Aurora Esterlia

Changing (A Flipping Card)

Every story has antagonist and protagonist characters. In cards, each card can be good or bad card to one another. Every time the card being flip, then just like gambling, we just have to pick.
Geya was Gein's identical twin. But when they were young, their parents split and divorced. Geya went with her mother. While Gein with her father. A mother survived and being a famous fashion magazine's editor. But a father, with lots of debts, the father had lots of enemies.
Geya lives with prosperity while Gein lives with poverty. But in no matter what, the identical twins will have the strong feeling to one another. For Gein, she will ever find Geya to kill her. While, for long time, Geya ever feel that her soulmate just missing that if she ever find it, she will live with it happy ever after.
While their father died because of the murderer, their mother married with the man who killed their father, just in coincidence. And, it hurts Gein herself.
For Gein, she will do everything to kill the murderer of her father, but for Geya, her step-father right now, is the man of his life. Geya had a step-sister named Byul. From that on, for Geya, who didn't know the existance of Gein, put Byul as her lost soulmate, that from now on, she couldn't live without her.
But, the life of Byul is really a dangerous path. Her step-father telling his life always put Byul in danger and he wants Geya to keep her safe. Both Geya and Gein were very good in martial arts. Though they're not grown up together but they still have things in common. So, evey time Gein secretly put Byul in danger, Geya always saved her.
For Byul, she didn't know her step-sister has a twin, but she always recently met both of them. For Byul, she didn't know exactly who is the real Geya. At some time, Geya loves her and saved her more than anything, but at some time, she found Geya wants to kill her. Because at the latest time, she decided to hate her no matter what. But, it's really hard to proof Geya wants to kill her, because Geya always had the strong alibi.
Geya also never giving up. She will take care of Byul, even though she hates her.
The only person who know exactly how to recognize which one is Gein or Geya was Sam. Sam used to be Geya's partner in martial arts. Because of an accident, Sam hurted Geya's back with fire. Geya took care the burden scar by herself and she didn't want to erase it. She loves how to remember Sam for being her once partner. They seperated because Sam decided to be a secret agent without Geya's acknowledge. Geya missed him everytime, but she's now, moving on.

Sam, now, became a secret agent, follow his late-father. His latest job is to catch a person named Gein. By look at the picture, Sam thought she was Geya. And from that on, Sam tried everything so no one caught Geya. Because Sam believes the person not Geya but someone else.
Gein knew about the secret agents following her, and that's why she put Geya as a bait.

If you guys see this story, the only person who's good might just Geya, the person who wants to protect her step-sister who hates her without knowledge her step-father is a murderer of his real birth father. And, both Byul and Sam, people that she loves as much as her mother thoughts Geya has multiply disorder identity, that they didn't know the person who they saw was Gein and not Geya.

But, the truth is Geya, to make sure Byul is saved, did much worse than when Gein tried to kill Byul. Geya never knew it was Gein for all this time, so Geya just put a curiosity to all Byul friends. It made Byul friends got a lot of burdens and even the end of their lives. Even what happened to Byul were not their faults, but Geya revealed their bad-purposes to be friends with Byul. And therefore, Byul felt disappointed  and left all of them. Which makes Geya being a life-ruiners, while Gein, all she just did was murder-attempts but always failed.

It also makes Sam believed that it's actually Geya, for all this time.

Geya has a present-boyfriend names Zach. Zach is a protagonist person, he always trying to stop Geya to ruin people lives. But, Geya never listened. She believes they hurt Byul and want to reproof it to Zach. They fought and hurting each other but they missed each other. So, they back together. The more Zach failed to stop Geya ruin people lives, the more Zach showing her how hurt Byul's get.

Zach has foe, Aaron. Aaron hates Byul. Finding Geya put Byul friends in trouble makes he likes Geya. Aaron is the person who secretly gives a directions so Geya put all the blames to Byul friends. The reason Aaron hates Byul was Byul picked Frederick as her boyfriend rather with him. Aaron knows that Frederick is really a bad person so he wants Byul sees it now or never. So, he used Geya.

But, things got complex after Frederick caught Aaron's plan and Frederick decided to put Aaron and all of his relates in danger. At this time, Geya just found out the truth of Frederick and what Aaron done for all this time. So, to put down Frederick, she needs Aaron's help and in return she also help Aaron saves.

Zach didn't like Aaron. For him, Aaron was the person who made Geya's now. Zach even hate him more because Geya recently pick side to Aaron but not him. The most worst even finally came up. When they both find Zach is one of Frederick allies and their family company wants to wreck Byul's father company.
To be Byul's boyfriend, Frederick has a lot accesses to know the company's secrets. Even Geya's secrets that she's becoming Byul's guardian. So, Frederick using Zach to keep him out from Geya's sight. When, this truth being revealed, sadly, Geya left Zach and she's with Aaron. In this time, nobody's good anymore.

At the end, it's getting really hard for Byul trusting Geya, until she found the burden in Geya's back. And for some time, she also found Gein's back without a burden scar. Seeing Aaron with Byul makes Byul jealous. Byul then told Aaron the truth of Geya. Aaron didn't believe what she just said that for all this time the person who always trying to kill Byul was Geya herself.
Then, Aaron found Gein tried to kill him, but Gein did left before Aaron caught her. What Aaron seeing the person was Geya. Gein knew Aaron, for all this time she thankful for what Aaron 's help to not point her work but point all to Byul friends. In that case, Gein let Aaron's alive.

So, here through the end.
Byul realized there were two Geya. Byul then accidentally came to her father office, rather than she find the secret of her step-sister identity,she found out what her father just did to Geya's father and  the dirty works of his. She also found the proof of actually Geya has a twin. At this time, too, she seeks the truth and made found Sam.
With finally get the classified proof, Sam telling to all secret agents the real Gein. Gein being haunt that made Gein almost got killed. With the hardship on the field, Gein revealed herself to Geya. Geya surprised and she's being kidnapped. Geya got hit and when she woke up, in front of her, Sam, Byul and a father being trapped by fire. Geya trying to save them, but they were all afraid of her. Geya didn't know what to do, that suddenly Gein came out. Gein wore Geya's last suit and Geya wore Gein's last suit. People got confused.

When Sam trying to believe in Geya, he reproof the scar but the scar is already gone. People now got really confused. Byul's crying so hard and rather than she screams to the twins, she put all the blames to her father. When Byul told all of them in front of thr twins, Gein's reaction was pointing out the gun to Byul's father, Sam believed it's not Geya because Geya just crying so hard.

Aaron also found out the dirty work of Byul's father. He came up and shocked Gein with Geya suit point the gun to Byul's father. It's because Byul's father wants to kill her. Aaron suddenly had to choose save Byul's father or Geya. Then, he saw Byul's crying. Aaron put all the blames to himself. He made Geya into a monster. So, he killed her.

In front of her, her twin just killed. Geya realized her true soulmate has gone. Aaron got shocked because there were two Geya. Geya just looked into Aaron eyes and it makes Aaron wants to suicide. But, Byul screamed to stop him and Sam stopped him. Unfortunately the gun has being shouted and the bullet just shot crossing Aaron's head. He got brain's suffered made him into crazy state. What Aaron sees in his hand were just blood, nothing else.

Byul's father got caught. So, Geya's mother took care both Byul and Geya. The mother found Gein's death, she felt it was all her fault to let Gein's alone with her father.
Now, everyone being sorry for everyone else. The flipping card games, changing who you really are. Which one are you?


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