Do you know why it's hard to say goodbye? Because we afraid if our memories might not be able to remember them, rightly. The fact is, goodbye means good. No matter how hard.
~Aurora Esterlia

Right Earring

Sarah Donna is going to a masquerade  ball.
She was meeting a sick cold girl named Mariette Poles.
Sarah Donna was introducing Mariette to a new boy name Finn Joyce.
Finn is in love with Sarah Donna for the first time.
Mariette never met an honest guy like Finn.
Every time Mariette wants to see Finn, Sarah Donna arrange for them.
Every time Finn wants to see Sarah, Mariette is his only reason.
Sarah Donna believes if one day she can be like Mariette, love at the first sight.
On Finn's birthday, it's really sweet how Sarah made Finn and Mariette gets the first dance.
But, the more Finn realized how much Sarah wants him to choose Mariette and how Mariette really loves her, Sarah cried how she found there's the man really loves her but now, he has choose someone else.
On the wedding of Finn and Mariette, Sarah Donna decided to leave after the party.
Sarah Donna is going to a piano resital.
She was falling in love with a musician, Conrad Thomson.
Conrad found Sarah just the same girl that loves spend the money just to make him as hers.
Just for one supper night, Sarah disappointing and left the occasion.
Sarah Donna is going to a night party.
Conrad found Sarah gazed her eyes to a trumpet player, Rookie.
Both of them were in love at the first sight from one another.
It's a city of love and Sarah Donna was dating with Rookie.
Conrad made Rookie's one day in terrible situation on stage rehearsal.
Sarah Donna is waiting for Rookie but turns out Conrad the one who's coming.
Conrad ride with Sarah Donna around the city and for some reasons it was calm day.
Conrad said he is in love with Sarah Donna.
Sarah Donna was surprised but she also loves Rookie.
Rookie found ill because of his allergy.
Sarah Donna couldn't believe Conrad made the accident for Rookie.
The ill went terrible by the cold weather and on December, Rookie died.
It was a very terrible loss and that makes Sarah Donna got the issue.
Sarah Donna gets the title of the Bride who never gets married.
Conrad asked her to marry him and Sarah decided to reject him.
A doctor who used to take care of Rookie is very well known person.
A charm and funny, that's how Sarah describe of him, whenever he's taking care of Rookie.
Sarah Donna is getting sick and she tried to keep herself out from all parties.
Conrad was gone insane to reach Sarah Donna.
Sarah Donna almost die in cold but the doctor, Andrew Charles found her.
Andrew gets her to be better until Sarah Donna found Andrew could be the answer.
People start talk about it and Andrew knows what he feels, too.
On the bright day, Andrew brought Sarah Donna at the park, he asked her to marry him.
Sarah Donna then said yes.
It is the most enchanted wedding party of the year.
On the party, Finn is coming.
Sarah Donna asked and Finn said Mariette died a year after their marriage.
Finn was just an orphan boy, but now he inherits Mariette's fortune.
Finn for all this time have been searching for Sarah Donna and he heard about Conrad.
Finn wants to make sure that Conrad was not the man Sarah Donna marry with.
Sarah Donna was glad to see Finn and she's then going for honeymoon with Andrew.
After a year, they have a child.
The little boy grows up and on his 18th birthday, the boy got an accident.
The accident end up to the funeral, and Sarah Donna went to the Rookie's funeral twice.
Sarah Donna said it was a bless to be with his son for 18 years.
Andrew felt wrong because he couldn't save his own son.
Andrew is getting far from Sarah for the mourn and he decided to be the doctor for war field.
Sarah Donna was disagree and never want to lose Andrew, too.
At that time, Andrew became bold-head and that makes Sarah Donna was sad.
Sarah Donna let Andrew goes.
Finn is now a businessman, one of wealth man around the war-time.
Finn helps the country very much and he asked the lonely Sarah to be the arranger for the parties.
Sarah Donna then keeps busy to be Finn's party organizer.
Until one party night, it was Sarah Donna's birthday.
Finn gave her a birthday present, the earrings.
Sarah Donna said all this time, she always wearing the earrings from Andrew in hope he will return and the day he return he will recognize the earrings.
Sarah Donna but then, this evening she will try to wear it, while she open her earrings, she tried the right earring, and  sudden bomb made the whole town in doom.
Finn made Sarah Donna helps her out from the building, until she realized she left Andrew earrings back there.
Finn was holding Sarah's hand but Sarah let his hand go and the crowd separated them.
Sarah with the only right earring run back to the building.
Finn was chasing her.
The building has full of fire and Sarah standing on the street.
Before Finn could get to Sarah, a sound of missile on the sky straight to the place of the building.
Sarah look up to find where the missile might came from, and she look back, she found Finn across the street.
Then, the bomb destroyed the building.
Finn was thrown and he went unconscious,  he woke up in the hospital.
The thing he has left was Sarah's left earring in his pocket.
Finn tried to find Sarah or even what's left from her but nothing.
Finn found Sarah Donna's home and he starts to live there, start a new life.
Until the war is over and Andrew is home.
Andrew went cry to find the left earring from Finn and found Finn felt guilty for the earrings.
They tried to open a business.
They put the business under Sarah Donna.
Sarah Donna loves the painting also music and both of them make art workshop and gallery.
Until there comes Conrad, a living musician genius.
Conrad kept staring at the one-left earring, a remembering of Sarah Donna.
Conrad said he still sees Sarah, that Sarah was not death.
Andrew took a fight with Conrad and Andrew almost break Conrad's hand.
Conrad cried and beg for mercy.
Turns Andrew has change to be a grumpy person and loss of hope.
Finn helps Conrad works in the workshop, playing piano.
Conrad said he loves Sarah Donna's piano, give him all right tunes.
Finn helps Conrad gets a come-back recital.
Perfectly, they're made it.
A journey of three men falling in love with Sarah Donna and become survive.
Three handsome gentlemen made all the women in town wants to be Sarah Donna.
They all make a thought like if they're beautiful by wearing right earring, hoping the three gentlemen will find them attractive.
Conrad made fun of those ladies.
Finn start to see Sarah Donna in those girls.
And, Andrew, he couldn't resist the help of Finn but living with Conrad really not his wish.
Andrew just try to keep his home just like the way him, Sarah, and little Rookie together.
It's a simply one day, Andrew died, so young.
Another funeral.
But this time, Finn really saw Sarah Donna.
She came to the funeral with full of tears but also with strange face.
Finn reached that weird woman and she is Sarah Donna, with a burning face.
Finn brought Sarah Donna to her home and there's Conrad.
Conrad didn't recognize Sarah and thought Sarah was one of new maid.
Finn buy her a proper dress and scarfs to hide the burning face, Sarah Donna has return.
It was true that his right face has burned, and that's the time Finn put the left earring to Sarah.
Sarah Donna though she has return, she also mourned about everything.
Her face, her loss, her troubles, and her family.
Finn couldn't find Sarah Donna anymore.
Every night Sarah got bad dream and Finn tried to calm her.
Conrad starts wondering who's the woman.
Conrad playing the music that makes the woman staring at Conrad from far.
Conrad realized she's Sarah Donna.
Conrad at night came to her place and start to convince Sarah.
Sarah was frightened and so she ran away.
Conrad chased her.
They ran to a night party.
Finn returned home and found home's empty.
Finn found Conrad might scared Sarah.
Finn try to chase them.
Them both end up on the bridge, they used to walk together.
Finn was almost there, until he hears and saw someone jumped to the river.
Finn arrived on the bridge.
Sarah Donna was standing there.
Finn hug her and saying everything is going to be alright.
Sarah Donna said her left earring being taken by Conrad.
Finn said it was just a damn earring.
They both back to home, across the night party.
They were all walking home and it was a masquerade ball.
One of the couple recognize Finn.
For the first time they asked who's the woman with the burning face, they wonder if that's a mask or real.
Sarah Donna bravely said it is real.
Finn then bravely hold Sarah Donna's hand and saying she is a beautiful woman.
They both walk away.
While they're back home, Sarah Donna let go Finn's hand.
Finn said he will always love her, no matter what.
Sarah Donna then said she just want to leave this town as soon as possible.
Finn agreed and if Sarah wants to leave, now, then, now.
So, Finn prepared everything in the house.
While, Sarah Donna was staring at Finn.
But, Sarah then stopped Finn and asked to take a rest.
Both of them postponed their departing and go to sleep.
In the morning, Sarah has gone.
Finn couldn't find her in anywhere.
Until, there comes the news.
Two bodies were found from the river shore.
Conrad, holding the left earring and the lady with the burning face.
They both seemed suicide, together.
Finn didn't know what to do.
Finn went back home and try to put himself together.
Seems like life was unpredictable.
Finn went mad and mourn.
He is mad for what Sarah Donna chose.
He is mad for he couldn't stop her either.
He decided to leave the house immediately.
Just before he left from the house, there's a room he then try to get in.
Little Rookie's room.
Strangely, Finn found something, on the table, next to Little Rookie last photo.
The right earring.
Finn took the right earring with him, treasure it as the last life of Sarah Donna.
Finn was 57 years old.


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