Do you know why it's hard to say goodbye? Because we afraid if our memories might not be able to remember them, rightly. The fact is, goodbye means good. No matter how hard.
~Aurora Esterlia

Chapter 2: A Community

Danny was sitting on bench at backyard. It's little backyard. Greens and dewy. Danny was closing his eyes with a mess hair, he also wearing a robe. From back, the door was slided open and Kathy brought a warm cup of tea. 
"Here's Danny," she gave it to him. He's still sleepy so Kathy put the tip of the cup to his cheek.
"Auuuh!" He reacted, "Why you did that?"
"Sorry," Kathy smiled, "Your tea?"
"Thanks..." Danny took the cup but still rubbed the itch on his face, "Where's Chad?" Danny started to zip the drink. It's a nice warm of tea and the hot makes his eyes watery. He wiped his eyes. His has bit of dirt eyes.
"He's in bathroom. Morning call. What are you going to do today?"
"Nothing." said Danny.
"Well, that's not fair," replied her, "You're not on vacation and in hotel. I was just like room service for my own young brother."
Danny laughed, "Yeah, you right." He zip back the cup, "I don't have any desire to check-out any sooner."
"Well, good, Sir," Kathy jokes with her tones, "You must really enjoy our hotel!"
"It has very nice backyard view. Very rare for a hotel." said Danny seriously. Then, a little brown frog jumped in front of them, "I wish its not dangerous frog. I'm starting to have my retirement spot for next 40 years here."
"I need you back, Danny," Kathy straight kneel down next him, she found his face, "You promise to keep walk the world with me, will you?"
Danny went quiet.
"You'll find someone better." Kathy continues, "Don't go back to the box. We're already out."
"Of course, of course." 
Kathy found his watery eyes, "I won't let you back to the box. I won't."
"I know you won't," Danny kissed her forehead, "I love you, Kathy."
"I love you, too." She smiled under his face.
Chad brag out the moment, "Oh boy! What a great fresh morning air!" He shouted. Then he looked the both of siblings looking at him, "Morning!"
Kathy got up and hugged her husband, "How's our baby boy in there?" asked Kathy to Chad's tummy.
"Naughty." said Chad.
"Stop it." Both of them laughing. Danny saw the sweet moment there and smiled a bit, then he back to see through the backyard. He found back his peace. There, there.
"I'll talk to him," said Chad to Kathy. Kathy back inside. Chad then put his hand to Danny's shoulder.
"Joan," said Danny, "She will be alright, right?"
"I know that's what you're going to think," Chad walked in front of him. Danny saw him entirely, just with the short and very long socks. He started to think about why its important a lawyer is gladiator with suits, "I will make you away from her, Danny."
"Why?" asked Danny.
"Because you are my client. And Joan is our enemy start today. A war."
"What war?"
"Court war if we not make our first move."
"What move?"
"A protection." Chad stretched his body, "Ah, my back!" He stretching too far, "Alright, Danny? Get yourself good suit today. We're going to meet your protection." He walked slowly to back inside of the house.
"What protection?" Danny really wondered, he turned around to see Chad back inside but Chad seems no answer at all, "Chad! What protection?"

The protection seems really confusing agenda. A blurry at first until Danny arrived at the Government Building Hall. Chad parked the car.
"What lunch exactly?" asked Danny.
"A Government tea lunch," smiled Chad. He wears white jacket and pink polo, very modist. His tall, out from car and white leather shoes, he's really sassy lawyer by the look. While, he walks to the building, everyone put on smile of him. And Danny? Brown jacket, black old shoes, trying his best. They arrived at the lobby and someone directed them to the second floor. A big two stairs from both sides full the wall against the front lobby. 
"What is your plan, Chad?" Asked Danny, "Isn't the place where Joan's father working?"
They arrived in front of open wide door of ballroom with buffet launch. People with white suits. Danny got freeze.
Many important men Danny used to see on TV or headline newspapers.
"Come on, Dan!" Said Chad as he walks to the right side of ballroom. All big windows were open and it feels like home. Dan look at the buffet table. Cakes and chickens, shrimps, and sushi.
Drink, he needs drink. The waiter with drinks walked crossing him and he took it. Cocktail.
"Thank you." Danny said and he drinks it very quick, "Oh..." it was too sweet, he wants to puke it, "....bulp..." He held it and drank it. He straight took the sushi. And he accidentally thrown too much wasabi. He eats it. He waits  and his nose like pain in the ass. He held it.
"Where's Danny?" Chad was already talking with someone and he realized Danny was not with him, "There he is! DANNY!" He called.
Danny's face was all tired. He smiled.
"Danny, may I introduce Lord Graham, my patron. Lord Graham, its Danny Fredickson, my,brother-in-law."
Danny couldn't speak because the heat from wasabi, so he dug down very low to greet him.
"Wut...Danny...," Chad was surprised. He right away pull up Danny's back, whispering to shake hands.
Lord Graham laughed elegantly and grab Danny hand, "I can see you really have manners. How's the sushi?"
Danny couldn't talk so he just giggled and nodded.
"You're quiet smart," Lord Graham replied with smile to Chad.
"Yes, he doesn't mean to be mistaken or embarrassed by your kindness, Lord Graham," said Chad.
"Of course, of course." Lord Graham smiled.
"I..." finally Danny could talk, "I'm very honored to be introduced."
"There's nothing to be formal. It's a millenia not mediaval." said Lord Graham. All of the gentlemen heard that laughed, so Chad and Danny surely followed the crowd. Lord Graham proud of it. Later, Lord Graham said, "Excuse us." Then he walked out from the crowd and Chad following him.
"Come on." whispered Chad.
Danny following them to the window at the empty corner of the hall. Danny kind of stay further from both. They chatted privately then later Lord Graham looked at him. Danny straightly walked to him, and Chad just walk away. Danny was wondered but Chad easily blend with other crowds.
"So, Danny Fredrickson."
"Yes, Lord Graham." Danny straight back to see the man.
"Do you know me?" he asked.
"No. I'm very sorry." Danny looked down again.
"Just guess," he smiled to see the nervous gesture of Danny.
"One of the member of House of Lords?"
"There you got it." suddenly Lord Graham poke his shoulder. Danny felt the itch of it, "I'm just the same like you. The title was just the title. Like job, you see. Don't be formal, I told you." The old man seems really in youth spirit gesture, "I like your jacket, by the way."
"Oh," Danny still couldn't believe a lord just talk to him with casual way, he took his handkerchief and slightly wipe his sweat on forehead, he smiled, "Thank you."
"I'm a professor of economy major from Oxford. My father owns the title. He once has many kids. But, I'm the only one who made it to the top education. Work hard and here I am. Earned his title, by House of Lords."
"I'm very inspired, Sir." said Danny.
"How about you?" asked Lord Graham.
"I....I'm...just a teacher. I...I love children."
"Easy, young man. Breathe, will you?"
Danny breathing, look outside of the window.
"It's a big window, isn't?" asked Lord Graham.
"And great view?"
"Great weather, too." Danny smiled.
"Very great."
Suddenly Danny paid attention with someone just also arrived.
"Ah... the caterer." Lord Graham said.
"No, Sir. That's Mr Norman Peterson. The owner of A Bake and Eatery."
"The father of young pretty girl in town, Joan Peterson. The girl who's now pregnant out of marriage." said Lord Graham.
Danny looked at Lord Graham.
"It must really hard for you to face her, now." said Lord Graham.
"I'm ruining her life," said Danny smoothly, "Look at the old man face," he found Mr Norman Peterson out from his car and looked very pale, "He must be really in pain to see his friends. Full of worries of judgement."
"Its not your fault, son." said Lord Graham.
"Of course I'm not. I'm just a kindergarten teacher with low payment. I work hard to buy her daughter a finest ring to ask her to marry me."
"What's your degree?" asked Lord Graham.
"What? Where?"
"Iceland Academy."
"How old are you, son?"
"Now, 28 years old."
"Good in heaven, I've been looking for you!" Lord Graham was in excitement, "Walk with me, child." Lord Graham and Danny walked through the next door of the ballroom. Just the exact time, Mr Norman Peterson came in to the room. Everyone was not as devil as he thought. It's not his fault after all. The gentlemen greetings him. And in fact, Chad has been waiting Norman. They even hugged.
While, Danny end up in Lord Graham's office. Danny was sitting and he held a folder. He opened it and there this report of Hale's Institution.
"What's this?"
"Your getaway."
"Hale Graham's Institute. My father heritage for great village. Far from the city. You might never go there, haven't you?"
"No, no." said Danny, "What do you want from me?"
"Work there. Live there." said Lord Graham, "I will pay you seven times higher than your earning per year. All the accomodation for, well, lets say we ask you to try for a year. I've been looking someone from MFA degree who wants to work there, but," Lord Graham sighed, "Not a single one."
"Well, there must be some kind of," Danny caught one page with a head title of prison and as he reads it, the last thing he learn the applicant name on the signature down of the page, "...interesting." Danny back to read the rest of pages.
Lord Graham interested to see the way Danny kept reading, "Why you just becoming a kindergarten teacher if you have MFA degree?"
Danny smiled as he put back the folder to the office table, "You're not the first, Sir, to ask me the question. I would like to be a headmaster of kindergarten school."
"Right," said Lord Graham, "A kindergarten school?"
"Yes, Sir."
"Then what do you think with being a kindergarten headmaster?"
"It's an idea. Teaching the childen from young ages of arts."
"Excellent. Brilliant." Lord Graham sitting on his own chair, "So, you've read the file?"
"Yes, Sir."
"You have any question?"
Danny was in silent.
"No? So, I would like to make the letter for the Hale's Institution which they will get their man for next week."
"Next week?"
"Yes, do you mind?"
"It's tomorrow as next week." said Danny.
"Yes. An email, I mean as the letter. Its quicker."
"Sir, Sir, yes, I have a question." asked Danny suddenly.
"Please, ask me."
" it safe?"
"Good question." He said, "I thought you never ask." He sighed, "It is safe."
"And...what about....I'm sorry. But, I know the name who signed that...file."
"You know?"
"Yes. Is she your daughter?"
"A niece."
"But she's...isn't she a foreign girl?"
"You mean asian girl?"
"Yes...." Danny looked down, "I might ask you too personal question. I'm very sorry."
"That's alright. I'm impressed. Yes, she's an asian. Is she adopted? No. My young brother was adopted."
"I won't ask no more question, Sir."
"How did you know her?"
"A year ago. I'm childhood friend with her boyfriend, Benjamin Mitchell. He introduced me on saturday hang out. Me and Joan. We used to do the couple dates. Then, it's quick months suddenly she was her country?"
"Village. She back to her village. She's a village girl," Lord Graham laughed, "What country you think she comes from?"
"Japan. My young brother was from Japan."
Danny nodded.
"So, who's your friend, this Benjamin Mitchell?"
"Oh, he's a nutritiologist, he's very fine man, Sir. He works at the clinic. Very promising future."
"Right..." Lord Graham gave this wondering face.
"Sir, is it a contract or something? Because you said it's for a year," asked Danny.
"Now, lad," Lord Graham trying to explain, "Chad will prepare everything for that contract thing."
"Oh, yes, sure."
"You trust him, do you?"
"Yes, Sir."
"Very good." Lord Graham smiled brightly and got up, "We're done here," He offer his hand and Danny shook that hand very strong, "Yes, thank you."
"No. It's my pleasure, Lord Graham."
"No, really. Thank you." He said deeply.
"You're wel..." Before he end his talk, the door was open bragly. It's Mr Norman Peterson.
"Oh, Danny boy! Oh my Danny boy!" He hugged him, "I'm so grateful to see you." He off the hug and put both hands to his face, "I just want to say I'm very very sorry for what my daughter did to you."
"It's alright, fa...I mean," Danny seems stop and bit his own tongue, "Mr Peterson."
"Oh boy!" He cried, "You even stop calling me your father!" He hugged him again.
"Mr Peterson." Chad was behind him and he urged to Norman let Danny go, "It's better for you to not approach Mr Fredickson for a while."
"Thank you for what your decision for Anthony Jacobs. I also didn't know about Joan with him. I didn't know."
"Of course, Mr Peterson." said Danny.
"That filthy man, rape my daughter and hurt my beloved son-in-law," its heart-breaking to hear that.
"Mr Peterson, calm down, calm down," said Lord Graham, "Please, sit down, sit down. Chad, I believe Mr Fredickson already finish his business here, you can drive him home."
"Yes, Sir. Come on, Danny." said Chad.
"I am really sorry, Danny boy. I am. Please forgive Joan. Please, forgive her." that's the last thing Danny saw that poor man. Another door by door he must to get through. People on the ballroom were looking at him because they knew about the story of Joan Peterson, they just didn't know who's Danny Fredickson.
They're on the road now, Chad and Danny. Chad's driving.
"You're alright, Danny?" asked Chad. He's eating burger while Danny replied Chad with his voice slurping coke sode with straw, "So, did you take Lord Graham's offer?"
"Do you remember Benjamin Mitchell's girlfriend?"
"Remember? Remember about what?"
"Well, about anything?"
"Maggie Foy. I remember her saying to me last week on the office. A grandmother with her child, 36 years old man, sueing her for insulting her name on social media. I told her she got nothing for the case. And she saying bad things about me on her own social media. I lost several clients. But, hey, I'm fine. Not few out there also Maggie Foy foes."
"O...kay." Danny was wondering how long he's been on hospital. Its only a month. Oh, wait, yes, Mitchell already moved on. He guessed.
"That's fine. Benjamin came to my office and will explain everything to press about its just a misunderstanding."
"He's going to the press?" Danny awkwardly turn his head to look at Chad.
"He's getting attention right now around the celebrities. A nutritionologist? What a great job." Chad smiled.
"Oh, so Maggie Foy is celebrity?" asked Danny.
"You don't know?'"asked back Chad, "Of course you don't know. Her parents are both artists. A singer and a music producer. Maggie is a socialita, I guess."
"How long they've been together?" asked Danny.
"I don't know. About four months?"
Danny took silent and they keep the road in chill, but Danny still wondered, "Do you remember we used to have an asian girl in town?"
"Oh, yeah," said Chad. Danny was glad for a while until, "Wait, we used to? I have so many asian girls in town. Do you like to meet one? I can introduce you to this one friend of mine. She's a korean girl and she works as journalist," Chad keep talking. While Danny just back slurping his coke soda to tell the voice in his head, never mind.

On the evening, he couldn't sleep. He still think about the offer. Leaving the town and stay on village. It's not like old fashion or no wi-fi village. But still, Danny was never far from Kathy. He went iceland university and Kathy chose to work there from UN. Kathy took care everything. And even now, her husband made plan for him. He has a difficult past. Their mother died from childbirth Danny. Their father was gone on the ocean after fishing when Kathy still 16 years old and he was 10 years old. Kathy met Chad from UN volunteer camp. Then, they married two years ago.

In the morning, he packed everything. Especially the photo albums. He just has this one black leather bag. By the routine Kathy woke Danny at 7 am for holiday since he took day off. Kathy knew about the deal but its back to Danny decision. She found Danny already sit nicely next to his bag, she knows the day is finally arrived. Danny took 8 am train and Kathy walks him to the train door. Then she whipered something and they both hugs. Its great goodbye.
As the train goes, Kathy back to Chad and they both holding hands.
"Who knows about his destination besides us?" Asked Kathy.
"Just us and Lord Graham." Said Chad.
"What about Joan and Anthony?"
"They're starting to apply the sue to my office."
"They won't get any." Said Kathy to herself. Chad just looked at his wife, "I won't let them hurt my brother anymore." Chad kissed her head.

The train arrived at 12 on afternoon. Danny was eating all Kathy lunch-box. He's chubby but not fat. Even he still eating snack he bought from train snack trolley when the train was stopping. Meanwhile, Che was waiting on the exactly platform 5 sign. Danny was on platform 5 but his carriage passing that platform 5 sign. He saw Che was standing and looking to the train. Che was really different from he last seen thought he still can recognize her. Che is now thinner.
Che was holding this board name of Hale's Institution. Che just got call from his uncle and also got the email, but there's no signing, she just found the news about the decision will be on the day where the teacher will send to the village and arrived at 12 on afternoon. Che then got a phone call, its from Lee.
"You've met him?"
"No. The train was just arrived."
"Okay." Lee said, "I'm waiting on the outside."
"Sure." Che turned off the phone. Then she started to shout, "Hale's Institution? Hale's Institution?" She keep shouting. Then, in front of them, there's the door and a man with great suit and eye-glasses, great brown hair with the suitcase. It must be him, so she walk to near him as he also stop and smile to her, she asked, "Hale's Insti..."
"Darling!" shouted someone from behind Che. The man through her and ran into that voice behind her. She turned around and found that man. was gay.
Che was shocked and quickly walk away to another side of the door. Trying to hide her own face. That man actually look back to see Che and Che also found his look, so embarrasing.
"Hale's Institution?" someone's voice already from another side of her face.
"Yes!"She never expected anything anyway, so now she was exciting to embrace a new guy. Then, she smiled to that man. Very long than a minute. She knows him. She knows everything with that face. She was in hell.
"Hi, Siobhan." said Danny. Che was still smiling, "It's nice to see you again."
Che hates everything. So, she turned around and walk away. Danny straightly ran after her.
"Wait, wait," He keep up her steps out from the station, "Aren't you coming for me?"
"I believe it is a misunderstanding," She walks in hurry.
"But you were shouting moment before of Hale's Institution."
"No, you're misunderstood." Che hands gripped the board tightly to her body, hid the written sign.
"I believe its you. Lord Graham sent me directly to you."
"He said the institution needs art teacher?"
"Are you?"
"Yes, I qualified as an art teacher."
"How? The last time I saw you, you're just a drinker and party boy."
"Of course, we had so much fun, had not?"
"I don't know. But, it was already in the past."
"We didn't know each other very well but we kept hang out every single day and weeks."
"it was just a year."
"So you did remember!"
"Yes!" She stopped and face Danny with angry sounds, mad, "I will always remember and I curse those memories for the rest of my life!" Screamed her.
Danny was stopped as he found the expression rejection of his presence.
Che looked at Danny's face and it was still disgusting. But she just found every person on the station looking at her as she made a scene. And, again, those look. People judging her. That Che, This Che, they usually said.. all the memories brought back again. So, she fainted.
Danny catched her body, "Miss Hale! Miss Hale?" Danny found Che eyes were fastly blinking, "Oh, God! Help! Help! Somebody help!" Everyone came over but they didn't know what to do.
Until, suddenly Lee appeared. He came to Che very friendly, he looked to Danny, "It's alright." He's very mature at handle the situation. He hop up Che's body and asked Danny to follow him out from station and help him to drive the car to the hospital. Danny just followed the instruction. Lee and Che sat on the backseat as Lee sit straight and put Che head on his lap as Che lied down.
"Is she alright?" Asked Danny to Lee.
"We need to be hurry." That's all Lee could say. He's busy to whisper at Che though ache was still unconscious. Her eyes keep blinking. Danny really wondered and worried, so he jist drove the car even faster than all vehicles on village.
For once, Lee was distracted with the whole style of Danny's driving. Kind of. Really dangerous. They almost crashed the market.
"Sorry!" Danny shouted as the car already through the market safely, "Where we go?"
" the end of road turn right, its an old building...." and Danny push the gas paddle and the car even running very fast and short, turned right, found the old building, and arrived at the hospital lobby.
"We arrived." Danny turned around to see Lee, but Lee already in focus on Che.
"Does she awake?" Asked Danny.
"Yes." Said Lee, but he just keep calling her name, "Che?"
The officer came in to the car, he followed the car since that horrible things at the market.
"Hey, you!" said the officer from the outside.
"Oh, God! What should we do?" Danny scared.
Before the officer reach to the front door of the car, the middle door being opened by Lee. The officer saw what's inside, "Mr Dawn!"
"Claire! Help me to find doctor inside the hospital!"
"Miss Hale! Right, Sir." said Claire quickly. She shouted inside the lobby of hospital. Danny was amazed.
"Che, do you hear me? Che?" Lee kept asking.
"What is happening to her?" asked Danny.
"It's a trauma." said Lee, "A year ago, she got an accident on the road. Something happened on that day."
"I don't know...but it's like catastrophic."
Danny was shocked but he like to explain, "I was talking to her and...she seemed angry the first time when she saw me...."
Lee looking at Danny, "You know her?"
"Yes." Danny starts to think it was him.


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