Do you know why it's hard to say goodbye? Because we afraid if our memories might not be able to remember them, rightly. The fact is, goodbye means good. No matter how hard.
~Aurora Esterlia

Summer Falls

Tim Dawton is a bass player on band FHU.
Shea is a girl with a chance 1:1000 to get a heart transplant.
Luna is going to Tim's band and got an accident. Luna died.
Its just happen when Shea got the heart.
Tim was know nothing.
Seven months later, Shea decided to go to Japan to seek Luna's family. It was amazing. Shea seek Luna's room and got about 3 letters with name Tim Dawton.
Luna is a big fan of Tim play his bass.
Tim learned Luna cover Tim. Turns out Tim inspired with Luna. Later Tim decided to ask a demo from Luna.
So... Shea decided to get Luna records. Shea asked Mark, her boyfriend, to put great demo. Mark works in advertisement company.
Tim was surprised he got the demo and Luna was amazing. In fact, Jean loved to use Luna demo. Jean the singer.
Shea is starting to watch FHU band. And, its just she hopes it will be the gift for Luna wish. Shea one time joins the meet and greet.
Tim was busy with all fans but the first time he looked at Shea and he asked, "what's your name?" Then Shea said Luna name.
Awkwardly Shea decided to go so quick. Tim chased her and he caught her with Mark. Tim realized that Luna was taken.
Tim asked about jean request. Shea replied it belongs to Luna's family and at least luna'a family can get comission.
So, it happened, the song called, "Moon Heart".
Shea got hurt again. She went to hospital. The heart went failure. She knew there's a chance for things won't work.
Mark took care shea so hard. That in the end, Shea died.
Mark then give gratitudes to Luna's family to let Shea lives longer tho its short time.
Tim met Mark and Tim asked about Shea who he thought was shea. Mark didnt know, he told him she died.
Later FHU made another song, "Summer Falls."


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