Do you know why it's hard to say goodbye? Because we afraid if our memories might not be able to remember them, rightly. The fact is, goodbye means good. No matter how hard.
~Aurora Esterlia

July and Greg: Big Sketch

Hello! So, here's my big sketch of what I want to develop on July and Greg story a.k.a. Dame Series.

J&G: A Way Back

          Greg was passing out on that party and went to hospital, so Greg’s family decided to take him back to his hometown. Greg will met his old friends, same as Jake, they thought Greg was going to die but it was all just hoax. Later, Greg got new job, new tv shows, and things go pretty well, until Greg met a new assistant, a girl. She’s giving a hints about Greg seeing ghosts and somehow it end up with these two jobs he chose which one he should pick. One of them would lead him to the woman he love and the woman he hurt. Then, Greg chose this photography, then, he met Dame again, on the same building and luckily it was not her but July Bryce.

J&G: Tears Falling
          Everything about her on his dream just came back and kept repeating as he tried to know if things in his dream was from the past or maybe it’s a future like premonition. But, in this case he’s like already knew everything about her. Like, he knew lots of things where July just barely know him. And, in between, Dame wouldn’t give up on Greg. And, somehow she found a way to be friends with July. While Greg end up chatted with Tom, the man who really loved Dame. On that last chat, Greg realized July was not what he thought and probably she’s Dame sidekick.

J&G: Little Trust

          It’s a story of Tom and Dame’s sad love story. Where there’s Mina. And after that things became hard for Tom and Dame to be together. Until, just on a very gloomy day, Dame saved Sarah. That’s how things worked out. Now, Tom and Dame are partners in crime. July told Greg about it. While Greg was hard to believe Dame. So somehow, Greg meet up with Mina, again. There, he met Sarah. Oddly, Sarah was scared on her own mother. Then, Greg realized Mina went to a prison to met someone. Greg told July about and July told Dame. Somehow, Dame for first time trusted Greg. And, somehow things went pretty rough as Dame saving Sarah once more.

J&G: Lost Love

          Mina and her lover are runaway. That put Dame and Tom need to tell Sarah some lies. While Greg held another truth about Dame, July had decided to going on the trip. Greg now believed his dream would be a premonition. So, he made a way to fail July’s trip. And, this time it’s about how childish Greg trying to put July on lots of busy stuffs and July realized she’s in love with Greg. At end, Greg confessed his love and July then asked him to move with her. Which by that, Greg realized he never prevent the future, he continue the future. And somehow, someone’s out there was watching on him. July’s lover past.

J&G: One Misery
          Every night Greg got same dream, the dream on the mountain with July and they’re lost, then he end up alone while July was lost. But, every day he spent his life with July was the best thing on his life. July didn’t know and it’s better to keep sleep on nightmares but living a dream life. Greg and July even on news and everyone knows. Then Dame and Tom came again on their life, because it’s season holiday. July met Sarah and how much she cared about her and somehow Greg almost losing his tongue about what he knew about July and her passed away little sister. Greg was still on same night dream after that but this time, he got woke up before he could find July. Like, someone tried to stop him to reach her. Then, Greg started to feel he’s not safe. There’s a conflict Greg was accusing Dame. July defending Dame and it put both of them in a fight. Yet, at the end Sarah told July about how much Greg loved her, so when July decided to make up with Greg, July saw the real reason of Greg’s pretentious. It’s Peter, July’s past lover. The true danger. The man was so obsessed with her and he had a restriction on distance limit with July from the court. And somehow July tried to protect Greg and at one time, on night, July decided to have fight with Greg and put Greg in lots of mad, he decided to break up with her and she agreed. Something’s not right so Greg decided to come back later on next morning, and July was just left. Greg chased July at the train station, and there he saw July with Peter. The shadow. And so, he was on this moment to take a risk of his own life, things like on his dream every single damn night. He chose to get in to the train and confront Peter.

J&G: Life and Death (nobody’s dead)

          It will be the battle of July, Peter, and Greg. Even with need Tom’s help. At the end, Greg decided to need Peter’s help to catch Dame’s dirty hand.

J&G: It’s A Wonderful World

          The impact to beat Dame. Mina and her lover came back to take Sarah. It ends with Mina and her lover died. Peter was back on rehab, Dame thought she won. Until she found Sarah has changed on her because she knew who Dame really was. July and Greg happy together, and it’s just happened. On very great trip to mountain, Greg and July did same thing as Greg’s dream but it was very long ago and Greg already forgot. On that night, July was lost, Greg’s looking for her and the ghosts helping her. It’s just happened same thing. July was frightened and she passed out and Greg at that time remembered that dream and only that moment he never got the vision what came next, what he knew he end up alone in the morning on a camp. Greg then decided not this time, he won’t given up on July.

SO THE POINT OF THIS STORY: It’s a loop of life. It’s like July was the part Greg would against anything to get her back. Like at the end he would end up wake up without July. Well, it’s a mystery for what happened with July. But when he woke up, he on his apartment and he ran to her apartment. And then he realized he’s on different timeline. And, somehow Greg met July parents. But, suddenly there’s a fire and Greg saving July from the house, which at the end July decided to run crossing the crowd and as Greg tried to reach, he woke up. “Jules.”
SECOND SEASON!!!!!!!!!!!

On Second Season, Greg was not with Jules anymore. It’s like Jules disappearing. Greg has everyone even Dame, Tom, and Sarah. So, it’s like Greg and Sarah connected to one another. Like, now, it’s on Sarah perspective, as she missed her mother and be haunted by Dame, same dream as what Greg had. So, the whole plot made people to think as if Jules already dead. And they tried to figure it out about how to get Dame. While Tom is suffocated by he missed Mina but he really now can love Dame, but things about Sarah to Dame has changed like it put him back for the reason of whole his life gone upside down, it’s all because Sarah, somehow on his head what if Sarah never existed and Tom will be forever with Dame. Every time Greg and Sarah looking at Dame, they want to kill her. So its like Greg went upside down for losing Jules and dragged crazy by his house on fire dream. So, it’s like what we thought are good characters on first season, they’re all have dark sides. Even the child. But anyway, it has the same ending with first season, another fallen angel, Dame almost killed Sarah and Tom saving the day. Tom was so broken where police took Dame. At end, Sarah was so happy with Tom’s alone, but then things inside Tom tells everything. He hates her. He was so close to be together with Dame. While just the same time Greg finally can put away the demon back to where she’s belong, Jules showed up in front of his door. She’s alive. *well it’s obvious but the dream telling a very convincing story. Greg couldn’t find July around and where he’s getting closer to get Dame, the dream went further with he wanted to save July so he gone inside to the fire house. And the closer, he kept seeing July parents died, on the kitchen and living room. Somehow Greg tried to do everything different but still they’re end up dead and Greg woke up in sweats. Where was July exactly in his dream? Well the answer July was running away. Greg tried to save the ghosts but when Greg finally knew how to saving both, Greg was inside with all the ghosts while July actually ran away. She looked from outside and felt scared but she ran away. And after Greg won over Dame, Greg realized the dream means. For people like Dame or July, they’re blaming themselves to be around people they love and afraid if they’re going to hurt them someday. And, even though she might got a new start but the past would still hunting her for the rest of her life. As if on that mountain, July was not dead, she really left Greg. But then, she suddenly in front of his door.*


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